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AN ACT to organize the County of Portage.

Beiten idled by the Council and House of Representatives of the Territory of Wisconsin :

§ 1. That the county of Portage shall be and the County organ. same is bereby declared to be an organized county,

and as such the inhabitants thereof shall have, possess and enjoy, all the rights, privileges and immunities which are possessed and enjoyed by the inhabitants of other counties of the Territory organized for all purposes what



§ 2. Said county shall compose a part of the sec

ond judicial district, and courts shall be held therein, to Attached to 24 the exclusion of the jurisdiction heretofore exercised by judicial dis. the district court of Dane county, and all suits, recogtrict.

nizances, appeals, writs, process or proceedings, commenced, taken or had, in and to the district court of Dane

county before the time when the act takes effect, shall Process &c. be heard, prosecuted and determined in the same mar

ner and with like effect as if this act had not been passed. Election for 83. The first election of sheriff of said county shall sheriff

' when be held on the fourth Monday of September next, and held.

thereaster at the time and in the manner now prescribed by laiv, and the term of office of the person elected at such first election shall expire on the last day of

December, A. D. 18 16. Terms of

§ 4. The terins of the District Court in and for said courts when beld.

county, shall be held on the first Monday of April, and on the fifth Monday after the fourth Monday of September, in each year, by the Judje of the second Judicial District.

§ 5. That the legal voters in said county of Port

age, at a special election to be held on the first Monday To foto for or of April next, may vote "yea" or "nay” in favor or mahust organ. against the adoption of this act, anů if a majority of the

votes cast upon the said question, shall be yea," then this act shall take effect on and after the fourth Monday

of September next, but if a majority of said votes shall be Election how “ nay," then this act shall be void, and of no force or efconducted.

fect. The said election shall be conducted, and the votes received, returned and canvassed in the same manner as provided by law, for the eleciion of county officers.

$ 6. That the legal voters in the said county of

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Purtage, shall also, at the said special election, vote for the place within said county, which in their opinion should be the county seat thereof, and the place receiving the To vote for greatest number of votes in its favour for that purpose, shall be and is hereby declared to be the county seat of the said county. The votes to be received, returned and canvassed in the same manner provided in the preceeding Ilow canvassection for the reception, return and canvass of the bed and re. votes in favor or against the adoption of this act: Provi- turned. ded that this section shall have no effect, unless the majority of the votes cast upon the question of organization, shall be in the affirinative.

APPROVED, January 31, 1811.

AV ACT to enable school district number four

in the town of Janesville to lay a tax for the
purpose of building or purchasing a school

De it en icted by the Council and Tlouse of Representatives of the Territory of Irisconsin. § 1. The inhabitants of school district number four

Who may vote in the town of Janesville, in the county of Rock, who to raise Tax. are by law qualified to vote at a district meeting, may vote to lay a tax on the property in said district to the amount of three hundred and sixty-five dollars for the purpose of erecting or purchasing á school house in said district.

§ 2. The said tax shall be levied on all the property in said district real and personal except such as is by law exempt froin execution, and except such as is owned by the said county of Rock.

$ 4. In case the said inhabitants ghall vote to lay sa id tas, it shall be lawful for the trustees of said district Tax hus as to assess said tax in manner as above provided, and the collector of said district shall proceed to collect said tax as is provided by law for the collection of taxes levied for the erection of School Houses.

4. act shall take elect from and after its passage.

Apreuve), December 27, 1813.

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Returns how made.

AN ACT to amend the act to incorporate the Fox

River Improvement Company. Be it enacted by the Council and House of Representatives of the Territory of Wisconsin :

§ 1. That the returns required to be made by the clerks of the board of cominissioners in and by the said act, may be made by the clerks of the board of supervisors of the several counties mentioned in said act, and the time for execution and delivery of the deeds in satisfaction of any subscriptions heretofore made is hereby extended to the first Monday of March next: Provided, that upon any subscriber refusing or neglecting to pay for the stock standing in his name upon said books ofsubscription the directors iray allow the same to be taken by any other person offering to take the same amount of stock in his stead.

§ 2. The lands conveyed in payment of stock to said company shall be exempt from taxation until sucli tiine as they shall be sold and conveyed by said crmpany: Provid_d, that the stock created by the conveyance of the said lands as provided in the act incorporating said coinpany shall be liable to taxation.

APPROVED, January 3, 1844.

Stock how laken.

Stock hov paid in.


Evidence of

AN ACT to ascertain the indebtedness and the

taxable property of the Territory. Be it enacted by the Council and Huuse of Representatives of the Territory of Iriscms. n.

§ 1. That all persons having in their possession any debt to be re.evidences of debt against the Territory shall present corded.

the same to the Auditor of the Territory, at Madison, lor record; who shall record, in a book to be kept by him for that purpose, the nature of the claims of indebtedness acknowledged by the Territory, by whom signed and countersigned, when dated, the several amounts, and to

whom payable. Auditor to § 2. The Auditor shall place on all vouchers so re


corded such mark or devices as will prevent a second place deviec. registration.

§ 3. The Secretary of the Territory shall cause to be Secretary to published a correct copy of this act in all the weekly publish. journals of this Territory, and all proper charges for publishing the same shall be paid out of any money appropriated by Congress to pay for printing the laws of the Territory.

§ 4. The Auditor shall receive for the services contemplated by this act such sum as the Legislature may Compensation think just and proper.

$ 5. The holders of demands thus audited shall have preference in payment over any who may refuse or Preference of neglect to comply with the provisions of this act, on or before the tenth day of January, 1845.

§ 6. The clerks of the board of county commission- Clerks of ers and the clerks of the several Towns in this Ter- towns and

counties, their ritory shall immediately after the assessment rolls of their respective counties and towns shall be completed and equalized, transmit to the Auditor an abstract thereof designating the number of acres of land assessed in such county ; tie assessed value thereof, designating so far as they can the assessment for buildings and improvements, and the assessment for land exclusive of buildings or improvements, also the assessment on personal property and the total amount of assessments in their respective counties and towns, and it shall be the duty of the Auditor within the time required by law for him to submit his annual report, to report said abstract to the Legislative Assembly.

APPROVED, January 31, 1814.

AN ACT giving to Henry, alias Henry Tutt the

name of Henry Early. Be it enacted by the Council and House of Representatives of the Territory of Wisconsin :

§ 1. 'That Henry, alias Henry Tutt, a coloured man residing at Madison, in the county of Dane, in said Territory, shall hereafter be known and recognized by the name of Henry Early.

APPROVED, December 18, 1843.

AN ACT to crganize the county of Fond du Lac

for judicial purposes. Be it enacted by the Council and Ilouse of Representatives of the 7'erritory of Wisconsin.

§ 1. That from and after the first Monday of March next, the county of Fond du Lac shall be organized for judicial purposes, and shall enjoy all the privileges of

other counties of this Territory. Counties at. § 2. The counties of Sheboygan, Calumet and Martached.

quette are hereby attached to the county of Fond du Lac for judicial purposes.

§ 3. The said judicial county, composed of the coun

ties of Fond du Lac, Sheboygan, Calumet and Marquette District what shall remain a part of the third judicial district, and the composed. courts therein shall be held by the judge of the said dis

trict, at such times as shall be established by law.
§ 4. The first election of Sheriff

' for said judicial county shall be held in the several counties before named, Election when on the first Tuesday of April next, and thereafter at the and how hold. time prescribed by law; and the return of said election

shall be made to the clerk of the board of supervisors of Ford du Lac county, who shall proceed to canvass the same as the law requires.

§ 5. All writs, process, appeals, recognizances, or Writs where other proceedings, sued, taken or commenced in the dis

trict court of Brown county, prior to the said first Monday of March next, shall be prosecuted to final judgment and execution issued thereon in the same manner they might or could have been had this act not passed; and

execution on any judgment heretofore rendered in said Execations & court, shall have the like force and effect, and may he Judgments. executed and returned by the sheriff of said county of

Brown, any thing in any law of the Territory to the contrary notwithstanding.

§ 6. The county seat of Fond du Lac county is hereCounty seat, by established upon the north half of the north-east where locatod.

quarter of section Afteen, town fifteen north, of range seventeen east, in the town of Fond du Lac : Provided, a good and sufficient warrantee deed, duly executed, of a public square for the location of county buildings, embracing at least ninety thousand square feet; and a bond entered into with the board of supervisors of the


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