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indeed be lengthened for a few hours; but death, in a more ghastly form, must inevitably seize him at last. “Our necessities," like our dangers, are more in number than the hairs of our head; and the relief of them is equally out of our power with our defence from danger. Our corporeal wants are multiform : so that, did not a superintending providence hourly care for us, we could not subsist through a single day. The necessities of our souls are still more urgent, and further placed out of human reach. Every moment we need pardoning, sanctifying, comforting, and supporting grace; because every moment we are guilty, polluted, helpless, and miserable in ourselves. Happy are those persons, who feel their spiritual wants with the same acuteness with which those of the body are felt, Quibus doleat natura negatis: who hunger and thirst after the bread and water of life, and who cordially call on God, who filleth the hungry with good things, to “help them in all their “ necessities.'

God's "right-hand" is His Omnipotence, so expressed in condescension to our capacities. We are not to suppose that Jehovah has a

body, parts, or passions;" but, as “the right “ hand" is the principal instrument of human action, it is made use of by the sacred writers as an apt emblem of Divine agency.

And when we intreat that God would stretch forth His “ right hand to help and defend us,” we implore the exertion of His Almighty power on our behalf. “ He is able to do exceeding abundantly " above all that we ask or think ;" and He has promised to be the Saviour of all them who put their trust in Him.

There is no method which we can adopt for the encouragement of our faith, in approaching the mercy-seat to ask help and defence in our dangers and necessities, that seems more favourable to its confirmation than that which we have already employed, namely, a contemplation of the character and conduct of the Divine Jesus. What He was, and what He did, when on earth, affords evidences and specimens of what God is able and willing to do for all His praying people, who seek His succour. Did He awake and rebuke the winds and the sea, when His disciples roused Him from His sleep, during the storm which threatened their lives and excited their fears ? Let the trembling penitent, during the continuance of the storm of life, awaken the attention of his God by earnest supplication, and He will hear and answer, preserve and comfort, and in His own good time, produce an eternal calm. When Peter, attempting to walk on the sea, began to sink, and cried, Lord, save! I perish;" did the gracious Saviour take him by the hand, and rebuke his unbelief? He will act the same kind part towards all who claim His aid, however great their danger, or weak their faith. Had Jesus compassion on the multitude, who had been with Him three days and had nothing to eat? Did He supply their wants to the full by an exertion of His mighty power? Thy God, hungry soul ! “will supply all thy needs out of “ His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”. Thou too shalt eat and be satisfied," and bless His name.

Remember that God in Christ is the same yesterday, to-day, and for ever, without “ variableness or shadow of turning.” VOL. I.

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