NBS Special Publication, Issue 284

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1918

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Page 74 - Director of the Office of Science and Technology in the Executive Office of the President.
Page 56 - Assistant to the President of The International Nickel Company of Canada, Limited, and a Vice President of The International Nickel Company, Inc., assigned to executive support of major corporate activities.
Page 4 - ... Vannevar Bush, who later served as chairman of the board of Merck & Co., Inc. For his OSRD work, Mr. Connor received a Presidential Certificate of Merit. In 1944 he went on active duty with the US Marine Corps, serving In the Pacific as an air combat intelligence officer. Returning in 1945 from Japan, he became counsel to the new Office of Naval Research, and later, Special Assistant to Navy Secretary James Forrestal. Joining Merck & Co., Inc., in 1947, as general attorney, Mr. Connor held several...
Page 92 - ECONOMIC EFFECTS OF ONLY THREE TECHNOLOGICAL INDUSTRIES OUT OF MANY In 1945, the TELEVISION, JET TRAVEL, and DIGITAL COMPUTER industries were commercially non-existent. In 1965, these industries contributed more than $ 13 BILLION to our GNP and an estimated 900,000 jobs . . . and very important, affected the QUALITY of our lives.
Page 22 - One might ask whether an electronic industry could exist without the previous discovery of electrons by people like Thomson and HA Lorentz. Again, it didn't happen that way. One might ask even whether induction coils in motor cars might have been made by enterprises which wanted to make motor transport and whether then they would have stumbled on the laws of induction. But the laws of induction had been found by Faraday many decades before that. "Or whether, in an urge to provide better communication,...
Page 159 - Office of International Economic and Social Affairs Department of State Washington, DC Paul Sithi-Amnuay, Vice President Bangkok Bank Ltd.
Page 68 - We have seen, too, what government research and development contracts given to the university and to private corporations have produced in overcoming scientific and technological obstacles in the remarkably short time. "The same partnership concept, the same systems approach ; the same investment in research and development, applied to other public needs may prove to be the way in which our rich nation may finally be able to overcome economic and social problems which have been generations in the...
Page 8 - ... member of the Advisory Board to the Industrial College of the Armed Forces; member of the Naval Research Advisory Committee (Chairman, 1960-62), Office of Naval Research; consultant to the Air Force Office of Scientific Research; and member of the Policy Advisory Board, Argonne National Laboratory, and of the Statutory Visiting Committee for the National Bureau of Standards. Dr. Seitz is vice president of the International Union of Pure...
Page 154 - Walter L. Lingle, Jr. Executive Vice President The Procter & Gamble Company Cincinnati, Ohio Arnold Lissance, Interpreter Division of Language Services Department of State Washington.
Page 95 - Frequency Modulation Radio Edwin Armstrong Self-Winding Wristwatch John Harwood Continuous Hot-Strip Rolling of Steel John B. Tytus Helicopter Juan De La Cierva/Heinrich Focke/ Igor Sikorsky Mercury Dry Cell Samuel Ruben Power Steering Francis Davis Kodachrome L.

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