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By MORRIS R. COHEN, Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy in
the College of the City of New York.

American Life and American Philosophy. The Traditions of American
Philosophy. Large Indebtedness to Great Britain. Other Influences.
Scotch Common-Sense Realism. The Evolutionary Philosophy. Its
Influence on American Theology. John Fiske. His Substitution of
the Evolutionary Myth for the Old Theology. Scientific Thought in
America. Chauncey Wright. His Conception of True Scientific
Method. William T. Harris. His Attack on Agnosticism. The Journal
of Speculative Philosophy. The Improvement of Philosophical Teach-
ing. The Philosophical Review. Philosophical Professors. Charles S.
Peirce. The Origins of Pragmatism. Josiah Royce. Metaphysical
Idealism. The World and the Individual. William James. His Vivid-
ness and Humanity. Principles of Psychology. Radical Empiricism.


By WILLIAM B. CAIRNS, Ph.D., Associate Professor of
American Literature in the University of Wisconsin.

The Importance of the American Magazine. Advertising. Short Stories.
The North American Review. Minor Reviews in New England and New
York. The South. The Older Magazines Continued. The Atlantic
Monthly. Harper's Monthly Magazine. Scribner's Monthly. The
Century Magazine. Scribner's Magazine. Putnam's Monthly Maga-
zine and Its Successors. The Galaxy. The Overland Monthly. The
Ladies' Home Journal. Popular Magazines. Muck-Raking. McClure's
Magazine. Recent Developments.


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