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out.— Ringleaders seized and condemned.—Execution of Barlow at

Stafford. --Contemporary Account of the Riots.—Josiah Wedgwood's

“Address to the Young Inhabitants of the Potteries.”—Sale of the

Duchess of Portland's Collection of Antiquities.---The Barberini or

Portland Vase.-- Wedgwood's Determination to possess and copy

the Vase.- Arrangement with the Duke of Portland.-Fifty Copies

produced.--Josiah Wedgwood elected F.S.A.-Publication of the

Sixth Edition of his Catalogue.-—“Bamboo or Cane-coloured Bisqué

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Wedgwood Memorials.—The Wedgwood Statue at Stoke. Address of

the Promoters.—Wedgwood Memorial Institute at Burslem.--Mr.

Gladstone lays the First Stone.-His Views on the Advantages of

the proposed Institution.-Casket made by Messrs. Davenport.-

Trowel by Mr. Macintyre.—Mr. W. Woodall.-Captain Fowkes'

Arrangement of the Rooms.-Mr. Beresford - Hope's Project for

External Fictile Decorations.—Decorations described.-Wedgwood

Memorial Jug.-Messrs. C. Meigh and Co.'s Earthenware Works.-

Happy Arrangement by which each of the three Towns possesses

its Vemorials of Wedgwood .

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Josiah Wedgwoood.-Characteristics.-His great Success and Wealth.-

Copy of his Will.–Alexander Chisholm.-Wedgwood's Acquaint-

ance with Men of Intellect and Science.-Dr. Priestley.-Summary

of Wedgwood's Character. — Poem on a Staffordshire Teapot. -

Wedgwood's Labours increase the Commerce of the Kingdom.-

Staffordshire has reason to be proud of her Son

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