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Chief operators who met in conference. From left to right standing: Miss Sugrhue. Miss Cardwell. Miss Probst, Miss Allen, Miss

Lyman, Miss Moriarty, Miss Davis. Sitting: Miss Malone, Miss Clark, Miss Thurber, Miss Lang, Miss Burke, Miss Elliot, Miss Jones, Miss Little Miss Rubholdt.

Oakland Division Chief Operators Probst; chief operator, Berkeley, Miss Allen; Meet.

chief operator, Oakland, Miss Davis; longChief operators of the Oakland Division

distance chief operator, Oakland, Miss were assembled in a most interesting and Moriarity; assistant chief, Oakland, Miss profitable convention on Wednesday, No- Jones; second assistant chief operator, Oakvember 13, at Oakland. There were two

land, Miss Lyman; east office chief, Oaksessions, one in the afternoon and one in the land, Miss Cardwell. evening.

At the evening session, in addition to the At the afternoon session, the following above, there were present Mr. G. P. Robinchiefs and assistant chiefs were present: Chief son, general superintendent; Mr. M. D. operator, Livermore, Miss Burke; chief op- Sedam, division chief operator, San Franerator, Martinez, Miss Elliott; chief opera

cisco; Mr. C. P. McGuire, Mr. James P. tor, Napa, Miss Lang; chief operator, Rich- Dunphy, division wire chiefs; Mr. John mond, Miss Sugrhue; chief operator, San Kearns, division superintendent, Oakland, Rafael, Miss Rubholdt; chief operator,

and Mr. W. J. Phillips, division superinPetaluma, Miss Little; chief operator, Val- tendent, San Francisco. lejo, Miss Thurber; chief operator, Hay

All of the chiefs came prepared to do wards, Miss Clark; chief operator, Suisun, their utmost to make the meeting a success, Miss Watts; chief operator, Benicia, Miss and the number of questions asked on various Malone; chief operator, Alameda, Miss subjects, relating to operating, both local and


long distance, showed how interested the dent; Mr. T. J. C. Burke, re-elected Secre

, young women were in their work. Praise is tary and Treasurer. due Miss Davis, the Oakland chief operator, An interesting regular meeting of the Soand Miss Moriarity, long distance chief, Oak: ciety was held on the evening of Novembeland, for the assistance rendered.

19. There were about forty-five members All of the chief operators remained in present, and five new members were initiated. Oakland for the night and on the following Mr. E. R. Bowie read a paper on “Line day were taken for a visit to San Francisco, Circuit." Mr. Bowie, who was thoroughly arriving there 11 a. m., where they were re- conversant with the subject in hand, brought ceived by Miss Hartery, San Francisco long up interesting methods of testing for and distance chief operator, who explained the locating different kinds of line trouble, and standard toll board in use at that office. the means to be employed in clearing it. He Various troubles experienced by out-of-town

also described in detail the various circuits. offices with San Francisco were discussed in After the reading a general discussion of the helpful way.

points brought up followed. At the next Mr. Robinson, general superintendent, meeting, the line circuit will be followed from demonstrated the new pneumatic tube in the

the heat coils through the central office equiplong distance room. The operators were

ment complete. then taken to the local operating room on the seventh floor, where they were shown the

Farmer Line Collections. new standard switchboards. From there A suggestion in the November issue of they proceeded to West office, and were THE PACIFIC TELEPHONE MAGAZINE shown through the public office, operating that a discussion of the best method for handroom and the class rooms of the school. At ling farmer line collections would prove 2:30 they returned to the main office where profitable, brought the following welcome luncheon was served from 3 until 5 p. m., article from the Coast Division: Miss Hartery and Miss Anderson acting as As most of our farmer lines are owned hostesses. Altogether a more enjoyable and either by one individual or organized cominstructive time could not have been had. panies having their regular set of officers, our

bills are rendered semi-annually in advance

to the president or treasurer of the company, Oakland Men Reorganize.

or in case of the individual owner, to him The Telephone Society of the Pacific direct, they in turn remitting to us. States, an organization for the study of tele- In no case do we send a collector out to phony in Oakland which was forced to dis- get in these accounts, as we always have an continue meetings for lack of a meeting place, understanding with the subscriber at the time has been reorganized and starts with renewed of signing, that the bills must be settled spirit.

promptly at the company's office. The meeting for reorganization was held We find that this method gives extreme on Tuesday, October 31, with all officers satisfaction, both to the company and the subpresent, and 75 members.

scriber, inasmuch as the company is not put Nomination and election of officers for to the expense of collecting, and the subthe next term took place, which resulted in scriber is not troubled by the collector callthe following gentlemen being elected: Mr. ing on him. P. H. Boomer, Wire Chief of Oakland Office, President: Mr. W. H. Hallett, Wire Feeling blue to-day? Take a walk. Chief of East Oakland Office, Vice-Presi- Feeling very blue? Take a longer walk.




Oakland Division.

Manager Peter J. Lynch, for their retiring Members of the Santa Rosa Potential

room, they placed the books in circulation, Club and their wives were entertained at

under the name of the Pacific Book Club.

Two librarians were selected to represent the the home of County Manager H. S. John

local and toll departments respectively. On son recently. The first part of the evening the club held a short session during which

the first canvass for membership they reached

the 100 mark. To date, they have 153 maintenance was generally discussed, and

members, and 194 volumes, 187 of which the resolution adopted that the motto of the club would be the "Best Maintenance Along

were donated. They also have a beautiful

book-case, which was presented to the opthe Pacific Coast. Every member assured

The his hearty co-operation to that end.

erators by Division Superintendent Kearns. remainder of the evening was devoted to

For the past few weeks the Oakland opcards and social conversation, after which

erators have been much interested in

deavoring to make the retiring room appear refreshments were served.

more homelike, and toward this end they Miss Lena Phillbert, chief operator at Pt.

have donated a number of pictures, and Arena, recently won a gold watch in

quite a few house plants, such as wood, popularity contest, defeating her nearest op

Boston and asparagus ferns. Donations have ponent by over 1000 votes. The subscrib

also been received from persons not directly ers of the Pt. Arena Exchange made a

connected with the operating room, and altostrong fight for her.

gether our retiring room now presents a very Oakland chief operators, supervisors and inviting appearance. trouble clerks of the local department visited The Antioch Exchange is soon to be made the wire chief's office, on October 29, where

a checking office, two new sections of switchMr. Boomer, wire chief, explained the work- board being on the way ready for installaings of his department. The first point of tion. Manager Geo. R. Smith reports that interest was in the main distributing frame, Antioch is one of the best interior towns, and where the wires enter from the cables. The

with the new equipment he will undoubtedly method of handling cuts,

connects and

be able to go ahead and gain a large number changes on the main and intermediate racks

of new subscribers. was described; also method of testing and

The operators at Santa Rosa have formed following up trouble at the wire chief's desk. what they term the Operators' Auxiliary Po

' The power boards, power machines and fuse tential Club, this club having been organized panels also proved interesting.

for their mutual improvement and the betterIn the last issue, attention was called to ment of the service. They will meet once every the operators' library at Berkeley. The Oak- week for the discussion of problems in handland operators, however, are not to be out- ling the boards. done, and call attention to the fact that on Manager White of Berkeley has invited or about the 25th of October, the local and the men working with him to a smoker at toll departments decided to take advantage

his residence, on December 3. Mr. White of the idea originated by Miss Joyce, chief plans also to serve a Christmas dinner to operator South Exchange, Los Angeles, of the young women connected with his establishing a circulating library. Having change. He says that "Christmas without 50 volumes on hand, which had been pre- a Christmas dinner would not be just right," sented to the operators by former Division The office at Richmond has recently




undergone a complete change, a new com- that Oregon City is giving the best service mon battery switchboard having been in- in the territory. Manager Hall and his costalled, and the entire interior re-arranged in workers are to be congratulated. The opthe most artistic manner. Richmond office is position company, which secured a franchise now one of the best equipped in the Oakland

over a year ago, will have little to work division.


The Coos Bay & Umpqua Telephone Oregon Division.

Company, an enterprising sub-licensee headed On November 1 Mr. D. H. Drewery was

by Mr. L. R. Robertson of Marshfield, Oreappointed division contract agent for the

gon, has begun the construction of a toll line Oregon division. Mr. Drewery formerly

from Coquille to Bandon, Coos County. worked with this company as city contract

New subscribers lists are in the hands of agent in Portland and as special agent in the

the printers for Grants Pass, Ashland, Oregon division. For the last 14 months he

Astoria, Oregon City and Albany. All of has been in business in Goldfield, Nevada.

these places show substantial gains. On or before December | the new com

The Pacific Telephone and Telegraph mon battery switchboard at The Dalles will Company has leased new quarters at Cotbe completed and ready for use. At that

tage Grove and the building is already in time the exchange will be moved to new and

course of construction for an office. Cotattractive quarters and the entire plant will

tage Grove holds the record as the fastest be put on a common battery basis. Manager growing exchange in the Oregon division. Taylor and his assistants will soon be in a

Manager David Griggs needs the new position to make a record in exchange growth. quarters and the new facilities. One of the best sub-license companies in

Mr. W. R. Logus has been appointed the Oregon division, both in point of number long distance chief operator, vice N. G. of subscribers and in the character of service Fitchpatrick, resigned. Mr. Logus has had given, is the Multnomah and Clackamas several years' experience in both telephone

, Counties Mutual Telephone Co., Gresham, and telegraph work. Oregon. In eighteen months this exchange Mr. C. H. Moore has been appointed has grown from six subscribers to two hun- city contract agent for Portland. Mr. R. E. dred and fifty and new telephones are being Little, service manager, who has been teminstalled every day. C. R. Keller, the porarily handling the contract work, will asmanager of the company, expects in six sume his duties as service manager. months to have 500 subscribers in his terri- Mr. L. W. Thatcher has returned to the tory.

company in the capacity of facility and conMr. Walter J. Smith, the genial chief tract man. clerk of the Portland city department, is wearing a broad smile, accounted for by the

Southern Division. presence of a 10-lb. boy at his home. Mr. Smith has already filed an application for his

The Los Angeles operating school was son for employment with the telephone com- opened on Tuesday, November 12, with pany.

Miss Mabel Noel as superintendent and Miss Oregon city, during the last four months, Ruth Dickey, ex-supervisor of main exchange, has made an average gain of twenty-five new as instructresses, with five students. subscribers per month. It is a matter of Mr. W. P. Wise has been appointed common report not only from subscribers in

manager at San Bernardino, succeeding Mr. Oregon City but from the traveling public Fred Spoeri, who has lately been promoted

to the position of division contract agent of night to study and discuss subjects of interthe Southern division.

est, with which they are dealing daily. Mr. G. R. Calio has been promoted to The night switchboard men in Seattle, not the position of manager of Ventura Ex- being able to attend the weekly meeting change, succeeding Mr. A. O. Brown. Mr. The Pacific Telephone Society, have orBrown resigned his position and is going into ganized a class of their own.

At present business for himself at Oxnard.

they are meeting twice a week at one of the Mr. W. S. Chapman, Jr., who for a year boy's rooms and are working along the same had been manager at Santa Barbara, recently line as the regular Tuesday evening class. As resigned his position. Mr. E. E. Thompson, soon as permanent quarters are secured by formerly district superintendent of Des

superintendent of Des the club they will be used as a meeting place Moines, Iowa, has been appointed manager by the men who work nights. This class at to succeed Mr. Chapman.

present numbers ten. Mr. George Weatherly has been appointed

F. W. Kelsey, formerly county manager manager at Santa Paula, succeeding Mr. M. of Whitman County in the Inland division, G. Demarest, who has resigned to go into has taken the position of manager with the business for himself. Mr. Weatherly comes

Northwest Peninsula Telephone and Teleto us highly recommended from Eagle Grove, graph Company, operating as a sub-licensee Ia., where he was district manager for a in Kitsap County, Puget Sound Division. number of years.

On November 5 Mrs. Jack David, formMr. John Lawrence, general agent, who erly Miss Curran, an assistant chief ophas been making a tour in Europe, arrived erator at Main Office, Seattle, gave a farein New York on November 13.

well dinner party to her intimate friends, Miss Kate Dugan, formerly chief opera- whose acquaintance she made while tor of East Office, Los Angeles, was pre

ployed with this company in Seattle. The sented with a handsome silver toilet service, rooms were tastefully decorated in pink cartoken of friendship by the East office operat

nations and ferns. Cards and music followed ing and maintenance employees, prior to her

the dinner. Mr. and Mrs. David leave for transfer to the long distance department. Spokane in the near future, where they in

tend making their home. Puget Sound Division.

Miss Sophie Onsum, day chief operator

at East Office, Seattle, has just returned A meeting of “B” operators was held in the service manager's office at Seattle on

from an extended trip in the East, where the evening of November 1. In an informal

she has been enjoying a three months' furtalk the features of call circuit work were

lough, visiting friends and relatives. She gone over thoroughly, and the necessity for

made a short stay at St. Paul, Minneapolis, following the instructions covering this

Menomonie, Eau Claire and Barrow. While work was discussed and explained in detail.

in St. Paul and Minneapolis she had the All the operators whose working hours per

pleasure of visiting the telephone exchanges. mitted were present and from the number

East Office, Seattle, which has about 7000 of questions asked, appeared to be thoroughly subscribers, was taken care of during her abinterested, and anxious to bring the call cir- sence by the day assistant chief operator, cuit work up to a high standard.

Miss M. Robertson.
Under the leadership of Mr. O. A. Mc-
Masters Wire Chief of East Exchange,

Inland Division. Seattle, many members of the Pacific Tele- Mr. C. A. Cook, formerly in the division phone Society of Seattle gather every Friday superintendent's office at Spokane, has been



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