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who disquiet us; Living in pleasure ; is our zeal heavenly ? 97. Im-
portance of punctuality ; Early education ; David Hume ; 98. Fenelon
to a friend ; Bear up under the infirmities of our earthly tabernacle ; 99.
The heavenly visitant; A dying saint; 100. “ Before I was afflicted I.
went astray;" 101. “The calm retreat ;” The small things that diffuse
peace; The truths of the gospel ; 102. Hearts in union; 0! days of
heaven; Queen of Navarre ; Judge men by the maxims of their own
age ; 103. Isaac Watts; Burke, on John Howard ; 104. Queen Mary ;
105. Think of other's comforts ; The wise man's desire; 106. Why
should we differ ? John Newton on flattery; 107. The pronouns I and
Me; The needle's point; Why not love as brethren; 108. The moni-
tions of the spirit; The world a flying shadow; Wise frugality; Indi-
cation of a depraved heart; Pride has many rubs; 109. Antidote to
self-love; A judicious silence; A forbearing temper; 110. She that
liveth in pleasure ; Judge not another by thine own pattern; Modest de-
portment; 111. Young heads are giddy; The well-informed youth ;
The "sweet song;” 112. Worldly prosperity; Religion; The bent of a
man's mind ; 113. Watch thy minutest actions; Learning and honour ;
Joining the innumerable company; 114. An idolater; Feeding on the
hidden manna; Lose no opportunity of doing good ; 115. Despise not
the check of conscience; True friendship; Contemplate the actions of
the wise ; 116. Value of time; Eternity; 117. Worldly greatness ;
Too little meditation; True wisdom; 119. First improve ourselves ;
Conversation ; Insensibility to eternal things; The laurel crown and
cypress wreath; 120. Art thou offended; The tail of the fox; 121.
Matthew Henry; Loving every body; Two friends at variance ; Our
conversation in heaven ; 122. A heavenly companion ; 123. Town clerk
of Ephesus ; Godly people are praying people ; Prayer is the vital breath
of faith ; 124. Attendance at public worship; Archbishop Usher; The
Christian ; Words of a door-keeper at a playhouse ; 125. Forgetfulness
of God; Human imperfection ; 126. Ungodly marriages ; 127. Inoi-
dental good actions ; New converts; The deviser of liberal things ; 128.
True bliss ; 129. Solitude; Our actions ; A dying nobleman ; 130. Be-
lievers upheld by faith ; 131. Bearing to be told our faults; Eternity ;
132. The hand that can overthrow; 0, popular applause ; 133. That
field of promise ; Lady Rachel Russel ; 134. One master passion; Real
Christians; 135. True Religion ; 136. An earnest of future happiness ;
138. Repentance; Men grasp at too much; Henry Martyn ; 139. We
can do nothing of ourselves; No retreat from the field of battle ; 140.
The sorrows of the saints ; 141. What we appear at home; The com-
nunion of saints ; 142. Those who endure ; 144. Humanity ; Study
the power of religion ; To know ourselves; Examine ourselves with
suspicious severity ; 146. True zeal; 147. Use the balm of love to
convince of error ; True charity; the sin of exaggeration; 148. Enough
has heaven indulged; Knowledge ; 150. The plaguo in London; Thy

hours and moments; 151. Bashfulness; Cecil-Watts' Hymns; 152.
The true dignity of man ; Love and envy the antipodes of each other ;
153. The fire in London; Aiming at great things ; Real worth may ex-
coed appearances ; 154. Learn to suffer, as well as to do, the will of
God; 155. Hope ; Fiery trials ; 156. A rule for giving ; James Hervey
under dying circumstances; 157. The path of Life; Lines on dying
expressions; 158. Maxim of John Newton; Self-esteem; 159. The
Holy Spirit ; The earthquake in Lisbon ; 160. The Christian's habit of
turning to God; All joy to the believer; 161. Be kind to enemies as
well as friends; We are to exercise faith, our Lord will have CREDIT at
every step; The aged Christian ; 162. Cecil's experienee; 163. Ex-
posing the imperfections of the religious world; A violent sectarian
spirit; An ostentatious spirit; I prais'd the earth in beauty seen; 164.
Safety in the Divine fear; Countess of Huntingdon ; 165. What our
hope of a wedding garment; Lackest thou anything; 166. Such is the
soul that leaves this mortal land ; 167. The boast of heraldry; A little
rule, a little sway; Thomas Scott on meetness for heaven; 168. Elias
Boudinot respecting some Indians; 169. Men ought always to pray ;
Earthly possessions; 171. John Janeway ; 173. The Tahitians; 176.
Sow in the morn thy seed; 177. The Tahitian parliament; 178. Who
can view the stately pillars gone; 179. Daily irruptions of the enemy;
180. Varied gifts and graces of the Holy Spirit; 181. Take care how
we judge; 182. Religious professors; R. Cecil and the pomegranite
treo; 183. The wealthy grazier; 184. All is vanity and vexation of
spirit ; 187. The path of sorrow ; Songs in the night; 188. Grand
houses ; The prosperous fool, the prosperous Christian ; 189. A soft and
delicate life; Happiness of a sufferer; 190. Love endureth all things;
191. Humility; Duty to a parent; Johnson on Garrick’s fine house ;
193. Shelf for tried characters; 194. Christian love ; 195. “ Blessed
is he that considereth the poor;" 196. We talk of happiness; 199. A
witty sneer on sacred subjects is a species of sacrilege; A Christian's
wit is inoffensive light ; 200. George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham;
201. The learned and pious Richard Hooker; 202. Thou art thọ
source and centre of all minds; 203.


The works of the Divine hand; Cheerfulness; 205. A well regulated
mind; The trials of good men ; 206. Prayer; 207. Be ready for every
separating stroke ; Living below our privileges; 208. The praise of men;
209. Diary of Joseph Williams; 0, when thou city of my God; 210.
Taking steps in life ; 211. Spirituality of mind ; 212. The Bible ; Me-

moir of Shackleton ; 213. Matthew Henry; 214. Meditation; The
world is seldom what it seems; The conversation of too many; 215.
The piously disposed heart; Fruit according to the scion ; 216. Pleas-
ure too eagerly pursued by youth; A righteous man's conversation ;
Jane Taylor's last letter; 217. Prayer is the soul's sincere desire ; 218.
He that worketh all in all; He who only talks of Christ; Stoical apathy
is not Christian fortitude ; People love to be accosted mildly; 219. An-
thony Benezet; 0! ye who still exult in prosp'rous gales ; 220. Properly
numbering our blessings ; 221. The hill of prosperity ; The princely
pine, on hills exalted ; The Lord deals graciously with his people; 222.
And, 0, ye children of affliction! 223. The heart which bleeds for other's
woes; The rich and the poor ; The solace of prayer in trouble ; 224. А
young man at a ball; The bell strikes one ; 226. The cup of sorrow;
Eliza Cunningbam; 227. The Christian race not to be run at a heat;
229. A backslider ; Return at once when I reprove ; Lady Huntingdon;
230. A soft answer; Be gentle to all; Be of one mind; 231. Love
makes the music of the blest above; Mothers can do great things; All
not alike cheerful; 232. None to live to themselves; He who guides
his affairs with discretion ; 233. The work of grace in our own souls;
The pruning knife of affliction ; 235. Tenderness of conscience ; 236.
A kind word affords comfort; The eleventh commandment; Love is the
sweetest bud that blows; Holy serenity of soul; 237. A Christian is a
new creature; Beware of covetousness; 238. The design of God is to
root us out of everything; Active benevolence ; 239. Peace of mind;
Our Saviour continued all night in prayer to God; 241. Wise above
what is written ; 242. Self-confidence ; 243. Make the Lord Jesus
your friend; When yonder glittering lamps on high; 244. Paley on
the Lord's Prayer; A growing believer; 247. Mungo Park in a season
of peril; 248. Let the bright beams of science shed; The goodness of
our Creator; 249. Happy, if full of days; 250. Halyburton's exhor-
tation ; Sir William Jones in his Bible; Hold the truth with firmness,
but in love ; 251. Love the very stamp and badge of our Saviour ; Be
much in prayer; We are not to seek the favours or fear the frowns of the
world ; 252. Folly of a self-seeking spirit; The experience of the dying
vary; 253. Consistency in the character of good parents; 254. Tena-
city of the unconverted; A sympathizing temper; 255. Affliction not
joyous to the flesh; 256. The founder of the Charter-house ; 257. It
wins my admiration; These as they change ; 258. Purity; The golden
hours of the morning; Awake ! the morning shines; The duties of hu-
manity; 259. Cecil's thought for a poor horse ; 260. Churlish beha-
viour; 261. Walk closely with God in secret; Faith says it shall be
well with the righteous ; 262. The joy of walking with God; 264. Do
I return good for evil; Punctuality ; Henry Martyn; 265. Devotion
yields rich pleasures; Recognizing a brother in Christ; I feel I have a
heart; 266. The Christian has many cordials; Eminent saints greatly

provęd; 267. If the soft hand of winning pleasure leads; We have no
abiding city here ; 268. Solemnity of a dying hour; The blessed change
which the Gospel offects ; 269. What are earthly possessions without the
blessing; 270. “Thou knowest not now, but thou shalt know hereafter;"
Sympathy with our fellow probationers; 271. Summer and winter sea-
sons; Oh! I have seen the day ; 272. The transcendent power of the
Omnipotent; The sun, a world whence other worlds drink light; Paley
on the construction of the human heart; 273. But is't not, stranger,
proof of greater power ; 274. The volume of creation ; If, traveller, in
dull apathy, thou stray; 275. The ocean of Almighty love; In every
object here I see; Death of W. Jenkyn, in Newgate ; 276. Call Jeho
vab thy salvation; 277. The peace which diffuses itself over the soul of
the true Christian; How wanting wisdom, they who fondly turn; A noblı
air, the concomitant of an approving conscience ; 279. “ Behold, nor
is the accepted time;" 280. Faring deliciously every day; 281. Fol-
lowing Christ on certain conditions ; 282. A slandering tongue; Being
falsely accused; 283. Mourning turned into joy ; Comfort take, thou
child of sorrow; 284. Living in the exercise of faith ; 285. A con-
science at peace; 286. Two priests of Budhoo ; 287. For ever with the
Lord; 0 Christians ! let the world see you are not the losers in your joy;
288. The life and acts of a new creature ; Foretaste of heaven's joys;
289. Let the mantle of worldly enjoyments hang loose about thee; Je-
seph Hughes; The death-bed of a Christian ; 290. How bless'd the
righteous when he dies; Jesus, I my cross bave taken; 291. Bernard
Gilpin ; Yes! there's a power; 293. A conviction that God heareth
prayer; Prayer ; Siaging praises to God; 294. Gladness thy sacred
presence brings ; The days of the believer's mourning shall be ended;
295. “ Poor and afflicted,” Lord, are thine ; The blessedness of trusting
in God ; 296. Affliction ; The Lord can clear the darkest skies ; 297.
Retiring for holy converse with God ; 298. “O the depths of the riches,
both of the wisdom and knowledge of God;" So he ordained, whose
way is in the sea; Angel of hope ! sweet regent of the hour; 300. Our
enemies cannot deprive us of communion with God; Free by birth of no
mean city ; 301. Similarity of feelings in the experience of the pious ;
It is in hope the saints rejoice; 302. True happiness is not the growth
of earth ; Civility, or good manners ; 303. Let us offer the sacrifice of
praise to God continually; The Christian's trade is heavenly; 304. 0
Lord, thy heavenly grace impart; 305. John Frederic Oberlin ; 306.
As when a child, secure from harms; 307. True candour; The Lord re-
wardeth in full measure those who extend kindness to his servants ; Nei-
ther despond nor be weary in waiting upon God; Still raise for good the
supplicating voice; 308. Eternity, who can grasp the mighty idea ? If
all the waters flowing round this earth ; 309. Life and its end ; 310.
Though wealth awaits thee with o’erflowing hànd; A narrow, contracted
spirit ; 311. A whole family in unison ; A solitary blessing few can find;

To criminate and to recriminate never yet was the road to reconciliation ;
312. Christians closely knit together; 'Tis grace, 'tis bounty, and it
calls for praise ; Memoir of Samuel Kilpin ; 313. Princess Anne; Re-
member our Creator in the days of our youth ; 314. Wisdom divine !
adorable the name; The seasons of Adam Clarke's life; 315. Canst
thou renounce thy fancied righteousness? 317. Gracious father ! break
each false repose ; Appreciate the efforts of our friends to please and
comfort us; Suppress every word which may give pain, especially in the
time of afliction ; 318. There is in every human heart; Wait not till
thy friend is no more, to appreciate his worth; A proud man; Humilia-
tion ; 319. The walk of a good man; The peculiar blessing of spiritual
mindedness; 320. Prayer the connecting link between earth and heaven;
321. Go, when the morning shineth ; 322. I tread the path the patri-
archs trod; 323. Taking leave of all here ; 324. Thou art a borderer
upon eternity; 326. The prosperity of Christians inseparably allied to
obedience; In seasons of distress; 327. Gay attire ; Vain man! Is
grandeur given to gay attire? The furniture of a renewed mind; 328.
Persons dying intestate ; 329. Responsible according to talents given ;
Perseverance in a holy life; The beauties of creation ; 330. Dilatory
persons; Wm. Wilberforce ; 331. John Newton; Shewell on Cowper ;
332. Solomon's "sacred pastoral ;” 333. A strict adherence to truth;
A candid, open character; Keep within the limits of thy income; 335.
When winds the mountain oak assail ; Who art thou that soaring high ;
336. Laura at Clifton ; 337. Charles Simeon ; 338. The pleasures of
sense weary ; 339.


Affability; Prolixity in writing or conversation ; 343. Rowland
Hill's gardener ; 318. Filthiness of external babits ; Cleanliness; Row-
land Hill; 349. A certain portion of income for the poor; 350. Sacri-
fices that cost nothing ; Guard against ostentatious parade ; The essence
of charity ; 351. Signs of being the Lord's children ; Poverty of spirit;
Faith in Christ; 352. Ah! why by passing clouds oppress'd ; 353. John
Newton ; Minute turning points in our lives ; 354. “Oh! who shall say
how great the plan;" Sir Matthew Hale ; 355. Let not trifles interrupt
thy happiness; 356. Sir Matthew Hale on the observance of the Chris-
tian Sabbath ; 357. Gurney on Christian love ; 358. Imagery of the
Heathens; Two Italian Proverbs; 359. Cecil on prejudices; Communion
of saints ; 360. In judging another, remember the bias of education ;
361. Joys in store for the righteous; Father, Redeemer, Comforter Di-
vine ; 362. Suffering and war with the world; Traveller through this

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