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Board of women


Limitation of liability


Members of other than the executive committee need not be stock.

holders of said corporation. Board of $ 3. The board of directors of said Pan American Exposition gers. Company shall select a board of women managers, to consist of

not less than twenty-five members, who shall hold their office for such time and have such powers as shall be prescribed by the by-laws. The members of this board need not be stockholders of

said corporation. Increase of $ 4. The capital stock of such corporation is hereby increased to

one million dollars, to consist of one hundred thousand shares of the par value of ten dollars each, which capital stock may consist of preferred and common stock, as the directors may deem advisable; and may be increased or diminished in the manner provided by the stock corporation law. This corporation shall be exempt from any organization tax upon the increase of its capital stock under this act or otherwise. Books of subscription therefor shall be opened under the direction

of the board of directors, subject to such regulatin tions as they may prescribe. No stockholder of such holders and corporation shall be liable in any event to the corporation or any

creditor thereof beyond the amount of his unpaid subscription for such stock. Subscription and issuing of the stock of said corporation shall be excepted and exempted from the provisions of sections forty-one and forty-two of the stock corporation law, and neither the holders of the said capital stock nor the directors of said company shall be subject to the personal liability as such directors or stockholders provided by sections twenty-four, thirty, thirty-one, fifty-four and fifty-five of the stock corporation law, or any section thereof, as to any indebtedness or liability incurred

by such corporation after the passage of this act. Additional § 5. The Pan American Exposition Company shall have and

possess the following powers in addition to the powers already

had and possessed by it: Acquisition 1. To acquire, hold and possess, for the purposes of its incorpo

ration, real estate situate within the counties of Erie or Niagara, in fee or for a term of years, or any easement therein, by gift, devise, grant, lease and contract of purchase; and in case such corporation is unable to agree with the owners thereof for the purchase or lease of any real estate required for the purposes of its incorporation, it shall have the right to acquire the same, or a lease thereof, by condemnation in the manner provided by the

Additional powers,


of other


lease of

condemnation law, being chapter twenty-three of the code of civil procedure.

2. To purchase, acquire, hold and dispose of the stock, bonds Stock, etc., and other evidences of indebtedness of any corporation, domestic corpora or foreign, and it may issue in exchange therefor its stocks, bonds or other obligations.

3. With the consent of the board of park commissioners of the Use of city of Buffalo, to use, for the purposes of its incorporation, any part of the parks or park approaches of said city, for such time and upon such terms and conditions as said board of park commissioners may designate.

A. To grant or lease unto the United States government, or Grant or unto the government of any state or foreign country, or unto the real estate. commissioners, representatives or agents of the same, or unto any person, firm or corporation, either native, domestic or foreign, any part of its real estate which it shall own or shall have leased, or shall have the right to use, for the purpose of maintaining exhibitions, or of the building and maintaining thereon of buildings separate from the buildings of said company.

5. To issue its bonds under seal, in an amount not exceeding Issue of two million five hundred thousand dollars, which bonds may be secured by a mortgage or deed of trust to be executed by the said company through its duly authorized officers, given in trust to some legally constituted trust company, and which mortgage or deed of trust shall be a lien on all of the real estate owned by said company, either in fee or held for a term of years, and which it may thereafter own or acquire, and may also be a lien upon such of the properties, rights, privileges, franchises, leases, contracts, receipts, income, agreements or undertakings owned or held by said company, as may be described and set forth in said mortgage or deed of trust. Such mortgage or deed of trust, however, shall not be a lien upon any public parks, park lands or park approaches leased to said company, or which it shall have the right to use or occupy, or upon any buildings or other property not owned by said company.

§ 6. Such corporation shall devote and use the proceeds derived Applicafrom the sale of the shares of the capital stock of such corpora ceeds of tion, together with the proceeds derived from the sale of any bonds. bonds issued by it, towards defraying the expenses incurred incident to the promotion, development and conducting of an exposition of arts, sciences, manufactures and products of the soil, mire

tion of pro

stock or

open to

from taxation.

and sea, and the promotion and conduct of an exposition to illus. trate the material progress of the new world during the nineteenth century, including the purchase and acquiring of lands, or interest therein, the improvement and betterment thereof; the erection of buildings thereon and the furnishing of the same, the improvement of transportation facilities, including the development of water fronts and ways, together with all other expenditures deemed necessary in carrying out the plans and purposes

of such corporation. Lands.etc., § 7. The lands, buildings and exhibition conducted by such corpublic. poration shall be devoted to public use, public instruction and

healthful recreation, and subject to reasonable rules and regula.

tions shall be open to all the people without discrimination, upon Exemption the same terms, conditions and admission fces, and all the lands,

tenements, buildings, improvements and betterments thereon, acquired, leased or occupied by such corporation, as well as all the property and exhibits brought for exhibition for such purposes, shall be exempt from any assessment or tax for state, county, town or local purposes until the year nineteen hundred and two. Such corporation shall also be exempt during such time from taxation

under section one hundred and eighty-two of the tax law. en. $ 8. The governor of this state may appoint any officer or

employee of such corporation a policeman, with all the powers of a policeman in cities and villages, for the preservation of order, and of the public peace, and the arrest of all persons committing offenses upon the land or property of such corporation. Every such policemal shall, within fifteen days after receiving his com.

mission, and before entering upon the duties of his office, take and Oath of subscribe the constitutional oath of office, and file it with his com

mission in the office of the secretary of state, who shall thereupon transmit to the clerk of each county in which said policeman is authorized to act a certificate under his hand and official seal,

setting forth the appointment and the filing of the commission and Shields to oath, which certificate shall be filed by such county clerk. Every

such policeman shall, when on duty, wear a metallic shield with the words “Pan American Exposition Police” inscribed thereon,

which shall always be worn in plain view except when employed Compensa- as a detective. The compensation of every such policeman shall

be such as may be agreed upon between him and such corporation, Termina- and shall be paid by such corporation. When such corporation pointment. shall no longer require the services of any such policeman it may



be worn.


tion of ap

ent acts


file notice to that effect in the several offices in which such notice of his appointment was originally filed, and thereupon such appointment shall cease and be at an end. Nothing in this section Powers. contained shall be construed as in any manner limiting or abridg. ing the power of the local authorities to appoint deputies, police men or other officers, if requested by said corporation so to do.

$ 9. No provision of the general corporation law, the stock cor- Inconsistporation law or the business corporation law, inconsistent with not applithe provisions of this act, shall be applicable to such Pan American Exposition Company after this act becomes operative.

§ 10. This act shall become operative upon the Pan American Act when Exposition Company filing in the office of the clerk of Erie county within ten days from the passage of this act, a certificate signed by all of its directors and the holders of two-thirds of the capital stock actually issued, assenting and consenting to the terms hereof and certifying that said directors have filed with the officers of said company their resignations to take effect upon the election of the new directors as provided in this act.

§ 11. This act shall take effect immediately.


Chap. 3.
AN ACT authorizing Ariel Lathrop and Katherine Beardsley

Lathrop u make a gift to the Albany hospital under certain

conditions. Became a law February 2, 1899, with the approval of the Governor.

Passed, three-fifths being present. The People of the State of New York, represented in Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows:

Section 1. Ariel Lathrop and Katherine Beardsley Lathrop, Gift under his wife, of the city and county of Albany and state of New authorYork, are hereby authorized to make to the Albany hospital, a corporation organized under the laws of eighteen hundred and forty-nine, chapter four hundred and thirty-one, a gift of fifty thousand dollars upon condition that the said Albany hospital shall dedicate two pavilions now in the course of erection by said Albany hospital, in the city of Albany, to the memory, one of the father and mother of said Ariel Láthrop and the other



of the father and mother of said Katherine Beardsley Lathrop, and shall cause to be erected upon or affixed to said pavilions suitable memorial tablets containing inscriptions satisfactory to said Ariel Lathrop and Katherine Beardsley Lathrop; also upon the further condition that said Albany hospital shall preserve and use said fund, which shall forever be known as “the Ariel Lathrop endowment fund,” for the uses and purposes of said Albany hospital; and also upon the further condition that said Albany hospital shall pay to said Ariel Lathrop during the term of his natural life, annually, an annuity of twenty-five hundred dollars, payable in equal semi-annual installments of twelve hundred and fifty dollars each, on the first Mondays of January and July in each and every year; and in the event of the death of said Ariel Lathrop, leaving the said Katherine Beardsley Lathrop him surviving, then to pay said annuity at the times and places and in the manner above set forth to said Katherine

Beardsley Lathrop during the term of her natural life. Hospital - $ 2. The said Albany hospital is hereby authorized and em

powered to accept the said gift of fifty thousand dollars upon the terms and conditions above named, and to pay said annuity in the amount, at the times and in the manner above stated, and also to enter into an agreement with said Ariel Lathrop and Katherine Beardsley Lathrop to accept such gift upon the above terms and conditions, and to pay such annuity, or in the event of said Albany hospital refusing to pay said annuity or comply with the said terms and conditions of gift, to repay and return to said Ariel Lathrop and Katherine Beardsley Lathrop the said sum of fifty thousand dollars on demand.

$ 3. This act shall take effect immediately.

gift and pay annuity

Chap. 4.
AN ACT in relation to notaries public in the county of Nassau.
Became a law February 2, 1899, with the approval of the Governor.

Passed, a majority being present.
The People of the State of New York, represented in Senate
and Assembly, do enact as follows:

Section 1. A notary public appointed for and residing in the county of Nassau, may file in the county of New York the certifcate authorized by section eighty-two of the executive law, in the

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