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er extent when it is accompanied by intelli- and sinners, wise men and fools—all mangent advice. "The telephone girl who is in- kind and his cousin-use the wires. variably cheerful, polite and accommodating The girl at "Central" with the receiver quickly smoothes the ruffled feathers of the strapped to her ear is the moderator, so to most testy subscriber," says the San Fran- speak, of this heterogeneous multitude. She cisco Examiner in an editorial in its issue of can keep it in order and in good temper, or December 15. There are subscribers so she can permit it to become the dwelling testy that cheerfulness and politeness will place of unkindness and vexation of soul. not reform them all at once, but the operator The process, as we have pointed out, is who remembers to be good natured “always very simple. Let her always and under all and under all circumstances" may revel in circumstances be good natured. That is all the certainty that the man with the long tail there is to it. and the hot pitchfork will pass her by and Let her soothe the crank, placate the proget to her enemy at last. Said the Examiner: fessional grumbler, ignore the bully. Thus

Let us give a word of friendly advice to shall she do society a service and help the the telephone girls—if they care to have it. world to go round. They have hard, irritating work, and it is Let her, in short, be just as well as amianot appreciated any too generally by the peo- ble, considerate as well as courteous. So ple whom they serve. They can make it shall those who deal with her over the wire easier for themselves and they can gain the come to take their tone from hers, and finally good wishes of the subscribers by one simple laud her with that highest praise: "This thing.

girl at 'Central' is all right." Let them make a resolution never to be Isn't it worth a girl's while to cultivate other than good natured.

cheerfulness and politeness so that a thousand It takes two to make a quarrel. A soft hardened telephone users shall rise up and answer turneth away wrath. No man, let call her blessed? him be as surly and bad tempered as he will, can get into much of a passion or stay in it The picture which forms the frontislong if he has nothing to fight. The tele- piece of THE PACIFIC TELEPHONE MAGphone girl who is invariably cheerful, polite AZINE this month is from an excellent and accommodating quickly smoothes the portrait of D. P. Fullerton, General Superruffled feathers of the most testy subscriber.

intendent of Construction. A low voice, saith wisdom, is an excellent The Picture

Mr. Fullerton is equipped thing in a woman. This is as true now as in Front. for his position by long it was when it was first written.

Never to

training in telephone work. become strident,

angry high-pitched; He is a native of Freeport, Pennsylvania, never to be other than soft and pleasant and and entered the telephone business with

, well modulated—these are the signs by the Western Electric Company in 1890. A which you may know the gentlewoman's year later he entered the employ of the Chivoice. Such a voice disarms anger, repels cago Telephone Company, and in 1892 he insolence, makes the rough places of daily came West. After being a Bell man on the business smooth.

coast for three years, he returned to the MidLet it be remembered that the telephone dle West and was employed by the Northis nowadays the vestibule, so to speak, of western Telephone Exchange Company until practically all human activity, commercial 1897, when he returned to the coast and social. The whole world talks through the became identified with the equipment departphone. Men, women and children, saints ment of The Pacific States Telephone and



Telegraph Company in charge of equipment much as you could, in which you did a great work in Washington and Oregon. He was wrong to the country, and to a most meritorimade superintendent of equipment in 1903, ous and honorable brother officer. and in March, 1907, was promoted to his "I have heard, in such a way as to bepresent position, as General Superintendent lieve it, of your recently saying that both of Construction.

the army and the government needed a dic

tator. Of course, it was not for this, but in We hear a great deal nowadays about co- spite of it, that I have given you the comoperation. The Pacific TELEPHONE mand. Only those generals who gain sucMAGAZINE has on several occasions urged

cesses can set up dictators. What I now ask that only through co-operation could success

of you is military success; and I will risk in telephony be attained.

the dictatorship. The government will supLincoln on But co-operation is as old

port you to the utmost of its ability, which Co-operation. as the hills. The little band

is neither more nor less than it has done for at Thermopylae stood to

all commanders. I much fear that the spirit gether and held back the million-strong army

you have aided to infuse into the army, of of the Persians. Only recently we have come across a copy of a letter which Abra- criticising their commander and withholding ham Lincoln wrote to General Joseph confidence from him, will now turn upon Hooker when he made Hooker commander you. I shall assist you as far as I can to of the army of the Potomac. General put it down.

Neither you nor Napoleon, Hooker' was popular with the nation; he if he were alive again, could get any good out was known as "Fighting Joe" Hooker. But of an army while such a spirit prevails in it. the great emancipator saw through the glam And now beware of rashness, but with our of the name, and this is what he wrote: sleepless vigilance go forward and give us

Executive Mansion, Washington, January victories. 26, 1863.

"Yours very truly, "Major-General Hooker:

"A. LINCOLN.” "General—I have placed you at the head of the Army of the Potomac. Of course I have done this upon what appear to me to New President of the Rocky Moun. be sufficient reasons, and yet I think it best

tain Bell. for you to know that there are some things

H. Vance Lane, who was recently elected in regard to which I am not quite satisfied president of the Rocky Mountain Bell Tel

ephone Company, while only a young man “I believe you to be a brave and skilful

in years, is one of the oldest telephone men soldier, which, of course, I like. I also be

actively engaged in the business. He has lieve you do not mix politics with your posi

had an experience in his twenty-three years tion, in which you are right.

"You have confidence in yourself, which of service with the Nebraska Telephone is a valuable, if not an indispensable quality. Company which eminently fits him for the "You are ambitious, which, within reas

important work he has just undertaken. The onable bounds, does good rather than harm; Rocky Mountain Company is to be congratubut I think that during General Burnside's lated upon securing such an able man to succommand of the army you have taken coun

ceed Mr. Wallace, who retires after a long sel of your ambition and thwarted him as and distinguished service.

with you.

Improved Telephone Service Between San Francisco

and Oakland, Berkeley and Alameda

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The beginning of the new year will wit- scribers who might prefer the slower “par

a complete change in the manner of ticular person" method. telephoning between the cities of San Fran- To those not familiar with telephone encisco and Oakland, Berkeley and Alameda. gineering the proposed change in operating The new method, so far as the subscriber is methods may seem to be a comparatively concerned, will be identical to that now in simple matter, but when all the facts reuse for local exchange calls; that is, it will lating to this question are presented, it will

be immediately recognized as one of great only be necessary to ask the local operator for the desired number across the bay and complexity. A clearer conception of this remain at the telephone until an answer is

matter may be had from a consideration of obtained. This will require, on an average,

some of the more important features in

volved. less than one-half minute and will be just

The large amount of labor and expense as quick as if a local number had been

attendant upon publishing and maintaining called in a branch office of the same ex

combination telephone directories for all of change.

the cities involved was a matter of considCombination directories will be furnished

erable study. giving the telephone numbers of all sub

A complete change in the arrangement of scribers on both sides of the bay, so that the

submarine cable conductors will be required present practice of calling for particular persons instead of numbers can be discontinued.

under the new method. These cables will Up to the present time all calls between

be multiplied to the local exchange switch

boards on both sides of the bay, instead of San Francisco and Oakland, Berkeley and Alameda have been handled through the terminating at toll boards, as in the past. "long distance" switchboards in nearly the Special equipment required for the "time" same manner as other toll business. This operator from whom the local exchange method is many times slower than the new

operators will obtain the exact time to the one, but is, nevertheless, the only method fraction of a minute. This information that could be used if the Company was to

will be obtained over special "time" circontinue the present practice.

cuits. It is not improbable that a few of the Many operating questions had to be met light users of the toll service in the resi- at the local exchange switchboards, in ordence sections may prefer the old system, on

der to properly handle this special toll trafaccount of the privilege it afforded of calling fic, without, to the slightest extent, interferfor particular persons instead of numbers. ing with the regular local service. This phase of the question was given ex- On account of the close business and sohaustive study, and it was found that the cial relations of San Francisco and Oakgreat bulk of the traffic is of a business land, Berkeley and Alameda, Vice-Presinature, between stations where time is the dent Bradley specified in his requirements prime factor.

It would, therefore, be ob- for the new system "that it must be capable viously unjust to withhold the rapid "two of furnishing service, which, under comparanumber" system from the great majority of ble conditions, will not be excelled anythe users, on account of a very few sub- where in the country for its speed and re


liability.” Under these instructions, careful studies were made of the various interurban toll methods employed in the United States and Europe. These studies pointed conclusively to the so-called "two-number" method, which is acknowledged by all leading telephone traffic engineers as representing the highest type of toll operating possible in the present state of the art.

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The Four-Party Canvas Is Practi

cally Completed. The four-party canvass in the Oakland Division, which has occupied the attention of the Division Superintendent and his men for several months, is practically completed

Alameda Has a Potential Club at this writing (December 20), and the results have been most satisfactory.

Alameda Exchange is proud of a flourish

ing Potential Club. The photograph shows In addition to the exchanges mentioned

the members of the club at one of their in the last issue of THE PACIFIC TELE

meetings. The Alameda boys are enthusiPHONE MAGAZINE,

has been

astic in their search for practical informastarted and completed at the following

tion. places: San Rafael, Benicia, Healdsburg,

The last two meetings of the Club have Napa, Ukiah, Martinez, Sausalito and Peta

been taken up with the discussion of common luma. Canvass is at present under way at

battery telephones and circuits, a paper on Vallejo, Suisun, Vacaville, Mill Valley,

this subject having been prepared by Mr. C. Haywards, Livermore and Pleasanton.

A. Kelly. Although Alameda is an express Very little difficulty has been experienced exchange, it is proposed to have this office in getting subscribers to sign over for two- worked on a common battery basis in the party individual lines after thorough expla

near future. nation was made as to the objects and pur- In order to make the session more interestposes of the classes of service. The largest ing, in addition to the usual form of diagrams day's business reported in the last issue, 129

which were drawn on the blackboard, the contracts, was beaten by Petaluma, which

club members rigged up a miniature common exchange secured 137 in one day.

battery plant. A special feature of the canvass was the The members of this club are taking a work done at Napa by Manager DeCarteret, great deal of interest in the studies and they who handled the work without assistance of are deriving considerable benefit from them. any canvassers, securing 468 contracts in Mr. C. A. Kelly is "High Potential" about fifteen days, thus completing the can- (President), and Mr. L. Morel, “Re

vass in his exchange. Napa was the largest peater," acts as Secretary and Treasurer. exchange to handle the canvass without any The following are the names of the members help. Division Contract Agent Heydenfeldt of this club, who are called "receivers": has visited most of the offices with a view of R. McCall, J. Sweeny, J. Rodgers, C. E. keeping in touch with the work and assist- Moore, A. Evans, E. Gates, H. French, ing and encouraging the local managers. G. French, J. Koordt, H. C. Brownlee.

This was


Oregon Division.

It is reported that the Farmers' and MinOn the night of December 2nd there were ers' Telephone Company and the Bohemia transferred from the East Exchange, Port- Telephone Company, whose lines are comland, to Sellwood Exchange 932 subscribers, peting in the territory between Cottage Grove which covers the entire list of telephones in

and the Bohemia mining district, are shortly the Sellwood District.

to be consolidated and operate under one plished without interruption to service, every management.

The lines are

to continue thing having been well planned and the plan their connection with The Pacific Telephone followed closely, the transfer requiring about and Telegraph Company at Cottage Grove. twelve minutes. This time was taken up

It is a matter of common report among in connecting up the trunks and calling cir- the traveling men in the Willamette Valley cuits between offices, it being necessary to

that Eugene is the best town from a teleuse cable pairs between Sellwood and phone standpoint in the Oregon division. east offices which were serving subscribers Eugene is the third exchange in size in this up until the time the transfer was started.

division. It was necessary to change in the neighbor- Mr. Harold Drewery, formerly Wire hood of 500 telephone numbers from East Chief at Salem, Ore., resigned December 1 to Sellwood. This was completed and the on account of his health. He was succeeded board checked at 4 a. m., there being no in- by Mr. M. Elstun, formerly of San Franterruption to the service, from an operating cisco. standpoint, due to the change of numbers. The construction of new hotels and in

At 7 o'clock on the morning of the 3rd stallation of private branch exchanges therein there were reported in the Sellwood office is going forward rapidly in Portland. The three cases of line trouble and four cases of contract department at present is holding conswitchboard trouble.

tracts for three private branch exchanges in The construction department is rapidly new hotels, containing a total of 307 stations. completing reconstruction work at Astoria. On December 1st the Oregon City office This work includes putting into service a

was transferred to an A1142 basis. large amount of cable and replacing open

Hugh Willock takes the position of recorder wires.

at Oregon City. Possibly in no district on the Pacific Coast has there been a more rapid develop

Oakland Division, ment in farmer line business than in the north- Miss Ella Stromgreen, a popular and efern part of Clarke County, Washington, in ficient supervisor of the long distance departthe Oregon division. Eighteen months ago ment of the Oakland office, resigned last there was not a farmer subscriber in that month and has departed for the South to territory. At present there are connecting reside. The operators presented her with a with the Ridgefield, LaCenter and Vancou- handsome seal ring appropriately engraved. ver exchanges 500 farmers.

Here is a note that is short and to the The Pioneer Telegraph and Telephone point. It was received from a Japanese subCompany, with headquarters at Bend, Crook scriber in Oakland: County, Oregon, has sub-licensed from The “Dear Sir: My phone broken yeasterPacific Telephone and Telegraph Company day night. Please come my house and shall the exchange at Prineville.

you make fix me. Yours very truly."


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