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Women and Banks

best he can. In all your intercourse with the bank offi

cers treat them with the same courtesy and candor that Recently a number of stories have again been

you would expect and desire if the situations were retold about the original methods adopted by wo versed. men in managing their bank accounts and check

Don't give your check to a stranger. This is an open

door to fraud, and if the bank loses through you it will books. These are so amusing, yet lead to so

not feel kindly toward you. When you send your checks many complications, that one understands why a

out of the city to pay bills, write the name and residence large Trust Company in Brooklyn has issula of your payee, thus: “Pay to John Jones & Co., of Bosmanual of directions to its “women depositors."

ton." This will put your bank on guard if presented at

the counter. These have not taken the form of a series of

Don't commit the folly of supposing that because you " don'ts," but give the instruction positively. It trust the bank with money the bank ought to trust you is stated that it is quite common for a woman to

by paying your overdrafts.

Don't suppose you can behave badly in one bank and go to a bank and make her deposit as Mary

stand well with the others. Remember there is a ClearSmith, and sign her first check as Mrs. John ing-House. Smith. A second source of trouble to bank Don't think it is unreasonable if your bank declines

o discount an accommodation note. If you want an officials is the tendency of women to overdraw

accommodation note discounted, tell your bank frankly their accounts. Bank officials account for this

hat it is not, in their definition, a business note. mente al by stating that women do not fill out their check stubs properly, drawing checks and making no

The Household Economic Association note of it on the stub. Of course the story of the woman who was indignant when told that she The National Household Economic Associahad overdrawn her account, and proved the con ion has organized a branch in New York City. trary by showing how many checks she had un The organization does not expect to accomplish used in her bank-book, has become folk-lore. anything this spring beyond organizing for work One bank has found it necessary to print in the in the fall. This Economic Association will take bank-book this bit of information : “This pass up

the study of the chemistry of cooking, food book, while kept by the customer, is really the adulterations, house sanitation, and physical culproperty of the bank, and nothing should be writ ture. The beginnings of the Economic Houseten in it by the depositor. The custom of some hold Associations are usually associated with ihe persons using their bank pass-books as personal

Columbian Fair, and are believed to have grown memorandum-books causes endless annoyance

out of the work done at the Fair by women. and labor to the bank clerk, who has to handle The idea originated fifteen years ago; it was prelarge numbers of these books in a short


of sented before the famous Chicago Women's Club time." It is said that these directions were made in a paper. Nothing was done until the Columnecessary because one woman handed in her bian Exposition, when the National Household bank-book to be made up ; in it she had put

Economic Association became a fact. Among cader the last figures made by the bank this the many subjects which will be treated by this memorandum :

Economic Association is the domestic servant Paid Stern's,

$26 question. The majority of the members of the Cook..

16 Household Economic Association believe that Theater tickets......


this problem is to be answered through the Cab


establishment of training.schools for servants, The bank official states that this woman was and this will be made, to a degree, the purpose of very indignant when told by the clerk that she

their organization. They also go a step further should not use her bank-book in this way. The

in believing that mistresses must be trained. Lincoln National Bank, which has a large num One of the directors believes that much of the ber of women depositors, has issued the following confusion in the domestic servants' problem is list of don'ls :"

due to the lack of standards on the part of misDon't draw a check unless you have the money in the tresses who take into their households servants bank or in your possession to deposit. Don't test the courage and generosity of your bank by

who cannot read or write, and that it is imposI presenting, or allowing to be presented, your check for a

sible to have intelligent service performed by larger sam than your balance.

women too ignorant to read or write. Don't draw a check and send it to a person out of the city, expecting to make it good before it can possibly get back sometimes telegraphic advice is asked about such

An Interesting Question decks.

Don't exchange checks with anybody; this is called Letters were sent out by Stanford University kiting." and is soon discovered by your bank. It does to seven hundred girls attending the public porez friend to good and discredits you. Doe't quarre) with the teller because he does not pay

schools in San Mateo, St. Paul County, Califorpau ia money exactly as you wish ; as a rule he does the nia, asking for answers to the following question :

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at once.

“What person of whom you have heard or read introduced herself. As the Queen came in, and would you most like to resemble, and why?" Madame M. rose to meet her, she said, “So, your The aim of this question was to ascertain the Majesty, there is to be no war?" "No, thank effect of history and literature as studies on the God," said the Queen, and they were en rapport imagination and characters of the students. To

Their hearts were “in the right place," the surprise of the educators who tried this ex and there was sympathy. periment, the majority of the seven hundred To keep house with one servant at the present girls who answered the question desired to re day, " receive" and " go out" even in a quiet way, semble some great man. A considerable number is no small thing to do, for housework is a conexpressed the desire to be strong and brave, tinual round of work; but so is the work of a rather than to possess the qualities regarded as factory. May it not be that a great trouble is in feminine. A girl of thirteen wrote: “I believe what I heard a young woman once say,

« I like a that I would rather resemble a man than a girl that I can go into the kitchen and find fault woman, because the deeds of women, although with sometimes”? [f, like the Queen, we were sometimes great, self-sacrificing, and brave, sink studying how to rule our little kingdom in the into insignificance when compared with the val- right way, we could see things from both sides orous deeds of men. Napoleon Bonaparte, in and not just from our own.

How many of us my fancy, is a hero of heroes.' Another girl would be willing to have our daughters go out as wrote: “I would like to resemble Barbara

servant-girls in the very best family we can think Frietchie because she was such a brave lady, and of? When we are inclined to find fault, let us you know there are not very many brave ladies.”

try to fancy our own child in some one's kitchen; The teacher who conducted this analysis urges then we may be able to practice the “Golden that it is the duty of instructors, and those who Rule."

M. A. B. are attempting to form and guide the character and minds of young girls, to place before them

A Question for Mothers historical material that will represent brave, true Dear Outlook : I was surprised to find myletter women, as this desire to emulate men must, in in reply to “A Question for Mothers” in your the end, if continued for a long period, eliminate issue of the 3d, yet was ready to pardon its pubthose attractive feminine qualities which, after all lication since you deemed it " practicable and is said, are the chief charm of all women. suggestive;" but I take exception to your remark

that “no one has pointed out a way for a neigh

bor to reach the child and help her without apFrom a Housewife

pearing to interfere with the mother," etc., etc. Dear Outlook : Your article upon the duties of Now, this was my intention in the plan suggested a “ Hungarian housewife” we read and enjoyed —namely, that whenever the child should show very much. The much-talked-of theme of “do

this “grief” (or jealousy) in the neighbor's house, mestic” is not exhausted, and, as you say of busi something should be done, carefully, judiciously, ness men, “there must be failures.” The great

to put some better feeling into the child's heart. trouble is, as of old, inexperience on both sides.

It may be done by a game, or a story with a moral I have heard it brought up against Carlyle that not too sharply emphasized, yet bearing closely he did so enjoy the wonderful household order

upon the failing to be dealt with. Use your “as though all the wheels were oiled "—of the

powers of mimicry (if you have any such) --this Royalty of England. Order," the first law of always pleases children-as you tell them of some Heaven," is enjoyed by all. There is a charm

little pigs or dogs who develop the human traits about it to which we are all susceptible. It can be of stinginess, generosity, willfulness, gentleness, obtained only by experience and training on both iealousy. Ask the children their favorite character sides. “The art” of housekeeping cannot be in the tale you may have told in this lively way; born with us any more than any other art. As

Tuck in your little bits of moralizing here and every home is a little kingdom of itself, so every there warily as you talk over the story. A too wife is supposed to be its queen. History tells obvious moral is as obnoxious to little folks as to us all queens have not been like “Victoria the big ones. Will not the child be helped in this Good,” who has made it the business of her life way? And is the mother interfered with in the to live for the good of her peoples and their least? I hope some one may give a better sughomes. In an article on “Madame Mohl's Sa- gestion for this particular case, “hit the nail upon lon” in “ The Atlantic ” some years ago there the head” more directly and forcibly, than I was this interesting little incident of the Queen: have done. Madame Mohl was visiting at the Dean's, and

I am not an enthusiast on the subject of kinLady Stanley, knowing that Madame M. was so

dergartens. Let there be good mother gardens unconventional, was hurrying to get into the room

and father gardens (which I deem quite as im. before the Queen came and met her guest; she portant), and the Herr Froebels can lay down came down and found them seated together and their

pens and enjoy the dear children that shall chatting like two school-girls. After the Queen left, be without their unrewarded labors in the writing she, Lady Stanley, asked Madame M. how she

of books.

L. W. H.



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Your Kitchen Maid whether competent or incompetent, can clean your silver, do it easier, quicker-giving it the silversmith's brilliancy if she uses


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Rootbeer should be in every home, in every office, in every workshop. A temperance drink, more healthful than ice water, more delightful and satisfying than any other beverage produced.

Made only by the Charles E. Airex Co., Philadelphia. A pack. age makes 5 gallons. Sold er. ery berc.



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thers 110 fodral

POLISH and your gain is two fold, for she cannot injure it. Electro-Silicon never scratches, never wears. It's unlike any other silver polish. Ask your grocer for it.

Trial quantity of us for the asking.

Box post-paid, 15 cts. in stamps. THE ELECTRO SILICON COMPANY, N. Y.

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Of all things in the world that should be good, your bicycle should be the best, for it is a friend and companion that will be taken on many a journey.

The best is none too good, and to have the best you must get a

combines with health only when the seat cannot sag. Our 1897 model has a rattan base, and wood fibre cannot stretch. It is broader in the back and narrower in the pommel than the '96—therefore better. Opening relieves all injurious pressure. Price, $3 50, express paid.


For sale everywhere. Mention where you saw this, and send 4c. for souvenir pin.


Rattan Saddle

It costs but a trifle more than inferior makes, and it lasts.





and Sporting Goods. 33 W.234 St., N.Y. Opp. Old Store.

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