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This brings to my memory a story I have somewhere heard, which runs thus : “A

strumpet, wishing to entice a young gen“tleman to the act of uncleanness with her,

being requested of him first to lead him

into some place that would be secret enough “ for indulging this desire : she accordingly “ led him into a private room ;

his saying that it was not private enough, she took him into another still more so; but

upon his saying that it would not do neither, “she led him into another, still more dark and

secret, and said, there is not a more secret place in the house; and sure it is impossible for

any to hear or see us in this place. Whereupon the young gentleman replied,

O yes, I am still afraid God will see us ; “ unless you can take me into some place “ where God cannot see, I dare not satisfy your


O that I and every one else would remember that the all-penetrating eye of God is ever upon us, and that darkness covereth not from him, but to him the night doth shine as day. Ps. cxxxix. 12. This, through grace, would deter us from those paths where such dein another case,

stroyers go, and put us upon saying with Jacob

O my soul, come not thou “ into their secret : unto their assembly mine “ honour be not thou united, Gen. xlix. 6, lest " thou mourn at the last, when thy flesh and

thy body are consumed.” Prov. v. 11.


There is another artifice sometimes used in the taking of fish, which cannot be so well done but in the drought of summer, when there is but little water running either into, or out from, a pool; and that is, by putting a certain combustible into the water, whereby the tenants of the stream become intoxicated, swim above, and submit to be taken at plea

Alas! doth not the adversary of mankind greatly use the artifice of intoxicating men through the immoderate use of spirituous liquors, and leadeth them on by little and little, from drinking at first merely to satisfy nature in quenching their thirst, to a real inclination for the bewitching juice; which desire he augmenteth in every opportunity where it may be indulged; and even to seek opportunities when no opportunities offer themselves, till at length they become habitual drunkards; which pernicious custom is not only a crime itself, but leadeth to the commission of all others.

He that seeth a drunkard, seeth every thing that is bad, for what crime is there that a drunkard is not capable of? He will almost undertake every thing, and do any thing to which he is prompted by the devil, his own heart, and cup-companions. Have not the greatest of crimes been perpetrated by men in a state of intoxication? even good men themselves, when overcome by this vice, have been guilty of most atrocious crimes : witness Noah, who, by making too free with the juice of the grape, became intoxicated, and exposed his nakedness. Gen. ix. 20---22. And just Lot, the favourite of heaven, but a little before delivered from the destruction of Sodom, fell into the sin of drunkenness, and committed incest with his two daughters. Gen. xix. 33---36.

It is likewise supposed by some, which supposition is not improbable, if we compare Levit. x. l. with 9, that Nadab and Abihu, through drinking, offered strange fire before the Lord, for which he destroyed them. An awful warning this to all in clerical orders who indulge this vice; for although they may not suffer the marks of divine vengeance in this life, as Nadab and Abihu did by eternal fire ; yet, without repentance, such cannot expect to escape eternal fire.

This vice, however odious in other men, is doubly so in those who minister in holy things. Let such know, their Master, whose ambassadors they profess to be, is a jealous God; and, if grace prevent not, will visit that iniquity upon them, and rank such shepherds at last among the goats.

What noise is this? I am all in surprise! a great concourse of people run this way from yonder village, screaming and making a clamorous noise, and one a little before the rest entirely naked.

I am all in a consternation! whether to stand or run, I am equally uncertain.---The crowd approaches rapidly. Ah! now I perceive the meaning of this phenomenon : it is

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