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THE HISTORICAL MAGAZINE, established originally in Boston, and edited during the first year by John Ward Dean, Esq., whose agency in establishing a work of such real value, and launching it fairly into the American public, deserves the grateful remembrance of scholars of the historic past of our country, has now passed entirely into the hands of the present editor, who has directed its columns since its advent to New York, except for the first year, when it was under the direction of the Hon. George Folsom.

Appreciating its value as a contribution to American history, a record and auxiliary to the constantly increasing and laboring Historical Societies, a stimulus and helper to all students in the science to which it is devoted, and all conscious of my few qualifications for the task, I have grown to regard the Historical Magazine as part and parcel of myself. When the publisher who had so ably commenced and conducted it found it necessary to relinquish its management, I felt reluctant to see it pass to other hands or cease.

Its condition has not been too prosperous. A large southern subscription, lost by the war, has not been replaced by an increased northern list; but I felt assured that, properly brought to the notice of societies and students, this would soon be remedied; and that its friends will, each in his own sphere, exert themselves to increase its list.

With the January number will begin the series of promised papers on American historians. These will, in many instances, be accompanied by portraits; and I shall endeavor to give, also, other illustrations not unbecoming the character of the Magazine. Endeavor shall be made to render the General Department more

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