The Writings of Thomas Jefferson: Correspondence, cont

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Taylor & Maury, 1854
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Page 334 - I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.
Page 429 - It completely reverses all the political relations of the United States, and will form a new epoch in our political course.
Page 554 - I discharged every person under punishment or prosecution under the sedition law, because I considered and now consider that law to be a nullity, as absolute and as palpable as if congress had ordered us to fall down and worship a golden image...
Page 138 - ... the field and Solomons in the council, but who have had their heads shorn by the harlot England. In short, we are likely to preserve the liberty we have obtained only by unremitting labors and perils. But we shall preserve it; and our mass of weight and wealth on the good side is so great, as to leave no danger that force will ever be attempted against us. We have only to awake and snap the Lilliputian cords with which they have been entangling us during the first sleep which succeeded our labors.
Page 329 - Let the General Government be reduced to foreign concerns only, and let our affairs be disentangled from those of all other nations, except as to commerce, which the merchants will manage the better, the more they are left free to manage for themselves, and our General Government may be reduced to a very simple organization, and a very unexpensive one ; a few plain duties to be performed by a few servants.
Page 501 - Louisiana, as ceded by France to the United States, is made a part of the United States ; its white inhabitants shall be citizens, and stand, as to their rights and obligations, on the same footing with other citizens of the United States, in analogous situations.
Page 451 - If we can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of caring for them, they will be happy.
Page 517 - This institution is one of the most deadly hostility existing, against the principles and form of our Constitution. The nation is, at this time, so strong and united in its sentiments. that it cannot be shaken at this moment. But suppose a series of untoward events should occur, sufficient to bring into doubt the competency of a republican government to meet a crisis of great danger, or...
Page 55 - Instructions are given to the governors of the different states to use all the means in their power for restoring prizes of this last description, found within their ports. Though they will, of course, take measures to be informed of them, and the general government has given them the aid of the custom-house officers for this purpose, yet you will be sensible of the importance of multiplying the channels of their information as far as shall depend on yourself, or any person under your direction,...
Page 25 - That the minister of the French Republic be informed, that the President considers the United States as bound, pursuant to positive assurances, given in conformity to the laws of neutrality, to effectuate the restoration of, or to make compensation for prizes, which shall have been made of any of the parties at war with France, subsequent to the 5th day of June last by privateers fitted out of their ports. That it is consequently expected, that he will cause restitution to be made...