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on July 1, 1907, 6,220 farmer subscrib- LOS ANGELES EXCHANGE SEers on lines owned by the Telephone Com

CURES LIBRARY. pany and about 7,000 on lines owned by

A little more than a month ago Miss Sarah sub-licensees, making a total of over 32,COO farmers connecting with the Pacific Joyce, chief operator of South Office, Los

Angeles, decided that the operators needed Company's system and using Bell instru

a library. To-day Los Angeles South Of

. ments. Considering the very low charge the Pa

fice has a library of nearly 200 volumes, and cific Telephone and Telegraph Company the sixty operators are delighted with the has established for central office service, we innovation. West Office has followed suit, may well ask ourselves why every farmer and other exchanges will soon be equipped who has a telephone, does not insist upon with reading matter. connecting with the Pacific Company's sys

When Miss Joyce suggested a library the tem and thereby secure toll line connection

supervisors at once agreed with her that the with all points.

idea was excellent. They talked it up In our efforts to encourage Farmer Line

among the operators, and in a very few days development, we have had to overcome in many cases the prejudice that exists against

the library was a fact. It costs ten cents a the Bell Company in the mind of the farmer,

month to belong to South Exchange Library as a result of the false and oftentimes vicious

and membership is voluntary. The library statements made by representatives of dif- was opened on July 23 with forty-eight ferent telephone manufacturers is regarding members and fifty books, seven of which the motives and policy of the Bell Company. were bought and the others donated. The

These statements while intended to injure seven selected as a nucleus were suggested the Bell Company in the mind of the farmer, by Miss Fair, a Y. W.C. A. secretary, who have in many cases been injurious to the

interested herself in the movement. They farmer himself, in that he has paid an ex

were "Audrey," "Cranford," "Dri and I." orbitant price for an inferior telephone in

"Evangeline," "In the Bishop's Carriage," strument, and has confined his service to a

"Kenilworth," and "The Crisis." limited area.

On opening day there were present Mrs. In some instances, employees of the company have given the proper attention and J. M. McPherron, librarian of the Y. W.

C. A.; Miss Neva Chapell of the Y. W. C. encouragement to prospective farmer subscribers. As a rule, however, our people .

A. extension department, and Miss Louise
Harris, city chief operator.

Miss Chapell appreciate the fact that telephones are coming to be a necessary adjunct to every farm,

directed the cataloguing, assisted by Miss and that as the Pacific Company is best Mildred Clatworthy and Miss Jennie Herrequipped to furnish to the farmer, service,

mann, who was elected librarian. Mrs.. Mcapparatus and material of a better quality Pherron gave a short talk on good books and and at lower prices than he can secure from Miss Chapell presented nicely bound any other source, it is incumbent upon each

volume of "J. Cole." On August 14 the one of us in the field to acquaint the farmer library gained twenty-four additional volumes with our rates and prices, and render him as gifts from members and friends. A magaall possible assistance in building his line.

zine stand with four shelves has been purIn other words, in all our dealings with

chased from the library treasury. the farmer, be fair and square, and show The library idea is one that commends him that his interests are ours.




How Should a Wire Chief Conduct His Department ?



The detail connected with a wire chief's

Handling Trouble. duty, whether the exchange is small or large, The most important duty of a wire chief remains the same, only larger in proportion is to have all trouble referred to him taken to the size of the exchange.

care of as briefly as possible.

His men A wire chief's duty might properly be should be instructed to receive, courteously, subdivided into the following classes: all complaints offered by subscribers or other Organization,

departments of the company. Handling of trouble,

All lines reported in trouble should be Forestalling trouble,

carefully tested and record kept of all General maintenance.

troubles. This record, whether lines "test Three of these classes are, to a certain O. K." or in trouble, should be carefully extent, dependable on one for their proper inspected by the wire chief each day for his execution. That one is organization.

own information to determine if troubles are Place your men where they belong. The properly taken care of as regards the acman who is to do the testing must be es

tion taken and time consumed in clearing pecially fitted for the position. It is not

them. Repeated complaints from one subnecessary for this man to be an Al telephone scriber showing "O K. on test” two or more

First of all he should have character times should be given special attention by for the position, next he must have a gen- having the line inspected in the central oferal understanding of such circuits as he fice, as well as line and instrument. The will be called upon to test. Add to this result of the inspection should be carefully that he should have a certain amount of ex- noted by the wire chief and all future troubles ecutive ability to efficiently handle the out- on this line, for a reasonable length of time, side men, who are subordinate to the wire should receive his personal attention. chief, through him, and you have a good

Forestalling Trouble. man at your desk.

The smaller the number of reported cases The next important position in the ex- of trouble each day, the greater the credit change premises is the exchange troubleman. due the wire chief. There are times when He should be a combination of a com

trouble can not be avoided on account of repetent telephone man and a good mechanic. construction or additions to the switchboard I have seen good telephone men, but with- or other equipment. However, more than out the other important characteristics, placed 50 per cent of the trouble due to these at desks to do testing, prove failures, yet causes can be eliminated by reasonable care. these same men have proven successful as ex- The wire chief can, by keeping a daily recchange troublemen, and the same holds good ord of trouble, determine in what manner for all men placed in the wrong position. this excess of trouble is caused.

There are other positions to be considered then confer with and point out to the foreas well as those mentioned, such as the ma- man in charge of the work the obvious cause chine or power man, the rackman, record for the trouble and thus eliminate it. In clerk, and outside troublemen.

exchanges working under normal conditions The wire chief should first of all have the wire chief should make routine tests of these places properly filled by men fitted for subscribers' lines and other apparatus for the their positions.

purpose of having them repaired before they

He can every month.

are reported by the traffic department or tail in subsequent copies of THE PACIFIC subscriber.

TELEPHONE MAGAZINE. The matter of "routine tests” should be

E. R. LUNDIUS, given careful consideration and study that

Division Wire Chief, Inland Division. the best possible results may be obtained. It is, furthermore, the only means whereby trouble and complaints can be forestalled.

General Maintenance.

(By Hello Bill) Under this heading might be placed the

Every time you growl, discount your care of the battery plant and machines connected with the plant, weekly inspections of

worth to the company one dollar. At this

rate, some fellows owe the company money missing apparatus, records, etc.

The care of the storage batteries should be zealously watched by the wire chief.. The Washington managed a big farm all the specific gravity and voltage of each cell, be- time he was leading the forlorn hope during fore and after charge, should be submitted the Revolution; Franklin worked all day to him for inspection and he should carefully long and every evening; President Roosenote the condition of the batteries daily. velt dictates correspondence before break

A weekly inspection of missing apparatus fast; nobody succeeds without work. of the plant in general is very profitable to

“Most men

are strong on starting, but the wire chief, as it enables him to discover

weak finishing." says Holman. Only the careless work and keeps him posted on the

finish counts. general condition of the plant.

Explanation is a poor substitute for reThe subject of records is one which de

sults. serves special attention. If these are not ab

A trouble shooter noticed that the door solutely correct, they are sometimes worse than none at all. Underground and aerial to the public pay booth was nearly off cable records should be checked at least once

its hinges. He wrote the manager a long a year. The check of underground cables report and recommended that it be recan, conveniently, be made from the switch paired. The

manager wrote the trouble board multiple.

shooter, instructing him to fix it. The trouble Wire chiefs should also keep an in- shooter addressed a note to the wire chief dividual subscribers' card record, showing asking the loan of his screwdriver. The jack, panel, cable conductors and pole route, wire chief wrote a note to the trouble shooter if any, classes of instruments at the sub- explaining that the screwdriver was already station, date of installation, transfer or dis

loaned. Then a small boy bumped against connection, and on the back of the card a

the door, the hinges yielded, and the door daily record of trouble reported and found.

broke. Who should pay for the door ? Other records which the wire chief should

A dentist planted his knee on a man's keep are: Terminals of feeder and block

chest, filled the victim's mouth full of tongs, cables, pole, fuses, panel, and such other records as may facilitate the proper main

and excavated a molar. Then he presented tenance of the plant.

his bill. A coroner's jury, sitting on the Each of the foregoing subjects are de- case of the deceased dentist, called it justiserving of more space

fiable homicide. Some managers pacify an forded in this issue and I would respectfully indignant subscriber by presenting him with suggest that they be gone into with more de- a memorandum of his account.

than can be af.

August 1, 1907 Showing Relation between Bell Telephones and Population in Exchanges of 300 or

more Stations; also Per cent of Growth since January 1, 1907

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Group 1. (Population over 100,000)

Group 5. (Population 3000 to 5000) Los Angeles 220,000 30,185 32.068 14.58 6.24 Albany

4,500 778 788 17.51 Oakland 130,000 12,241 13,777 10.60 12.55 Anacortes

4,500 440


9.93 Portland . 140,000 20,374 20,948

2.82 Ashland

4,500 412 438 9.73 San Francisco..325,000 23.038 29,980 9.22 30.13 Chehalis


200 362 8.04 Seattle .175,000 19,304 22.748 13.00 17.84 Colton

3,000 293 314 10.17 Dayton (Wash.)

12.08 13.68 Total or average.990,000 105,142 119,521

3,000 428

512 17.07 Ellensburg

4,000 339 388 9.70 Hollywood.

3.000 468 583 19.43 Group 2. Population (25,000 to 100,000)

La Grande

4,500 757

827 18.38 Marysville

4,000 919 967 Bellingham

24.18 25,065 2,517 2,728 10.88

8.38 Modesto


'000 628 16.97 Berkeley 30,000 3,780 4,635 15.45

22.62 Monterey

4,500 382 441 9.80 Fresno 25,000 4,080 4.139 16.36

1.45 Mt. Vernon


322 321 7.13 Sacramento 37.500 4,642 5,080 13.55

9.44 Oroville
4.500 559 628

13.96 San Diego 35,000 3,428 3,789 10.83 10.53 Red Bluff

3,800 350

377 9.92 San Jose 32,000 5,339 7,884 18.39

10.21 Redding

4.250 458 482 11.34 Spokane 75,000 11,092 11,748 15.66

5.91 Richmond

3,500 375

446 Tacoma

12.74 75,000 8, 244 8,575 11.43

4.02 Ritzville

3,000 425 460 15.33 Total or average.334,565 43,122 46,578 13.92 8.01 Roseburg

3,500 525 573 16.37 Salinas

4.327 690 698 16.13

San Luis Obispo.
Group 3. (Population 10,000 to 25,000)

4,605 695 836 18.15 San Mateo

4,000 511 591 14.77 Aberdeen . 10,154 735 970 9.56 31.97 San Pedro

4,500 262

337 7.49 Alameda 20,000 2,360 2,544 12.72 7.75 Santa Clara

4,500 308 364 8.09 Astoria 11,500 801 854

6.62 The Dalles

4,500 410 399 8.87 Eureka 12,500 2,075 2,142 17.14 3.23 Ukiah

3,000 296 312 10.40 Everett 20,000 2,029 2,038 10.19 .44 Ventura


412 11.77 Long Beach 20,000 904 894 4.47 -1.11 Woodland.

3,500 661 692 19.77 Pasadena

23,000 4,483 4,532 19.70 1.09 Total or average.111,182 13,202 14.623 13.16 Redlands

10,000 614 607 6.07 -1.14 Reno

10,000 1,330 1,460 14.60 9.77 Riverside 11,500 2,001 2,112 18.


Group 6. (Population less than 3000)
San Bernardino. 12,000 1,004 1,073 8.94 6.87
Santa Barbara.. 12,200 1,442 1,477 12.11 2.43 Alhambra

2,500 361 434 17.36 Santa Cruz 11.000 1,037 1,236 11.24 19.19 Arcata

1,800 303 329 18.28 Santa Rosa 10,000 789 926 9.26 17.36 Auburn

2.300 379 382 16.61 Stockton 22.000 3,434 3.598 16.36 4.78 Colfax

3,500 783 778

22.23 Vallejo

10,000 772 811 8.11 5.05 Cottage Grove 1,800 331 424 23.35 Walla Walla... 21.000 2,185 2,272 10.82 3.98 Ferndale

1,600 3 45 353 22.06 Fullerton

2.000 332 386 Total or average. 246,854

19.80 27,995 29,546 11.97 5.54


1,500 275 392 26.13 Healdsburg


331 383 16.65 Group 4. (Population 5,000 to 10,000)

| Hood River

2,000 621 659 32.95 Lodi

2.000 429 546 27.30 Baker City 7,000 993 970 13.86 -2.32 Madera



318 14.45 Bakersfield 8.000 1,769 1,802 22.32 1.87 Marshfield

2,100 381 447 18.63 Centralia 6,000 2 45 308 5.13 25.71 Merced

2.500 453 499

19.96 Chico 8,000 802 832 10.40 3.74 McMinnville

2.000 294 312 15.60 Eugene

1,036 1,214 17.77 20.08 Ontario

2,500 323


14.72 Grants Pass


400 8.00 13.96 Orange

2.500 331 387 15.48 Grass Valley 6.000 331 377 6.28 13.9.) Pomeroy

2.800 300 310 11.07 Hanford 5.000 932 975 19.50 4.61 Porterville

2,133 380

404 18.92 Hoquiam



520 6.50 13.54 Port Townsend 2,000 469 477 23.85 Lewiston

7.000 799 884 12.63 10.64 Redwood City. 2.500 266 314 12.56 Napa



707 10.88 7.94 Santa Maria. 2.780 308 362 13.02 North Yakima 9.000 1,171 1.326 14.73 13.24 Selma

2.000 291 440 22.00 Olympia 7.500 951 1,122 14.95 17.98 Tulare

2, 470 332


14.45 Oregon City 3,000 480 583 11.66 21.46 l'plands

1,015 335 434 42.76 Palo Alto

9.300 823 904 10.64 9.84 Total or average. 55,100 Pendleton 6.000 878 898

9,365 14.97

10,495 2.28

19.05 Petaluma

5,500 796 836 15.20 5.03 Phoenix 7.500 1.058 1.100 14.67 3.97

Summary Salem

8.000 1,588 1.880 23.50 1S. 10 San Rafael 5,000 921 1,014 20.28

No. 1.. Santa Ana 8.000 843

990.000 105,142 119,521 996 12.45

12.08 18.15 Group No. 2.. Santa Monica 8,000 807

334.565 984 12.30 21.93

43,122 46,578 13.92 Tucson 8.000 896 960 12.00 7.14

Group No. 3.. 246.854 27,995 29.546 11.97 Vancouver 5.208 752 884 16.97 17.55 Group No. 4..

174.708 21.949 24.151 13.77 Visalia

5,000 916.
974 19.58 2.96 Group No. 5..

111,182 13.202 14.623 13.15 Watsonville

5.000 668


0.45 Group No. 6.. 55.100 9.365 10.495 19.05 Total or average.174,708 21.949 24,151 13.77 10.031


1,912,409 220.775 244,914 12.81

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10.10 Group

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notice of her superiors by her consistent good service, while humane and kindly instincts won her a host of friends. From her first position she was advanced to recording operator and then to supervising chief.

Mrs. Watson was the recipient of many beautiful gifts, among which were a cut glass berry bowl and spoon, presented by her many friends in the long distance department, whose best wishes are extended for a happy married life.

Mr. and Mrs. Watson are at home to their friends at 1262 O'Farrell Street, San Francisco.



Ross Cooper and Miss Mabel R. Brown

of this city were married yesterday at St. Mrs. Kathryn (Huttmann) Watson

Mary's Church by Rev. Father Rann, in The wedding of Miss Kathryn Agnes the presence of a few relatives. Miss Brown Huttmann and Mr. Henry Edwin Watson has been one of the most popular "hello took place Wednesday noon, August 14, girls" in this city and this week secured a at the home of the bride in Martinez. In- vacation. Mr. Cooper, who is in the produce timate friends and relatives of the couple business, decided it would be a good time to attended the ceremony, which was unusually have her extend her vacation. Mr. and Mrs. pretty.

Archie Bolger, the latter of whom is a sister Mrs. Watson was, prior to her marriage, of Miss Brown, accompanied her to the city for seven years a resident of San Francisco, and witnessed the ceremony. Mr. and Mrs. having come to this city from Martinez to Cooper will return about September 1 and accept the position of long distance operator take up their residence at the corner of Sutfor the Pacific States Telephone and Tele- ter and Lindsay Streets. — Stockton (Cal.) graph Company. She at once attracted the Independent (August 20).


Get Together Meetings

Weekly conferences between operating and Telegraph Company. department employees of the telephone com- The conference held on July 29 was pany in San Francisco have been held for attended by supervising chief operators, several weeks, on Monday evenings, and chief operators and assistants of the San have been resultíul of much good. The con- Francisco exchange, and by Mr. John Kearns, ference idea, adopted first on the coast in Oakland division superintendent, his division Los Angeles, has proved so advantageous wire chief, Mr. Cornell, and by several that it is likely to become universal through- chief operators of the Oakland division. out the territory of The Pacific Telephone From the General Superintendent's office and

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