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The West.

6 The bulwarks of Satan in this town are eviUTAH.-Rev. M. T. Lamb, itinerant mis- dently tumbling down before the Gospel; saloons sionary in Utah, finds interested audiences to are starving out, gamblers are leaving and hear his lectures on the Book of Mormon, and people are looking toward the church. While is distributing many copies of his book exposing the population here is not quite so large as three its claim to be of divine origin.

years ago, the attendance at church is large. In his travels he finds shocking instances of Recently we had quite an emigration of nonthe horrible evils of polygamy. At one of his church goers, and a more substantial and remeetings several arose to express their desire to spectable class of citizens are filling their places. become Christians. He says:

Though our hearts have sometimes failed us in “One of these is a case of such peculiar in- behalf of our cause here, we are now gathering terest that I think you would like to hear about up courage again, and we trust that the Lord it -a middle-aged woman whose husband has has yet in store for us a great blessing." been made an inhuman wretch by his extreme fanaticism. A few years ago he went to Ogden about the dedication at Brookings.

DAKOTA.-Rev. H. C. Woods, D.D., writes to meet a new arrival of emigrants, and picked

This church was organized May 2d, 1880 with out a young, green, ignorant Dane, who could not speak a word of English, whom he had had no house of worship and no pastor. Its

a membership of eight. The first two years it never seen before, and brought her to his home here and installed her as second mistress of his cated June 1, 1882. This expense was met by

first house of worship, costing $3,000, was dedihouse.

a membership of twelve, with the aid of a gift of “ His first wife, recently a mother, was not

$500 from the Church Edifice Fund. In five yet able to sit up, and knew nothing of his purpose until “Number two" was brought in.

years the congregation outgrew this house. The As

new building has cost, with furnishing, $4,300. soon, however, as the situation had been taken in by his children-three of whom were boys ference room, Bible class room, library and

It has, beside the main audience room, a connearly grown –they rose up in rebellion, put them both outdoors, and threw out the bed parlor; and when thrown together will accomand furniture. He went to a small adobe house

modate 500. Architecturally, both without and

within, it is very attractive. Adjoining the in another part of the city, where he still lives

house of worship is the parsonage,costing $1,550. with “Number two." “Two or three nights after the above rebel

The entire property of the church is valued at lion the first wife, in a fit of desperation, and $10,200. So much for the material side.

Within the five years there have been added half insane, got up in the middle of the night,

to the church by baptism 53, by letter 38, by and taking her little infant, went over to said adobe house and tried to break in the door, evidence of conversion in connection with the

experience 17. Not less than 200 have given demolish the windows, etc., when the noise awakened neighbors, who kindly led her back work of the church. Many of these were stuto her own home. She, of course, hates polyg- and some have united with Baptist churches in

dents in the Agricultural College located here, amy, but has been clinging to the Book of Mormon. My lectures and book have been

other places and others with other denomi

nations. During these five years the church has opening her eyes, and last evening she rose for

contributed to benevolent objects the sum of prayers. The final outcome is yet in the future.

$1,200. Pray for her."

The great work thus accomplished is due -The Ogden Sunday school made a Christ- under God largely to the wise and efficient mas contribution to the Society of $8.50. The

leadership of Rev. G. S. Clevenger, who for Christmas exercises attracted the people so that five years has been the pastor. This church the house was packed. Brother Barnett says: has been assisted by the Home Mission Society “The good Mormons are very much troubled during these years, but now that its house of about us Baptists. They have some cause."

worship is completed will soon be self-supportARIZONA. --Rev. J. M. Green, of Prescott, ing. This record illustrates two things most reports the church in a healthier condition than clearly: First, investments in Home Missions, ever since his connection with it. Prayer meet in the planting of churches in important centres ings and Sunday school are well attended. in the West pay richly, pay “an hundred fold,”


And, secondly, the wisest policy selects the very ance truths through them each week that I can. best men to lay these foundations, and keeps “But with the shadows there are some bright them on the field till permanent results are things to report. gathered, whatever may be the outlay. The “I was very kindly remembered Christmas. I house of worship was dedicated December 11th, received a check for $25 from friends here, and amid great rejoicing, its utmost capacity being Christmas eve the Lutherans invited me to filled by the gathered people.

come in to their “ Tree." I went, and received Rev. J. R. Deckard, writing December 14th, $20 in gold. My Bible class presented me with

Dr. Armitage's History of the Baptists. Some says:

“ The Baptist church at Mandan, Dakota, friends in Detrolt sent me a year's subscription held special meetings for nearly six weeks. Rev.

to North American Review, and I have received

notice that some friends in East Orange, N. J., J. McFarland, Colporteur of the American Baptist Publication Society, for North Dakota, ren

have shipped some books—about fifty-to me. dered valuable assistance. Ten persons were

A list of the books has been sent me and they received by baptism, three by relation—total 13.

are just what a pastor wants for his library." One candidate awaits baptism. Since Nov. 1, 1886, 25 members have been added to the

WISCONSIN.-At New Lisbon, Rev. Enoch church. Present membership, 32. Sunday

Pickering reports a good interest in the church,

and furnishes an illustration of what many misschool enrollment the present quarter, 107.

sionaries are doing in preaching the Gospel at OREGON.-Under the supervision of Rev. G. out-stations. J. Burchett, D.D., general missionary, the work I am now preaching at four out-stations, in Oregon is moving on admirably, though im- from two and a half to four and a half miles portant enterprises are held back for lack of

I preach once a month at each. I am the funds. He says:

only one, so far as I know, who is going out “After the first of April we will have at least into the country to the people for a good many seven new church-houses off our hands and can miles around here, but it is much needed. My push on then with greater speed. But of course congregations at the out-stations steadily inwe do not want to lose any ground between this crease.” and April ist. Our country is filling up as never before. Oregon and California have just Iowa.- Rev. W. C. Pratt, of Sheldon, in a been connected by railroads, and every train recent letter, writing of the death of Rev. C. E. brings new forces of some kind into our State. Higgins, formerly general missionary of the State, Our work so far has been of a very encouraging but lately pastor at Sibley, says: “The death of kind. Our people seem to be growing in liber

our brother, C. E. Higgins, lately settled at ality; many of our churches are engaged in re- Sibley, causes me sadness and a sense of lonelivivals, and many are being converted.”

I had hoped much from his coming to

this part of the State. I said to him recently MINNESOTA.—Battle Lake seems to be appro- Do you realize that you and I are the only priately named, for, according to the account of Baptist ministers doing anything in these four Rev. Myron Cooley, the conflict between the counties?' Said he: “I just begin to realize it.' forces of darkness and of light is a severe one.

I was planning to visit him at Sibley, to talk No wonder that at times he gets discouraged. over the prospects for northwestern Iowa, when He says:

I received the circular announcing his death. I “ This is a card playing and dancing com- can scarcely be reconciled to it. The departure munity. I never saw or heard of a place where of Brother Brasted from Spirit Lake to Minnecard playing was so universal. By day and sota, leaves me now the only Baptist pastor night--in stores, in offices and places of busi- in the five counties of Lyon, Sioux, O'Brien, ness, everywhere, this thing is found. Oh! Osceola and Dickenson, On this same field for the coming of the Lord with might to are about sixteen Methodist Episcopal paschange all this. This is what I am hoping and tors diligently at work. The contrast is humilpraying for. The editor of the weekly paper itating. We need and must have, if possible, has placed two columns at my disposal, one for at least one traveling missionary on this field. religion and the other for temperance. I try There are several towns of over 1,000 population and put the most forcible Gospel and temper- each, and many smaller towns, enterprising and


growing. Several railroads running in differ- in washing--the last chance for the poor widow. ent directions, and more in process of construc- My path has always been a thorny one, and it tion. Men have laid the rails on a new road-- seems to grow darker all the while.

May be it the third road passing through Sheldon-within will be light in the morning." the past week. Many thousands of acres of rail. If anybody desires to relieve the necessities road lands have been sold in O'Brien County of this bereaved missionary's wife we will cheerthe last six months.

fully transmit to her all contributions received “What can be done for the Baptist cause? for this purpose. This is a question on my mind day and night.

WISCONSIN.-Rev. J. Staley, of Antigo, says We have eight small Baptist churches in this that the completion and dedication of our field of five counties. Only the Sheldon Church church building early last spring have proved a has any ministerial labor, so far as I know, at

great advantage to the Baptist church of Anpresent. I feel that something must be done to

tigo. The growth of this young city has been meet this crying want."

marked during the year now closing. About DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. – Rev. O. Ellyson, $200,000 have been expended in the erection of in resigning his pastorate of the Anacostia

new buildings since last spring, and there has Church, which has been built up through his been a corresponding growth in population.

" The church has beheld its influence and efforts, under the auspices of the Society, says: “Permit me to express to you, personally and power for good increased many fold by the posto the Board you represent, my grateful thanks session of a good building in which to gather its for the uniform kindness I have received at your

congregations and Sabbath-school classes.
"Four persons,

ts, have given evidence hands. I shall carry with me a strong affection for the American Baptist Home Mission Society, of conversion, and others are manifesting an inthe grandest of our grand institutions, and hope terest in their salvation. I have been going on a I shall never cease to pray and labor for its pros week-day evening for the last five weeks to a new

village on the railroad, twenty-two miles north perity."

of here, called Elcho. It may be truly said of KANSAS.-Rev. H. R. Williams, of Blue | all this region that the harvest is great while the Rapids, reports an interesting work of grace in laborers are few. the place :

There are scores of neighborhoods where “We have had a gracious revival during the fruitful work could be done if we only had the last month. Rev. W. H. Hurlbutt came to as- laborers.sist us the first Sunday in December, and labored

ILLINOIS.—The first Bohemian mission work with us four weeks. The results, so far, have undertaken by the Society is in Chicago, where have been twenty baptisms, two more accepted large numbers of this nationality are found. and one by letter; and if we secure what right- The Baptists of Chicago are deeply interested, fully belongs to us, there will be from fifteen to and become responsible for the larger part, if twenty more to come into the Church.

not the whole, of the expense of this mission the “The loss of the crop by drouth makes times very close, and salary is not paid up now; but

The Bohemians are almost wholly Catholics. think it will be soon. We have laid the foun- Brave John Huss, the reformer, was a Bohedation for a parsonage of six rooms, and hope hemian. God prosper the work. to complete it during the next quarter. The

WASHINGTON TERRITORY.-Rev. Knut Nelwork on the same will be pretty much all donated."

son, of Seattle, writing in December, says:

Since my last report my work among the -The widow ofone ofour German missionaries, Scandinavian people in Seattle has been greatly recently deceased, writes : “ I am here, unpro- blessed. For six weeks we have been holding vided for with my children. The older ones are extra meetings. About thirty-five have found able to do a little for our support. My oldest Christ, and many others are deeply interested. son, a noble lad of fifteen, is willing to stay out As a result of our meetings, sixteen have been of school for a while and help mother if he can baptized, and eleven have been received by letter get work. We are in a small village of the far and experience. From twenty-four our memWest. We cannot stay here, so I will have to bership has increased to It is all from go to some city where I formerly lived, and take our dear Lord Jesus. Praise be to His name.

first year.


Horne, Sheldon, Davenport, Burlington. AriBaptisms,

zona—Prescott. Michigan--Berrien Springs, Missionaries who report five or more bap

Whitehall, Bad Axe. Nebraska-Huntingdon,

York, Weeping Water, Creighton. Mexicotisms during the quarter ending December 31,

Monterey. Idaho--Caldwell. Indian Terri1887, are as follows: W. H. Adams, Raven's Eye, W. Va., 5; } Wheatland, Chico. Colorado —Pueblo, South

tory –Weber's Falls. California-Gonzales, M, Haskell, Gresham, Oregon, 13; O. A.

Pueblo, Grand Junction. Oregon-Albany. Weenolsen, Tabernacle Mission, Minneapolis,

Washington Territory-Dayton, Whatcom, 16; C. R. Sargent, North East Church, Minne

Tacoma, Seattle. North Carolina-Graham. apolis, 20; F. M. Archer, Albert Lea, Minn.,

Edgar, Neb.; Milwaukie, Wis. ; Augusta, 5; R. R. Sadler, Wayne C. H. and Cerede,

Ark. ; Salida, Col. ; Stevensville, Mont. ; StillW. Va., 5; Manuel P. Flores, Apodaca, Mexico, 7; J. D. Matthews, Belleville, Kans., 10;

water, Minn. J. M. Shulene, Swedish Church, Princeton, Ill., 6; H. R. Williams, Blue Rapids, Kans., 23 ;

That $10,000 Fund. M. P. Hunt, Ellsworth, Kans., 23; E. J. Bron

Many of the brethren and sisters have sent in son, Brainerd, Minn., 7; P. S. Sommers, their names to become one of the Hundred, Ocala, Fla., 6; Knut Nelson, Seattle, Wash., and we have now about half the amount secured, 16; A. P. Hanson, Swedish Church, Joliet, and only about two months from the time this Ills., 6. S. J. Winegar, Mitchell, Dak., 5.

will reach our readers to the time when the whole amount must be secured. With this $10,000 we shall be well equipped for our spring work, but will we obtain it ? Not without the help of our pastors. It would be an easy matter for the pastors to bring this matter before their benevolent committees, and arrange

either to raise by special collection, or to desigTHE RESPONSES.

nate from the general collection, $100 to this fund, and thus secure the whole amount. If

they will do this and let us know, so that we We requested all the churches that had re- can consider them as subscribers to the fund, ceived aid from our Gift Fund to make a thank the money might be paid in at such times as offering during the month of December to aid they thought best. In this way we could know us in helping other churches. The result is just what information to give to our missionaries extremely gratifying. Of course, many of these who are on fields suffering for a house of worchurches are small and weak, and the amounts ship. Brother pastors, help us in this. Our contributed is necessarily small; but they have General Missionary for Oregon writes : “When shown a willing mind, and that they appreciate I see the many fields white unto the harvest and the aid given them. The largest contributions no reapers for them, then I think we most were from Sioux Falls, Dakota, and Pueblo, need money to sustain missionaries; and when Colorado, both churches sending the same I see churches with no place in which to meet amount; and the next largest was from Mon- or gather a Sunday-school, with the missionaries terey, Mexico. The Swedish churches aided preaching in private houses, school houses, and have almost all of them responded. The fol rooms in storehouses, then I think we need money lowing is the list by States of those whose con- most for chapels." The truth is that these two tributions have reached us up to date :

works supplement each other. To sow the Dakota-Pierre, Hurley, Sioux Falls, Parker, seeds of Gospel truth in the new communities Goodwin, Bismarck, Huron, Mandan. Minne of the West we must have the Gospel minister, sota-Fairmont, Granite Falls, Houston. Mis- with his heart of zeal and tongue of love, movsissippi-Ackerman. Texas-Lockhart, Colo. ing among the people. To give permanency to rado, Orange. Montana-Miles City. Kan- his work and to build up a working church we sas--Fredonia, Manhattan, Mound Valley, must have a church home. To think that with Columbus, Osage City, Coffeyville, Leon, Leon- $10,000 twenty chapels can be secured before ardville, Whiting, Junction City. Iowa--Van 'the summer ends is enough to move the heart


of every lover of the Master. With such a writes: "Without this gift we would not have little effort on the part of forty or fifty pastors been able to have met our payments. I cannot this could be done so easily. We hope that the tell you how glad we all feel that we have a brethren and sisters will go on sending in their house now where we can preach God's word as names as One of the Hundred, and we pray Baptists understand it.” In the West, where that the pastors may take hold and make the the Swedish brethren can get a church home to securing of this $10,000 a certainty. The mis- which they can invite their fellow countrymen, sion work and the educational work must go they make rapid progress. on, but we must also build these houses of the

--Brother Starbuck, the pastor of a church in Lord.

the new railroad town, Oldham, Dakota, writes:

We are holding our meetings for the present Much Needed.

in a small room occupied by a drygoods store The Baptist church at Santa Rosa, Mexico, is

We have not the room to

and a drug store. one of the oldest in that republic. Its influence accommodate more than half of those who dehas made the town of Santa Rosa almost solidly sire to attend. Our Sunday school is greater Protestant. The membership is composed mostly

than can possibly accommodate.” The of persons who live in the town and have small

nearest Baptist church is twenty miles away, farms and ranches around it. They are a solid,

and the nearest church of any denomination is industrious people, but have very small in

ten miles distant.. The Swedes and Americans comes. There is a mission school with forty

have united in trying to build a house, and five pupils in the place, taught by a Mexican with $300 and what they can raise can finish a young woman, supported by the Woman's chapel that will accommodate the people. Home Mission Society of Boston. The people

Here is a chance for those to help who wish to want and need a chapel for church and Sunday- put their money where there is no church buildschool purposes. They have saved up by littles ing of any kind, and where the American and $225, and can secure a lot. They can also fur- foreign population will both be benefited. nish the stone on the ground to erect the walls, --Three or four years ago we aided from our and can do much of the work. They must buy Church Edifice Fund the colored church in lumber for the floor, doors, window frames and Davenport, Iowa, in erecting a chapel. They roof, also the sash for the windows. The pas- have been without a pastor for a part of the tor writes that with $75 more, which they can time, but have one now and are gradually raise, a neat stone chapel could be erected if growing. In response to our request that the they could get about $400 in addition to what churches that have been aided send something they can do. They are anxious to secure a for other weak churches, they send in a small chapel, and will do all they can. One lady contribution, and say: “We hope by another who knows many of the members at Santa Rosa year that we can do more to help the cause of proposes to give $100 if other ladies will join Christ. If later you call for help for the homeher and raise the $400. Shall these poor peo- less churches, please let us know, and we will ple, who are holding up the light of the true try and do better for them than we can do now." gospel in a land of darkness, have a chapel, If all our white churches would do as well as this when they are willing to make heavy sacrifices small colored church we would soon be able to to obtain it? The answer is with God's people supply all our homeless mission churches with in this country. If you want to help, send your chapels in which to meet. naine to 0. C. Pope, Supt. Church Edifice De

--Rev. S. G. Adams, of Pipestone, Minn., partment, in this office.

says as to what can he accomplished by a gift

from our Church Edifice Fund: “A little more Church Edifice Notes.

than two years ago Rev. A. S. Orcutt, of pre

cious memory, found here a few dispirited Bap-Not long since the Swedish church at La i tists, not having one cent's worth of property. Porte, Ind., had an opportunity to secure a Encouraged by the promise of a gift of $500, good house of worship at about half the cost of they bought a lot well located and began to erecting the building. They were not able to build. During 1886 the treasurer's report secure the house without aid, and so our Church shows $1,639.19 paid. Just one year has now Edifice Department assisted them. The pastor 'passed since I took up the work here, and our

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