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we receive

How Should A Chief Operator Con. I accomplish two things—I see the tickets duct Her Department?

for myself and also find if my supervisor is In answer to an announcement in the doing her work thoroughly. September issue of THE PACIFIC TELE- In our office we all work with enthusiasm. PHONE MAGAZINE of a contest in com

If our work is good to-day, there is a position to which chief operators should be eligible, the Magazine has received a number

chance to better it to-morrow. Results, no of papers, all showing careful preparation.

matter how good, can be improved upon. The one selected as most suitable for pub- I try to foster this spirit and interest by lication this month was written by Miss M.

always speaking of extra good work. If Newell, long distance chief operator at Stockton, which follows:


favorable comment from outAt seven A. M. the Chief Operator in

side offices, I bring it to the attention of the charge tests the calculagraphs to see that

operators responsible for same. If at the they agree with standard time, and sup

close of the month, I find by the different plies each position with proper tickets and

reports, that we have increased the business report blanks. Also, tallies the tickets for to any extent over the previous month, I the Form “F” 813, preparatory to my

mention it to the operators. I know by excopying same. This is done during this perience, that an intelligent understanding of hour so tickets can be turned over to ticket what you are accomplishing incites to greater clerk at eight o'clock, and so avoid any de- effort. lay in that department.

We do not work on the principle that

because her position is quiet, an operator is At eight o'clock, at which hour I come

relieved from working. Any position within on duty, I proceed with my clerical work. As there are quite a number of reports, I

reach of her assistance is her charge, to a

certain extent. This multiple system perhave a system for this which I conform

mits of team work and my operators conto, provided the switchboard does not need my attention. The service always comes

form to this rule very strictly. first.

Another very important thing in our de

partment is our relations with outside offices. If I have new operators or substitutes on

I desire to be the


best possible duty or, if we are very busy, my supervisor

business terms with them and do everything and myself devote our time exclusively to the service. I find that with this system

in my power to avoid antagonizing any office.

I try to impress upon my operators it is possible to accomplish surprising re

the advantage of speaking in a conciliatory sults, even under adverse circumstances. By

tone to cperators as well as subscribers, and constant watchfulness, the tickets, during a

of establishing a reputation for fairness, courrush, can be so distributed as to practically

tesy and promptness. cover the work of another operator.

Another thing that I consider of great I do not absent myself from the switch

importance is respectful attention to subboard for any length of time—during the

scribers' complaints. No matter how trivial day. No matter how excellent my

the offense or how unreasonable the subpervisors I do not neglect to keep in touch

scriber, we pay him all due attention, and with everything myself.

find that in almost all cases, we are repaid Our completed tickets are locked over as for our patience by the increased confidence many times during the day as

and esteem of our patrons. convenient. My supervisor attends to this but I have a little plan for dealing with peoI make it a point to look over corrected ones ple given to making unreasonable complaints three or four times a week.

of service, being overcharged, etc., that I


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we find it

In this way

found very successful. I watch these calls their work, disposition, etc. I receive many very closely and upon completion of same, valuable suggestions from them, as by workcall up the subscriber and ask in regard to ing at the board, as they sometimes do, service just received. He invariably an- they gain a better knowledge of the operator swers that it was satisfactory. After this

than is acquired by observation. has been done several times, he realizes

We aim to make our record the very that we are business people, doing our work

best on the Pacific Coast, but in making this in a methodical manner and usually be

effort, we do not wish to overlook the rights comes one of our most agreeable patrons.

of other offices. We realize we I keep my supervisor well informed in regard to all reports, records, etc., so in case

working for the same company and any adof my absence, the work can go on without vantage unfairly gained is more than balany material difference.

anced by the disadvantage to the other ofI also consult with her and assistant


fice-and the Company's interests really chief operator in regard to the operators, more injured than advanced.

are all

“Best Maintenance” The Slogan


We pre

The Southern Division, with a progres- These meetings are of an informal nature siveness which appeals most heartily to The and are attended by the division superintendPACIFIC TELEPHONE MAGAZINE, is mak- ent, division chief operator and wire chiefs ing special efforts at perfection in mainten- when possible, and regularly by the city ance. At a meeting of wire chiefs and others manager, city wire chief and his staff. A on September 7th, the slogan “Best Main- chairman presides in the person of the City tenance on the Coast," was unanimously Wire Chief, Mr. Merriam, and notes are adopted. The slogan is good.

made by the Secretary, Mr. J. C. Adams, sume, however, that after it has become a who prepares a report of each meeting and truism, the wording will be changed to "Best reads it at the succeeding meeting. Maintenance in the World." Why not? The last meeting was held Saturday, Sep

Meetings of wire chiefs have been held tember 7th, at 4 P. M., and the subject for in Los Angeles for some time, and have discussion was "Cable Records and Trouble proved of great interest to the workers, and Reports.” Duplication of records seems to of excellent result. The first was called in be the worst failing and the wire chiefs January of this year, when a group of pro- were requested to make a study of these gressive wire chiefs met in the division man- conditions. A committee consisting of F. ager's office at the instigation of General G. Carlisle, wire chief at South office and Superintendent G. P. Robinson. The meet- A. E. Adams, wire chief at sub-Main ofings have progressed semi-monthly.

fice, was appointed to investigate and reThe first formal meeting was attended by port. Mr. G. P. Robinson, general superintendent; Those present were: City Manager, John Mr. C. M. Seeley, division superintendent; A. Glass; Division Wire Chief, Edw. H. Mr. E. H. Long, division wire chief; Mr. Long; Division Chief Operator, W. D. A. Merriam, city wire chief and the various Wilde; City Wire Chief, A. Merriam; branch office wire chiefs of Los Angeles. and Wire Chiefs as follows: J. C. Adams, The meeting was

The enthusi- main; A. E. Adams, sub-main; F. G. asm aroused assured the permanency of the Carlisle, South; O. L. Doolittle, West; J. movement.

A. LaCoste, East; R. Frisbee, Boyle.

a success.


Inland Division.

with standard protection from high potential Miss Margaret Atkinson of Pullman has currents. It is in five sections, of which resigned her position as manager for the com- three are used for local operating. The new pany and left on September 15. She was board does away with the necessity for batsucceeded by Miss Bertha Bessie Barnes, teries at the stations. New instruments will who was formerly employed as clerk and

be installed soon.

Porterville Exchange now stenographer at the Colfax Exchange. occupies commodious new quarters. The Mr. W. D. Burford, formerly manager

subscribers are delighted with the improveat Pendleton, was transferred on August 10 ments. to take a position as farmer line solicitor, On September 1 Mr. J. A. Thunen was working out of Spokane. Mr. Burford was appointed wire chief at Fresno in the place succeeded by Mr. M. F. Marston, who was of J. O. Turner, resigned. Mr. Thunen is transferred from the collection department, a competent man and a thorough electrician, Spokane Exchange.

and is well liked by all his fellow employees. Mr. P. Bacon took charge of the Walla

He has worked in the Fresno Exchange for Walla office as manager on August 10, suc

about five years. ceeding George Combs, resigned. Mr. On September 1 Mr. C. N. Robinson Bacon, up to the time of this transfer, was

was appointed division chief operator of the in the employ of the company as division

San Joaquin Division, with headquarters at wire chief at Portland, Ore.

Fresno. Mr. Robinson comes from the Mrs. H. A. Norman, manager at Mos

East, where he has had several years' expericow, Idaho, was transferred to a like position ence with the American Telephone and Teleat Ritzville, Wash., succeeding Stella Shaw. graph Company as chief operator and manMiss Fannie Goggins will be the new man

ager for their long distance exchange in Pittsager at Moscow, Idaho. Miss Goggins was

burg and other cities in the State of Pennpromoted from the position of long distance

sylvania. Also for several years he was in operator to that of manager.

the employ of the Pennsylvania Railroad B. W. Taylor, cashier and collector at Company as telegrapher and cashier. He Baker City, Ore., left that place on August

comes highly recommended by the officials of 20 to accept a position with the company

the Santa Fe. as manager at The Dalles, Ore. Mr. Rob

On September 1 Mr. A. M. Caldwell, ert McGoughey succeeds Mr. Taylor.

manager at Bakersfield, was transferred to Clara Korner has been appointed collec

the Los Angeles Division, and Mr. J. T.

Maguire, former manager at Los Angeles, tor and stenographer for Colfax Exchange. Mrs. Korner is an old employee of the com

transferred to Bakersfield. pany and Colfax Exchange is glad to have

Southern Division. her back once more. Dan Powers, from the Wisconsin Bell

Mr. R. L. Lewis, manager of San Diego

County, spent his vacation at San Francisco Company at Milwaukee, has accepted a

after an active service since 1887 without a position as wire chief with the Pacific Tele

single intermission. phone and Telegraph Company at Colfax,

Miss Daisy Phillips, supervising chief Wash.

operator of the Los Angeles toll office, has

resigned her position to become chief operSan Joaquin Division.

ator of Tucson, Ariz. Her old friends wish Porterville Exchange was cut-over her all the success and prosperity which her September 5 from magneto to common bat- position will afford. tery.

The cut-over was quite successful. Mr. J. E. Franklin, special agent, SouthThe new board is a minor common-battery ern Division, who has efficiently handled the board of the type specially adapted to cities supply department for several years, has been of the size of Porterville, and is equipped appointed chief clerk of the Southern Divis










Luru ucicu.

ion, succeeding John A. Glass, who has be- eral monthly meetings. The session opened come city manager of Los Angeles.

with the division chief operator as temporary Mr. W. D. Wild, formerly of the Amer- chairman, and after deciding to organize a ican Telephone and Telegraph Company, chief operators' association the nominations has been appointed division chief operator for permanent chairman and secretary were of the Southern Division.

made. Miss Joyce, chief operator of the Mr. C. D. Carter, formerly cashier of the South Exchange, was unanimously nominated Northwestern Telephone Company and later for permanent chairman, and the temporary employed in the traffic department of the chairman instructed the secretary to cast one sub-license office, has been appointed chief ballot electing her as such. The nominations clerk of the Los Angeles Exchange.

for secretary were: Miss McNeal, assistant · The officials of the Southern Division have chief operator, Main Exchange; Miss Noel, been much pleased with the attention which clerk traffic department; Miss Beard, acting they have received from the general office in chief operator, sub-Main Exchange, and San Francisco, and our many experiences Miss Thomas, of Chief Operator Boyles' have warranted expressions of this character.

office. After the officers had been installed Mr. A. E. Adams, who has been for a general discussion on supervision and mansome time wire chief in Riverside, Cal., has ner of holding operators' meetings by superbeen transferred to Los Angeles sub-main visors was held. After a two hours' session office. Mr. J. A. Haversteck succeeds Mr. the meeting broke up with the hearty apAdams at Riverside.

proval of all concerned. This movement has The Los Angeles Express, an evening pa

met with the support of the division superper, publishes daily a series of comments en- intendent and promises to be a great success. titled "Twenty-five Years Ago." On Sep- Each meeting there will be two or three . tember 6 the following item appeared: supervisors or chief operators appointed to "There were 118 telephones connected in read papers on subjects of interest, and Los Angeles to-day.” This gives an idea general discussion will follow. of the marvelous growth experienced in the

in order to take care of tne telephone movement during the last thirty- business until a cut-over to the new exchange five years, or, in fact, during the time that

is possible, however, a 300-pair cable is the telephone has been known, either as a

being laid to the main office. commercial possibility or as a toy.

On Saturday, September 7, at 8 p. m., Mr. C. M. Seeley, division superintendent,

F. E. Stuart, equipment inspector at San gave a smoker at his residence, to which were Francisco, has resigned to go into business invited the following: J. E. Franklin, divis- for himself.

His resignation is effective ion chief clerk; E. H. Long, division wire

November 1. No one chief; John A. Glass, Los Angeles city man

has yet been apager; G. R. Calio, division contract agent; pointed to succeed him. J. C. Robinson, city contract agent of Los Angeles, and W. D. Wilde, division chief We can not make bargains for blisses operator. This was the first of a series of

Nor catch them like fishes in nets, similar meetings to be held throughout the winter, the object being to create a closer And sometimes the thing our life misses relationship and to bring about better co- Helps more than the thing which it gets. operation. Business matters were discussed and the conversation drifted into farmer lines. For good lieth not in pursuing as outlined in the September issue of The

Coast Division. PACIFIC TELEPHONE MAGAZINE, and Mr. J. A. Murray has been appointed later into toll and local business, as well as Coast division contract agent. developing certain parts of the Los Angeles The manager's office at Palo Alto has territory. The party broke up at midnight been moved into the new building on Ramona after a most enjoyable evening.

Street, near University Avenue. On August 23, at 7 p. m., the various ating department has not yet been moved. supervisors and chief operators in the Los Palo Alto will have a splendid office equipAngeles Exchange congregated in the divis- ment when all contemplated changes have ion office in order to institute a series of gen- been made.



The oper

September 1, 1907 Showing Relation between Bell Telephones and Population in Exchanges of 300 or

more Stations; also Per cent of Growth since January 1, 1907

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6 Subscribers Sta-
tions Sept'mb'r lo

Subscribers Sta-
tions per 100 peo-
ple Sept'mb'r 1.

Per cent of gain in
tations, in an

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xLo promoted from the position of long distance Woodland

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Group 1. (Population over 100,000)

Group 5. (Population 3000 to 5000) xLos Angeles 220,000 30.185 32.001 14.55

6.02 Albany.

4.500 778 785 17.45 Oakland .130.000 12,2 11 13,90: 10.70 13.59 Anacortes

4,500 440 464 10.31 x Portland .110.000 20.374 20,647 14.74 1.34. Ashland

4,500 412 438 9.73 San Francisco,.325,000 23.038 30,511 9.39 32.44 Chehalis


361 8.02 xSeattle 175,000 19,304 22,787 13.02 18.04 Colton

3,000 293 321 10.70 Total or average,990,000 105,142 119,851 12.11 13.99 *Dayton (Wash.) 3,000 428 516 17.20

* Ellensburg


339 432 10.SO xHollywood

3,000 468

586 19.53 Group 2. Population (25,000 to 100,000)

*La Grande

4,500 757 818 1S. 1S *Marysville

4,000 919 Bellingham

974 21.33 25,065 2,517

2,704 10.79
* Modesto

3,700 300 636 17.18 Berkeley 30,000 3,780 4,653 15.51 23.10



382 442 9.82 *Fresno 25,000 4,080 4,165 16.66 2.08

*xMt. Vernon



32 1 Sacramento

4,642 37.500

7.13 5.110 13.63 10.08 *Oroville

4.500 559 632 11.04 x San Diego 35.000 3,428 3,819 10.91 11.41

Red Bluft

3.800 350 396 10.42 *San Jose

32,000 5,339 5,895 18.42 10.41


4.250 458 Spokane

469 11.01 11.092

11,721 15.63


416 12.74 75,000 Tacoma 8,244

8,604 11.46 4.37

3,000 425 462 15.40 Total or average.334.565 43,122 46,671 13.95 8.23 *Roseburg

3,500 525 589 16.83 Salinas

4.327 690 700 16.15 Group 3. (Population 10,000 to 25,000)

San Luis Obispo 4.605 695 857 18.61
San Mateo

4.000 511 597 14.92 Aberdeen

735 982 9.67 33.61 San Pedro

4,500 262 3 45 7.67 Ala,

*Santa Clara



368 8.18 Ast Miss Fannie Goggins will be the new man- xThe Dailes

4,500 410 408 9.07 Eur ager at Moscow, Idaho. Miss Goggins was t'kiah

3.000 296 311 10.36 XEV


3,500 389 406 11.60 *

3,500 661 694 19.83 *XP: operator to that of manager.

Total or average.111,182 13,202 X Red

14.774 13.29 Rer B. W. Taylor, cashier and collector at *XR

Group 6. (Population less than 3000) xSar Baker City, Ore., left that place on August Sar

20 to accept a position with the company * xAlhambra 2.500 361 437 17.48 Sar

1,800 303 326 18.11 Sar as manager at The Dalles, Ore. Mr. Rob- *Auburna

2.300 379 385 16.74 Sto


3,500 783 776 22.17 Val ert McGoughey succeeds Mr. Taylor.

*Cottage Grove 1.800 331 434 24.11 Wa

1.600 3 15

353 22.06 Tota Clara Korner has been appointed collec-*Ferndale

* Fullerton


332 386 19.30 tor and stenographer for Colfax Exchange. *Glendale

1,500 275

410 27.33

2.300 331 381 16.56 Mrs. Korner is an old employee of the com- "Hood River


653 32.65 Ba!



550 27.50 Bal pany and Colfax Exchange is glad to have "Lodi


2.200 312

313 14.93 her back once more.


2,400 381

451 1S.SO Chi


2,500 453 499 19.96 Dan Powers, from the Wisconsin Bell McMinnville

2,000 294 309 15.45

2.500 323 368 14.72 Company at Milwaukee, has accepted a Orange

2,500 331 391 15.64 2,800


310 11.07 Hoo position as wire chief with the Pacific Tele- Pomeroy


2,135 380 405 18.97 Xhar phone and Telegraph Company at Colfax, Port Townsend.. 2.000 469 480 24.00 Nap

Redwood City.. 2.500 266 308 12.32 *Nor Westmt. 9.TITU TIN 1,321

Santa Maria

2,780 308 366 13.16 *Olympia

7,500 951
1,122 14.96 17.98 Selma

2,000 391 452 22.60) *xOregon City 5,000 480 5.97 11.94 24.38 *XTulare

2,470 332

360 14.57 * Palo Alto 8,500 823 909 10.70 10.45 *xl'plands

1,015 335 434 42.76 Pendleton

898 14.97 2.28 Total or average. 55,100 9,365

10,537 19.12 * Petaluma

8,500 796 839 15.25 5.10 Phoenix

7,500 1.058 1.065 14,20 0.66 *Salem 8,000 1.588 1,892 23.65 19.14

Summary San Rafael

5,000 921 1,025 20.50 11.29 xSanta Ana 8,000 813 987 12.34 17.08 Group


990.000 105,142 119,851 12.11 xSanta Monica. 8,000 807 1.004 12.50 24.41 Group 2

331,565 43,122 46,671 13.93 Tucson 8,000 896 963 12.04 7.48 Group 3

216.854 27.995

29,456 11.93 * Vancouver 5,208 752 895 17.19 19.02 Group 4.

171.708 21,949 24,198 13.85 *Visalia 5,001) 916 974 19.18 2.96 Group 5

111.182 13,202 14,774 13.29 * Watsonville 0.000 668 673 13.46 0.75 Group 6.

55,100 9.365 10,537 19.12 Total or average. 174.708 21,949 24,198 13.85 10.25

Totals. 1,912,409 220,775 245,487 12.84 *Many suburban subscribers connected. xExchanges having dual system. Loss.

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* Eus *Gra *Gra * Har


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