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J. N. Andrews, our first foreign missionary, sailed from Boston, September 15.

General Conference Tract and Missionary Society organized. 1875 Main building of Battle Creek College dedicated January 4.

Seventh-day Adventist Publishing Association (now Pacific Press Publishing Association) incorporated at Oakland, Calif., April 1. Missouri Conference organized June 2.

Kansas Conference organized September 10.

1877 North Pacific Conference organized October 25. (It embraced much of the territory now included in the North Pacific Union.)

First State Sabbath School Association organized in California.

J. G. Matteson sailed for Denmark, beginning his labors at Vejle, in Jutland.

1878 General Conference Sabbath School Association organized, and the first Sabbath school contributions given.

Battle Creek Tabernacle built.

St. Helena Sanitarium established.

1879 First local Young People's Society organized at Hazelton, Mich.

June 7, J. G. Matteson organized a church of thirty-eight members in Christiania, Norway.

A printing house was established in Christiania about the same time, and Tidernes Tegn (Signs of the Times) began to be issued.

Mrs. E. G. White wrote her first message regarding house-to-house work with our publications.

Tabernacle in Battle Creek, Mich., dedicated.

1880 First baptism of believers in England, at Southampton, February 8. George I. Butler again president of General Conference, October 6. 1881 James White died at Battle Creek, Mich., August 6. (Born Aug. 4, 1821.)

1882 Healdsburg (Calif.) school opened April 11; chartered as a college July 29.

South Lancaster (Mass.) Academy opened April 19.

First subscription book, "Thoughts on Daniel and the Revelation," published by the Review and Herald, sold by George A. King, and purchased by D. W. Reavis.

churches, 680;

1883 J. N. Andrews died at Basel, Switzerland, October 21. (Born in 1829.) First Year Book of the denomination issued. Total number of ministers, 165; licentiates, 135; membership, 17,436; tithes raised during the year, $96,418.62. 1884 Year Book, p. 73.


1884 First denominational training school for nurses opened at the Battle Creek Sanitarium.

Present Truth issued in England, M. C. Wilcox, editor.

1885 First party of workers for Australia (including S. N. Haskell, J. O. Corliss, and others) sailed from San Francisco.

R. F. Andrews began labor in Ireland.

Mrs. E. G. White and W. C. White visited the believers in Europe, arriving at Basel, Switzerland, in September.

1886 L. R. Conradi sent to Europe in January.

L. R. Conradi made his first visit to Russia. First Seventh-day Adventist church organized in the Crimea.

First number of the Australian Bible Echo and Signs of the Times issued in January.

Church organized in Melbourne, April 10.

1887 First European camp-meeting held at Moss, Norway, in June.

First missionaries (D. A. Robinson, C. L. Boyd, and others) sent to South Africa, reaching there in July.

Establishment of local or church schools recommended by the Educational Society.

A. La Rue went as a self-supporting missionary to China.

British Publishing House established at 451 Holloway Road, London, England.

1888 H. P. Holser sent to Europe.

B. L. Whitney died April 9, 1888. (Born Dec. 10, 1845.)

O. A. Olsen elected president of the General Conference, October 17. 1889 Message first reached South America through literature.

J. H. Waggoner died April 17.


National Religious Liberty Association organized July 21. name was changed later to International Religious Liberty Association; and in 1901 was made a department of the General Conference.

1890 Maria L. Huntley died April 18. (Born in 1847.)

Missionary Ship "Pitcairn" launched in San Francisco Bay, July 28.

1891 Union College established at College View, Nebr.

Mrs. E. G. White and W. C. White, with a group of workers, landed in Australia in December.

1892 Walla Walla College established at Walla Walla, Wash.

1893 Portland (Oreg.) Sanitarium established.

College at Claremont, South Africa, opened February 1.
M. E. Cornell died November 2.

Number of ministers, 244; licentiates, 156; churches, 1,002; membership, 33,778; tithes, $302,310.19; offerings to missions, $75,296.59.— From the 1894 Year Book, p. 65.

1893-94 Canvassers pioneered the way in India.

1894 Miss Georgia Burrus reached Calcutta as our first missionary to India. Missionaries sent to Matabeleland, South Africa, reached Bulawayo, July 4.

F. H. Westphal, our first minister to South America.

Union training school for the three Scandinavian countries opened at Frederikshavn, Denmark.

1895 D. A. Robinson began work in Calcutta, India.

Hamburg Publishing House established in Germany.

1896 Boulder (Colo.) Sanitarium established.

1897 G. A. Irwin elected president of the General Conference February 19. Publishing House established at Buenos Aires, Argentina, South America.

Sanitarium established in Skodsborg, Denmark.

1898 First number of the Oriental Watchman issued in Calcutta; W. A. Spicer, editor.

1899 New England Sanitarium established at South Lancaster, Mass.; removed to Melrose, Mass.. 1902.

1901 A. G. Daniells elected president of the General Conference, April 2. Young People's work organized in connection with the Sabbath School Department.

Duncombe Hall Missionary College, our first British school, established in London, England.

Southern Publishing Association established at Nashville, Tenn.

J. N. Anderson, Mrs. Anderson, and Ida Thompson sailed for China.
H. P. Holser died September 11. (Born Oct. 5, 1856.)

1902 Buildings of the Battle Creek Sanitarium destroyed by fire, February 18.

Main building of the Review and Herald in Battle Creek destroyed by fire, December 30.

Battle Creek College moved to Berrien Springs, Mich.

1903 Uriah Smith died March 6. (Born May 2, 1832.)

A. La Rue died April 26, at Hongkong, China.

Dedication of the new building of the Battle Creek Sanitarium, May 30 to June 1, 1903.

Headquarters of the General Conference moved to Washington, D. C., August 10.

First number of the Review printed in Washington, August 20. At the close of the year there were seventy-eight local conferences and two union missions directing the work. Ministers, 612; licentiates, 324; missionary licentiates, 662; churches, 2,120; membership, 69,072; Sabbath keepers, 77,554; tithes, $684,030.54; offerings to missions. $216,342.98.- Review and Herald, Aug. 18, 1904.

1904 September 21 date of the first issue of the Signs of the Times after the removal of the Pacific Press Publishing Association from Oakland to Mountain View, Calif.

Hinsdale Sanitarium established at Hinsdale, Ill.

Washington Training College established in Takoma Park, D. C.

Gland (Switzerland) Sanitarium established at Gland, on Lake Geneva.

Paradise Valley Sanitarium established at National City, Calif.

1905 General Conference offices moved from the city of Washington to Takoma Park, Washington, D. C., in February.

Loma Linda (Calif.) Sanitarium established.

Sanitarium established in Glendale, Calif.

Publishing House established in Brazil, South America.

Signs of the Times Publishing House established at Shanghai, China. 1906 Main building of the Pacific Press Publishing Company, Mountain View, Calif., destroyed by fire, July 20.

1907 Name adopted for the Missionary Volunteer Department at the first general Missionary Volunteer Convention, Mount Vernon, Ohio. First Seventh-day Adventist church organized in Tokio, Japan, in June.

Washington Sanitarium dedicated June 12.

1908 Florida Sanitarium established at Orlando, Fla.

Publishing House established at Tokio, Japan.

1909 Pacific Union College established at St. Helena, Calif. (Post office now Angwin, Calif.)

1912 Stanborough Park Sanitarium established at Stanborough Park, Watford, Herts, England.

1913 Far Eastern Division of the General Conference organized.

Total number of workers, 5,248; churches, 3.589; members, 114,557; tithes, $1,771,989.60; home and foreign mission offerings, $1,094,737.80. 1915 O. A. Olsen died January 22, at Hinsdale, Ill. (Born July 28, 1845.) Mrs. Ellen G. White died July 16, at St. Helena, Calif. (Born Nov. 26, 1827.)

H. R. Salisbury drowned December 30, en route to India on "Persia."

1916 A. C. Bourdeau died July 7.

South American Division of the General Conference organized.

1917 Treatment-rooms established at Shanghai, China.

1918 George I. Butler died July 25. (Born Nov. 12, 1834.) R. C. Porter died July 29. (Born April 29, 1858.)

1919 Southern Asia Division of the General Conference organized. (India Union Mission since 1910.)

African Division of the General Conference organized.

1922 Tabernacle at Battle Creek destroyed by fire, January 7.

W. A. Spicer elected president of the General Conference, May 11. S. N. Haskell died in California, October 9. (Born April 22, 1833.) Inter-American Division of the General Conference organized. 1923 J. O. Corliss died in California, September 17. (Born Dec. 26, 1845.) Total number of workers, 7,795; churches, 5,096; members, 221,874; tithe, $4,814,554.87; home and foreign mission offerings, $4,382,227.08. 1924 J. N. Loughborough died at the St. Helena Sanitarium, Calif., April 7. (Born Jan. 26, 1832.)

Abbey, Ira, 335.
Abraham, a Greek colporteur, 618.
Abyssinian Mission, 513, 604, 733.
Achenbach, C. V.. 547.
AcMoody, C. D., 619, 620.
Adams, E. M., 684, 685.

Adelaide, Australia, 384, 393.


Advent awakening, the great, 121-141. Advent message, in Old World, 91-105, 364, 407; in Pitcairn, 443; carried by men into banishment, 480.

Advent movement, roots in Pietism, 98; in America, 107-119; survived disappointment, 149; Providence over, 201; growth of, 723-729.

Advent Review and Sabbath Herald, 208210.

Advent, second, Augustine spiritualized

promises of, 29-31 interest in, 77, 78; emphasized by Wolff, 105. Adventism, in Boston, 129; in Australia, 382.

Adventists, teaching of, in 1842, 135, 136; summer of 1844, a trying time for, 148; division after disappointment, 164; origin of present branch of, 165; views of visions, 174; position and work of, 181; confusion among, 196, 197; publishing work, 201-221; relation to war, 240, 241; trials in early days, 317; interest in Christian education, 331; interest in islands. 441; prosecuted for Sunday labor, 465.

Africa, S. S. donations to. 325; colpor-
teurs in, 485, 506; made a division of
General Conference, 486, 487; Mission-
ary Volunteer work in, 711; present
work in, 738, 739.

African missions, 483-515.
Alaska, schools in, 644.

Albania, 622.

Alberta Industrial Academy, 597.
Algeria, 514.

Algiers, 616; present work in, 733.
Allen, A. N., 541.

Allum, F. A., 656-659, 667, 673.

Altman, M. A.. 369, 371.

Alto Parana Mission, 569, 570.

Amadon, G. W., 321.

Ambrose, 454, 455.

American Sentinel, 469.

American Health and Temperance Associ

ation, 271, 585, 586.

Anderson, Dr. A., 602.

Anderson, B. L., 655.

Anderson, Fred, 602.

Anderson, J. N., 650-653.

Anderson, J. P.. 653; death of wife, 653.
Anderson, Nils, 603.

Anderson, W. II., 489, 491, 492, 500, 501.

Andrews, C. M., 303, 308.
Andrews, Edith, 307.

Andrews, J. N., early experience of, 218; returns to work with new courage, 229; studies support of ministry, 247; health principles a benefit to, 260, 261; at Wright camp-meeting, 275; our missionary to Europe, 303: visits Gerfirst man Sabbath keepers, 303, 304; in Piedmont Valleys, 306; at General Conference of 1879, 307; labors in Europe, 303-309; death of, 308; sketch of, 309, 310; in England, 365; in Scotland, 371. Andrews, Dr. J. N., 661, 662.

Andrews, Mary, in Europe, 303; death of,


Andrews, R. F., 275, 366, 370.

Andross, E. E., 369, 370, 724, 737.
Anthony, R. S., 485.

Anton, Dr. Paul, 54, 55; lectures on Apoc-
alypse, 81.

Apostolic church, brief survey of, 11-20.
Arabic, book published in, 514.

Argentina, work opened in, 560, 561; di-
vision of, 569; sanitarium in, 737; ex-
emption in military service, 565.
Arkansas, evangelistic efforts

299; conference organized, 299; repeal
in, 298.
of exemption clause, 466.

Arkansas Legislature, repeal of exemption
clause, 466.
Arizona, 294.


apostasy among, 515.

in Egypt, 514;

Armenians, labor for, 608; persecution of,
619-621; persecuted Adventists, 620;
institute for, 621.

Armitage, F. B., 491, 492, 503, 506.
Armstrong, H. E., 371, 372.

Armstrong, V. T., 677.

Arnold, David, 280.

Arnold, William, in Australia, 379, 384,
391; in West Indies, 429, 539.
Ashbaugh, F. G., 684, 685.
Asmara, 513.

Atchin, 458.

Auckland, 393, 394.

Aufranc, L., 305.

Augsbourger, U., 514; in France, 612; in
Latin Union, 616.

Augsburg, confession of faith, 408.

Augustine, influence on
29, 30.

Western church,

Augustine, memorable work in Britain, 34.
Austen, Ina and Etta, 496.

Australasian Union, O. A. Olsen president.
369 growth in, 735, 736; Division, or-
ganization of, 628, 629.

Australasian Missionary College, 391.
Australia, first work in, 379-393; as base
for missions, 396, 397; island work
turned over to, 397; schools, 644.
Australian Conference, organization of.
385 S. S. offerings given to, 325.
Austria, 608, 609.

Avondale Press, 391, 449: school, 391, 736.
Aymara Indians, 582, 737.
Aztec Union Mission, 557.

Babcock, D. C., 507-510.
Babumohal Mission, 523.
Bacheller, J. W., 211.
Badaut, Paul, 514, 616.
Baharian, Father, 618.

Baharian, Z. G., 618-620; murder of, 620.
Baird, G., 374.

Baker, Joseph, 210, 211.

Baker, J. D., 510.

Baker, W. L. H., 384, 389.
Ball, D. A., 539, 545.
Ballenger, A. F., 465, 466.

Bangalore, 521; training school in, 535.
Baptism, requires faith, 45 in Virginia,
295 of children, 318, 319; in Great
Britain, 364; in New Zealand, 394.
Baptists, opposed to state church, 51;
persecution of, 52; in Argentina, 561.
Barbados, believers in, 538; colporteurs
in, 539.


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