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Apothecaries, examination clerks, technical and trade instructors, chemists, stewards, milk, butter, cheese and vinegar experts, chief steam and chief electrical engineers, inspectors of boilers and engines, building inspectors, inspectors of nurseries, junior physicians, librarians and library assistants.

(March 22, 1899.)

Beet instructors, Department of agriculture

Resolved, That owing to the impossibility of holding an examination to test the qualifications for fitness of applicants for the position of instructor in sugar beet raising, the request of Commissioner C. A. Wieting in his letter dated April 6th, that such position be exempted from examination, be granted, and that the commissioner of agriculture be authorized to appoint a suitable number of instructors of sugar beet raising, their tenure of office not to last longer than the beet growing season.

Resolved, That the secretary be instructed, in forwarding to the state commissioner of agriculture notice of the action taken by the Commission in regard to the position of instructor of sugar beet raising, to also notify the commissioner that nothing in the action taken by the Civil Service Commission is intended to permanently exempt the position of instructor in sugar beet raising from competitive examination; that hereafter the commissioner of agriculture will be expected in due season to request from the Civil Service Commission an eligible list of candidates to fill such position.

(Adopted April 18, 1899.)

Assistant engineer and rodman, Engineer and surveyor

Resolved, That the application of State Engineer Bond in regard to the promotion of W. J. Gilmore, chainman, to rodman, and Dorlan Clark, leveler, to assistant engineer be allowed upon the state engineer filing the necessary certificate of the superior merit and fitness of the persons to be promoted.

(Adopted April 18, 1899.)

Assistant in the history division, State library

Resolved, That the chief examiner is instructed to advertise a competitive examination for the position of assistant in the history division of the state library in the special work of translating old Dutch manuscripts; that in the notice it be stated that the salary of the position is $60 per month and that the restrictions in the rules of the Commission with regard to residence in the state of New York and citizenship be in this case dispensed with.

(Adopted April 18, 1899.)

Certification for promotion, city of Yonkers

A communication under date of April 5th from Francis P. Treanor, president board of police commissioners of the city of Yonkers, was read, asking the Commission to construe the civil service regulations for the city of Yonkers with reference to certifications for promotions in the police department. It was

Resolved, That the secretary be directed to answer the communication of Francis P. Treanor, dated April 5, 1899, and inform him that it is the sense of the Civil Service Commission that under the rules and regulations for the civil service of the city of Yonkers only the three highest names upon an eligible list can be certified to any appointing power for appointment or promotion to any office, preference, however, being given to honorably discharged veteran soldiers and sailors of the late civil war without regard to their standing on such list.

(Adopted April 18, 1899.)

Appointment of policemen, city of Rome

Letters from W. L. Kingsley and Howard C. Wiggins, police commissioners of the city of Rome, under dates of April 28th and 29th, respectively, with reference to the method of procedure in the appointment of policemen in that city, and asking whether it is the duty of the police board to hold an examination for fitness, were read. On motion, it was

Resolved, That the secretary communicate with Messrs. Kingsley and Wiggins and inform them that the attorney-general has held that since the passage of chapter 186 of the laws of 1898 only one examination to be conducted by the municipal civil service commission is necessary in order to determine the persons eligible to appointment. Also that section 28 of chapter 370 of the laws of 1899 continues in effect all eligible lists, and the person standing highest on any such list must be certified for appointment.

(Adopted May 2, 1899.)

Examination of policemen, city of Ithaca

A letter from Edward J. Mone, city attorney of Ithaca, addressed to the Commission under date of April 29, 1899, asking whether “the incoming mayor has under the civil service laws authority to require the members of the police force of the city, as at present constituted (they having once passed civil service examinations and been appointed thereunder), to submit along with new applicants to a new examination, from the results of which to construct a new eligible list and therefrom according to the provisions of the civil service law to appoint a new force,” was read. The secretary was directed to communicate with Mr. Mone and say that the Commission holds that the persons now occupying the positions referred to who have passed an examination under the law as it existed at the time of their appointment are properly and legally appointed and that no further examination is necessary.

(May 2, 1899.)

Messenger and clerk, Department of public works

A letter from Hon. John N. Partridge, superintendent of public works, dated May 2, 1899, requesting authority to assign Frank Langwig and Frank S. Harder to the positions of messenger and clerk, respectively, in his department, was read, and on motion the request was granted.

(May 2, 1899.)

Examination of deputy factory inspectors

Resolved, That the examination for the position of deputy factory inspector held April 1, 1899, be cancelled and that the chief examiner be directed to arrange for holding a new examination at the earliest possible tate. The chief examiner was further directed to prepare the preliminary requirements and scheme of examination for said position for submission to the Commission and factory inspector. It was decided that among such preliminary requirements should be one that no person shall be eligible to appointment to this position or to enter an examination therefor who is less than twenty-five or more than sixty years of age, nor who has not for five years immediately previous to the time of his application earned his livelihood by some mechanical trade or by work in the operation of a factory or mill.

(Adopted May 4, 1899.)

Kitchen keeper, Auburn prison Resolved, That in view of the statements made by the warden of Auburn prison in his communication of the Sth instant, the promotion of James B. Fulton from the position of guard to that of kitchen keeper be and hereby is approved. (Adopted May 16, 1899.)

Superintendent of licenses, Factory inspector

Resolved, That the chief examiner be directed to arrange for holding an examination for the position of superintendent of licenses in the department of the factory inspector, and that one of the necessary requirements for admission to such examination be an official experience in the enforcement of the factory inspection laws, and that such official experience constitute one of the subjects of the examination with a relative weight of fifty per Cent.

(Adopted May 16, 1899.)

Examiners and clerks, Regents of the university Resolved, That the persons regularly appointed examiners in the regents department may be assigned to perform clerical

duties, but persons who have been examined simply for clerkships cannot be assigned to perform the duties of an examiner except in elementary subjects.

Resolved, That the request of Secretary Dewey that a high school education or proper equivalent be a preliminary requirement for all positions in his department subject to competitive examination be approved.

(Adopted May 16, 1899.)

Inspectors, State architect A communication from State Architect Heins under date of May 4, 1899, asking that he be allowed to appoint Captain E. A. Greenough as inspector of materials and to supervise the preliminary work incident to the erection of a new state armory building at Whitehall, N. Y., was read. On motion the request was denied, as it was the sense of the Commission that an appointment to this position should be made from the present eligible list of building inspectors.

Resolved, That the appointment of Howard P. Foster by State Architect Heins as building inspector at a compensation of $5 per day be and hereby is approved on the ground that he has served with fidelity for more than three years in a similar position to which he was legally appointed.

(Adopted May 16, 1899.)

Stenographer, New York office, Commission in lunacy Resolved, That the application of President Wise of the state commission in lunacy, for authority to employ a stenographer in the New York office of said commission for occasional services at a compensation which will not exceed in the aggregate $400 per annum be granted under the provisions of rule VIII, section 9.

(Adopted May 16, 1899.)

United States commission to the Paris exposition A communication from Howard J. Rogers, director of education for the United States Commission to the Paris Exposition, under

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