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be as near uniform as possible and the Albany city rules are recommended as a model after which your rules may be framed.

“Please submit your rules in duplicate at the earliest possible date, prescribed by the commission and approved by the mayor.

“Any further information which you may desire to facilitate the preparation of the rules will be cheerfully given.”

The municipal civil service commissions generally adopted the suggestion of the Commission and formulated rules for approval based upon those for the city of Albany.

Rules for all of the cities of the state were approved by the State Commission as of the following dates:

Albany, June 27, 1899.

Amsterdam, August 12, 1899.

Auburn, November 28, 1899.

Binghamton, September 1, 1899.

Buffalo, July 11, 1899.

Cohoes, September 11, 1899.

Corning, February 15, 1900.

Dunkirk, October 14, 1899.

Elmira, August 18, 1899.

Geneva, October 3, 1899.

Gloversville, August 17, 1899.

Hornellsville, August 11, 1899.

Hudson, October 23, 1899.

Ithaca, July 27, 1899.

Jamestown, August 24, 1899.

Johnstown, July 29, 1899.

Kingston, August 24, 1899.

Little Falls, August 23, 1899.

Lockport, October 23, 1899.

Middletown, November 24, 1899. - Mount Vernon, August 25, 1899.

Newburgh, October 14, 1899.

New Rochelle, August 28, 1899.

New York, July 11, 1899.

Niagara Falls, July 3, 1899.

North Tonawanda, August 29, 1899.
Ogdensburg, December 30, 1899.
Olean, October 11, 1899.
Oswego, October 17, 1899.
Poughkeepsie, August 9, 1899.
Rensselaer, November 14, 1899.
Rochester, January 1, 1900.
Rome, July 29, 1899.
Schenectady, October 16, 1899.
Syracuse, September 26, 1899.
Troy, October 13, 1899.
Utica, October 5, 1899.
Watertown, September 26, 1899.
Watervliet; August 11, 1899.
Yonkers, September 23, 1899.


Resolved, That the first paragraph of rule XXIX of the civil service rules of the city of Albany be amended so as to read as follows:

“1 Whenever a vacancy occurs in any position in the competitive class above the lowest grade in any group, the commission shall forthwith arrange to hold a promotion examination limited to those persons who have for more than six months served with fidelity in the next lower grade in such group in the same office, department or institution, provided that if there are no persons who have served with fidelity for six months in the next lower grade, or provided all persons in the next lower grade fail in any promotion examination, then all persons in the second lower grade who have served with fidelity for six months in the same office, department or institution shall have the right to compete in said promotion examination. On the request of the appointing officer the commission may permit persons occupying two or more of the next lower grades to compete for the promotion, reason for such course being set forth in detail. Whenever after due trial it is found not practicable to fill a vacancy in any position through promotion in the manner herein prescribed, such vacancy shall be filled by original appointment through competitive examination in accordance with the provisions of rule XVIII.”

On motion the secretary was directed to communicate with the municipal civil service commission of the city of Albany and ask if the amendment as suggested meets with the approval of the commission, and, if the same is acceptable, to amend the Albany rules in accordance therewith.

(July 11, 1899.)


Resolved, That the secretary be instructed to write to the secre

tary of the civil service commission of the city of Auburn and

notify him that the State Commission cannot approve the rules 251

submitted for approval to the State Commission unless the following amendments to the classification are made: i

Keeper of the city hall, superintendent of charities, superintendent of waterworks, superintendent of repairs to school buildings, caretakers and janitors of school buildings, sidewalk inspector, chief engineer of the fire department, chief of police and assistant to the city clerk placed in the competitive class; and that there be added to the rules the omnibus clause to the following effect:

“ The competitive class includes furthermore all clerks, copyists, recorders, stenographers, bookkeepers and others rendering clerical services and not included in the exempt class, and all policemen, firemen, messengers, orderlies, court attendants, guards and keepers in station-houses and all persons employed or appointed in the public service and not especially included in the exempt, non-competitive and labor classes."

Also that the typographical errors noted in pencil in the copy herewith returned must be corrected.

The said Commission also notifies the municipal commission of the city of Auburn that the time within which such rules should be presented for approval having long since expired, and Auburn being now almost the only city whose rules and classification have not been approved, the Auburn commission is requested to amend the rules and classification as heretnabove suggested and return them to the secretary of the State Commission within three days from the receipt of this communication.

If not received by that time the State Commission will be compelled to disapprove the rules as presented, and to prescribe a series of rules and a classification for the said city. (November 16, 1899.)

Buffalo Resolved, That the schedules which form a part of the rules for admission to the civil service of the city of Buffalo be amended as follows:

“That the position of assistant sealer of weights and measures taken from schedule B and placed in schedule A.

“That clerk to the superintendent of police be taken from schedule B and placed in schedule C.

“That foreman and assistant foreman in the bureau of streets, gang bosses, and foremen other than foremen of leaks, valves and hydrants, and foremen of extension or pipe-laying in the bureau of water, be taken from schedule B and placed in schedule D.

“That the positions of painters, carpenters, blacksmiths, repairers of boiler tubes, masons, machinists, plumbers and tappers be taken from schedule B and placed in schedule C.”

(January 17, 1899.)

Resolved, That the rules for the civil service of the city of Buffalo be amended by the State Commission under the provisions of section 10 of the civil service law in the following particulars: Rule IV. Strike out this entire rule and substitute in lieu thereof the following: “To secure compliance with the provisions of the civil service. law prohibiting removals because of political opinions or affiliations and in accordance with the further provisions regarding the removal of honorably discharged soldiers, sailors, and marines and exempt volunteer firemen, no removal of any person in the classified service of the city of Buffalo shall be valid unless and until a statement of the causes of such removal shall be filed with the municipal commission and a copy of the same furnished to the person sought to be removed and until such person has been afforded an opportunity to present an explanation in writing. Every dismissal and other change in the municipal service shall be immediately reported in writing to the commission and to the city clerk.” Rule XIX. Third line, after the word “may,” strike out the following: “return from the eligible list of persons for positions in such grade” and substitute in lieu thereof the following: "hold supplemental examinations open to persons already on an eligible list most appropriate to that position, and prepare a supplemental list and return therefrom.”

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