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quarters, and of particular interest are his year, $3.40; fifth year, $4.37.

Wiremen, statements regarding the results of such ex- $7.80. Supervisors, $4.37. periments as far as telephones are concerned. Sweden–Engineers (monthly), $33.75

In London the charges are graduated ac- to $40.50; women clerks, $18.90 to cording to the radius over which the call $20.25; managers, $33.75. . Operators must go. In Paris, where the government (weekly), $3.40; linemen, $4.86 to $5.67. owns the plant, the service is said to be Berlin-Operators (daily), first year, 60 absolutely inadequate. There are more than cents; second year, 72 cents; ninth year, 100 different instruments in use, since every $360 annually, and $129.60 expenses. Six subscriber must purchase his own instrument. hours work a day.. Linemen and installers, The Paris Figaro characterizes the whole $72 to $96 a month. concern as "pitiable and intolerable." Sub- Switzerland (Annually.) Chief scribers and all patrons and would-be patrons gineers, $1061.50; managers, $926.40; complain that to almost every call for a operators, $231.60 to $405.30. Linemen number central replies “Pas libre”-Amer- (daily), 77 cents to $1.25; polemen, 97 ican, "Busy." And this does not mean that cents to $1.35. the line is busy, but that central is too busy Mr. Burgess says the impudence of the to answer!

continental operators is insufferable, they beIn Berlin, according to Mr. Burgess, the ing protected by civil service. service is ponderously slow, and the girls The city of Glasgow, where the city govbreak in on an average of nine times to every ernment has tried its hand at running tramcall. In Switzerland, the cradle of munici- cars and in managing nearly every other pubpal ownership, the exchanges are open only lic service utility, retired from the telephone from seven a. m. to nine p. m., and calls at business a year ago, having found it too exother hours cost ten cents extra.

pensive a luxury. The Glasgow Herald Again, Mr. Burgess's report shows that said editorially at the time: while in some cases charges for municipal tel- "The town council of Glasgow yesterday ephone service appear lower than in America wisely resolved to retire from the telephone —without considering, of course, the contrast business. It is six years since the funds of in the service-yet wages paid employees are the citizens and the security of the rates were so very much lower than in America that pledged to a competition with a private unon the face of it it appears that a Yankee dertaking—which may have been faulty, but gets a better bargain. In London, for ex- was certainly willing and able to mend, as it ample, where the highest Alat rate is $81.60 did in point of fact. The whole five years. per year, the following wages are paid: that the corporation system has been in actual Operators, beginners (a week), 84 cents; operation under license have resulted in what first year, $1.92; second year, $3.14; fifth ordinary traders would regard as dead loss.

Wiremen, $6.72. Super- After an expenditure of some 360.000 visors, $6.00 to $8.16.

pounds ($1,800,000) in building up the In other places the following scale is system, it is now necessary to expend another effective:

100,000 pounds ($500,000) on alteraGlasgow Operators, beginners (a tions and extensions to meet the circumstances week), $1.21; first year, $1.93; second of the day.”

year, $4.36.

The law of worthy life is fundamentally the law of strife. It is only through labor and painful effort, by grim energy and resolute courage, that we move on to better things. ---Theodore Roosevelt.

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Theodore N. Vail, President of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company.


Volume I

AUGUST, 1907

Number 2


re- .

The Pacific Telephone Magazine telephone had been invented. Gardiner G.

Hubbard and Theodore N. Vail organized

the first Bell company for the exploitation Published monthly at San Francisco for the benefit of its employees by The Pacific Telephone and

of the telephone. The company was mereTelegraph Company. Address communications,

ly an association, of which Mr. Vail was queries, etc.,

president. It was succeeded by the NaWillis BRINDLEY


tional Bell Company, which in 1878 was consolidated with the New England Com

pany to form the American Bell Telephone There have recently been important

Company. When this company was changes in the management of the American

organized as the American Telephone and Telephone and Telegraph Company. Fred- Telegraph Company, Mr. Vail became gen

erick P. Fish, for sev-

eral manager.

Mr. Vail left the telephone Changes in Easteral years head of the

business in 1889, however, and for more Bell interests in America,

than ten years devoted his attention to the resigned three months ago, his resignation building of street railway systems and electaking effect on May 1. President Fishtric lighting plants in Europe and South had been desirous for more than two years, America. For the past four years he has it is said, of giving over the reins in order

been one of the board of directors of the to devote all his attention to the law, his American Telephone and Telegraph Com

, profession, but he continued in office until

pany, so that he entered upon his duties as a successor in every way capable could be president equipped with a thorough knowlsecured. This man was Theodore N. Vail, edge of the affairs of the company. one of the four original telephone men in the United States.

One of the first acts of the new administration was to authorize the issue of $21,

000,000 worth of stock, to be The career of the new president of the given the present stockholders at par.

PracAmerican Telephone and Telegraph Com

tically the whole issue pany has been one of striking interest. Mr. New Stock has now been subscribed. Vail was one of the four original telephone

Concerning the new stock men in the United States. issue, President Vail said: New President

As a resident of Wash- "The great increase in the telephone busiington he was associated

ness of the past few years, unlooked for in with Bell, Hubbard, and Watson, not only great measure, and in a big sense considered before there was any organized telephone only temporary, has made great demands in company and before the invention of the

every way upon all the resources of the vaBlake transmitter, but before a commercial rious companies. While this was to a great



up, and



extent impossible to anticipate so far as the in Los Angeles. The local chief operators' past is concerned, it would not be wise or meetings are held on Thursday of each week, for the interest of the company to fail to and the long distance meetings on Wednesprofit by its experience. The policy of the day. The subjects discussed at these meetcompany should be to anticipate requirements ings indicate the interest and enthusiasm of rather than let requirements force . action the operating employees in the work. For upon the company. Ample financial re- example: In a recent long distance chief sources should be provided in advance of operators' meeting the subject of ticket reimmediate demands.

ports and code work was taken

spe“While these demands still continue large cial stress was laid upon the improper reand must be met, it is for a much better cording of reports on the backs of tickets class of service, yielding more adequate re

and errors in general detail work. The code turns, utilizing the construction work al- was thoroughly discussed, and the following ready completed and making the demands meeting was opened by an examination of upon the company for money for new con

code work, followed by reports from superstruction very much less than last year. visors regarding the results obtained in their “So far as the work of the current year is

division. At another meeting the relations concerned, the company has ample resources between chief operators and office employees to provide for all contemplated expenditures was taken up, and their effect upon certain without any difficulty whatever and without efficiencies was brought out. increasing liabilities beyond those already At a meeting of the local chief operators incurred.

the subject of operating forces was consid"So far as the general outlook is con- ered. Traffic curves for each office were excerned, it was never brighter.

never brighter. Conditions hibited and discussed in detail; particular are becoming more favorable in all quarters, attention was paid to peg count reports, and business is improving and returns are most their relation to the schedule of operators' satisfactory. The balance of earnings of the hours. The Pacific TELEPHONE MAGAAmerican Telephone and Telegraph Com

ZINE congratulates Los Angeles on the start pany for the five months ending May 31 is

it has made, and feels sure that the results of nearly $600,000 more than for the same

these meetings will be highly gratifying. months last year, and the surplus for the first five months of this year is quite sufficient

Now, just one word of caution: To be to pay a full year's dividend on the pro

productive of the results desired these meetposed new issue of stock which will make no

ings must be participated in by all, and each considerable demands on the present year.”

supervisor and chief operator must feel free
to bring up topics for discussion and to ex-

press opinions. If one does all the talking The keynote of success in the telephone these meetings become lectures and not conbusiness, as in most other businesses, is co

ferences. We hope to hear as good reports operation. The right hand must know what

from the other exchanges, and will be glad the left hand is doing, and they must work

to give as much as possible of our valuable together for the common

space to reports of similar efforts toward perTeam Work end. Especially is this

fect service for our subscribers, which is the true in operating, where

aim of all of us. co-operation, or "team work," as it is called, is vital. It is with great satisfaction, therefore, that this magazine notes the results be- On January 1, 1908, unless well-laid ing obtained by the chief operators' meetings plans miscarry, there will be not a single




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