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Chap. 1.

AN ACT making appropriation for contingent expenses of the


Became a law January 19, 1899, with the approval ;of the Governor.

Passed, three-fifths being present.

The People of the State of New York, represented in Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows:

Section 1. The sum of twenty-seven thousand five hundred dollars is hereby appropriated, out of any moneys in the treasury not otherwise appropriated, for advances by the comptroller 10 the clerks of the senate and assembly for contingent expenses and clerical services for the legislature, as may be approved on the part of the senate by the temporary president, and on the part of the assembly by the speaker thereof.

§ 2. This act shall take effect immediately.


porators of company.

Chap. 2.
AN ACT to enlarge, extend and confer powers and privileges

upon the Pan American Exposition:Company, incorporated un-
der the business corporation lajv bý. čertificate duly filed in the
office of the secretary of state Fine twenty-fifth, eighteen hun-
died and ninety:geven, and limiting the liability of its stock-

holders and directors Beçar

January 19, 1899, with the approval of the Governor.

Passed, three-fifths being present. The People of the State of New York, represented in Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows:

Section 1. Conrad Diehl, mayor of the city of Buffalo; William Summers, president of the common council; Henry Zipp, president board of councilmen; John J. Kennedy, president of the board of aldermen; William H.Cuddeback, corporation counsel; Erastus C. Knight, comptroller of the city of Buffalo; Philip Gerst, treasurer of the city of Buffalo; Arthur C. Hastings, mayor of Niagara Falls; J. V. Smeaton, mayor of North Tonawanda; Calvin G. Sutliff, mayor of Lockport; Henry Cooper, mayor of Jamestown; Alexander Williams, mayor of Dunkirk; W. B. Sandford, mayor of Batavia; Howard G. Strong, mayor of Olean; C. Lee Abell, J. N. Adam, R. B. Adam, J. J. Albright, W. R. Anderson, Charles E. Austin, Frank B. Baird, Howard H. Baker, Frank L. Bapst, A. J. Barnes, W. G. Barney, S. O. Barnum, Theodore D. Barnum, W. C. Barret, Joseph C. Batchelor, E. A. Becker, Tracy C. Becker, James C. Beecher, F. A. Bell, Charles Berrick, George K. Birge, H. V. Bisgood, Charles F. Bishop, Arthur D. Bissell, Herbert P. Bissell, Wilson 8. Bissell, George Bleistein, Henry W. Box, Charlee R. Borzilleri, Henry W. Brendel, John M. Brinker, J. J. H. Brown, Henry P. Burgard, Leonhardt Burgweger, Charles S. Burkhardt, O. M. Bushnell, E. H. Butler, Mark A. Cadwell, Newcomb Carlton, William E. Carroll, Charles Cary, H. D. Cary, Whitney G. Case, M. J. Caton, James Chalmers, Willis 0. Chapin, Joseph J. Church. yard, Irwin B. Clark, S. M. Clement, Spencer Clinton, John Coleman, John H. Collins, William J. Conners, J. C. Conway, 8. Doug. lass Cornell, W. C. Cornwell, Frank W. Crandall, James Crate, Leonard B. Crocker, B. I. Crooker, John Cuneen, A. M. Curtiss, James E. Curtiss, Michael Danahy, W. H. Daniels, Thomas Dark,

jr., Jacob Davis, A. J. Demary, H. St. C. Denny, Ganson Depew, George W. Derrick, Frank M. Devlin, A. H. Dickinson, James B. Donnelly, Peter C. Doyle, George B. Duchscherer, Homer Dudley, Joseph P. Dudley, George H. Dunbar, Walter J. Dunham, G. H. Dunston, Edward W. Eames, Edward A. Eisele, A. J. Elias, Timothy E. Ellsworth, W. Carl Ely, E. T. Evans, C. M. Farrar, William C. Farrington, Theodore S. Fassett, Benjamin Fenton, James Fenton, Frank C. Ferguson, George S. Field, Charles F. Filbrick, Frank W. Fiske, Simon Fleischmann, Edwin Fleming, George V. Forman, T. V. Fowler, Henry C. French, Robert L. Fryer, Francis Fronczak, John T. Gard, George S. Gatchell, Joq. eph E. Gavin, H. M. Gerrans, Eugene A. Georger, Lawrence Ginther, George J. H. Goehler, Frank H. Goodyear, Charles W. Good. year, John Gowans, W. H. Granger, W. S. Grattan, Fred Greiner, P. H. Griffin, Charles L. Gurney, E. M. Hagar, Alfred Haines, John M. Hancock, James Hanrahan, John Hamilton, Harry Hamlin, C. J. Hamlin, Clarence W. Hammond, D. W. Harrington, H.C. Harrower, Charles H. Hasking, Charles E. Hayes, Edmund Hayes, George B. Hayes, John R. Hazel, Arthur E. Hedstrom, R. R. Hefford, F. C. B. Held, William Hengerer, Arthur W. Hickman, E. J. Hingston, F. A. Hinkey, James Holmwood, John Hood, J. H. Horton, William H. Hotchkiss, Clarence 0. Howard, Henry C. Howard, Lucien Howe, William B. Hoyt, Lyman Hubbell, Mark Hubbell, James B. Huff, John Hughes, Charles R. Huntley, E. H. Hutchinson, Charles G. Irish, John Irlbacker, Edgar B. Jewett, J. Lloyd Jones, Joseph T. Jones, Henry D. Joyce, William A. Joyce, W. G. Justice, John Kam, Jr., Charles H. Kellogg, James Kennedy, John A. Kennedy, C. H. Keep, Chas. F. Kingsley, Spen. cer 8. Kingsley, Horace Kleinhans, Christian Klinck, Edward L. Koons, Frank A. Kraft, H. J. Kreinheder, Andrew Langdon, John D. Larkin, L. L. Lathrop, George Laub, John Laughlin, Carl A. Lautz, Charles Lautz, Fred C. M. Lautz, Otto J. Lautz, William Lautz, George E. Laverack, 0. P. Letchworth, Siegmund Levyn, George L. Lewis, F. Park Lewis, Loran L. Lewis, Jr., George G. Linen, H. H. Littell, F. D. Locke, D. N. Lockwood, George B. Long, E. C. Lufkin, R. B. Lyman, N. E. Mack, Adolph Mackwirth, John F. Malone, George W. Maltby, John A. Mann, William L. Marcy, Charles D. Marshall, George B. Matthews, George E. Matthews, Joseph B. Mayer, Elliott C. McDougal, T. S. McFarland, F. 8. McGraw, Charles J. McLennan, Daniel H. McMillan, Randolph MoNutt, John J. McWilliams, J. N. Means, H. A. Meldrum, H. A. Menker, Edwin G. Merriman, J. Henry Metcalf, John G. Milburn, C. W. Miller, E. G. S. Miller, Frank S. Miller, George Walbridge Miller, William Miller, Knowlton Mixer, George B. Montgomery, James Mooney, Adelbert Moot, George E. More, Norris Morey, B. J. Morningstar, William J. Morgan, David R. Morse, John Mulhall, Martin F. Murphy, Michael Nellany, Michael Newell, Horace A. Noble, Porter Norton, Frank S.Oakes, John J.O'Brian, Daniel O'Day, Charles W. Pardee, Roswell Park, Maurice B. Patch, Frank C. Perkins, Daniel H. Person, Henry H. Persons, George N. Pierce, H. J. Pierce, John B. Pierce, Ray V. Pierce, John Pitkin, George A. Plimpton, Clarence L. Potter, William Warren Potter, Russell H. Potter, Pascall P. Pratt, J. I. Prentiss, Charles Pugsley, Harvey W. Putnam, B. L. Rand, T. T. Ramsdell, William B. Rankine, William Richmond, Jewett M. Richmond, Charles M. Ransom, Willard T. Ransom, Adam Rehm, Ottomar Reinecke, William A. Rix, E. C. Roberts, James A. Roberts, F. B. Robins, John W. Robinson, William A. Rogers, Mathias Rohr, Robert K. Root, James M. Rozan, Laurence D. Rumsey, Frank P. Rung, Egbert E. Russell, T. M. Ryan, George Sandrock, George P. Sawyer, J. N. Scatcherd, Robert Schelling, Arthur Schoellkopf, Augustus F. Scheu, J. Boardman Scoville, Ransom Scott, William Seibold, E. C. Shafer, Walter J. Shepard, Andrew Shiels, Moses Shire, William Simon, W. S. Sizer, George T. Smith, James Gerard Smith, James R. Smith, Lee H. Smith, T. Guilford Smith, Albert C. Spann, C. J. Spaulding, Marcus Spiegel, Carlton Sprague, Henry W. Sprague, Jacob Stern, Edgar B. Stevens, F. H. Stevens, John T. Stewart, Thomas Stoddart, John Strootman, Charles A. Sweet, Thomas W. Symons, W. P. Taylor, George R. Teller, Willis H. Tennant, J. S. Thompson, George M. Treffts, George Urban, Jr., Charles H. Utley, Burt Van Horn, Henry H. Voght, Louis D. Voltz, George P. Vosburg, A. J. Walkowiak, M. M. Wall, William D. Ward, W. C. Warren, William Y. Warren, G. M. Wattles, H. M. Watson, John B. Weber, Hobart Weed, Henry Weill, Louis Weill, Thomas V. Welch, Charles A. Wenborne, William F. Wendt, Henry Werti. mer, John A. Weyand, Albert J. Wheeler, John J. White, Pendennis White, J. Louis Whittett, Ansley Wilcox, John M. Wiley, Charles H. Williams, Frank F. Williams, George L. Williams, Charles E. Wilson, William I. Wippert, M. F. Windsor, Nathan Wolff, Albert A. Woltge, Harry Yates, Henry Zeller, upon their severally qualifying by subscribing for one hundred dollars

for election

of the capital stock of the said Pan American Exposition Company and paying in at least ten percentum thereof, or so many thereof as shall subscribe and pay, shall become members of said corporation, and shall be deemed incorporators thereof. At any time after ten days after this act becomes operative the Meeting members above named who shall have duly qualified, shall meet of direcupon the call of Conrad Diehl, mayor of the city of Buffalo, or in case of his death, inability or absence from the city then upon the call of any five of said above named members, and elect a full board of twenty-five directors, and upon their election the terms of office of the present directors shall cease and expire. Written notice of the time and place of such meeting, and the object thereof, shall be served upon all of the members who have so qualified by depositing the same in the post-office of the city of Buffalo at least five days before such meeting is held, in a post-paid wrapper, addressed to each of said members at his last known place of residence. Two-thirds of all of the said qualified members shall constitute a quorum at such meeting. In case a quorum is not present said meeting may be adjourned from time to time by the vote of a majority of those present until a quorum shall be present. Notice of such adjournment shall be published in at least three daily newspapers within the city of Buffalo. At such meeting each qualified member shall be entitled to one vote only. Such corporation shall not enter into any contract or incur any liability or indebtedness of any nature unless and until said board of directors shall have been duly elected as above provided.

§ 2. The number of the directors of said company is hereby in. Directors, creased to twenty-five, who shall be elected by and from said commit. above named qualified members, and shall hold their office for three years and until their successors are elected. The directors shall have all the powers of directors of stock and business corpo. rations, and shall also have the sole power to make and amend all by-laws; may elect a president and ten or more vice-presidents; a secretary and treasurer, and such other officers, committees or agents as may be deemed expedient, and as they may prescribe. The vice-presidents of such corporation may be citizens of any state or foreign country, and need not be stockholders. The directors shall have power to fill vacancies in such offices, as well as their own membership, and may provide for an executive committee to be selected from and by said board of directors, which shall have such powers as may be delt-gated to it by said board.



tees, etc.

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