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the Jewish rabbi, the Roman Catholic less of an experiment. We suspect that
priest, and the Congregational preacher admission to these services will have to
could all look to it at least for certain forms be by ticket. The chapel is not large, and
of special instruction. As we understand the experience of Harvard University and
it, there is nothing in the charter or con Cornell University, in neither of which is
stitution of Union Theological Seminary there so great a community from which to
to prevent engrafting upon it this larger draw a congregation, would indicate that
life, provided the necessary funds can be the problem of the Seminary will be, not
secured and given to the Board of Direct- to find auditors, but to furnish seats. If
ors to use for this purpose. The name this should prove to be the case, and
and the traditions of Union Theological Union Theological Seminary should be
Seminary both fit it for this enlargement able to put into its pulpit from time to
of its functions, and its President-elect time some of the great preachers of the
possesses that combined spiritual conserv- country, as Cornell and Harvard have
atism and intellectual progressiveness, done, the influence on the religious life
that intense loyalty to Christ, and that of the students cannot be otherwise than
open-mindedness to truth which peculiarly great and beneficent.
fit him for leadership in such an enter-
Even more important than this intel-

We Can
lectual broadening of the Theological
Seminary into the Theological University In every man there lie dormant powers
is its equipment with means for the devel- which he does not know he possesses.
opment of the spiritual life of its students. Every man has more ability than he thinks
The advice which the pious mother gave he has. However self-conceited he is,
to her son, to be careful not to lose his he has more ability than he thinks he has,
religion in getting theology, was not need- although he may not have the kind of
less. It may be difficult to say why it is ability which he thinks he has. There is
the fact, but that it is the fact cannot be in every man, potentially, power that he
doubted, that medical students in study- never suspects-power that never will
ing medicine are in danger of losing their come to anything unless it be quickened
humanity, and divinity students in study- by a power without himself, as the seed
ing theology are in danger of losing their in the ground will come to nothing unless
spirituality. The methods which Dr. Hall the sun shines on

To this power in has devised for meeting this difficulty every man Christ appeals. To every one seem to us very wise. His residence is waiting for some external gift, dreaming to be practically under the same roof with what he would do if he only had some the theological students. They will thus, one else's powers, lying idle in the expecto a considerable extent, share his life tation that some angel will come down with him. As far as an adjoining home and trouble the water, and then his time can relieve an institution from its purely will come, Christ says, as to the cripple of institutional aspects, ihis will be done. olden time, “Rise, take up thy bed, and Scarcely less important is the proposal to

walk.” In every miracle he gave the make the Seminary Chapel the center of healed something to do. a spiritual life, not for the students only, to receive help is to help ourselves.' The but for the community. Daily prayers only way to help others is to help them to open to the public will be something of a help themselves. novelty in this great commercial city. It

The best word of Christian philanwill be interesting to watch the success of thropy, generally, to the unfortunate is, the experiment. We do not see, however, “Silver and gold have I none, but such as why, wisely conducted, it may not attract I have give I unto thee. In the name of a worshiping congregation somewhat as Jesus of Nazareth, rise up and walk.” To the Harvard Vespers have attracted a wor open, as the Salvation Army has recently shiping congregation on Thursday after- done in New York, a free lodging-house, noons through the winter in Cambridge, and advertise it far and wide; to open, as Mass. Making the Seminary Chapel a a newspaper has done in New York, a platform for university sermons is perhaps free soup-house, and to advertise it far

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and wide, is the way to impoverish the of civil war ? The conduct of Ísrael poor, to aggravate distress, to increase through the wilderness made Moses; the difficulty, to injure humanity. That is kingdom made David; the Apostles' not the work of Christian love. For preaching made Paul ; the Reformation there can be no love without thought, made Luther; the Civil War made Abrawithout labor, without some measure of ham Lincoln. We are made by what we self-sacrifice. To fing a quarter to a do: our activity creates us.

The man beggar in the street is not love, it is lazi- who sits with folded hands until the angel ness; it is at best but an idle, inefficient, has come down and troubled the water and indifferent good nature.

never accomplishes anything. Endeavor We do not believe in “ Christian does not always achieve success; but it Science” or “mind-cure" or "faith-cure" can always achieve the greatest of all or any other of the isms that every now successes-character. The door of opand then walk across our stage, like portunity is always an invitation from ghosts, to disappear when the cock crows. God, and with that invitation comes the But in them all, and giving significance command, and with the command the to them, is the truth

that the spirit power. There is in every church in has more power over the body than we America a great deal of latent force have been wont to think. There is an not set to work. If only a Christ could effect of body on soul, but there is also come through our churches, and, lookan effect of soul on body. There is a ing in the face of every waiting disciple power in the human will to control the idly receiving instruction and serving in nerves and to minister to the physical or nothing, could say to him, “ Rise, take ganization. There are not a few persons up thy bed, and walk," and every one who really need no medicine but this : into whose eyes he looked should attempt a vigorous, emphatic command—“Rise, to serve, we should see a very different take up your bed, walk.” There are inva- church from the church we see now. lids who need nothing more than this: Nothing that ought to be is impossible. “ In the name of Jesus Christ I command To Christ's question, Can you drink of thee, Rise," and then a helping hand to the cup that I shall drink of, and be bapput them on their feet.

tized with the baptism that I am baptized But these are only illustrations of the with ? the Christian's

answer should higher truth : Every one of us can do the always be, We can. For God's child can work he ought to do. Opportunities are always bear the burden the Father puts commands, and when the command comes upon him, can always accomplish the task the power comes also. No man can tell the Father sets him, what he can do by consulting his own self-consciousness. The only way is to try. There are some men who sit so

The Outlook Vacation long wondering whether they can do a thing or not that the next-door neighbor,

Fund who is not so strong, has arisen and accomplished the task. The mere attempt readers of the opportunities it is possible for

The coming of the spring will remind our accomplishes something. The mere en

them to give the working-girls of the Greater deavor creates the power. Could Moses New York. Money is needed now every day have imagined, while he was the herds

to provide the opportunity to the tired-out, man at Mount Sinai, that he was to be a and often the worried-out, working-girl to have great statesman ? Could David have a two weeks' vacation.

This week a girl siximagined, when he was feeding his father's teen years old, who has been the main supflock on the hillside of Judea, that he port of a family of seven, must be sent away. was to be the organizer of the kingdom at once, for a month. of Israel ? Could Paul have imagined, in connection with The Outlook Vacation.

One of the delightful events of the week when in Jerusalem, that he was to be the

Fund was the receipt of a letter with a check founder of European Christianity ? Could

for fifty dollars from a group of friends who Abraham Lincoln have imagined, when wished to furnish a room in memory of one he was splitting rails, that in him was the who had died. power to lead a nation through the travail The students of Houghton Seminary at

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Clinton, N. Y., furnished the library at Cherry asks, “Who tied that little man to that
Vale when the house was enlarged. This

sword?” That misfits abounded in the anyear they will send about eighty volumes of cient as in the modern world is clear from carefully selected books for the library there. the observations of the Book of Proverbs on The books now at Cherry Vale will be sent the bore, the sluggard, and especially the to Elmcote, at Craigville, N. Y., and the simpleton, of whom it has so much to say books at Elmcote will be sent to one of the that it is our chief literary source for a full houses at Santa Clara, in the Adirondacks. morology, or science of fools. The Spectator The houses are nearly all ready for occupancy,

has heard Welshmen contend that their and money is needed to make them available. tongue was used in Eden. There is even For this we depend on our readers.

more reason for supposing that the Irish were

the primitive race, from whom mankind have THE VACATION FUND

inherited their propensity to “bulls.” A misPreviously acknowledged............

$7,293 38 Anonymous..

2 00

fit, as between desert and award, is also the

20 00 essence of the tragic as distinct from the epic, M. D.M

4 00

as when Socrates is put to death, or a cyclone Norwich, Vt....

2 00 M. W. S., Williamsburg, Va....

makes a shambles of a school-house.

1 00 E. M. S., Williamsburg, Va.

2 50 Mrs. U.'s Sunday School Class...

26 00 Brs. E. P. H., Ponce Park, Fla.....

200 M. A.C., Seattle, Wash.

The misfits of the world, and the tragic or

4 00 J. W.S...

1 00 comic situations they create, seem to grow J.S.T....

10 00

mostly out of a sort of genius the most widely Asheville...

50 00

diffused of any-a genius for blundering, In Memory Miss Mary Webster Babcock.

50 00 E.G. W., New Haven, Conn

25 00

getting the round peg into the square hole, Mrs. H. W. S., Minneapolis, Minn.

5 00 and vice versa. An up-to-date journal has

been known to return with the stereotype

7,497 88 Three Memberships

letter of thanks—which, like Mercury, the 3 00

conductor of souls to the place of the dead, Total........

$7,500 88 accompanies a rejected MS. to the darkness

of the writer's drawer--an early news item briefly reporting the death of a distinguished person. Seeing that this human genius for

blundering is conspicuous in sub-human naThe sign, « Misfit Parlor,” met the Specta ture also, the Spectator has wondered if it tor's eye one day, and set him thinking, were not an inevitable incident of the develWhat is the world itself but just such a show

opment of the unconscious into the fully conof misfits! Hence its tragedy and its comedy,

scious—at which, though we fancy it otherits tears and its mirth. The college professor wise, none of us has yet arrived. To be who chose for the theme of a talk to certain

sure, we hear it said that Nature never inmates of a retreat for the insane “The Con. blunders—a remark made plausible by a ditions of Success in Life,” and the wretched

certain strictness of sequence in her moveEphraimites in the Book of Judges who got

ments. Nature, indeed, never freezes the their throats cut for saying “sibboleth” in Amazon, or spawns fish on shore, but her stead of “shibboleth,” represent the contrast

malformations are ubiquitous. What else ing hemispheres, light and dark, of this world means the grim formula, “survival of the of misfits. One is at times fain to fancy

fittest," but that the evolution of the fit is Mother Eve as a sort of Mrs. Malaprop, whom accomplished through the extermination of more or less we all take after. Certainly at 'the misfit? the critical moment of her life she said yes, when she should have said no.

* Lord” Timothy Dexter, a rich simpleton

of Newburyport, was fortunate in being Mr. William Mathews, in his capital book, served by sensible men. Cajoled, for a joke, " Wit and Humor," says there is nothing new

into the belief that he would do well to send in that line, but modern jokes have an ancient a cargo of warming-pans to the West Indies, lineage. Our troglodyte ancestors at their he actually shipped them. But when the raw-meat banquets wagged their dolichoceph "cute" Yankee skipper reached the land of alous heads and grinned with their progna

the sugar-cane, he separated the long-handled thous jaws at the same sort of things we laugh pans from their perforated covers, and fitted at. The essence of the ludicrous, now as

handles to the latter.

Then he did a good then, is undoubtedly a perception of incon business by selling them to the sugar-plantgruity in a case of misfit, as when Cicero sees

ers for ladles and strainers, and Lord " dwarfish Lentulus wearing a long sword, and Timothy grew richer thereby. This story

The Spectator

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has suggested to the Spectator how on a under his neck, “ Pity that should be cut," universal scale the blundering of the uncon said he, “ that has never committed treason." scious or semi-conscious may be taken up into the intelligence of a Directive Consciousness for the ends of perfect wisdom.

An oracular person once remarked that it Surely,

was well there were so many unsettled ques.

tions, else we should lack material for mind. There's a divinity that shapes our ends, Rough-hew them how we will,

improving discussions. The Spectator has And the success of education is essentially misfits for much of its best literature. Not

conceived that the world is indebted to its in the development of consciousness to larger perceptions and completer control. But

to mention the inexhaustible mine they furthere is, as the Spectator thinks, no greater

nish to the tragic and comic poets and story: mistake than the fancy that the most devel- tellers, special works of great pith and merit oped human consciousness is as yet more

are devoted to them. Horace, in his celethan fragmentary.

brated “ Art of Poetry," has dealt with them from the literary critic's point of view, and

has bequeathed to us some oft-quoted lines Few of us have dreamed what a cellar, and thereon; as, sub-cellar too, there is in the house Wonder

The mountain labors to bring forth a mouse, ful which each calls I. Thanks to the So

and ciety for Psychical Research, “wonder, the parent of philosophy," has already issued in

Bring in no god to untie a simple knot. some dim conception of the unexplored depths Even Holy Scripture devotes two books to beneath that surface of ordinary thought and the subject—notably, the Book of Job, and memory which we call our consciousness. next the Book of Ecclesiastes, whose recur. The sub-conscious has already been regis- rent refrain, “Vanity and vexation of spirit," tered among the subjects of laborious study. may be regarded as the Hebrew idiom for Genius, too, has been defined as the faculty misfit, as in the cases he cites of servants on of drawing at will upon sub-conscious stores horseback with princes on foot, just men who that are latent in every man. What if it perish while wicked men prolong their days. should turn out that we have been living in cottages over a gold-mine! What may yet be possible when mankind has reached the But in a still profounder view we could not still distant goal of the Socratic maxim,

do without the misfits. One of the Specta" Know Thyself,” where a fully developed

tor's old pupils, not distinguished in youth as consciousness supervenes upon that less than

a scholar, has recalled a word of encouragesemi-consciousness whose blundering now

ment given him at school: You can comfills the world with misfits? Was it a true fort yourself when you have made a mistake: presentiment of this that made Tennyson ex once corrected, you never need make it again." claim,

There is more comfort than that: your neighAh, what will our children be,

bor sees it and will shun it. Thus unsuccessThe men of a hundred thousand, a million summers ful explorers promote discovery by writing

"No thoroughfare” upon many a blind alley.

Now, if cosmos is distinguished from chaos Meanwhile, we could not get on without by its eternal fitness of things, then a perthe misfits—at least as the Spectator views ceptive experience of the misfit is indispenthem. First of all, we must have, amid the sable to the full development of conscious world's stress and strain, something that we ness into that correlative fitness to the fitcan laugh at without malice—as when an nesses of the universe which is the condition ardent but impecunious lover, writing by the of ultimate humanity in its perfected life. same mail to his sweetheart and his tailor, Here the Spectator finds in the evolutionary puts the letters into the wrong envelopes. struggle the ethics which Professor Huxley Whether, as some opine, monkeys are, or are could not discover there. That struggle is not, a part of the creative plan for this mode not, as in the sub-human world, designed for of relief for the over-serious, misfits answer the extermination of the misfit individual, but to it as nothing else could. Even the relig for the elimination of the misfit ideas and ious papers, with their frequent tragic misfits principles which would debar him from the of rigor in the wrong place, have learned that survival of the fit.

Here some one may ask, the humanization of religious earnestness When this is accomplished, what shall we requires the column of which the comic mis have left to laugh at? Perhaps nothing: fit is the staple. Even in laying his neck The Spectator thinks it worth the hope that upon the block the pious Sir Thomas More laughter will one day be swallowed up in availed himself of this relief among his last joy, as the genial twinkle of stars that cheer consolations. Carefully lifting his beard from our night is merged in the light of the sun.


By Frederic Starr

Associate Professor of Anthropology, University of Chicago


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FTER twenty-two months of work developed into the likeness of an entrance the Tennessee Centennial is to an Egyptian temple. Considerable

ready for the world's inspection. pains are taken to follow ancient ideas in At the beginning the plan for the Expo- the columns, friezes, and decorations; the sition was modest; with development it exhibitions within, which represent the grew, until now a great international en- products of Shelby County, of which terprise is launched. Never before has Memphis is the county-seat, are all az so small a city undertaken so ambitious ranged in pyramidal or obelisk forms. a celebration; and the stress and toil Near here the lakelet narrows to a little have really fallen almost wholly upon the neck across which is thrown a quaint city itself. Atlanta, New Orleans, San bridge, a reproduction of the Rialto of Francisco, all did well, but general opinion Venice with its two lines of little shops. declares that Nashville does better. It looks lonely in these surroundings, and

"Centennial City" lies just west of the needs to be hemmed in between lines of " Athens of the South.” Imagine a lake- ancient houses to have that touch of reallet of irregular outline—it is Lake Wa- ity which shall make it recognizable. tanga about which lie the main build- One pretty feature in this central part of ings of the Exposition in a badly defined the grounds—that is, it will be pretty in ellipse. They are the Woman's, Chil- time—is the presence of long arbors, with dren's, Administration, Commerce, Rail- benches beneath them. These will be road Terminal, Transportation, Agricul- covered with a dense growth of gourds tural, Machinery, Negro, Mining, and For- and other vines, and will be delightfully estry Buildings. In a space between the shady resorts for weary sightseers. There first and last of these lies the United one real blot upon this fair scene; it is States Government Building.

a mammoth railroad car painted an ugly Four other general buildings lie within green, and bearing advertisements of a this ellipse ; they are the Hygiene and railroad company's lands. To place such Education, Fine Arts, Historical, and a structure within that range of grand Auditorium Buildings. The second and and impressive buildings was a singular third of these are fireproof, and will re blunder. main as permanent constructions. They

Near the Woman's Building is the Moare careful copies of two of the world's retti Fountain. Within an arch of stone. famous buildings--the Parthenon and the

work stands a female figure, with arms Erechtheon. Both stand on a terrace upraised holding a spray of snowy flowfrom which there is a gentle slope toward ers; above, upon the arch top, are two Lake Watanga. The front of the Par cherubs holding an opened pair of shells thenon faces eastward, and on the slope forming water-basins; below the arch, before it stands a majestic statue of Mi- before and behind, project shell basins; nerva, forty feet in height. It is the work the water overflows the upper shells and of Enid Yandell, and is said to be the falls in two veils of spray into the shells largest statue ever made by a woman. below. The flower-spray above the maidTo the left of one standing upon the

en's head can be illuminated by electric Parthenon steps and looking toward Lake lights. Considerable use is made of water Watanga rises the quaintest building on

on the grounds, and with good effect. the grounds that of the City of Mem- Besides Lake Watanga, there is near the phis. The name suggested to the archi- main entrance-which, by the way, is ittect the construction of a pyramid-shaped self artistic, with Greek columns and surbuilding. It is modeled after the Pyra- mounted by a Minerva statue--the smaller mid of Cheops, but the center of each Lake Katherine. Its outlet is crossed by base is pierced by a doorway, which is a little bridge just below a small cascade

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