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possession. Consternation, conviction, grief, gether. In this case they ate sandwiches and and determination all stamp themselves upon coffee, ice-cream and cake. Such a gathering his face as he reads. It is long past midnight does more than even “resolutions to promote when he closes the book and reverently kneels good fellowship. with the prayer of the publican upon his lips. When the Assembly met on Tuesday evening

Light comes to him, and he knows that the there were seventy-three ministers on the platOne Mediator has undertaken his case, and that form, besides others scattered through the henceforth he (Max Krewolf), is not his own, audience, which fairly filled the house. Augusbut is his Master's. Even now, before he can tin Palacios, an old man, a converted priest, fairly realize how all is changed for him, there presided. comes into his heart a longing to tell his coun- " () Church of Christ, Arise !” was sung by trymen the good news; to cry to those who are three hundred voices, and the opening sermon lying bound, but unconscious of their fetters,

was preached by Dr. J. M. Greene from these that they are in bondage, and that there is One words : “So I prophesied, as He commanded who will set them free. Oh, the love, the joy, me, and the breath came into them, and they and the longing that fill his soul !

lived and stood up upon their feet, an exceedWith what a glad, solemn, humble heart ing great army.” God never abandons His Ruth Holland listened to the story Max told in people. In His own time He looks upon their the vestry of the church that evening! Still distress. He converts dry bones into an army more glad, more humble, more thoroughly sol- of living men. For this the power of man is emn is Ruth, when a few months later Max helpless, but the Spirit of God is all-sufficient. inakes known his determination to make the Wednesday morning, after hymns and praywinning of souls to Christ his life work.

ers, the first business session opened, with Rev. The mission of the card is just begun. Who W. H. Sloan presiding. Secretaries were can tell.what grand results will be revealed, when elected, and ninety delegates took their seats. the books recording the deeds done here are Most of the ladies present being the wives of opened!

missionaries, were not counted as delegates. How true it is that we cannot tell what is An essay was read by Rev. S. P. Craver, of large and what is small in the daily questions the Methodist Episcopal Church (North), on calling for our decision and action !"

the question, “What attitude should we hold with respect to the Roman Catholic Church?The justification of our presence here is found in the fact of what that church has done and has failed to do, and in what Protestant Missions have done and propose to do.

In dealing with Romanism we should reject CITY OF MEXICO-A NOTABLE its Pagan baptism (?) as the act of an apostate CONVOCATION.

church. We should reject their ordination as not intended to initiate men into the office of

preachers of the Gospel, but into the power of REV. A. J. STEELMAN, CITY OF MEXICO.

transubstantiating the elements, of forgiving

sins, and of transmitting grace by their acts. The first General Assembly of Evangelical Should we expect to reform the Church of Missions in Mexico was held in the capital of Rome, or to destroy it? If reformation has the Republic, commencing Tuesday evening, failed in the United States, where Protestantism January 31st, and closing Friday evening, Feb- is so strong, our only hope must be that the ruary 3d. Through the kind hospitality of the strong organization of Romanism will gradually teachers of the girls' school of the Presbyterian disintegrate. Mission, a social gathering of all the mission- Rev. H. B. Pratt, of Virginia, and Mr. H. P. aries who had arrived was held on Monday Hamilton, both representing the American evening. A goodly number of ladies and gen. Bible Society, presented the matter of revising tlemen were present from the various missions, the Spanish Bible. A committee composed of besides distinguished visitors from the States. one representative from each denomination in It does good in a foreign land to eat salt to the Assembly considered the subject, and sub


mitted resolutions urging the revision of the missing is laid against the Protestant, and Bible, and strongly approving that the Ameri- things are broken and stolen for his special can and English Bible Societies unite in pro- benefit. The founding of one school would ducing the best possible version, and that they save a large amount of money, and permit the discontinue the circulation of all inferior editions. education of a larger number of young men. The secretary was instructed to correspond in such a school branches should be taught with both societies with a view to such joint which would not cause the least conflict among action, and inviting a proper representative of pupils of different religious views. each society to co-operate with the missionaries There is great necessity for better trained of the different denominations in this country in native ministers, and the failure to provide a the work.

school will be attended with fatal consequences. Eleven denominations were represented in such a school would find help and sympathy the Assembly-the Society of Friends, the from the churches in the United States, and Congregationalists, the Baptists (Northern and would promote the spiritual influence of our Southern), the Methodists (Northern and South- ministers. ern), and the Presbyterians (Northern, Southern, Dr. J. M. Reid, of New York, spoke on this Cumberland and Reformed). The important point, mentioning with fine effect his first sight committees were made up of representatives of Robert College from the deck of a ship on from each, and the voting on questions of the Bosphorus, and expressed the wish that clief importance was by missions.

some one would do for Mexico the same immorIn regard to the distribution of territory tal service. Nothing that man can do for among the different denominations the follow- Mexico could compare in importance with this. ing rule was adopted : That in towns of less Brethren D. A. Wilson and H. P. McCorthan 15,000 inhabitants where only one de

mick were present to represent our Southern nomination has established work, we recom- Board, and Brethren Sloan, Whitaker and mend that no other denomination enter. If Steelman, with their wives, represented the two or more missions already exist in such Northern body of Baptists. towns, it is recommended that the field be left

Some important questions remain to be disto the undisputed possession of the first occu-cussed, and reports to be presented; but whatpant, the question being, however, referred to

ever comes or goes, the fact remains that a the vote of the congregations themselves, and large gathering has been held, representing to a Committee of Arbitration constituted as

the strongest bodies of evangelical Christians above. This rule can hold only till the next in the world; and the spirit of the meeting was meeting of the Assembly.

fairly expressed, at the close of Dr. Reid's adGambling, intemperance, and worldly amuse- dress, by the singing of one verse of “ All Hail ments were discussed, as usual. Gambling the Power of Jesus' Name." and the lottery business of all small kinds are carried on, and appear to flourish under the shadow of the temple of the Virgin of Guada

Mexico, lupe (a temple erected near the spot where, it is asserted, the Holy Mary appeared in 1531 to an

Rev. T. M. Westrup sends the following Indian, and left her likeness on his tilma). The hopeful statement : whole scene would be strange to most Chris- “If the young people of twenty and under in tians, even to the Romanist sight-seer from the this State of Nuevo Leon who, being children United States.

of Baptists, have never been christened, in or A question of very great importance was pre- out of Rome, were counted, people in general sented by a Mexican, who was educated at would be surprised at the number. It rises Cambridge, Mass. His eloquent address struck a

away up among the thousands. chord of sympathy in every member of the body. Among these outsiders to the 'covenant,' He proposed that there should be founded, as some good pedobaptists would call them, by all the missions together, one preparatory there are of course very many with whom relischool of the first class. The education of gion has little or no influence, which is a sad Protestant young men in Government schools truth; but no proof could be given that the is utterly impracticable, aside from the spirit of matter would have been any better if they had infidelity. Whatever is stolen, or broken, or been christened. This is largely a matter of

parental and other example and teaching, and FROM THE GERMAN FIELD.
not at all a question of sacrament or ordinance.
We have the comfort of knowing that perhaps

BY REV. J. C. GRIMMELL. a yet larger number of these unchristened ones are influenced and their lives molded by the teaching and instruction we seek to impart. Our missionary, Rev. S. Becker, reports a

“Here is the value and importance of our new chapel dedicated at Logan, Ontario. It is mission schools. Some youth of both sexes a stronghold of Lutheranism, and our feeble have found their way into the churches through church had all it could do to hold its own the schools, some of these have been christened ; against the onslaughts of aggressive opposition. others not. The Monterey Church received It was at this place where, sixteen years ago, two lads the other Sunday, and a week after the pastors of the Lutheran churches challenged wards another lad and four girls were baptized, the Baptists to public debate, which in due time and later two more girls asked for the ordinance, took place in the church of the former, lasting and will receive it. All these were of the latter two days. Our side was ably represented by sort, scholars of the mission, and Baptists dyed the learned Prof. A. Rauschenbusch. The rein the wool."

sult was negative. There was no desire, thereafter, to draw issues with the representatives of believers' baptism.

The prophecy expressed at that time,' “ that -Rev. W. T. Green, of San Luis Potosi, the Baptist fanatics (Schwarmer) would not Mex., writes of some difficulties encountered in survive five years hence," was not approved by the work :

Providence, for the church now worshipping in

a new chapel is yet more encouraged to abound “The main difficulty to be encountered here in the work of the Lord. in gathering a congregation is that persons May liberal-minded readers pardon an allusion who go to Protestant meetings cannot get em- to the fact that there is very little sympathy lost ployment, and if they already have employment on the part of German Pedobaptists toward us. they will be dismissed it it shall be known that If they be our brethren in Christ the day is far they are attending Protestant meetings. This off " for us to dwell together in unity,” at least seems to be the general plan, well organized, it appears so to be, judging from the tirades and prosecuted with determination by the large from Lutheran pulpits, and editorial workshops, majority of the people here. Add to this the against the worst fanatics under the sun, which fact that the masses are intensely superstitious are the Anabaptists, by which term they deign and fanatical in favor of Romanism, and you to honor us with mention. They claim to have understand that mission work here will be slow learned it from Luther, whose strong terms of and difficult for a time. I am not discouraged, denunciation are quoted ad nauseam against however, by this condition of things. On the us at every term. And few American brethren contrary, I rather enjoy the notoriety I have have any idea whatever of the opposition with already gained as a representative of the which our missionaries have to contend from Christianity and the better civilization of the one end of the year to the other-opposition United States of North America. The priests by good Lutherans, orthodox and sealed for and the fanatical members of these churches heaven, though their lives be spent in the purmay now feel proudly their numbers, their suit of sinful usury, or behind the bar of the newealth, and their influence over the poor and farious beer saloon. Of course there are upignorant masses of the people; but as I walk right men in the church of which I write, but the streets among them from day to day, or call many a pastor revered as a modern edition of attention to my mission here, I have the con- the original Luther, together with his leading sciousness that I represent a better system of church-officers, is wofully given to strong drink. religion and a better system of civilization than But they are not Roman idolators, and thus they can as yet even form a conception of, and are sure of Heaven ! that with the progress of time the order of There are as many German Lutheran ministhings which they represent must pass away, ters and school-teachers in the United States as while the order of things which I represent there are German Baptists, which is something must be established,"

over thirteen thousand,

Though this be a digression, may it start some I cannot forbear here giving you an account heart to think, and to pray that by the agency of my experience of the last few days. of the Home Mission Society scores of these de- At the request of Mr. Cairns, who had just luded modern Pharisees may be won to the been stirred by a Macedonian cry from one of service of the truth as it is in Jesus, where now his own members, removed to the Potlach conversions of such are few and far between. country, I started out, and found the family

Rev. F. A. Petereit writes that the meetings from whom the cry came, learned the names of at Winnipeg, Manitoba, are better than ever. a number of others of like faith, among whom Thousands of Germans are settling in this great was tha: of an ordained minister of some thirty northern territory where, as regards Winnipeg, years of age, I believe, but very poor, and comit was ours for once to be “first on the field.” pelled to support his family by his daily toil that There are stations opening up everywhere and took him sometimes many miles, and for days our missionary has all he can do and to spare. and weeks, from his home. The distance was

Chapels have been dedicated of late at Alpena, but a little over five miles, but the snow was so Mich., and Coal City, Ill.

deep that it took me nearly a half of the day to Thanks to the generosity of Newark, N. J. reach him. Met a hearty welcome. By MonBaptists, the Second German Church has ob- day night we had found twenty-one Baptists tained the title to their chapel, and Rev. A. living within a radius of five miles of a central Brandt, our active missionary, is expecting good point, where there is a good school-house that for returns.

the present we can have for our meetings. Letters from the interior are filled with ac- These Baptists are for the most part very poor, counts of suffering from the severe cold, but having to leave their homes, and work by many of these letters also bear grateful testi- the day or month, as may be, for their supmonials of great good received by gifts of wear- port. It has seldom been my privilege to meet ing apparel, etc., from churches further east. apparently a more intelligent and earnest numOne of our missionaries reports having re

ber of Christian brethren and sisters than here. ceived two boxes and judiciously distributing the But such has been their circumstances, being contents among needy neighbors scattered within new-comers, they knew not each other except in a radius of twenty miles, applying to himself and a limited degree. Some of them had become family only the most indispensable articles. The so disheartened that they had almost resolved condition of many of the frontier settlers is that they would sell out their claims for what summed up thus: no crops; heavy debts; and they could get, and go where they could enjoy only the promises of God to keep warm by. under their own vine and fig-tree the worship of No wonder that the missionary whom God the sanctuary. I need not say that that is all enables to verify some of those promises should changed now. I have agreed to meet with find a readier access to hearts otherwise ice-them on the fourth Sabbath in this month, hold bound as the solid winter streams.

with them a series of meetings, and expect to report one more Baptist church organized, with

a pastor at home among them. NEWS AND NOTES.

Pioneer work. Pioneer Work-Glad to Hear the Gospel.

WASHINGTON TERRITORY. - Rev. C. W Rev. S. E. Stearns, the veteran pioneer mis-, Rees, who has been doing pioneer work the sionary of Northern Idaho, writes :

past year in a growing part of the Territory, rePermit me to suggest here, that whatever de ports progress. The Roslyn church was asnomination shall have the sagacity to pre-empt sisted by the Church Edifice Fund in the this vast Territory, now sparsely populated, for erection of its house of worship. The report is Jesus, will soon have one swarming like bees in a summary of his year's labors : a hive with inhabitants, and, as I said to Bro. On the first Sabbath of last January I Blake years ago when Spokane Falls contained organized the Ellensburg Baptist church with but a few hamlets and Cheney was building eleven members. Have had regular appointher first cabins, a penny now is worth more to ments there most of the year. I have also prous than pounds will be bye and bye.

cured a good corner lot worth $325, for a Bap

tist meeting house. Hope to build next R. R. from Cheney and Spokane Falls to Puget summer, as it is hard to make headway without Sound, a distance of nearly 500 miles. I was on a church house.

the field eleven months before I saw another “I organized the Nanum church on the sec- Baptist minister, Bro. Teale. ond Sabbath of last January with ten members. “The work accomplished for the Lord Jesus This church is eight miles east of Ellensburg in on this new field, has been with many difficul. a fine farming region. In February we had a ties and small pay. I have received into these revival and a number of additions. Here we churches about fifty members by letter, relation, have had a Sunday school most of the summer conversion and baptism. Not a Baptist paper and fall and have just got a $20 library from the was taken in the county last spring. Now about Baptist Publication Society. Here also we need twenty copies of the Pacific Baptist are taken. a meeting house.

Have preached over one hundred sermons, orAt Lyons' school house, five miles from the

ganized three churches and three Sunday Nanum church and ten from Ellensburg, in a

schools, procured over 150 Sunday school thickly settled farming country, we have an

books, and placed in the hands of these “arm” of the Nanum church. Here also we

churches over $1,600 worth of church property.” had a revival and a number of conversions and additions last winter. We have lately organized a Sunday school at this place and procured

Looking After the Wandering Sheep. fifty Sunday school books from Bro. E. G.

Rev. W. D. Elwell, of Sedan, Kansas, writes Wheeler, our Sunday school agent, at Portland. with deepest gratitude of the most prosperous Perhaps at no place on my field is a meeting year the church has known since his connection house more needed than here. Often the people with it. During the past three months he has pack the house till the speaker can only get administered baptism five times, and others are standing room, and sometimes all cannot get expected to come forward soon. “ The work of in the house.

the quarter has been accomplished at a great At Roslyn, which is twenty-eight miles expense of travel. For some thirty-five days the from Ellensburgh, on the N. P. R. R. toward meetings continued at the out-station. I went the Sound, I preached my first sermon on the every day, and returned home after the service. fourth Sunday in January, which was the third Many days I rode, over hills and rocks, from sermon ever preached in the place. On the fifteen to twenty miles, looking after young disfourth Sabbath in May, I organized the Roslyn ciples and finding out the lost or wandering Baptist church with seven members. The sheep, and many a time, as I was returning, the Northern Pacific Coal Company gave the howl of wolves—mostly the prairie wolves, with church three good large lots near the center of now and then a gray one-would keep time to town for a meeting house. The church re. the sound of my horses' feet." solved to build, and on the fourth Sabbath in August, just three months from organization, we entered our new house of worship with joy Hardships in Home Mission Work, and thanksgiving. This is the first church Rev. Thomas Dyall, of Beaver, Dak., says: building in the town, and is worth at least “The farmers in these parts are in very trying $1,300, including lots. Here I wish to say circumstances. There has been a failure in the that much credit is due Deacon John H. Stev

crops the past three years, the people are ens for his great assistance in this church enter. heavily in debt, and many on the brink of ruin, prise. We have lately organized a Sunday and it is only with great difficulty I can get them school and procured from Bro. Wheeler a new to promise to do anything. Were it not for the library of fifty volumes, beside Testaments, etc., conviction that all my past work would be and the school is very flourishing, under thrown away, I should abandon the field at Deacon John H. Stevens as superintendent once, for I feel that I am making too much Roslyn is a little over one year old and has a sacrifice. At the same time the people are apprepopulation of 1,200 people. The N. P. Coal ciative and intelligent, and need the consolaCo. employ 600 men, pay out $40,000 per tions of the Gospel. We have had a number month, and ship 400 tons of coal per day. of blizzards of late; the last one was truly awful,

“I am the only Baptist minister on the N. P. | many cattle being destroyed and lives lost. In

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