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has actually been accomplished. The cam- of 300 transfers having been effected. paign among residence subscribers is pro

A particularly gratifying feature in this gressing quite as satisfactorily. On October work, has been the spirit shown by the em1 1 th contracts were on hand to change

ployees engaged in it. Subscribers having 14 per cent of the Oakland four party residence subscribers to individual or two party

party service have been applied to on the line. The percentage in other cities was as

grounds that the proposed change would follows: Berkeley, 64; Alameda, 88; result in more efficient communication, and Eureka, 20; Santa Rosa, 18.

have been quick to see the logic in this, so In the smaller exchanges in the division, that there has been no serious objection to excellent progress has been made, a total the plan.

Notes from the Exchanges.

San Francisco

their supervisor, Miss Nona Foley, and acThe departure of Mr. E. L. Breene for companied by Miss Kate Walsh, assistant Chicago caused a feeling of regret among

chief operator, passed a most enjoyable eventhe many friends he made by his genial man- ing at the closing of the Alameda Carnival ner and courteous consideration, while in the at Idora Park, in Oakland. The picture

is one that was taken at the park.

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Southern Division Mr. J. H. Turner, who has for several years been connected with the company in various positions has recently resigned the management of Santa Monica in order that he may have a complete relaxation from routine and regain his health. Mr. M. S. Rundell, formerly assistant manager at San Diego, has been appointed manager of Santa Monica.

Miss Frankie Beard, assistant chief operator of Los Angeles toll office, has been transferred to the position of chief operator of sub-main Los Angeles office, succeeding Miss M. Bridges. Miss Beard comes from Dallas, Texas, whence she brings with her the best of references from the traffic de

partment of the Southwestern Company. position of supervising chief operator of the Miss Kate Dugan has been obliged, by San Francisco long-distance department. ill health, to resign her position as chief His popularity was evinced by the gift of operator of East Los Angeles office. Her the long-distance department of a handsome services in this capacity have been all that signet ring set with diamonds.

could be desired. Eleven operators of the long-distance de- Miss Della Holmgreen, formerly of Topartment, San Francisco, chaperoned by peka, Kan., has been appointed chief operator of East Los Angeles office.

Puget Sound Division Miss Edna Hopper has been appointed

John Radenbaugh has been appointed chief operator of Santa Maria vice Anna

manager at Anacortes vice Miss M. L. Simmons, resigned.

. Childs, resigned. Mr. Radenbaugh has Hadley W. Grosse, a successful business

been employed by this company for several man of Los Angeles, has accepted a posi

years at Anacortes, and his advancement tion as manager of San Pedro exchange.

is in recognition of the attention he has Mr. Grosse took charge October 1st.

given the company's affairs in the past. Mr. J. K. Brown, formerly district man

Miss Childs' resignation was regretfully acager of the Southern Bell Telephone Com- cepted, as she has been an efficient manager pany, in Alabama, has been appointed man

of Anacortes for the past seven years. Her ager of Oxnard, recently operated as an

resignation was due to it being necessary for agency.

her to go east on an extended trip. Elam B. S. Miller of the engineering de

Claude Isbill has been appointed manager partment, San Francisco, came to Los An

at Sedro-Woolley. Mr. Isbill was formerly geles early in the month to investigate the

lineman at Mount Vernon and his familiarity induction from high tension lines in the

with Sedro-Woolley and the surrounding tervicinity of the Los Angeles, San Bernardino

ritory will be a decided advantage to him in and Redlands toll lines. The stork has made its appearance in the

his new position. Miss Nettie Brown con

tinues as chief operator at Sedro-Woolley. family of Robt. E. Lees, a repairman at South office, Los Angeles. Mr. David Campbell, special agent for

Inland Division the Chicago Telephone Company, visited friends in Los Angeles recently. He may

R. H. Bangs resigned his position as decide to live in Los Angeles,

division chief operator in the Inland diMr. J. A. Sherman, former switchboard vision and left with his family for the East man at South office, Los Angeles, who left

on October 1st, where he goes to accept for Chicago some months ago under the im

new position. The appointment to sucpression that that country was more desirable ceed Mr. Bangs has not yet been made. than Southern California, has discovered his Spokane, Wash., is soon to have a new mistake and is again in our midst.

branch office. Work on the new building Miss Lulu Harris, city chief operator of has been under way some time and it is Los Angeles, has just returned from a six expected the building will be completed weeks' vacation in the East. During her

about the first of the year. absence she visited exchanges and schools The work of changing subscribers' sets, in Chicago and obtained much information. Spokane exchange, to common battery is Miss Harris visited Chicago, Ill., Syracuse progressing rapidly and will be completed on and Messina, New York, and New Orleans. or about November 1, 1907. Subscribers

express themselves as much pleased with the

new sets. Oakland Division

Miss Echo Harbaugh, cashier at the Miss Vera Dutcher, night operator at the Walla Walla exchange, resigned her posiLivermore exchange, was elected one of the tion September 21. Miss Zona Corn, formmaids of honor to attend the Queen at the erly employed in like capacity at Walla Alameda County Carnival, Oakland. Walla, succeeds Miss Harbaugh.


The Merchants' and Manufacturers' As- And from the fact that the service has been sociation at Long Beach met for a dinner and much better during the past week than it social session a short time ago. They en- had been during the year prior thereto. And livened the session by adopting a resolution this fact shows, to our minds, that there demanding better service from the Home

was great room for improvement. Telephone Company. The protest follows:

As to the star chamber session held one "Long Beach, Sept. 13, 1907.

week ago, we can say that the poor service “To the Home Telephone & Telegraph given by the Home Telephone Company has Company, Long Beach, Cal.

been a matter of discussion and also of "Gentlemen: Having for the past year record for some months past and representbeen making individual kicks to the office atives of the Home Company have been inof your company for better service and get

formed by our secretary concerning the feelting no results, we hereby collectively regis- ing of the individual merchants, and the ter a protest against the poor service that the

company has been warned that if better Long Beach citizens are compelled to en

service was not given a public reprimand dure.

would be given. (Signed.) E. T. Har

. “We have always been friendly to the

nett, R. A. Wright, W. H. Wise, H. S. Home Company, but the merchants of Long Callahan, W. F. Pascoe, B. C. Gates, W. Beach will not much longer tolerate the ser

C. Smith, L. L. Chambers." vice now given."

The Home people tried to prove that the protest was adopted at a star chamber ses

Things to Forget sion and did not represent the true sentiment

If you see a tall fellow ahead of a crowd. of the Merchants' and Manufacturers' Asso

A leader of men, marching fearless and ation, and were rewarded a week later by a second broadside, which appeared in the

proud, form of a signed statement in the Long And you know of a tale whose mere telling Beach newspapers.

The statement fol- aloud lows:

Would cause his proud head to in anguish "Our esteemed friend of the Home Tele

be bowed, phone Company seems to be laboring under It's a pretty good plan to forget it. a misunderstanding regarding the telephone situation in Long Beach.

If you know of a skeleton hidden away "We, the undersigned directors and

In a closet, and guarded, and kept from the members of the Merchants and Manufac


In the dark, and whose showing, whose sudturers' Association of Long Beach beg to

den display, state that we did know and we do still know that the Home Telephone service was

Would cause grief and sorrow and lifelong very much inferior up to the time of the reg

dismay, istering of its kick (Saturday, Sept. 14) by

It's a pretty good plan to forget it. our association than it should have been.

-Common Sense.

The law of worthy life is fundamentally the lap of strife. It is only through labor and painful effort, by grim energy and resolute courage, that we move on to better things.-Theodore Roosevelt.

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