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mere are touring Southern California Dr. E. W. Kleinman of Hailey has on a month's auto trip.

been appointed a captain in the medDr. Harry Martin of Cashmere has ical corps of the army. been spending some time in Seattle. Dr. W. F. Howard of Pocatello has

Dr. B. F. Rambo of Montesano has gone to Fort Riley, Kan., to enter the been visiting in Portland.

medical reserve corps. Dr. Young Dr. W. A. Burg of Uniontown has

will have charge of his practice dur. joined the medical reserve corps.

ing his absence. Dr. H. B. O'Brien of Pasco was ap

Drs. Castle of Pocatello, F. H. Poole

of Pocatello and F. M. Sprague of Po. pointed last month examining physi

catello have also joined the medical cian for recruits for Franklin County,

corps. as was also Dr. F. M. Crosby for Ben

Dr. E. S. Thurston of Rigby has loton County, and Dr. A. H. Coe of Ta

cated in Twin Falls. coma for the Island District and the

Dr. W. J. Boone of Caldwell has re. southwest part of the county.

turned from an outing at Deadwood Dr. Delta Rowland of Sunnyside at

River. tended the recent meeting of the State

Dr. and Mrs. J. D. Springer of Boise Medical Association at Spokane.

passed a few weeks at Seaside. Dr. E. A. Lupton and wife of Water- Dr. Ed E. Maxey of Boise has joined ville have returned from an outing at the medical reserve corps. Lake Chelan.

Dr. J. H. Lewis and family of Lewis. Dr. W. W. Earles of Port Angeles ton have returned from an auto trip has returned from a short trip to Vanthrough the Willamette Valley, Ore. couver, B. C.

Dr. L. P. McCalla and wife have Dr. J. J. Durand of Seattle has been returned from

returned from an outing at Payette called to France to assist Dr. J. P.

Lake. Sedgwick of the University of Minne.

Dr. A. F. Isham of Caldwell has been sota in relief work among the sick

visiting relatives in Vermont and other children of the Allies, as Dr. Sedge.

Eastern points. wick is a specialist in children's dis.

Drs. T. R. Wigglesworth and J. R.

Morgan of Twin Falls have returned eases.

from a trip to Buhl. Dr. F. B. Teter and family of Dav.

Dr. and Mrs. George Kennett of Kelenport have gone to Twin Lakes for

logg have been visiting in Seattle. a short outing. Dr. Poynton will have

Dr. P. W. Johnson of Lewiston has charge of the sanitarium during his

been in New York doing post-graduate absence.

work. Dr. F. W. McKnight of Cle Elum has

Dr. A. P. Turner of Boise, who for taken up the practice of Dr. Kearby.

the past few weeks has been visiting in Hailey, has returned.

Dr. L. E. Reich of Kellogg has reIDAHO

turned from a short trip to Spokane. Dr. Chas. B. Callard of Placerville Dr. J. E. Hoyt of Kendrick was was commissioned first lieutenant in called to Lewiston recently on prothe brigade field hospital, Idaho na

fessional business. tional guard, which completes the or

Dr. E. Taylor of Nez Perce has reganization's roster of commissioned turned from a visit to Moscow. officers.

Dr. W. W. McKay of Iowa has loDr. Don S. Numbers of Parma has cated in Boise. joined the medical reserve corps.

Dr. J. C. Wilk of Moscow has just

purchased an 80-acre farm outside the city, which he will convert into his summer home.

Dr. Whitman of Council and Dr. Schmitz of Cambridge were recently called to Weiser in consultation,

Dr. W. S. Titus of Boise is enjoying an outing at Payette Lake. Dr. E. E. Laubaugh is taking care of his prac. tice during his absence.

Dr. I. R. Woodward of Boise has returned from an extended visit East, where he did post-graduate workalso in Rochester.

Dr. D. P. Higgs of Fairfield has been appointed a lieutenant in the reserve corps. As he was a member of the local exemption board, he had to resign, and Dr. A. A. Higgs was named in his place.

Dr. Wm. Ludden of St. Anthony has returned from a visit to Salt Lake.

Dr. C. H. Bryan of Kamiah was recently called to Moscow on professional business.

Dr. C. M. Cline of Idaho Falls has been visiting in Salt Lake.

Dr. A. W. Greenwell of Idaho Falls has joined the medical reserve corps.

Dr. J. B. Morris of Lewiston has returned from a visit to Portland.

Dr. J. B. Buchanan of Julietta has been visiting in Moscow.

Dr. Susan E. Bruce of Lewiston, city health officer, has returned from a pleasant visit in Seattle and other coast points. Dr. A. M. Palmer of Rigby has been

hy has been enjoying an outing at Big Springs.

Dr. A. B. Clark of Blackfoot has returned from a visit to Preston.

Dr. J. E. Reilly of Cottonwood has been visiting old friends in Genessee.

Dr. J. S. Springer of Boise has been taking a short vacation in Salt Lake. During his absence his practice was cared for by Dr. R. J. Cluen.

Dr. O. H. Parker has returned from a month's vacation in the East. . Dr. I. R. Boyd of Star was a recent Spokane visitor.

Dr. O. H. Avey of Payette has returned from a month's post-graduate work in the East.

Drs. Wm. F. Smith and J. Carl Hill of Boise announce the removal of their offices from the Overland Bldg., to the Empire Bldg.

Dr. C. Wright of Boise has been appointed lieutenant in the medical reserve corps.

Dr. J. N. Allen of Lewiston attended the state medical meeting at Sandpoint.

Dr. S. J. Miller of Caldwell has been visiting in Middleton in the interest of first aid classes, which he is forming among the women.

Dr. W. M. Good of Mackay has returned from an outing up Salmon River.

Dr. Thomas Elliott and wife of Genessee have returned from an auto trip through Idaho.

Dr. H. C. Ewing of Colorado has located in Nampa.

Dr. M. C. McKinnon of Aberdeen attended the recent meeting of the state association in Sandpoint, the first vacation the doctor has taken in years.

Dr. J. E. St. Jean of Wallace, who has been spending the winter in Los Angeles, has returned. His health is greatly improved.

Dr. Elmore and Dr. Huggins of Rupert have returned from an outing at Salmon River.

Dr. H. E. Snyder of Sandpoint has been visiting in Richfield. be

Dr. T. A. Waters of Denver is a new arrival in Lewiston, to be associate physician at White's Hospital.

Dr. T. R. Mason, mayor of Kellogg. has returned from a visit to Spokane.

Dr. S. M. C. Reynolds of Meridian has returned from a trip to Boise.

Dr. G. G. Fitz of Richfield has joined the medical reserve corps and is ex. pecting a call at any time.

Dr. L. G. Phillips and family of Je. rome have gone on a six-weeks' auto tour in Ogden Canyon. During the

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Prickly Heat

-and other headaches, -and similar afflictions are usually relieved more or less 'e promptly relieved by a promptly as you remove their -Y Lubricating Jelly. I n cause. In the meantimepplied liberally to

K-Y ANALGESIC ritated or inflamed eas, the pronounced

locally “rubbed in," will usually oling and soothing

afford comfort without blistering tion of this effective

or soiling. cal remedy is at once anifest.

Gives Nature's Corrective Forces a Chance iter-soluble; non-greasy; "smells nice”. Nofat or grease. Samples and literature on request.

Collapsible tubes at Druggists. Water-soluble. Collapsible tubes, druggists, 50c. mples and literature to physicians only. K-Y Lubricating Jelly


ANALGESIC tops the itch

without greasing the linen."

VAN HORN and SAWTELL and 17 East 40th St., New York City |

VAN HORN and SAWTELL 15-17 East 40th Street, New York City

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Diarrhoea and Other
Intestinal Disorders

Angier's Emulsion

because it makes possible the direct local application of a soothing agent to the inflamed areas which are beyond the reach of other remedies,-either alone or as a vehicle for intestinal antiseptics or astringents ANGIER'S EMULSION is invaluable.

doctor's absence his practice will be cared for by Dr. F. H. Weeks of Salt Lake.

Dr. M. H. Tallman and wife of Boise have returned from an auto trip to Butte, Montana.


services at the temple were fraternal in character, open to the public; those at the grave were military with an escort of 16 men. The honorary pallbearers were Drs. E. K. Scott, J. A. B. St. Clair, P. F. McMurdo, George B. Story, Lieut. H. C. Jones and Robert Munley. Members of the City and County Medical Society attended the funeral.

Dr. A. T. Yielding Dies Dr. A.T. Yielding died suddenly July 16 at Bremerton, Wash., follow ing an attack of brain fever. Dr. Yielding recently entered the navy with the rank of surgeon, junior grade. He came to Portland in 1909 from Pittsburgh, and for the past five years has been one of the operating surgeons at St. Vincent's Hospital.

Dr. Yeilding was about 33 years old and unmarried. A brother, Charles W. Yeilding, is an East Side pharmacist.

Dr. Yeilding was associated in Portland with Drs. J. J. Leavitt and Frank S. Post until he responded to his country's call.

Funeral services were held at Masonic Temple. The services were conducted jointly by the naval forces in the city and Washington Commandery No. 15, Knights Templars, of which Dr. Yeilding was a member. The

Dr. A. T. Yeilding Dies Dr. A. T. Yeilding died suddenly Montana, one of the most widely. known surgeons in the West and expresident of the Montana State Med. ical Association, died at his home, July 2, after an illness of two weeks. He came to Anaconda in 1891. Dr. Spellman was 49 years of age. He is survived by his widow, two sons and a daughter.

The Watermelon

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At one time in this country watermelon was believed to be the carrier of cholera morbus. It was claimed that many cases of this dread disease could be traced to the eating of watermelon, and as long as this superstition was abroad and accepted, a lot of people ate watermelon expecting to be on their backs with cholera morbus in less than a week.

Finally, a Dr. Tanner made an analysis of watermelon and found it to consist almost entirely of water, sweetened with a little sugar. He declared it to be the about the lightest food that could be taken into the human

This proved such a good advertisement for the watermelon that it has ever since had a place on the tables of even the strictest dieticians.

It has often occurred to the writer of this that it would be a good idea to change the greeting "How are you?" to “You're looking well today!”

We must all admit that the less we think about our bodily ailments the bettre we feel, and that our physical condition is largely dependent on our mental attitude.

HENRY WALDO COE, M. D., Editor, Portland, Ore.

Entered at the Postoffice at Portland, Oregon, as Second Class Mail Matter

Address all communications regarding papers, subscriptions, advertising or business

matters to the MEDICAL SENTINEL, 516 Selling Bldg., Portland, Oregon


Associate Editors T. HOMER COFFEN, A.B., M.D.




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There is no field of activity of the ductless gland which is more important than their influence on the varying metabolic processes of the body. The purpose of this paper is to discuss briefly one of these directions of glandular activities, namely, the relation of ductless glands to sugar metablism.

I became especially interested in this phase of the subject as a result of two cases reported by Dr. J. C. O'Day, one of which I had the opportunity of following in some detail. These two cases were clinically typical cases of diabetes mellitus plus exopthalmic goitre. In both, the diabetes had preceded the development of the outspoken goitre symptoms, and in both, all the symptoms, both those of diabetes and those of exopthalmic goitre, were cured by the operation. Subsequently I saw a somewhat similar case. I do not know how long the diabetes had existed, but some grade of hyperthyroidism had been present for a long time. The patient had long been nervous, excitable, with a tremor of the hands and some prominence of the eyeballs. Under a severe strain for some time she developed a typical, marked exopthalmic goitre, and a marked diabetes. The urine contained 8 per cent sugar, and it was difficult to reduce it by dietetic means. Thyroid operation was performed. Very promptly there was a marked subsidence of the goitre symptoms, and there followed a gradual subsidence of the sugar excretion. The sugar did not

subsidence was performed. ruce it by dietetic

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