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The dues pro

Market Office Library Grows

minds to mutually improve ourselves by Market office, San Francisco, which an interchange of knowledge. The girl has the largest operating room in the who can knit teaches the rest—the dresscity and expects shortly to have the maker leads us into the intricacies of cutlargest number of subscribers, is ambi

ting, fitting and pleating—the fancy tious also to have the largest library.

worker and the milliner all expound their The movement for for a library was

fund of knowledge. Our circle is not started in November. The first books, wholly composed of dressmakers and milwere donated on November 24th by liners; we also have some very fine cooks members of the local force and in five

who serve refreshments to all the needle weeks the library contained 67 volumes.

workers every Friday evening. Miss Mary Lennon, a supervisor, was

If we do not improve ourselves in one appointed librarian, Miss M. McAfee

way we do in another, viz: we learn to

know and to understand each other. was elected treasurer, and monthly dues were fixed at ten cents.

Many of us who were unacquainted with

needlework have taken it up and we turn vided money for stationery and for a few volumes. Miss Jessie Gardner,

out some creditable samples.

The young ladies meet in the retiring switchboard clerk, suggested the raffling of a burnt leather pillow. Tickets were

room every Friday evening and it af

fords us great pleasure to notice the insold for 10 cents apiece and in three

terest they take in their work. Each days 480 had been disposed of. Miss

member pays ten cents a week and this Gertrude Mehrtens, assistant chief oper

money is spent for the refreshments. ator, made the handsome pillow. Formal opening of the Market Li

A Youthful Wire Chief. brary with a total of 159 volumes on hand was held on February 18th and the Mr. and Mrs. Harry S. Parker are number is now about 180.

the proud parents of a son, born on

Thursday, January 16. The boy on his Sewing Circle at Franklin Office.

arrival weighed twelve pounds and the

father is rather of the opinion that with The Franklin office, San Francisco,

such a start as this the youngster will sewing circle submits the following: Whatever the future of the girls con

soon be master of the situation (if he is nected with the Franklin office may be

not so already.) Whether or not Mas

ter Parker will be a politician remains they are determined to be equipped to meet it.

yet to be seen, but he has assuredly eviOld, grumpy Dr. Johnson said a man

denced capabilities as a wire puller, for

his father, the efficient wire chief of the preferred to see a good dinner on his table than to hear his wife speaking

Pacific Telephone and Telegraph ComLatin and Greek, while thousands of

pany, has found it necessary, ever since bachelors have lamented the loss of

the arrival of the young heir, to spend woman who could stitch and sew. If

most of his time adjusting the wires of housewives who are religiously inclined

his own phone. The phone receiver at would but study human nature, man's

Mr. Parker's home is kept down connature, what profanity would be spared tinously and when the boy calls "trouble," and what souls would be saved by at

as such youths do semi-occasionally, the tention to these little details.

wire chief immediately leaves the ex"A stitch in time saves nine,” is a very

change office for the scene of trouble old adage and as we do not all intend to (which in each case turns out to be a remain with the telephone company for- blessing in disguise, a source of joy.)ever or single always, we took it into our

Vancouver (Wash.) Columbian.


New Rural Co-partnership.

Preparations are being made to lay a The following Rural Co-Partnerships

new submarine cable across the Willhave been organized since January ist,

amette River at Portland to provide ad1908, and have signed contracts for ex

ditional trunking facilities between main

and east offices. change service with the Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company:

The underground cable for San MaThe Marcola Telephone Company,

teo arrived March 16, and is now being Macola, Ore.

hauled and spliced. The construction deRed Bluff Telephone Company, Grants partment expects to have all work comPass, Ore.

pleted and ready for the cut over to the The Mohawk Telephone Company,

new office by April 15. Ergene, Ore.

Gangs are now at work restringing Springfield Short Line Company,

and transposing toll lines between San Springfield, Ore.

Jose and Santa Cruz in accordance with Hollister Rural Telephone Company,

traffic plans for phantom circuits beHollister. Cal.

tween these points.

The new No. 8 switchboard for Palo Cold Springs Rural Telephone Com

Alto was recently shipped from the Westpany, Helix, Ore. Bear Creek Rural Telephone Com

ern Electric Company and the work of. pany, Creswell, Ore.

installing is now under way. Goshen Rural Telephone Company,

Rapid progress is being made on the Springfield, Ore.

San Francisco-Douglas switchboard. It Wilderville Grange Rural Telephone is expected that this will be completed Company, Grants Pass, Ore.

about April 15, giving as additional faEugene & Southeastern Company, Eu

cilities, 18 sections of “A” board and six

sections of "B" board. gene, Oregon.

Mt. Vernon Rural Telephone Company, Springfield, Ore.

Gallant Mr. Putzker. Olive Rural Telephone Company,

Manager R. W. Putzker of the l'aJunction City, Ore.

cific Telephone Company is nothing in Sherwood Mutual Telephone Com

not gallant and defcrentiai to the fair panv, Sherwood, Ore.

sex. Ft. Romie Rural Telephone Company,

His position necessitates that, for Soledad, Cal.

none but a diplomat of the highest skill

could successfully cope with the probSprague & Rock Lake Telephone Com

lems of a telephone exchange. pany. Sprague, Wash. Bailevs Burg Rural Telephone Com

Mr. Putzker received a letter fro:1

Miss Maud Hollenback, secretary of the pany, Davton, Wash.

Boulder Creek Improvement Society,

asking him to paint four poles belonging Construction Notes.

to the company on the main street of

Boulder. Mr. Putzker wrote back that The construction department recently laid a new 28-pan armored submarine

he would not only paint the four poles cable between San Francisco and Goat

on Main Street but would paint every Island. A construction force is now en

one of the twenty-four poles of his comgaged in taking up all of the old Okonite

pany in the mountain city. cables.

Now won't some nice women ask the Mr. C. E. Fleager, district superin

owners to paint some of the unsightly tendent of construction of the Seattle

business buildings on Pacific avenue, district, was a San Francisco visitor re- and cite to them the example of Putz

ker?_Santa Cruz News.






The Tele- W. D. Wilde, Division Chief Operator; phone So- Mr. H. J. Byshe, Manager at Hollyciety of the

wood; Miss M. Langmead, Long DisSouthern Di- tance Chief Operator, and Miss A vision is the Lynch, Main Office Chief Operator. of

On March 11th the Society gave an new organi- entertainment and dance at Blanchard zation which Hall for the benefit of Main Office Lihas succeeded brary. More than one thousand tickets the Chief Op- were sold, and with the sale of candy, erators' Asso- manufactured by Miss Allen of Main ciation of Los Office, and punch, the net profits of the Angeles.

benefit were $245. Those in charge were:

At a meet- Misses Harris, Langmead, Dugan, Tan-

ing on Feb- ner, Lund; Messrs. Smith, Swift, Ham-

mel and Wilde. The program included a Miss Mable Noel gave an address on

song and dance by Miss Bradley; HeInstruction of Students and their Em- brew impersonation by Mr. J. F. Ser ployment," after which a talk on "The mour; dialogue from the "Chimes of Future of the Operators" was given by Normandy" by Mr. G. P. Hammel of the Mr. W. D. Wilde.

contract department; soprano solo by At this meeting the subject of reor

Miss Ruth Dickey, instructress in the ganization was discussed and it school; song by Mr. P. Brown; recitafinally moved by Mr. Wilde that the old

tion by Miss Schienle; selections by Chief Operators' Association of Los An- quartet composed of Messrs. Smith geles be disbanded and an organization

Ainsworth, Steadman and Clark; songs of more scope be instituted, which would

by Mr. Grimand and Mr. Quackenbush: include in its membership all employés of

piano solo by Miss Street; violin solo by the Telephone Company in the Southern

Mr. B. C. Smith, and song and dance Division; the main object being, of specialties by Messrs. Harmon and Kelcourse, the maintenance of perfect serv

sey. ice. The motion was seconded by Mr.

At 10:30 o'clock the hall was cleared J. Glass and carried.

and dancing was enjoyed until midnight. Mr. Wilde then took the chair and an

Mr. Hammel, who had contributed on organization was instituted under the of the most agreeable numbers on the name of The Telephone Society of the program, provided the orchestra, which Southern Division, with a President, ,

gave splendid dance music. Mr. 0. Cole. Chairman and Secretary, and an Execu- Jr., and wife of San Francisco, and Mr. tive Board of Managers to consist of a

Miller of the engineering department chairman, two male members and two

were visitors.

Among others present female members, elected by common

were: C. M. Seeley, E. H. Long, Free vote. The new officers are: Miss L.

Spoeri, F. E. Franklyn and Roy Moore

Harris, City Chief Operator, president;
Miss Sarah Joyce, Chief Operator, South
Office, chairman; Miss M. Noel, Prin-

Victory for Bell at Hood River.
cipal of the Operating School, secretary; There has been a great deal of tele
Executive Committee, Mr. C. M. Seeley, phone talk at Hood River, Oregon, dur-
Division Superintendent, chairman; Mr. ing the last six weeks. The local Home

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COLLECTION RATING. Percentage of money outstanding at the end of February, 1908, to the total amount of the bills rendered subscribers for the month, and percentage of number of unpaid accounts at the end of February to the number of accounts.

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Coast Division. • Hollister

6 Monterey

17 Palo Alto

7 Redwood

41 Salinas

2 San Jose

13 San Luis Obispo. 5 San Mateo

23 Santa Clara

38 Santa Cruz

10 Watson ville


23 Ukiah
1 Vallejo

5 Chico
+ Colusa

Inland Division. Baker City

7 Colfax

25 Dayton

18 La Grande

0 Lewiston

16 Pendleton

3 Pomeroy

19 Ritzville

1 Spokane

31 Walla Walla



22 Petaluma

9 Richmond

13 San Rafael

11 Santa Rosa



Oregon Division.
21 Albany

4 Ashland

5 4 Astoria

0 Cottage Grove 20 Eugene

13 Grants Pass

17 2 Hood River

60 9 Hillsboro

58 9 Lebanon

122 0 Marshfield

16 13 McMinnville

12 2 Medford

20 8 Newper

77 0 Oregon City

0 14 Portland

17 5 Roseburg

18 Salem

96 The Dalles

32 Vancouver


Puget Sound.
5 Aberdeen

4 Anacortes

7 6 Bellingham

12 Centralia


11 Chehalis
36 3 Tulare

8 5
7 Ellensburg
26 9 Visalia

21 11 12 Everett

21 7 9 Hoquiam


Southern Division,

2 North Yakima 26 8 Alhambra

27 20
10 Olympia
5 3 Colton

23 17 6 Port Townsend 38 20 Fullerton

12 12 Seattle 24 9 Glendale

9 7 Tacoma 20 11 Hollywood.

7 Long Beach

9 19 15 Sacramento Division. Los Angeles

35 12 3


32 19 0 Auburn 7 4 Orange

17 13 53 3 Pasadena

7 11 9 Riverside

14 9 9 Grass Valley

9 7 San Bernardino.... 13 7 20 Marysville 74 4 San Diego

21 10 18 Oroville 7 1 San Pedro

23 14 16 Red Bluff 4 2 Santa Ana

7 6 4 3 Santa Barbara 14 12 6. Reno 18 13 Santa Maria

11 9 Sacramento

9 Santa Monica

23 13 21 Woodland

1 Upland

22 17 0


9 8 San Joaquin Division. Bakersfield

Summary by Divisions.

5 7


5 Coast

12.3 6.7

13 San Joaquin 15.1 6.7 Lodi 9 4 Oregon

18.4 8.0 Madera 21 12 Oakland

20.6 11.7 Merced 3 2 Puget

21.6 8.4 1 Modesto 17 5 Inland

.23.6 10.2 7 Porterville 5 2 Southern

.28.1 10.8 4 Selma 6 2 Sacramento

.33.9 7.4 2 Stockton

12 8 San Francisco .47.1 30.1

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10 Redding

Oakland Division. Alameda

15 Arcata

20 Berkeley

32 Eureka

13 Ferndale Healdsburg

14 Хара


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250 a month. The Home Company asked $1.50 per month for service.

Not a Telephone in Turkey. No telephones exist in the domain of the Sultan, declares a dispatch from Constantinople to the "New York Sun." He sees in them possible instruments of conspiracy and he will not permit their introduction in Turkey.

Tel. Co., at Hood River, has just opened its exchange and has been endeavoring to secure patronage from the large number of farmer line subscribers, who for the past four or five years have been connected with the Pacific Tel. & Tel. Co.'s central. The farmer lines have always been owned and maintained by The Pacific Tel. Co., which has charged the farmers a line rental in addition to instrument rental.

In order to meet the demands of the farmer subscribers for a cheaper telephone service, The Pacific Tel. Co. has sold to the farmers these lines at a nominal price and given them central office service at 250 per month per subscriber. A farmers' telephone company has been organized and will in a short time take over these rural lines, under the plan outlined above, maintaining them hereafter and buying their instruments outright. This will give them telephone service for

The Paper in this magazine

was supplied by the ZELLERBACH



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