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Juvenile Educational Books

The Books in this series, generally, are stepping-stones from the nursery to the school-room, being written in a pleasing man

and are sure to amuse while they instruct; the greater number are well illustrated.


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Papa and Mamma's Easy Lessons in

GEOGRAPHY; or, the Elements of Geography in a new and attractive form, By Anna Maria Sargeant, author of “ Mamma's Lessons on the History and Geography of Palestine.” &c. Fully Illustrated. Price 1s. in

stiff paper covers; or, 1s. 6d. bound in cloth, gilt. The object of Miss Sargeant's little book is not only to induce chil. dren to like Geography, but also to impart in a simple and attractive manner, elementary knowledge of the subject; in other words, a good and complete groundwork. The book is written in an amusing dialogue form, and is illustrated with numerous engravings.


Charles Butler's Young Pupil's Easy

GUIDE TO GEOGRAPHY. For the Use of Schools and Private Instructors. New Edition, re-arranged by Edward Farr. Price 18. stiff paper covers; or, ls. 6d.

strongly bound in cloth. This adaptation of a school book which has for so many years been a favourite amongst teachers and pupils, will, it is hoped, give general satisfaction. Mr. Farr has carefully revised the book. To each chapter is appended a series of Questions. A copious Index, with reference to upwards of eleven hundred places, is also appended.

“This is truly what it professes to be, an Easy Guide. We recommend it without hesitation.”-Atheneum.

Charles Butler's Guide to Geography,

WITH THE USE OF THE GLOBES. By Charles Butler, re-arranged by Edward Farr. Price 25. strongly bound

in red cloth, gilt. This work is comprised of the “Young Pupil's Easy Guide to Geography,” Butler's Use of the Globes," and seven Glyphographie Maps.

Charles Butler's Guide to Useful

KNOWLEDGE. Containing, in the form of a familiar Catechism, a variety of information connected with the Arts, Sciences, and Phenomena of Nature. For the use of Schools and Private Instructors. By Charles Butler. New Edition, revised and corrected throughout, and enlarged. Cloth, embossed, price 1s. 6d. This work is in itself a simple yet comprehensive cyclopædia of general information. It describes articles of co ption used chiefly as food and drinks, articles used for flavouring food, as spices, &c. vegetable and animal productions used in the arts, and their ap plications; earths, stones, &c. as applied to the arts ; materials from which are obtained colours and dyes; chemistry, miscellaneous ventions; electricity, galvanism, electric telegraph, &c. &c.

There is an index to about 700 different items.

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The Play Grammar, Jr, Elements of

GRAMMAR EXPLAINED IN EASY GAMES. By Miss Corner. New Edition, 37th thousand, enlarged and improved. Numerous woodcuts. Coloured frontispiece and title; bound in cloth, price 1s. 6d. or, with tinted

frontispiece and title, and in stiff covers, ls. This Grammar is a great improvement on the tedious dry catechisms of grammar, which are the dread of children. Too much is not attempted; the science of language is not generally attractive to children, unless conveyed in a plain and easy style.

Miss Corner's “Play Grammar” is beyond all comparison the best contrivance we have seen for teaching this difficult task to young children.-Reader.

Round Games and Amusing Exercises

UPON GRAMMAR. An Addendum to Corner's Play
Grammar and all other Grammars. Forty wood-cuts.

Stiff covers, price 1s. This is an amusing companion to all grammars for the young. It is a capital collection of rhymes, conundrums, and jeux relative to grammar. It renders grammar not only easy, but really and truly amusing."-Critic.

The Graduated English

Grammar. No. 3, of Dean and Son's Illustrated School Books.

32 pages, large 8vo. stiff cover, price 4d. This is one of the cheapest and best English Grammars published. Those points on which grammarians differ have been studied so as to bring out the leading sense of their Views, and the utmost care has been taken to secure accuracy, according to the best and newest authorities on the language. The Questions are carefully graduated, and the Exercises will be found very serviceable to the learner.

The Royal Nursery. A, B, C, and


FIRST BOOK; being Book 1. Op WHOLESOME, LIGHT, AND SWEET EDUCATIONAL FOOD; illustrated with above 400 pictures of every-day objects most familiar to Childhood. Crown 8vo. in stiff covers, price Cd.



The Royal Nursery Spelling and

READING BOOK; being Book II. OF WHOLESOME, Light, AND SWEET E: UCATIONAL Food; with above 250 pictures of every-day common and familiar objects.

Same size as Book I. price 6a. The Two Books, I. and II. bound together, price 1s.

It may be truly asserted, that this is one of the best First Books ever published. The numerous Illustrations, (over 400 in Book 1. and 250 in Book 2.) are of great importance, tending not only to amuse, but to impress upon the memory the name and character of the objects and common things intended to be conveyed. By this most gradual and simple process, the child is led on to form an entire sentence, and that easily comprehended, and always of interest. Getting further advanced, the numerous illustrations are severally explained and coloured; hence the knowledge and amusement of the child is greatly increased. The Clock, and idea of numbers, are also admirably tauglit.

EDUCATIONAL COURSE, FIRST SERIES. The Primer ; containing Easy Progres

: sive Lessons in Single Syllables. By the Rev. W. L. Nelson, Head-master of St. Stephen's School, Edinburgh; embellished with upwards of 150 Engravings of familiar and every-day objects. Crown 8vo. in stiff covers, price 6d.

The First Reading Book, containing

Easy Progressive Lessons of Spelling and Reading. By the Rev. W. L. Nelson, Head-master of St. Stephen's School, Edinburgh; profusely illustrated with Engravings of familiar every-day objects. Crown 8vo. in stiff covers, price 6d.

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The two last-named books are very neatly got "p, with an abundance of pictures of every-day life, the lessons being progressive; and bound in handsome cover in colours. In the second book the more difficult words are placed at the head of each chapter, so that the words may be spelt and understood before commencing to read.

The Two Books bound together in One, price 18.


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