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These properties added to the absolute safety of Listerine, its agreeable character and uniform strength, concentrates into this preparation every requisite of a perfect Prophylactio, and gives it undoubted superiority over all other Antiseptics, especially for internal use. Formula.-LISTERINE is the essential Antiseptic constituent of Thyme, Eucalyptus, Baptisia, Gaul

theria and Mentha Arvensis in combination. Each fluid drachm also contains two grains

of refined and purified Benzo-Boracic Acid. Dose. –One teaspoonful three or more times a day (as indicated). As a local application to ulcers,

wounds and abscesses, or as a gargle, mouth-wash, inhalant or injection, it can be used ad

libitum, diluted as desired. The universal commendation of LISTERINE by Physicians and Scientists of all Schools throughout the United States, after five years' thorough Clinical Experience, has fully established its value in PHTHI818, DYSPEPSIA, DIPHTHERIA, CATARRH, DYSENTERY, SCARLATINA, SMALL-POX, ERYSIPELAS, TYPHOID and other FEVERS; and as the most grateful and pleasant disinfectant and prophy. lactic for VACINAL INJECTIONS in OBSTETRICS, LEUCORRHEA, GONORRHEA, and, notably, for the hands, after Surgical and Gynaecological Operations.

The anti-fermentative and anti-parasitic elements of LISTERINE, and its therapeutic record in Dysentery and Cholera Morbus, indicates it as an invaluable remedy, both for the

internal and external treatment, and prophylaxis of all forms of CHOLERA, Particular attention is directed to its service in Pulmonary Consumption, taken internally, in teaspoonful doses,

to control fermentative eructations, and to disinfect the Mouth, Throat and stomach. Its peculiar adaptability to the treatment of ORAL DISEASES, in Medical and Dental Pra tice, is set forth in a special pamphlet on that subject to be obtained gratis on Application, together with many. Valuablo Clinical Notes and Reprints by

Eminent Surgical and Medical Authors.

A Kidney Alterative and Anti-Lithic Remedy,



FORMULA.-Each fluid drachm of "LITHIATED HYDRANGEA, represents thirty grs. of Fresh Hydrangea, and three grs. of chemically pure Benzo-Salicylate of Lithia. Prepared by our improved process of osmosis, it is invariably of definite and uniform therapeutic strength, and hence can be depended upon in clinical practice.

DOSE.-One or two teaspoonfuls four times a day.

HYDRANGEA has been used with great satisfaction in calculous complaints and abnormal conditions of the Kidneys, and reports have been published by Drs. Atlee, Horsley, Monkur, Butler and others, all confirming Its value in Kidney and Bladder diseases. As the utility of LITHIA in Kidney diseases and of the urio aoid dle. thesis is well-known to the profession, the advantages of Hydrangea and Lithia combined in a form acceptable to the stomach, must be apparent to every intelligent physician, and, therefore, he is at once prepared to recogniso the value of LITHIATED HYDRANGEA in URINARY CALCULUS, GOUT, RHEUMATISM, BRIGHT'S DISEASE, DIABETES, CYSTITIS,

HÆMATURIA, ALBUMINURIA VESICAL IRRITATION, and all diseases in which a Kidney alterative or an anti-lithio remedy is indicated.

Hundreds of reports received since the announcement of this Formula sustain these claims, and will be forwarded gratis, upon request. E A Samp.e Bottle furnished if "Medical Brief” is mentioned.

LAMBERT PHARMACAL CO., New Office and Laboratory,

116 Olive Street, ST. LOUIS.


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It has a current so mild that it can not be felt excepting by the most sensitive, and yet be gradually increased to one so strong as to

fully meet the requirement 1 Cell, 2 Cell. of any medical demand.

Positively Acid Tight. The disagreeable jerk, or electrical "thump," so characteristic of many Batteries, is not found in there, but a current that is nowhere excelled for its yinencse, 8m othness and agreeableness.

As the cell will giveten to twelve hours' work, and can be used from day to day, until that much electric energy is consumed upon the same charge of Bi-sulphate Mercury used to get one hour's work

out of a once popular Machine, there is no question as to the The pole-cords are attached on the outside of the bor; the Graduator is outside, most handily placed and can not fall out; the Cut-of for making' and 'breaking" circuit is also outside.

The boxes are Mahogany or Black Morocco.
The Induction Coil, of best copper wire, carefully wound by skillful hends, and properly proportioned to produce the best effect.
The Cells are of hard rubber with

carbon chamber, charged with a solution of Bi-sulphate Mercury into which a zinc rod is im. mersed. Thezinc rod has a rubber head fitting tightly into the neck of the cell,

making the whole air-tighi and acid-light.
The Rheotome is made on an improved plan, and is not liable to get out of order.
The Pole-Cords, Hand-Electrodes, Wire-Brush, and Olive and Spherical Electrodes are of the best material and workmanship.

No. 1:-1 CELL 8 inches long, 3 1-2 inches wide, 11-2 inches high, : : 8 7 50.
No. 2.—2 CELLS, 7 1-2

3 7-8

: : : 10 00.
This is the only Electric Machine, where muscular exercise and electric quickening can go on
at the same time.

It is also a Perfect and Complete Electro-Magnetic Battery for family use. Beautifully made of mahogany or ebony. All parts nickel-plated, sealed cell,

and in all respects a novel, useful and most desirable apparatus.

THE SMITH & SHAW ELECTRIC CO., Send for Circulars.

168 W. 34th St., NEW YORK CITY

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American Pocket Battery

Manufacturers of the Standard

Electrical Instruments


For Physicians and Family Use. The design of this Battery is entirely original (not copied). In convenience, portability, power, economy and durability it has no equal. Our Patent Hard Rubber screw top (like a pocket inkstand), Revoluble Cell, holding the Mercury Solution without leaking, therefore can be carried in the pocket fully charged. Hindicate heavy brass strips connecting the Cell with induction Coil, supersed. ing the small wire connections on the bottom of all other batteries, so difficult to repair when broken.

Two pair nickel-plated Electrodes for clamping sponge free with each machine.

Sold by the trade-Retail Price, $10.00—and Every Battery Warranted. Send for descriptive circular K, giving special price to physicians for a sample battery prepaid. Address all letters to the ELECTRO MEDICAL BATTERY CO.,


For Physicians, Surgeons and Family Use. Galvanic Batteries, Electro-Magnetic Machines,

Galvano-Caustic Apparatus, Cabinet Galvanic

Batteries, and Electrodes of all descriptions. Illustrated Circular and Price List_sent free on application. “ Manual of Medical Electricityon receipt of ten (10) cents. 300 Fourth Ave., bet. 220 & 23d Sts., N. Y. - Please mention MEDIOAL BRIEF.

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Maltine is far superior in nutritive and diastatic value to any Malt Extract manufactured in the World. Send for Pamphlet giving

comparative analyses by twenty of the best analytical Chemists in this country and Europe.

There is no reconstructive that excels it in Phthisis and many wasting Diseases.

The following is from an article on MALT EXTRACT, by the late Prof. L. P. Yandell :

"Maltine, in its different forms, is the only Malt Preparation we now employ, being so palatable, digestible, and easily assimilated. Of its efficiency in appropriate cases there is no more doubt in our mind than there is of the curative power of Quinine, Cod Liver Oil, the Bromides and the Iodides.

Malţine deserves to stand in the front rank of constructives; and the constructives, by their preventive, corrective and curative power, are probably the most widely useful therapeutical agents that we possess.'

Extracts from recent article on MALT EXTRACTS as food, by J. Milner Fothergill:

"A good Malt Extract is a valuable food, a food of priceless value at times of emergency. In fact, in very grave gastric cases, Malt Extract is a food which may often be resorted to when at one's wits end what to do.'


MALTINE with Pepsin and Pancreatine. MALTINE with Hops.

MALTINE with Phosphates. MALTINE with Alteratives.

MALTINE with Phosphates Iron and Quinia. MALTINE with Cod Liver Oil.

MALTINE with Phosphates Iron, Quinia and MALTINE with Cod Liver Oil and Pancreatine. MALTINE Ferrated.

[Strychnia. MALTINE with Hypophosphites.

MALTINE WINE. MALTINE with Phosphorus Comp.

MALTINE WINE with Pepsin and Pancrea. MALTINE with Peptones.



her We will furnish gratuitously a one-pound bottle of any one of the Maltine Preparations to Phy. sicians who will pay the express charge.



Office: 182 Fulton St., NEW YORK.



When a physician prescribes an officinal preparation, he invariably expects such article to be of exact pharmacopeia strength. The success of the art of medicine depends largely upon minute and careful measurements, and the consequent observance of the finest laws of honor on the part of the manufacturing pharmaceutical chemist. Any departure from established formulæ, especially in the introduction of inferior drugs or extracts, for the sake of cheapness, is no less a wrong in morals than it is a swindle in trade.

In the manufacture of their specialties, Messrs. Seabury & Johnson have never almed to increase their sales at the expense of the quality of their goods. To make "the best," irrespective of all other considerations, has always been their aim. Hence, they call the attention of physicians and surgeons to the fact that they offer only one quality of medicinal and surgical plasters. All these goods are made in the best manner, of purified india-rubber, selected drugs, and incorporated with alcoholic medicinal extracts whose excellence is above suspicion. They are, therefore, guaranteed to give satisfaction in every respect.

Messrs. Seabury & Johnson have the honor of having first prepared a Ready Made Mustard Plaster on muslin. It is a convenient, clean, and thoroughly efficient preparation spread on strong cotton cloth, which is ready for instantaneous use by simply dipping it into water until perfectly wet. The objection to all mustard papers is obvious; for, when wet they break in pieces, they soil the skin and linen. Our plaster does not break, nor will the mustard peel off-as happens with all other makes.

We manufacture these plasters wholly of pure mustard, and warrant them entirely free from Croton Oil, or other dangerous substitutes often employed to induce intense irritation. To insure greater efficacy, and to guard against dampness, these plasters are wrapped in water-proof paper. Their con. venience as a household remedy is manifest. They are put up neatly in small water-proof packages, retailing at from fifteen to fifty cents, in yard, one-half yard, three, six, and ten pieces in tin boxes.

As to the superlative excellence of their Cantharidal, or Blister Plaster, Messrs. Seabury & Johnson are equally confident. One of the many respects in which it surpasses all others is its perfect cleanliness in use. It is prepared from carefully selected flies, which are skillfully manipulated at a low temperature, and it is not affected by climate. In the manufacture of this plaster, camphor is incorporated to prevent strangury; but the plaster can be ordered with or without camphor. Before application the surface of the plaster must be oiled-oiling eliminates the cantharidine quickly and promotes vesication. Sold in yard rolls.

Attention is called to the fact that the rubber combination in which this plaster is prepared, together with other materials used by us alone--preserves the strength of the cantharides indefinitely. The practical value of our process needs no argument with medical men and druggists.

How members of the medical profession regard our goods may be inferred from the following extracts, taken almost at random from a mass of similar evidence in our possession. Writing to Seabury & Johnson, from Tabriz, Persia, Geo. W. Holmes, M. D., says:

"I consider your plasters, for both medical and surgicai purposes, easily superior to those of all other manufactures of whom I have any knowledge. Especially am I pleased with your Mustard Plasters, so immeasurably superior to Rigollot's. I have been using your Camphorated Blister Plaster for some time with perfect satisfaction."

Dr. Robah F. Gray, of Winston, B. C., writes:

“ I can recommend the various plasters made by you as being thoroughly reliable, having used them for several years."

Willis P. King, of Sedalia, Mo., President of the Missouri State Medical Association, says:

"I take great pleasure in testifying to the merits of your line of plasters. One of the worries of a surgeon's life is to be plagued with an indifferent plaster when he needs a good one. The great variety of plasters which you make gives the surgeon everything he can possibly require in that direction."

W. Lewitt. M. D., Professor of Anatomy in the Medical Department of the University of California, writes :

“Your plasters of Belladonna, Cantharides and the Rubber Adhesive are the best ever used.”

Thousands of professional endorsements have been received by Messrs. Seabury & Johnson, in acknowledgment of the excellence and superiority of their preparations. Send for a catalogue.

21 Platt Street, New York.

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As the interest of many physicians has been greatly excited by the published accounts of the new

Anæsthetic Hydrochlorate of Cocaine,

we will send gratis, and postage paid, to any physician, a


(48 pages), on the wonderful plant and its preparation, from which this substance is obtained. The History, Botany, and Culture of Coca and its therapeutical uses are fully described therein, and on page 15 an account of the


The greatest therapeutical use of Coca, even greater than its local anesthetic quality, is the restoration of strength and nervous and muscular power from overwork and strain, physical or mental, which will be found testified to in said treatise by physicians of world-wide reputation.

Very respectfully,



19 East 16th Street, New York,

(Please mention MEDICAL BRIEF.]

Bd. Haussmann. Laboratory : Neuilly, sur Seine.

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