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E. A. Bayley, formerly of Oakland, who explained that they had not been Cal., is conducting a special canvass at able to be present because of the necesThe Dallas, where there has recently sity for working at night. At the meetbeen installed a new office and common ing of February 25th, Mr. John Wicks battery plant. Mr. Bayley is meeting of Tacoma, Chief Engineer for the with much success both in securing new Home Telephone Co., gave the class a subscribers and in transferring old sub- lecture on the Automatic Telephone. scribers to a higher class of service. The meeting of March 3rd was devoted

The new farmer-line rates recently principally to a study of the technical put in force in this division have become text books. It was announced that Proquite popular. During the month of fessor Johnson of the University of February, one hundred and sixty-three Washington would give the class at a (163) new farmer subscribers took out later meeting, a lecture on Electricity. telephones in the Oregon Division.

On Friday evening, February 21st, A contract has been signed with the the society enjoyed a smoker, which Farmers' Consolidated Telephone Co. of proved to be of unusual interest. More Tygh Valley, Wasco county, Oregon. than 600 people attended and at 9 This company has a subscription list of o'clock it was necessary to lock the front about 150 and will connect with the Pa- door and hide the key. There were a cific Co. at Tygh Valley.

number of turns by actors from the local The conversion of the East office, theaters and at midnight a supper was Portland, Oregon, from local to common served. Charles T. Knago was toastbattery will be started about April ist. master and toasts were responded to by A quantity of material has already been W. H. Hennessy, C. B. Bennett, R. B. received. The Western Electric Co. will Jansen, George N. Noltner and C. A. do the work under contract.

McMasters. It was announced that a Additional office space has been rented second smoker would be held

held in at Albany, Oregon, which will give Man- April at a dated to be decided later. ager Wilson and his assistants much larger and better quarters.

Among the sub-licenses of the Pacific Portland Society Plans Smoker. Co. in the Oregon Division, the Home The Pacific Telephone society of PortCo. of Condon, Oregon, deserves special land will give a smoker and social entermention. In the city of Condon, which tainment about April ist. Elaborate is one of the smaller eastern Oregon preparations are being made for a good towns, they have 125 subscribers, and do time. The society is meeting weekly a large originating long distance busi- and interest in the lectures and demonness.

The exchange is under the effi- strations has been maintained. The cient management of L. E. Laurence, meeting of March 27th was attended by a popular young telephone man of General Superintendent Robinson and

Division Superintendent Gilkyson, both of whom gave short talks and partici

pated in the discussion of the various Seattle Society Gives Smoker

topics brought up. At the recent meetThe Pacific Telephone Society of ings interesting talks have been made Seattle continues to hold regular weekly by W. D. Moore, Division Wire meetings, which are well attended and Chief: Albert Hobson, Wire Chief, prove of interest. At the meeting of Main office; W. H. Barber, Block DisFebruary 18th, 78 members attended. tribution Foreman, and H. M. Durston, Letters were read from other members Chief Clerk.

that city.

Inland School of Telephony. president; F. J. MacGougan, vice-presiOn Friday, February 21st, a meeting of

dent; D. P. Reid, secretary; V. W. Rusthe employees of The Pacific Telephone

sell, treasurer; A. G. Laughlin, sarand Telegraph Company, was held in the

geant at arms. office of the District Superintendent of

At the first regular meeting of the InConstruction, for the purpose of organ

land School of Telephony, held on Friizing a school of telephony. Details of day, February 28th, neo-style lesson this meeting in the report of the secre

papers were furnished each member preswhich follows:

ent and Mr. Lundius, one of the commitThe meeting was called to order by

tee on instructions and demonstration, Chas. W. Reynolds, who after briefly ex

placed several large diagrams upon a

black-board, which are to be used in plaining the object of the meeting, stated that for the position of temporary chair- conjunction with the lesson furnished.

As a visitor, Mr. Starmard of the Traffic man, he wished to place in nomination the name of a man who might be called Department of the American Telegraph the Nestor of telephony in the Inland

and Telephone Company addressed the

school. Empire; a man who in long, arduous and continuous service of the company had proven his versatility and capability in Telephone Society at San Bernardino. telephone work, Mr. Thomas H. Elsom,

The Pacific Telephone Society of San and moved his election as temporary Bernardino, has been organized in two president. The motion was seconded and

sections, consisting of the Wire Chiefs Mr. Elsom briefly voiced his apprecia- section, which meets on the first and tion and took the chair. D. P. Reid was

third Mondays of each month, and the then appointed temporary secretary.

Chief Operators section which meets on It was moved and seconded that a

the second and fourth Wednesdays of temporary enrollment committee of three

each month. The first meeting of the be appointed by the chair to canvass those

Wire Chiefs was held on March 9. present and secure names of all who de

Mr. Lynch, Manager at San Bersired to become members. A thorough

nardino, was elected Chairman of the canvass was made and committee


Wire Chiefs' section for the first six ported a total of fifty-six names for membership

months, and Mr. Googins, Wire Chief,

Secretary. The chair then appointed four com

On March 12th the Chief Operators' mittees to consist of three members each: Committee on By-Laws, Committee on

section was organized with Miss Phaup, Instructions and Demonstrations, Com

Chief Operator, as Chairman and Miss mittee on Finance and a Committee on

Bryant, Assistant Chief Operator, as House and membership. Appointments Secretary. There were eight operators made as follows: Committee on By- ,

present at this meeting, which was Laws: C. W. Reynolds, F. J. MacGou

marked by enthusiasm. My Lynch gave gan, F. R. Bingham; Committee on In- a talk on the requirements of a town like structions and Demonstrations : E. R. San Bernardino and said in part: "The Lundius. V. W. Russell, A. L. Coob; wheel will not move if the hub does not Committee on Finance: J. C. Waterbury, run smoothly; neither will the spokes D. P. Reid, A. F. Swenson; Committee stand if the hub is not in good condition. on House and Membership: R. Hill, M. It is primarily up to you to give service George, H. C. Witherspoon.

in San Bernardino which cannot be exBy-laws as submitted by the committee celled. We do not want as good as any were read by the secretary and adopted. other town, but better than any other Officers chosen were: C. W. Reynolds,




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Miss Grace F. Thurber, Long Distance Operator at San Diego, and Dr. David McKibben, Jr., were married March ist, at sunrise, and left on the early morning train for San Francisco, from which place they sailed for the Philippine Islands, where Dr. McKibben holds a Civil Service appointment under the War Department.

Miss Thurber was very popu

lar among the operators, who
presented her with a handsome

silver salad dish and fork at a

shower given her on Tuesday evening Feb. 24th, at her home.

Mr. and Mrs. Brown will reside at Red

Miss May Murphy, employed for five
years in the operating department of the

H. E. Paulson, employed in the con-
Main Exchange, Oakland, was married struction department, San Francisco, was
on the evening of Feb. 4th to Mr. Wm.

married a few days ago to an Oakland
Brock. The ceremony, which took place girl, Miss Myrtle Shroeder. Mr. Paul-
at St. Francis De Sales Church, was per-

son left the day of the wedding with his
formed by the Rev. Father P. J. Quinn. bride for Portland, where he will be en-
Following the ceremony, a supper was gaged for a few weeks laying out phan-
served to 50 guests at the home of the tom transpositions between Portland and
bride's mother, 2201 Adeline St. The Salem.
bride was the recipient of many hand-
some gifts, among which was a set of Los Angeles Boys on a Long Tramp.
silver spoons and a large basket of en-

Two Los Angeles boys, Theodore H.
chantress carnations from her friends at

M. Crampton of the contract departthe exchange among whom she was

ment of the Pacific Telephone and Telepopular.

graph Company, and his brother Francis

A. Crampton started on March 21st from
A wedding of interest in Sacramento

Los Angeles on a tour of the United
Division took place March 18th when

States on foot. The young men will
Miss Margaret Rittinger, described in a

come first to San Francisco, then to New
local paper as “one of Auburn's sweet-

Orleans, thence to Tampa and up the est rosebuds," was married to Lyle Mel

coast to New York. The tour will cover rose Brown, manager for The Pacific nearly 5000 miles and will take from ten Telephone and Telegraph Company at to fourteen months, according to the Red Bluff. Mr. Brown was for a time weather. The pedestrains will carry only substitute manager at Auburn, where knapsacks with them, but will have a Miss Rittinger was employed as cashier. suit case shipped ahead by express.

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Herewith summary of Farmer Line report for month ending February 29th 1908

Oregon Inland Puget Sd. Sacto. San Joaquin Coast. Oak. So.
Subs, secured during month...
No. of instruments

Unfilled contracts to date.....




187 187

206 214

65 59 18

88 27 149

93 142

41 28 26


47 238




March 1, 1908 Showing Relation between Bell Telephones and Population in Exchanges of 300

or more Stations; also Per Cent of Growth since January 1, 1908

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]


Group No. 2. (Population 25,000 to 100,000) Bellingham.

2,659 2,646 10.56 -.49 Berkeley.

5,173 5,304 17.68 2.53 *Fresno..

4,394 4,462 17.85 1.55 Sacramento

5,393 5,510 14.69 2.17 *San Diego.

3,954 3,934 11.24 —.51 *San Jose

6,058 6,041 18 88 - 28 Spokane

12,350 12,764 17.02 3.35 *Tacoma.

8,475 8,456 11.27 -. 22 Total or average. 48,456 49,117 14.66 1.36

Group No. 5. (Population 3,000 to 5,000) Albany.

786 778 17.29 -1.02 Anacortes.


494 10.98 20 Ashland.

445 440 9.78 -1.13 Chehalis 366 374 8.31

2.19 Colton.. 343 351 11.70

2.33 *Dayton (Wn.).

520 527 17.57 1.35 *Ellensburg

520 528 13.20 1.54 *Grants Pass.

417 437 10.93 4.79 xHollywood..

614 643 21.43 4.72 *La Grande.

844 829 18.42 -1.78 *Marysville.

996 999 24.98 Medford.

370 388 10.21 4.86 *Modesto.

742 782 21.14 5 39 Monterey.

452 464 10.31 2 65 *Oroville

681 694 15.42 1.91 Red Bluff

423 434 11.42 2.60 Redding. 513 522 12.28

1.75 Richmond

477 494 14.11 3.56 *Ritzville

485 498 16.60 2.68 *Roseburg



2.83 *Salinas.

721 721 16.66 San Luis Obispo... 921 934 20.28 San Mateo

627 634 15.85 1.12 xSan Pedro.



1.54 *Santa Clara.


Group No. 3. (Population 10,000 to 25,000) Aherdeen.

1,038 1,054 10.38 1.54 Alameda.

2,596 2,619 13.09 0.89 Astoria.

887 902 7.84 1 69 Eureka.. 2,138 2,133 17.06

-.23 *Everett.

2,051 2,042 10.21 -.44 *Long Beach

798 762 3.81 -4.51 x*Pasadenu..

4,545 4,497 19.55 -1.06 Reno

1,746 1,803 18.03 3.26 x*Riverside

2,215 2,287 19.89 3.25 xSan Bernardino. 1,109 1,090 9.08 —-1.71 xSanta Barbara.. 1,308 1,298 10.64 -0.76 Santa Cruz.


1,253 11.390 16 Santa Rosa..

894 882 8.82 -1.34 Stockton..

3,730 3,797 17.26 1.80 Vallejo..

802 805 8.05 0.37 Walla Walla.

2,434 2,524 12.02 3.69 Total or average... 29,546 29,748 12.56 0.68

Group No. 4. (Population 5,000 to 10,000) Baker City

983 997 14.24 1.42 Bakersfield.

1,900 1,938 24.23 2.00 *Centralia..

313 312 5.20 -.32 Chico..


844 10.55 -1.05 *Eugene.

1.355 1,408 20.11 3.91 *Grass Valley.



6.30 0.53 *Hanforit.

1,014 995 19.90 -1.87 Hoquiam.

551 542 6.78 -1.63 Lewiston.

008 919 13.13 1.21 Napa..

743 742 11.42 -0.13 *North Yakima. 1,388 1,447 16.08 4.25 *Olympia..

1.154 1,149 15.32 -0.43 x*Oregon City.

663 671 13.42 1.21 *Palo Alto.

984 1,007 11.85 2.34 Pendleton

937 944 15.73 0.75 *Petaluma

872 876 15 93 0.46 Phoenix

1,141 1,167 15.56 2.28 *Salem

2,010 2,060 25.75 2.49 San Rafael

1,031 1,031 20.62 xSanta Ana

1,053 1.064 13.30 1.04 xSanta Monica.


895 11.19 0.22 Tucson..

1,002 983 12.29 -1.90 *Vancouver

921 926 17.78 0.54 *Visalia....

1,020 1,007 20.14 -1.27 *Watsonville..



13 84 -043 Total or average...

373 375 8.33 54 x*The Dalles,

418 429 9.53

2 63 Ukiah.

319 320 10.67 31 xVentura.

415 411 11.74 -0.97 *Woodland.

719 738 21.09 2.64 Total or average..

16,061 16,324 14.26 1.64 Group No. 6. (Population less than 3,000)

24,760 24.994 14.73 (0.95 *Many suburban subscribers connected.


*Cottage Grove.


*Hood River.


x Port Townsend.

*Redwood City.
x*Santa Maria..


Total or average..

455 327 401 780 324 474 342 403 442 397 306 628 320 600 312 466 504 332 314 419 402 313 441 462 317 403 470 360

495 12,209

455 323 409 768 322 475 339 407 457 400 308 561 319 608 309 462 504 337 316 418 409 327 462 471 318 411 474 377

494 12,240

18.20 17.94 -1.22 17.78 2.00 21.94 -1.54 17.89 -0.62 26.39 0.21 21.19 -0.88 20.35 0.99 30.47 3.39 17.39

0.76 12.32 0.65 28.05 - 10.67 21.27 -0.31 30.40

1.33 14.05 -0.96 19.25 -0.86 20.16 16.85 1.51 15.80

0.64 16.72 -0.24 16.36

1.74 11.68 4.47 21.64 4.76 23.55 1.95 12.72

0.32 14.78

1.99 23.70

0.85 15.26

4.72 48.67 -0.20 19.46


Group No. 1.

125,411 127,271 12.85
Group No. 2..

48.456 49,117 14.66 Group No. 3..

29,546 29,748 12.56 Group No. 4..

24,760 24,994 14.73 Group No. 5..

16,061 16,324 14.26 Group No. 6.

12,209 12,240 19.46 TOTAIS

256,443 259.694 13.61 xExchanges having dual system.


1.48 1.36 0.68 0.95 1.64 0.25 1.27

The two-number system for handling and Main office on both groups. long-distance business, first introduced Time is obtained by the means of the successfully in the Pacific territory be- time order circuit which is multiplied tween San Francisco and the cities throughout the “A” positions of all across San Francisco bay, has been offices and terminates on the head teleadopted also for handling calls between phone of the time Operator in the Main Seattle and Tacoma and between Los Exchange. Angeles and Pasadena.

Calls from Pasadena to Los Angeles The two-number method was intro- are handled through a tandem “B” posiduced in the north in record time, dur- tion in the Main Exchange, the calls to ing a visit of J. P. Downs, traffic en- branch offices being switched through by gineer, and A. C. Stannard of the Amer- the Inter-urban Operator, and the Pasaican Telephone and Telegraph Com- dena “A” Operators obtain the connecpany. It was definitely decided on Feb- tion by means of order circuit to the ruary 27 to introduce the two-number Inter-urban position. method, and five days later the new sys- The rate has been reduced from 15 tem was in operation. The rate, which cents for threc minutes and 5 cents each had been twenty-five cents for one min- ad litional nini:te, to 10 cents for the ute and five cents for each additional first three minutes and 5 cents for each thirty seconds, was reduced to 25 cents

additional minute. for two minutes and five cents for each The traffiic end of the work has been additional thirty seconds.

creditably accomplished by Mr. O. Cole, Although only a few days were given Jr., representing Mr. Downs; and the to the matter of explaining and illustrat- engineering feature supervised by Mr. ing the method of operating, by the Hess of the Engineering Department. time the service was installed everyone concerned was thoroughly conversant with the details, and no trouble of any sort was experienced. Several hundred

Telephone Notice Tacoma directories were distributed in

The Phones on your line will be ranz Seattle and several hundred Seattle

as follows directories were delivered to heavy toll users in Tacoma.

The Los Angeles-Pasadena toll business was placed upon a two-number basis on March 20., The method of operation is similar to the San Francisco-Oakland system, but is less complicated owing to the fact that Pasadena has but one central office.

All Los Angeles offices call Pasadena direct over two groups of order-wire trunks, multiplied in such a manner throughout the “A” positions as to distribute the business satisfactorily. South, West, Main and Sub-Main offices

Taken from a Subscriber's Instrument Cone

nected to an Erchange Orned by a are connected to one first group, East

Group of Germans. and Boyle offices on the second group, (From American Telephone Journal.)

Phepe ngeber.


Rarior Code


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