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searcenimies to God and to the crosse of Chrift, Philippians the third chapter and the cigheécoth verle, except God vouchlafe us the benefit ofihis promier and make this cnmity beiween the Devil and Us. We fec tbis comity was fulfilled between the Devil and Chrif, that was the fecd of the woman, for they lay, What have me 10 doc with thee, Fefus ? Matthew the eighrh chapter aöd the twenty nintlivcife, and between him and the wicked Jowis, which were of the Sarpepes lead, which said to Christ, Bebold, a gluton and amine drinker, a friend io Públicansland finners, Marchew the cirventh chapret and the nineteenth verle. And thus ftill the Devill and his gingration doc opport themselves against Christ and the faithfull, chat are borni anew of the immori.b ford of the word, the first epiftlc ot Peter, the first chapcer sad the twoaty third verle. But as for the urgod ly, the Devil doch never disturw them; tor in them the strong armed niaastiach saken full poffeffiunt, so as all that he hath is in peae ;Luke the elavearl chaper and the cwe nty second verse. Aadche Devil doth polsolcr hold up his band co them, bur they are ready tu doc whatsoever be wilt. But he that hath nor his part in this hoftility and fpiritual con dia with the Serpenc, shall have no part in the pro mise of victoi ý which is made to the gou!y. .

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... Gen 3.1s. -49. Hoc monteret tibt caput, t# autem conteres kuic calcaneum. :

-TN his last part of the Curse pronounced by God upon the Ser: Avg:0.1598.

1 pint; there are two points, birft, a proclaiming of warrc : Se. eundly, a promise of Victory: the lumme where ufis, the breaking of the Serpents bead, as the holy Ghost speaks hers; or, as the Apo

le faich, in the first opistle at Frohn and the third chapter, the loosing of the works of the Devilo .! - Inthe proclaiming of enmity we have to consider, Firt, the onmity it lelt : Sccundly, the persons betweco whom is Thail beo ; . ..i9. , ; . . ii a Touchiog the comicy, we showed first, Thar it is kindly, that preposterous love and amicy fhould end io hatred and mortal enmity, as it fell out between the Serpenc and the woman : Secondly, Thac God is the author of this enmiry, who fai:h of himselt, I will put en. muy : Whereupon we gather, That as. God is the titrer up of all affections, lo cfpccially of that harred which is between good and cvil, ciuch and error, between Babel and Sion, the Tents of the godly and the wicked, as they are opposed in the cighey fourci Pluilm: And therefore, as it is Chrifts rule, That no man should separate that which God hath joyned, Matthew the pincocenth chapter to where God promilech, chat he will dil-joyn the wicked and che godly. les fick to cor joyn them, not make peace, whentiis will is, there should be mortal hatred and warrc.

The persons are che Woman and the Serpent. By the Woman

is acaat not Eve, as she is the mother of them that dye; buc the Church which is lignificd by her, in regard whereof, she is called The mosher of the living, Genefis the third chapter and the owentieth verse. As alio che bodily Serpent is aot mcadr, but the Devil,chas old Serpcot.

The first thing then, to be noted in the perfons, is, That as there is naturally a hatred between thc Woman and che vigible Serpents To God threatncch this as a punishment to be laid upon the Devili That there fhall be continual warre and hatred berwcon him and the Church. : : : :

Secondly, This cömity shall not be for a time, for he contents hor himself to lay: 'I wil püst enmity berwien shee and ihe Woman, but that it shall continue between sheir feeds that is, it thall be heredicary, to abide till the worlds cad, fo loog as God hath a Church. By the feed of the woman is understood the faithfull, that are born and bogotten in the Church, which is the mother of us all, Galatians che fourth chapter. By she Serpents feed is meant the wicked, whom Christ calls Serpents, and a generation of Vipers, Matthew che twenty third chapter aad che thirty third verts.

Thirdly, le shall be ao light harred, but deadly and mortal; for it shall procecu to griode onc abocher to powder. The hacred which chc Church bearch towards the Devil, is such as chåll break his head in peeces, is an eartbem vessel w broken, forhat it shall not be fit For any wife, 'not fo much as to fesch fire in any piece of it, isaiah the thir. ricch chapter and the fouriceach verse. Wherefore couching this former part; As it is a greac punishment for a proud nan to have them let before him, whom he thinks to be farre under him, foi for as much as the Devil hold us cap.ive ac his will, the second epić Atle to Timoshy and the second chapter, it is a grievous curse which God laycth upon him, that wc thall not only be let ac liberty from him, but have the mastery over him, and trample him under our feet. Secondly, for our lelves, As it is a blefling for a mana not to be deceived of him whom he thinks to be his friend; to God vouchsafeth us a great blessiog, in that he promilch to Atirre up in us a hatred against Tians and the Devil, Corbar we shall not make a league with hell, nor an agreement with death, ifalab the twenty sighth chape ter, but thall still be a enmity with him. Contrariwise, it wemake trucs, with ths Devi), and pleale our lelves in our liones, chea are we accursed, and like the foul that laugheth when he is lead to thic Stocks to rocsiye corre&ion, Proverbs the seventh chapter. Thirdly, It is a general Prophecie, That it God ser not enmity becween us and the Serpent in chis lite, he will fet comity betwren'us and hinie self ja the lite to come, so that we shall lay, How have we hated in. Pruition, and our hearts despised correction ? Provirhs the file chapter and the twelfth verss': Sinne gocth down foreetly, bur in the end it will ble like a Serpent, Proverbs the cwcary third chapter and the chiisy second verse.


Thus we focus thac because we did abusc that general peace.char was between us and who Creatures, God hath thought it necessary ço Airr up war between us; lo chal we fhall have the Devil an adverbary tous: And as he impeed us to evil, lo we all fill be enca mies to him, God indeed mighe calily have destroyed the Devil, for cauting'as (o (inne, as well as he could make him of nothing : Bue becaule iç is no praicc for man not to yeuld co finns, when they þavenone in compethama chercunco; nor to be obedient to Gods will, when they haye none to perfWude them crcbcllion, as in the hegioning the Serpent did; Therefore he thoughe good that the Devid t gula ftill be their enemy, as he was acche first; for the promi'e otroword is made so them that ftrive aod overcome, To hins shas overcommeth will I give , Apocalyps 12. aad they must not only fighe, but fighe lawfully, or elie ency cànpo bc crowned, she les quod cpaftleco Timothy, che fecond chapter, As for this cauls God thoughcic good, chat this warre and hoftility should continue, lo becaulc be know mon doc make warrç in vain, where there is no hope of vi&ory, the store he proclaims, that the womans feed mailnot only be ac continual warje with i h¢ Şarpent, but Thall over, comc him and grinde his head in picccs, the more to encourage chsın in shis spirual barrel. There shall be hurt donc on both pares, but not like burt; they, mall boch bruise, but the same thing thall pot be bruised; the head, which is the chict part, is bruised by the Woman, and therefore the hath the greater viâory, che heel or tail, which is the lowest pare; is only bruised by the Serpcar, and confequenly doing leffo hurr, he is puc to the worle. I hc (ced of the Woman doch 10 tighc wichihs Divil, thajthey brcak his head, but the Devil fights to as he duch no grear hure. Wherein two ibings are to be corfidered : Fift, What, chis Vi&ory is, namely, the bruising and grinding in picces of che Scrpcats head. Secondly, The condition of this Vi&tory, to wit, that it shall not be with cars, for ic hall coft boch fwcar of brows and Modding of blood, for me muft refil finne unto blood, Hebriws chciwclish chápeer. And the holy Ghostfach here, char-howsoever the womans seed doc brusc cho head of the Serpent, yet the Serpeg: shall bruise his hçcl.

In che Vi&ory we are to observe, Firft the person that shallovercome, that is, the womens feed. Secondly, he manner how, and thu is by bruising his head... 30. 3 .

The person receiveth two consideracions; for by the feed of the Woman we must unde, stand not only Christ, but the whols Church, which is his body. This Scripture concerns Chrilt, as he is the wheat corn, which being caft into she ground and dying, bringen forsb much fruit, Fohn the iwcitih chapcer and cwenty fouich veilc: lcre-Spoets the fa ch'ullas they are the car of coroe, or the crop thac commch of that grain of whearAnd as he was the seed of che Woman so are the faithfull co che cod of the worl'. Therefore of the Church tlic Prophet faith, That when he hill offer wp his foul as an



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offering for finne, be shall see a long feed, Isaiah the fifty third chapter.
And where the holy Ghost reportcth, that the Dragon makes warre
withihe rest of the Womaps feed, Apocalyps the twelfth chapter and
the leveoteenth verse, by that is meant the congregation of the
faithtullio the worlds end; who, for that they are a body politick,
as Christ is a body natural, are therefore called Christ, the first cpi-
ftleco che Corinthians, the thirtceáth chapter and the twelfth verlo;
And this victory is verificd in them no lcffc than in Chrift. So that
in this promise we see not a Fiat lux, that is, Les there be light, as in
the Creation, but Fiat Chriftus, Let there be a Christ, that is, a delive-
ter, co restoré mankinde, being now fallen from the estaré wherein
they were créated : For where God promiscth, That there shall be
waire between the Serpent and the Womans lood, and that the one
Thall conquer the other : As if Adam should objeđ , How Thall
our feed be able to strive with Sathan, facing they themselves bo-
ing in stare of perfe&ion, could not tread upon his head, but were
compted and overcome? God answers, That he will raise them
up a Captain. As of the Judges, whom God appointed to rule the
People of Israel, it is said, The Lord raised them up a Captain, Fudges
the clavcath chapter ; lo here God promiseth to Adam and Eve,
that he will raise up the Captain or Prince Meßiah, Daniel the niach
chapter and the twenty fito verss, chát Thali fight and get the con-
qust for them, and that he shall come of thçir seed. ,

Secondly, If God will raise up this Captain of the Womans secd,
then he shall not be an Angel or Archangel that shall deliver us;
for as the Apostle faith, He in no fort took the nature of Angels, Hes
brews 12.15. but he took the feed of Abraham ; that is, he shall be man,
compaffed with the same Ach that we carry about with us; hc Thall -
bc bone of our bones; and, as the Prophet speaks, The Captain shall
be of them felves, and the Prince shall pring out from among them, Feri-
miah the thircieth chapier , so Chrilt, who is appointed by God his
Father, to be the Saviour of the world, is of your selves, and cook
our Acth upon him.

Thirdly, God faith aot your feed, but the Womans feed; which
is a plain mánitestation of the ordinary work of God; As it God
Thould say to the Devil, Thou beginneft with the Woman, which
is the weaker vessel, the first cpistle of Peter, the third chapter thinking
to prevail che iooner; But how weak focver she be, thou shalt finde,
that out of her will I bring a feed that shall bruise thy head, and thou
ihale thereby fee that my power is made perfect in weaknesse, the second
epiftlecoths Corinthians, i he twelfth chapter, for God, in his coun-
cel, doch make the weak things of the world to counfound the strong, the
first cpifle to the Corinthians, the first chapter. Secondly, This
shall be performed by the seed of the Woman, because, as the was
the caufs of transgreflion, For Adam was not deccived, but the Woman,
the first epiflc to Timoshy, thc second chapter and the fourteenth
verfe ; fo. God would have the cause of remedy to come from her,
to thew That he dosh bring light out of darknese, che second epistle to



the Carinthians, the fourth chapter. Thirdly, For that Eve, kaow, ingihar her crcdulity, in hcarkning to the Serpents yoyce, was the Cause of all his misery, mighe, as chat sex is most inclined thercuaro, conceive great grief of heart to comfort her, the promise of victory is by God himielt in great mercy appropriated to her , whereas Christ came of Adam ao lcflc chan of the Woman.

Fourthly, Thai it might be the gars to all Prophecies, For as ons · faith of Christ, He is so thc Womans socd, as he is not the Mans,

therefore Isaiah (aith, Behold, a Virgin shall conceive, Isaiah the seventh chapter, and in the Prophet Feremiah God (pcaksthus, Behold, I Greaie a new thing in Carth, a Woman shall compasse a Man, Feremiah the thirty first chapter and the tweary lecond verso : Which seed, of whom he came, the Scriprure doth particularly sat down : For among the rosacs of Noah, he came of Shem; among thoss thar came of Abraham he was of the Tribe of Fuda, ia that Tribe he came of the house of David, aad so is called, The Sonne of David, Matthew che first chapter ; and, made of the feed of David according to the fle|h, Romans the first chapter: He is that socd in whom God promicá Abraham, That all the Nations of the earth should be blessed, as the Apostle expounds is, in the third chapter of the spille co the Ga. Larians.

Secondly, For the manner how that Vi&ory is gotten, It is by bruising the Serpents head. Wherein, for the bruising, we learn thai Chrift gocth not to work by subtily, as the Serpent did; hc piecends not love, as Saihan did; but hc profcfssth deadly hatred: he deals not crccpingly and deceiptfully, but goeth to it with open torce and violence : He that hurts the heel comes by stealth behinde, as ihe D:vil dealt here, but if a man will break another mans head, he will come before him, and so doth Chrift. And therefore he is not like the subtil Serpent, but as the bralen Serpent, that was set tip upon a pole, Fohn the third chapier and the tourtecath verle, to iew, that his dealing is open and magifcft. The Serpent having a purpose to destroy our Parents, seduced and beguiled Eve, che second cpiItle to the Corinthians, the elevenih chapters but Chrilt, having a purpose to destroy the Devil, and so lave man, faith plainly, in the thirteenth chapter of Hofea, o death, I will be shy death, o Hell, I will be thy destruction, and so he speaks in the twelfth chapter of Fohn, I, when I am lift up, will draw all men, that is, he will not entics them by fraud and subtilty, as the Serpeat doth.

Secondly, Thc pare to be bruised is the Head of the Serpent : Christ would not go to the weaker part, as the tail or hecl, as the Serpenç doth s but to ths head of thc Serpent, whers both his Itrength and poy son lycth : so he is not minded as the Serpent was. The strength and poyson of Satan, as it is called in the twcacy fixth verse of the eighteenth chapter of the A&ts of the Apostles, is the poy. son that he bideth in his head, which hath the same name in the holy tongus; but Christ bruiseth the head. Secondly, He hath poylon, in his tongus, as it is in the third yerse of the hundred and


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