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phone man from North Dakota, where he owned several exchanges. They expect to install a first-class common battery plant. They will also build a line from Newport to Usk and on to the Metalline Mines.

Local people have built a rural line between Mesa and Hanford on the Columlia River. Hanford is a new town on the line of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railroad Company and is destined to be an important point as an irrigation ditch is being constructed which will water a large amount of the land in that vicinity.

San Joaquin Division. Discontinuation of four-party service is planned in Fresno and the work of changing subscribers to individual or two-party lines has been begun. Patrons of four-party lines have received the following notice:

“Dear Sir:-Our four-party residence service having been discontinued, your telephone has been placed on two-party service at a rate of two dollars per month, dating from June ist."

The two-party charge is only 50 cents a month more than for four-party service.

At 4:20 o'clock, on the same day, telephone communication was established between the Connecticut and Goat Island and thence with San Francisco Kearny Office. The telephone was used several times that afternoon and thereafter Kearny 5050 was a busy number. Commander Osterhaus, of the Connecticut, was much impressed with the celerity with which service was established and expressed appreciation of the courtesy extended by the Telephone Company.

The work of laving the temporary ca ble was performed by a crew of men in charge of Fred Thockmorton. Cable Foreman, while Submarine Bill Thomas, an expert in currents nautical and electrical, supervised the actual laving of the wire. A staunch launch was used to carry a large reel on which was wound 10,000 feet of temporary cable and 7000 feet of this was used. The laying of the cable was made difficult by a strong wind and strong current, but was nevertheless accomplished in record time.

Miss C. W. Ketchum of Division Superintendent Phillips' office is again at her post after an absence of several months in the southern part of the State on account of illness, and is receiving the congratulations of her many friends and associates on her recovery and return to her duties.

San Francisco Division. On May 6th, high noon, 1908, the United States fleet, headed by the Flagship "Connecticut," passed in majestic procession through the Golden Gate at San Francisco.

At 2 o'clock the Flagship Connecticut came to anchor.

At 3 o'clock the gunboat Yorktown, the headquarters of the Secretary of the Navy, which had been equipped with telephone service a few days previous but which was disconnected on the morning of May 6th to permit the ship taking part in the maneuvers of the feet, was again connected by means of a temporary cable with The Pacific Telephone & Telegraph Company's aerial lead on Goat Island.

Coast Division. The Interurban Telephone Co. of San Miguel have sublicensed the entire field in the vicinity of San Miguel. It is their intention to build toll lines from San Miguel to Parkfield, twenty-six miles distant, which will add to the toll lines forty additional telephones in San Miguel and twenty-five in Parkfield. This number will no doubt be ultimately increased.

We have also succeeded in sublicensing Cambria and the surrounding country to the Cambria Telephone Co., which is building lines radiating in all directions from Cambria with intention of building toll lines to San Simeon, a dis

tance of nine miles up the coast, expect- Turner, Marion county, Oregon, and the ing ultimately to reach the Lighthouse in Long Creek Telephone Company, Long that vicinity.

Creek, Grant county, Oregon. The TurWe have closed a copartnership agree- ner company has heretofore been an inment for rural telephone service with the dependent company and without toll line Lucretia Rural Telephone Co. of San service. All of the independent compaJosé and also with the San Antonio nies in the Willamette Valley are beginHome Telephone Company of Bradley. ning to realize the need of long-distance

A new Private Branch Exchange was service and are arranging for this, many completed the first of May at Sea Beach of them with The Pacific Telephone Hotel, Santa Cruz, comprising 131 sta- Company tions. This work was rushed through On the night of April 21st, 1908, fire and finished prior to the opening of the broke out in the warehouse of The Pahotel, much to the satisfaction of the ho- cific Telephone and Telegraph Company, tel management and the many guests East 6th and Ankeny St., Portland, causwho arrived on the day of the opening to ing damage to the building of approxiwitness the arrival and maneuvers of the mately $500 and a loss of about $3000 Atlantic fleet at Santa Cruz.

by fire and water to the stock. All loss A new Private Branch Exchange of was fully covered by insurance. twenty-one stations has recently been in

New Central Office quarters for Monstalled in the residence of W. H. Crock

mouth, Oregon, have been leased and the er, San Mateo.

entire system will be improved and made A contract for building farmers' lines

up-to-date. The operating force will be from Paso Robles to Creston has been

reorganized and County Manager Murlet to a San Luis Obispo party, contract ney will undertake to give the people of calling for first-class line of ten-pin

Monmouth and vicinity the best service arms, square redwood poles; cost $1200,

that can be given at offices of this size. which will provide for twenty additional Division Contract Agent Drewery resubscribers.

cently made a trip in an automobile The Wire Chief's Department, San

throughout Gilliam and Morrow counties José, is falling into line with the idea of

in Eastern Oregon, calling on various weekly meetings for the benefit of its

sublicenses in that territory and looking employés. We find that these meetings

into operating conditions. prove to be of educational value as well

Miss Frankie LeGall, formerly Assistas assisting all to arrive at a common un

ant Chief Operator in the East Office, (derstanding of the work and ideas of the

Portland, has been appointed Chief Opdepartment.

erator at the new Woodlawn Office and On May 9th we moved our office at

Miss Irene Ellis, formerly Assistant Los Gatos into a new building which

Chief Operator in the Sellwood Office, has been provided exclusively for our

has been appointed Chief Operator at the use and incidental thereto, the running

new Tabor Office. of the office was changed from an agency

The Pacific Telephone Company has to our own management under Mr. W.

moved into new quarters at Medford, L. Whidden.

Oregon. They now have a building of Mr. Harry Westbrook, formerly of

their own and the new equipment and the Maintenance Department, San José,

large and commodious central office was appointed manager of the Watsonville Exchange on April 15th.

quarters will enable Manager Patterson

and his assistants to take care of the Oregon Division.

large amount of new business that is beNew contracts have been entered into ing offered at Medford, which is one of with the Turner Telephone Company, the fastest growing towns in Oregon.

The Main Office Club of The Western

Admiral Thomas Liked It. Bell Library Association of Portland The Southern Division received the folgave their opening dancing party at lowing letter from the Commander-inMurlark Hall Tuesday evening, April Chief of the United States Atlantic fleet, 21st. About 250 couple were present Rear-Admiral Chas. M. Thomas : and spent a very enjoyable evening. a

OFFICE OF The Floor Committee consisted of Misses THE COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF. Oda Jones, Hazel Cline, Lulu Vaughn, United States Atlantic Fleet, Ethel Hostetler, Fannie Benson, Nora

C.S.S. Connecticut, Flagship, Lute. Pearl Lowell, Cecil Rockwell, ,

SAX PEDRO, California. Edna Parsley, Lulu Underwood, Mr.

April 25, 1908. Metzger and Mr. H. Kirkland.

Mr. C. J. Seeley, Division Supt., The two number 4-B system of long- Tlue Pacific Telephone & Telegraph distance toll operation was put into ef

Co., Los Angeles, Calif. fect between Portland and Vancouver on DEAR SIR :- Please accept my thanks April 25th. New directories covering for the courtesy of your company in both exchanges and bearing a sticker no- placing the telephone on board the flagtifying the public of the new service were ship during her stay at San Pedro. The distributed a few days prior to the date installation of this telephone was a most on which the system became effective thoughtful act on your part and through and no trouble was experienced. The it the conduct of business of the fleet new method seems to be popular as the was rendered much more agreeable, with traffic has increased. The time in hand- the result that the details of business ling the calls has been reduced from an during our stay in the vicinity of Los average of three to five minutes to an

Angeles were much more readily carried average of less than one minute.

out than they would have been had we The Wasco Southern Telephone Com- not had the excellent service which you pany, Antelope, Oregon, has recently un- very kindly placed at our disposal. dertaken the entire reorganization of Very truly yours, their system, installing up-to-date instru- (Signed) CHAS. M. THOMAS, ments and rebuilding their lines. This

Rear-Admiral, U. S. Navy. company has been giving service to sub

Senior Officer Present. scribers in the vicinity of Antelope for the last eight years, during all of which

Theater Party for Operators. time they have been connecting with The Manager E. E. White of the Berkeley Pacific Telephone Company for long-dis- Exchange, to show his appreciation of tance purposes.

the excellent work done by the operating E. A. Bayley is conducting a vigorous department for the first six months of canvass at Vancouver, Washington, for this year, gave a theater party at Idora new business, also changing many of the Park on Saturday, May 16th. Twentyold subscribers to a higher class of serv- four of the young women operators sigice. He has met with great success so nified their willingness to attend this far, although an opposition company is party and spent an enjoyable evening soliciting in that field also. The Wash- listening to the opera, “The Fortune ington Home Telephone Company, an Teller," by the Idora Park Opera Comopposition organization which had

pany. started up with headquarters at Van- As May 16th was Navy Day at the couver, is reported to have gone into the Park, the young women were given an hands of a receiver, they being unable to opportunity to see the different comcomplete their plant in Vancouver, which manders of the Atlantic fleet then stais already started.

tioned in San Francisco harbor.


Alameda employés of The Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company have organized a club known as the Island City Club, and have secured a club house. So far as known to the Editor of The PACIFIC TELEPHONE MAGAZINE this is the most pretentious organization of the sort on the Coast. The Island City Club is an outgrowth of the Island City Library which was started a few months ago.

After the library movement was well under way

New Southern Farmer Lines. it was found that more space than was available could be used to advantage, and

Farmer Line Canvasser E. L. Miller a movement was started about the middle has been meeting with considerable sucof March to use as a club house the cess in connecting up companies organsmall cottage in the rear of the Alameda ized by him in the neighborhood of Oxtelephone office, which belongs to The nard and Ventura. The following comPacific Telephone and Telegraph Com- panies have been organized and are now pany.

connected to The Pacific Telephone and Permission was obtained from the Telegraph Company's system: Company to use this cottage, which con- Santa Ana Valley Telephone Comtains three large rooms, and within pany, nine subscribers. Construction twenty-four hours $75.00 was raised amount paid, $1100. among the employees, who contributed

Moorpark Rural Telephone Company, from one to five dollars each. The large

No. 1, eleven subscribers. Construction room upstairs has been given over to

amount paid, $335. the Alameda Potential Club as a meet

Moorpark Rural Telephone Company, ing place. The Potential Club is com

No. 2, five subscribers. Construction posed of employees of the Wire Chief's

amount paid, $320. Department and has been a flourishing organization for a long time. It was de

Moorpark Rural Telephone Company,

Construction cided that the two lower rooms of the

No. 3, five subscribers. cottage should be fitted up as an oper

amount paid, $125. ators' lunch room and retiring room, and Canejo Valley Telephone Company, that the retiring room should be fur- eighteen subscribers. Construction nished with a piano and with every pos

amount paid, $825. sible fitting for the comfort of the oper

There are several other companies ators.

now being formed in this vicinity.

using new rails on some unimportant ENGINEERING

siding if old rails were in stock.

This is exactly the thing that must be TOLL LINE DONT'S.

done in a telephone plant and the teleDon't make a careless joint in a toll phone manager must be competent to line and expect the toll line to give first- carry out such a policy. class service. Don't use rubber-covered wires for

A WIRE CHIEF. toll lines when bare wires can be used.

Don't forget that “continuous service” Considering his responsibility. the is what makes the toll line popular with

term Wire Chief, as used in telephone the public.

work, is a particularly expressive one. Don't allow noises to continue on your

No other telephone employé has a more toll lines.

expressive and denominative title. His Don't neglect the transmitter batteries job is exactly what his title indicatesat toll stations.

that is, “Chief of the Wires.” This Don't open or ground a working line

means that he should know all about the before making sure that it is not being telephone plant, of which he is “Chief used.

of the Wires," from the spring jack in Don't wait until tomorrow to clear

the switchboard to the coil of fine insutrouble that should be cleared tonight.

lated wire in the hand telephone. If he Don't imagine that a toll wire laying does not have this knowledge he is not on the crossarm will not give trouble.

“Chief of the Wires" and will not be a Don't use a No. 7-A test connector in

successful Wire Chief. a toll line. Nothing but No. 5-A test

Troubles will not be located intelliconnectors should be used.

gently, cleared promptly and repaired in a permanent manner if the Chief is un

able to direct this work intelligently. It OLD MATERIAL AND SUPPLIES.

follows that the plant will not be mainThe disposition of old material and

tained properly and that the service will supplies is one of the vexing problems in telephone work. The many changes in

be unsatisfactory all because the Wire

Chief was not capable. kinds of material and supplies has made the second-hand stock grow with startling rapidity. Much of this second

Oakland Men Hold Smoker. hand stock is serviceable but, so to speak,

The first Annual Smoker was given is “not in style." In using this “out-of

by the Telephone Society of the Pacific style” stock, care must be taken that it

States on the night of April 18th, 1908. is used in such a way that the service or

A large number of members and their plant does not suffer.

friends were present, and altogether an It is essential that material that is

enjoyable time was had. The following serviceable, although out of stvle, be

was the program for the evening: kept in service. This must be done in

Opening Spiel, President P. H. Boomall lines of business from that of farm

er; song, “Come to the Land of Boheing to operating a railway system. When

mia," T. J. Guzman; funny little stunts, the farmer builds a new fence, the parts Chas. Fitzsimmons and J. Kearny; song, of the fence displaced that have life in “Something New," H. Renton; violin them will be used on some other part of solo, C. Van Kirk; song, "Dreaming," the farm, possibly for repairs to another T. J. Guzman. fence. The railway uses its old and ob- The Social Committee consisted of Mr. solcte engines for switching and on T. J. C. Burke, chairman; J. Heller, J. branch lines, and would not consider Russell and J. Hallinan.

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