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vale of tears; 363. Ignatius; Importance of a good example; 365.
Parisian life ; 366. Sin is a monster of such frightful mion; Chester-
field on the pleasures of the world ; 367. Pleasure's the fatal rock which
most have split on; Religious duties neglected;, Where the inexperienced
often suffer; 368. Eyes dazzled long by fiction's gaudy rays; God of-
ten touches our best comforts ; Our hearts are fastened to this world ;
John Fletcher; 369. A dependence on the immutable rock; Christian
pilgrims helping each other ; 370. Beyond the dark and stormy bound;
Prejudice ; If once to prejudice the soul's resigned ; 371. Ridicule and
raillery; Temporizing; 372. 0 Professor, keep the King's highway
Find out the truth ; Seize upon truth where'er 'tis found; The Lord will
protect the innocent; Rowland Hill on being libelled ; 373. Communion
of saints on earth; Bearing provocation ; Hall on real attainments; 376.
Thy triumphs, Faith, we need not take ; 377. Experience of the saints;
Shake from my soul, o’erwhelmed, depressed ; Countess of Warwick ;
378. Alexander Cruden ; Hall upon a full-blossomed tree; 379. Leigh-
ton; Self-love ; 380. Adam's private thoughts ; Count present blessings ;
381. The children of God; With the lowly is wisdom ; What will hum-
ble us to dust; 382. Holy patience; Cecil; The wild palm tree ; 383.
Two young men at Port Royal ; 384. Sir Christopher Hatton ; 385. God-
liness with contentment; 386. Happy, oh happy he, who not affecting;
John Thorp; 387. How Christians should love one another; 388. The
charity which suffereth long ; 389. The Christian's graces should be seen
walking abroad ; Sir Matthew Hale ; 390. Consider how variously minds
are constituted ; 391. Let us not fill the valley of our pilgrimage with
the baneful monuments of our contentions; Many of the persecutors of
Christ's Church have come to an untimely end ; 392. What is a church?
Let truth and reason speak; 393. Sincerity is an essential attribute of
personal religion; 394. Who best can suffer, best can do; God bids the
sun ascend the skies; 395. When God commands, fear not man; It is
the best and longest lesson, to learn how to die ; 396. There is a land
of pure delight; Leighton on a journey to Dumblane ; 397. The Chris-
tian parent; Hannah More on the value of prayer; The Newcastle col-
lier boy ; 398. Take care that thy riches be not as silver bars to cross
thy way to heaven; Give freely what thou giv'st; The comprehensive-
ness of Christian charity ; Excesses of luxury, costly diversions ; 400.
O Luxury! thou curst by heaven's decree; Danger lest the practice of
invariable economy should lead to the love of money; A rebuke from a
poor Hottentot; 401. The standard of gospel disregarded to suit our
own purposes; 402. The trimming of the vain world would clothe the
naked; Thomas Hogg; 403. And along that vale of tears; Our ever
present and Almighty friend; 404. Let the young abound in compassion
toward the aged; Serle-On feeling for the aged; Against the reading
of unprofitable books ; 405. Oxenstiern, Chancellor of Sweden ; Avoid
rcaching the utmost bounds of what is lawful; 406. A natural will

ploughed up; 407. Rowland Hill; A Christian ought to be universally
compassionate ; 408. An expedient for conversing by a reference to
texts ; 409. Be pitiful, be courteous; The two disciples on their journey
to Emmaus; 410. The true believer is a new creature ; 411. A saint !
Oh would that I could claim ; 412. The soul of the believer must be
habituated to action; Approaching the heavenly shore ; 413. The mer-
chant, who towards spicy regions sails ; Thou, as a gallant bark from
Albion's coast; Intimate friendships ; 414. The temple of Solomon ;
No hammer fell, no ponderous axes rung; We may harmonize in prin-
ciples, though we may differ in punctilios ; 415. Party spirit; 416.
In the midst of life we are in death ; 417. Love of the stage; Can
laughter feed th' immortal mind? The poet Shakspeare ; 416. A Chris-
tian cannot with impunity enter into the spirit of the world ; As in the
inn there was no room for our Saviour, so neither is there room for him
in our depraved hearts ; 420. Mind not the difficulties of thy march ;
Anecdote of Windham, irreverent use of the sacred name : 421. Leigh-
ton—the children of God ; 423. Hear what God the Lord hath spoken;
If the world hate you, 424. The Apostle Paul : When pining sickness
wastes the frame; 425. The example of the aged Christian; 426.
Reader ! art thou desolate and afflicted; Fear not, Zion's sons and daugh-
ters ; 428. “Be still and know that I am God ;Think not, when all
your scanty stores afford ; 429. Early dedication ; 431. “These six
things does the Lord hate ;” 432. Uncertain wages of glory and thanks
amongst men; Peace-makers; 433. Doddridge on the healing of breaches;
434. Ye different sects, who all declare; Scruples of conscience should
be tenderly treated; 435. Godliness the beginning of joyfulness; Be
not conformed to this world ; 436. Judson on dress ; Leighton on the
better wardrobe ; The sons of Eli; 437. To be pleased with what God
pleases; 438. The conversion of a soul; 439. The fanning time, the
day of sifting ; 440. The Gospel spread by fishermen ; The children of
Israel ; 441. The passage through the wilderness ; Ye fearful saints,
fresh courage take; 442. Strife between good and evil; 443. We may
give our hand to the real inquirer after truth; Integrity of heart; 444.
On the improvement of our gifts; 445. A desire for the real happiness
of man; A good foundation for hope ; 446. The selfish, the earthly, the
sensual ; 447. Who is my neighbour; 448. In thy light shall we see
light; The sufferings of Christ; 449. True simplicity of spirit; Bishop
Hall; 450. Augustine after traversing the ways of the world ; 451.
Leighton on finding so few Christians; White on private prayer; 452.
“I will be as the dew unto Israel ; " 453. Wicked men are turbulent
and stormy; Engagement of the saints in their last conflict; 454. The
true church ; Psalm lxxii. (“From Songs of Zion"), 455.


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