Archives of Electrology and Radiology, Volume 4

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X-ray Era Publishing Company, 1904

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Page 17 - Doom'd for a certain term to walk the night, And for the day confined to fast in fires, Till the foul crimes done in my days of nature Are burnt and purged away.
Page 300 - The *-ray may be of service even in inoperable malignant growths, by relieving pain, diminishing discharges, and lessening their offensiveness, and in many cases life may be prolonged in comparative comfort for a considerable period of time. Furthermore, from these apparently hopeless cases a number, of remarkable improvements and a few recoveries have been reported. Seventh: The л-гау should be used as a prophylactic against return after all operations for the removal of deep malignant growths.
Page 360 - When the patient came under my care, physical examination showed a tumor, the size of a cocoanut, in the lower part of the abdomen, filling up 'the entire iliac fossa, extending nearly to the umbilicus, and two inches beyond the median line to the left. The tumor was very firmly fixed and seemed to involve the abdominal wall. An incision was made under cocaine and a portion of the growth, which infiltrated all the muscles of the abdominal wall, was removed for microscopical examination, which showed...
Page 69 - We find abundant evidence that the X-rays have an inhibitory action on all forms of malignant tumors, yet the number of cases is insufficient to enable us to state what particular varieties are most susceptible to this influence. So far it would seem that sarcomas, primarily in the lymph glands, yield most readily to the treatment.
Page 459 - Chessy deposits, that is, in a quartzose rock scattered in nuggets varying from the size of a pea to that of a walnut. All the ores carry, besides iron and silica, a small percentage of manganese and alumina, together with an amount of zinc varying from two to eight per cent.

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