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Merchant Shipping.-A Treatise on the I Goodrxr's Modern Law of Real Property, Law of Merchant Shipping. 4

the use of Stü. DAVID MACLACHLAN, M.A. 2 DB ABZ YGt16

Sir H. W. ELMARSDEN's Digest of Cases A treatise on the law of bills

ARK. 218. Shipping, Admiralty, and Ins Stantord Law Library

1906. from the reign of Elizabeth

1: An Epitome 1897. 30s.

for the Use of Mines, Minerals.-A Treat

STINGS KELKE. Law of Mines, Quarries, an

1903. 3 6105 044 221 732 By R. F. MacSWINNEY, 2nd 1

atutes, compri

sucription, LimiMortgage.-COOTE's Treatise on the Luw tations, Wills, Trustees, Conveyancing,

of Mortgages. 6th Edit. By S. E. WIL- Settled Lands, Partition, &c. 10th Edit. LIAMS. 31. 38.

1904. By T. H. CARSON, K.C., and H. B.

BOMPAS. 358. Municipal Corporations.-Rawlin

1902. son's Municipal Corporations Acts. 9th

Receivers. – KERR on Receivers apEdit. By J. F. P. RAWLINSON, K.C., and

pointed by the High Court of Justice or J. A. JOHNSTON. 21. 2s.

1903. out of Court. 5th Edit. By W. D. RAWLINS, K.C. 108.

1905. Nisi Prius.—Roscoe's (H.) Digest of the Law of Nisi Prius Evidence. 17th Edition.

Roman Law. KELKE's Epitome of By M. POWELL. 2 vols. 21. 28. 1900.

Roman Law. 68.


Sale.-BENJAMIN'S (J. P.) Treatise on Partnership.-LINDLEY on the Law of the Law of Sale of Personal Property,

Partnership. 7th Edit. By His Honour with reference to the American Decisions Judge LINDLEY and 1. J. C. Tomlin.

and the French Code and Civil Law. 388.


5th Edit. By W. F. A. KER and A. R.

BUTTERWORTH. 21. 28. Patents.-TERRELL (T.) Law and Prac

1906. tice relating to Letters Patent for Inven

Sheriff Law.-Sheriff and Execution tions. 4th Edit. 308.

1906, Law. By P. E. MATHER. 308. 1903.

Solicitors' Liens. -ATKINSON's Law Personal Property.-GOODEVE's Modern Law of Personal Property. 4th Ed.

and Practice relating to Solicitors' Liens By J. H. WILLIAMS and W.M. CROWDY.

and Charging Orders, with Forms, Costs, 188.

etc. 78. 6d. net.

1905. 1904.

Statutes.-Chitty's Statutes of Prac. Kelke's Epitome of Personal Property tical Utility. New Edit. By J. M. LELY. Law. 2nd Edit. 63.


Magna Charta to 1901. in 14 vols. WILLIAMS' Principles of the Law of Personal

151. 15s. Continued by Annual SuppleProperty, intended for Students. 16th mente, Edit. 21s.

1906. The Interpretation of Statutes. By Sir

P. B. MAXWELL. 4th Ed. By J. A. Pleading: -BULLEN and LEAKE's Pre- THEOBALD. 258.

1905. cedents of Pleading. 6th Edit. By T.

Title.-Hints as to Advising on Title. WILLES CHITTY and C. Dodb. 38s. 1905.

4th Edit. By W. H. Gover. 98. 1905. Private International Law.-A Torts.--The Law of Torts, by J. F. CLERK Digest of the Law of England with

and W. H. B. LINDSELL. 4th Ed. By reference to the Conflict of Laws. By

Wyatt PAINE. 308.

1906. A. V. DICEY. 30s.

1896. Compendium of the Law of Torts. By H. WESTLAKE, J., K.C., on Private Inter- FRASER, 6th Edit. 88.

1905. national Law, 4th Ed. 16s. 1905. Trade Marks.-A Treatise on the Law Privy Council. -Practice of the Privy

of Trade Marks, Trade Name and Mer

chandise Marks.By D. M. KERLY. 2nd Council on Appeals from British and Colonial Courts. With Forms and Pre

Edit. 35s. With Supplement. 1901-6. cedents. By F. SAFFORD & G. WHEELER. Trade Unions.-Trade Union Law and 21. 108.

1901. Cases. By H. Cohen and G. Howell.

68. net. Probate.--Powles and OAKLEY on the

1901. Law and Practice relating to Probate and

Trusts. - LEWIN'S (THOMAS) Practical Administration. 4th Edit. By L. D.

Treatise on the Law of Trusts. 11th Edit. Powles, W. M. F. WATERTON, and


1904. E. L. MANSBRIDGE. 308.

1906. Vendor and Purchaser.- Law reQuarter Sessions.—Pritchard's Quarter

lating to Vendors and Purchasers of Real Sessions Practice. 2nd Edit. By J. B.

Estate and Chattels Real. By T. C. WILMATTHEWS and V. G. MILWARD.

LIAMS. 2 vols. 21. 5s.

1906. 11. lls, 6d.

1904, Waters.-Law relating to Waters, Sex,

Tidal and Inland. By H. J. W. COULSON Railway and Canal Casas.-12. kolo

and U. A. Forbes. 2nd Edit. 35s. 1902. 191. 1874 to

Yills.-JARMAN's Treatise on Wills. Real Propert

5th Edition. 2 vols. 31. 108. 1893, of the Law of a First Book

(AYES and JARMAN'S Concise Forms of

Wills; with Practical Notes. 12th Edit. Conveyancing



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