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Page vii - ... the analysis of soils and water ; the chemical composition of manures, natural or artificial, with experiments designed to test their comparative effects on crops of different kinds; the adaptation and value of grasses and forage plants; the composition and digestibility of the different kinds of food for domestic animals; the scientific and economic questions involved in the production of butter and cheese; and such other researches or experiments bearing directly on the agricultural industry...
Page vii - That it shall be the object and duty of said experiment stations to conduct original researches or verify experiments on the physiology of plants and animals; the diseases to which they are severally subject, with the remedies for the same; the chemical composition of useful plants at their different stages of growth; the comparative advantages of rotative cropping as pursued under a varying series of crops ; the capacity of new plants or trees for acclimation; the analysis of soils and water; the...
Page x - Jersey citizen who is concerned in agriculture, whether farmer, manufacturer, or dealer, has the right to apply to the Station for any assistance that comes within its province to render, and the Station will respond to all applications as far as lies in its power.
Page 71 - This is no doubt due, in a large measure, to the fact that the pagans are opposed to education and progress, and cling tenaciously to the old Indian customs and habits.
Page 170 - IV. On a General Formula for the Constitution of the nth Generation of a Mendelian Population in which all Matings are of Brother and Sister.
Page 9 - The soy bean requires about the same temperature as corn. Professor Brooks says that the earlier sorts will mature in Massachusetts with as much certainty as will the earlier varieties of corn. As a general thing, the soy bean is not so easily injured by frost as the common field or garden varieties of beans, and hence it can be planted earlier in the spring and can also be left in the field later in the autumn. • Farmers
Page 135 - The Histological Basis of the Different Shank Colors in the Domestic Fowl. By HR Barrows. 'Maine Agricultural Experiment Station Annual Report for 1914, pp. 237-252. 73. Studies on the Physiology of Reproduction in the Domestic Fowl.
Page 4 - ... the continual scraping up of the dirt so that the tubers growing in the ridge are considerably above the surface between the rows. It can be readily seen that in a dry season a field so handled must suffer considerably from lack of moisture. Of course, in a wet season as is frequently experienced in Aroostook County no lack of moisture is felt and the drains between the rows are an advantage rather than an injury, but in an extremely dry season it would seem that the drainage is too great. The...
Page viii - There shall be appropriated annually from the state treasury the sum of one thousand dollars in favor of the Maine Agricultural Experiment Station, and the same may be expended in the analysis of food and agricultural seeds. So much of said appropriation shall be paid by the treasurer of state to the treasurer of said Experiment Station as the director of said station...

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