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9 & Only take heed to thy- & Prov. iii. 1 My Son, forget not felt, and KEEP thy Soul di- my Law; but let thine Heart KEEP


2 For length of Days, and long Get the Things which thine Life, and Peace fall they add to Eyes have seen, and left they thee. DEPARTt from thy HEART Take thee : bind them about thy

3 Let not Mercy and TRUTH forall the Days of thy Life: but Neck, write them upon the Table of teach them thy Sons, and thy thine Heart:

4 So shalt thou find Favour and Sons Sons :

good Understanding in the light of 10 Specially the Day that God and Man. thou stoodeit before the LORD

Prov. vi. 20 My Son, keep thy Fa

ther's Commandment, and forsake thy God in Horeb, when the nor the Law of thy Mother, LORD said unto me, Gather 21 Bind them continually upon me the People together, and thine Heart, and tie them about thy

Neck. I will make them hear my 22 When thou goeft, it shall lead Words, that they may learn thee; when thou sleepest, it shall keep to fear me all the Days that thee; and when thou awakest, it shall they shall LIVE upon the 23 For the Commandment is a Earth, and that they may Lamp, and the Law is Light; and TEACH their CHILDREN.

Reproofs of Inftru&ion are the way

of Life. 1 And ye came near and Psal. cxix. 10$ Thy WORD is a stood under the Mountain, Lamp unto my Feet, and a Light

unto my PATH. and the Mountain BURNT 106 i have sworn, and I will perwith Fire unto the midst of form it, that I will keep thy RIGHTEHeaven, with DARKNESS, ous JUDGMENTS. Clouds, and THICK DARK- God is in his Heart, none of his

Pjal xxxvii. 31 The Law of his NESS.

STEPs shall SLIDE. 12 And the LORD fpake unto you out of the midst of the FIRE: ye heard the Voice of the Words, but faw no SIMILITUDE, only ye heard a Voice.

13 And he declared unto you his COVENANT, which he commanded you to perform, even ten Commandments, and he wrote them upon two Tables of Stone.

14. And the LORD commanded me at that Time, to teach you Statutes and Judgments, that ye might do them in the Land whither ye go over to posless it.

15 Take ye therefore good heed unto yourselves (for ye saw no manner of SIMILITUDE on the Day that the LORD spake unto you in Horeb, out of the midst of the Fire.)

16 Left ye corrupt yourselves, and make you a graven Image, the Similitude of any Figure, the Likeness of Male or Female.


loved us,

19 h And left thou lift up Job xxxj. 26 If I beheld the Sun thine Eyes unto Heaven, and when it shined, or the Moon walking

in Brightness : when thou feeft the SUN, 27 And my Heart hath been feand the Moon, and the cretly enticed, or my Moutla hatha Stars, even all the Host of

kified my Hand :

28 This also were an INIQUITY TO Heaven, shouldīt be driven be PUNISHED by the Judge ; for! to worship them, and serve should have DENIED the God that

is ABOVE. them, which the Lord thy God hath divided unto all Nations under the whole Heaven. 20 i But the LORD hath

John iii. 16 God so LOVED the taken you, and brought you World, that he gave his only begotforth out of the Iron Fur- en Son, that wholoever BELIEVET!

in him, should NOT PERISH, but have NACE, even out of Egypt,

EV ERLASTING LIFE. to be unto him a People of 17 For God sent nou his son into INHERITANCE.

the World, to condemn the World,

but that the WORLD through him 21 Furthermore, the LORD

might be savrd. was angry with me for your E bel.ii. 4 God who is rich in MerSakes.

cy, for his great Love wherewith he 22 But I MUST die in this

s Even when we were DEAD in Land, but ye shall go over Sins, bath QuickNED us together and poffefs that good Land.

with CHRIST, (by GRACE ye are

SAVED.) 23 Take heed unto your- Heb. iii. 1 wherefore, holy Breselves, leit ye FORGET the thren, Pariakers of the heavenly Cal. COVENANT of the Lord your priest of our Profeflion, Christ Je

ling confider the Apostle, and HighGod, which he made with sus. you, and make you a graven

2 Who was FAITHFUL to him that İmage, or the Likeness of any FalThrul in all his House.

appointed him, as also Moles was Thing which the LORD thy 3 For this Man was counted wore God hath forbidden thee. thy of more Glory than Moses, in

as much as he who hath builded the House, hath more Honour than the House.

14 For we are made Partakers of Christ, if we hold the Beginning of our CONFIDENCE STEDFAST unto the END;

Is While it is said, To-day if ye will hear his Voies, HARDEN not your HEARTS, as in the Provocation.

Heb. ii 1 Therefore we ought to give the more carneft heed to the Things which we have heard, left at any time we should let them flip.

2 For if the Word spoken by ANGELS was stedfast, and every Transgres. sion and Disobedience received a just Recompence of Reward ;

3 How shall we ESCAPE if we neglcã so GREAT Salvation, which at the first began to be spoken by the LORD, and was confirmed unto us by them that heard him

14 Foralmuch then as the Children are Partakers of Flesh and Blood, he also himself likewise cook part of the fame : that through Death he might deftroy him that had the Power of Death, that is, the DEVIL ;

Is And DELIVER them who through Fear of Death were all their Lifetime subject to BONDAGE.



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24 k For the LORD thy * Heb. xii. 28 Wherefore we recei. God is a CONSUMING FIRE, moved, let us have Grace whereby

ving a Kingdom which cannot be even a JEALOUS God.

we may SERVE GOD ACCEPTABLY, with 25 When thou shalt beget REVERENCE, and GODLY Fear.

29 For Our God is a CONSUMING Children, and Childrens Chil

FIRE. dren, and shalt have remain- ifa. xxxiii. 14 The Sinners in zied long

in the Land, and on are afraid, FEAR FULNESS hath shall CORRUPT yourselves,

surprised the HYPOCRITES : who a

mong us shall Dwell with the Deand make a graven Image, or your ING Fire? who amongst us shall the Likeness of any thing, and dwell with EVERLASTING BURNINGS ?

Is He that walketh RIGHTEOUSLY, shall do evil in the Sight of and speakech UPRIGHTLY, he that dethe LORD thy God, to pro- spiseth the Gain of Oppressions, that voke him to Anger.

SHAKETH his Hands from holding of

BRIRES, that STOPPETH his Ears from hearing of BLOOD, and SHUTTETH his Eyes from secing Evil.

26 "I call HAVEN and Ifa i. 2 HEAR, O HEAVENS, and Earth to witness against give car, o Earth : for the LORD you this Day, that ye shall brought up Children, and they have soon utterly PERISH from off REBELLED against me. the Land whereunto ye go the Lord hath spoken, and called

Pfal. I. 1 The mighty God, even over Jordan to possess it : ye the Earth from the rising of the Sun, shall not prolong your Days unto the going down thereof.

2 Out of Zion the Perfection of upon it, but thall utterly be Beauty, God hath fhined. DESTROYED.

3 Our God shall come, and shall 2! And the LORD fall not keep Silence: a Fire Thall devour

before him, and it Mall be very temSCATTER you among


pestuous jound about him. Nations, and ye thall be left 4 He shall Call to the HEAVENS Few in Number among the from above, and to the Earth, chac

he may judge his PEOPLE. HEATHEN, whither the LORD

6 And the HEAVENS shall DECLARE fall lead you.

his RIGHTEOUSNESS : for God is Judge 28 And there ye fall serve

himself. Gods, the Work of Mens Hands, Wood and Stone, which neither see, nor hear, nor eat, nor smell. m But if from thence

m 1 Chron. xxviii. 9 And thou sothou shalt seek the LORD LOMON my Son, know thou the God thy God, thou shalt FinD of thy Father, and serve him with a

PERFECT HEART, and with a WILLING him, if thou seek him with MIND : for the LORD SEARCHETH ALL ALL thy Heart, and with Hearts, and understandeth all the


thou seek him, he will be FOUND of 30 When thou art in Tri- thee; but if thou forsake him, he bulation, and all these Things will cast thee of FOR EVER.

Heb. xi. 6 Without Faith it is imare come upon thee, even in

possible to PLEASE God : for he that the LATTER Days, if thou COMETH to God, must believe that




TURN to the LORD thy God, he is, and that he is a REWARDEN and shalt be obedient unto his

of them that DILIGENTLY SEEK

him. Voice.

31 (For the LORD thy God is a MERCIFUL God) he will not FORSAKE thec, neither destroy thee, nor forget the COVENANT of thy Fathers which he svare unto them. 32 n For ask now of the

alla lxiv. 1 Oh that thou would Days that are past, which RENT the HEAVENS, that thou would were before thee, since the COME POWN, that the Mountains

might flow down at thy Presence, Day that God created Man

2 As when the melting Fire toidupon the Earth, and ask froin eth, the FIRE caufeth the Waters the one side of Heaven unto

to boyl, to make thy Name known

to thine Adversaries, that the Nathe other, whether there haih tions may TREMBLE at thy PRESENCE. been any such thing as this 3 When thou didst TERRIBLETHINGS, GREAT THing is, or hath which we looked not for, thou ca


down at thy PRESENCE. 33 Did ever People HEAR 4 For lioce the BEGINNING of the the Voice of God speaking carved ty the Ear, neither hath the

WORLD MEN have not heard nor PFRout of the midst of the FIRE, EYE SEEN, O Gov, belides thee, what as thou hast heard, and he h-th PREPARED for heat that waitLive?

ETH for him.

Eibel. i. 3 Blessed be the God and 34 Or bath God asfayed Father of our LORD JESUS CHRIST, to go and take him a NA- who hath blessed us with all SPIRITUAL

BLESSINGS in HEAVENLY PLACES in TIon from the midst of an

CHRIST. other Nation, by TEMPTA- 4 According as he hath CHOSEN OS TIONS, by Signs, and by the Worid, that we should be holy,

in him, before the FOUNDATION of WONDERS, and by WAR, and without Blame before him in and by a MIGHTY HAND, Love. and by a stretched out Arm, the Adoption of Children by Just's

s Having fredeflinated us untó and by great TERRORS, ac- CHRIST to himself, according to the cording to all that the Lord good Pleasure of his Will. your God did for you in E- his Grace wherein he hath made us

6 To the Praise of the GLORY of gypt before your Eyes?

accepted in the Beloved : 35 Unto thee it was show- 7 in whom we have Redemption ed, that thou mightest know

through his Blood, the FORGIVENESS

OF Sins, according to the Riches of that the LORD he is God; his Grace; there is none else besides

8 Wherein he hath abounded to:

wards us in all Wisdom and Ptuhim.

dence, 36 Out of Heaven he

9. Having, made known unto us the made thee to hear his Voice, MYSTERY. Of his Will, according to that he might infruct thee, purpoled in himself.

his good Pleasure, which he harde and uron Earth he shewei 10 That in the DISPENSATION of thee his grtat Fire, and thou !!: Fulne's of TIMSS, lie might gå heardest his Words out of the ther together in one all Things in midst of the Fire.


CHRIST, both which are in Heaven,

and which are on Earth, even in 37 And because he loved him: thy Fathers, therefore he si In whom also we have obtained chose their Seed after them, according to the Purpose of him who

an INHERITANCE, being predestinated and brought thee out in his worketh all things after the CounSight with his mighty Power fel of his own wil.

12 That we should be to the Praise out of Egypt :

of his Glory, who first TRUSTED in 38 To drive out Nations CHRIST. from before thee GREATER

17 That the God of our Lord Je

sus Christ, the Father of Glory, may and MIGHTIER than thou art, give unto you the Siit of Widom to bring thee in to give thee and Revelation, in the Knowledge of their Land for an Inheritance,

him :

18 The Eyes of your UNDERSTANDas it is this Day.

ING being enlightned; that ye may 39 Know therefore this know what is the Hope of his Cala Day, and consider it in thine iing, and what the Riches of the

Glory of his INHERITANCE in the Heart, that the LORD he SAINTS. is God in Heaven above, and

19 And what is the EXCEEDING upon the Earth beneath: there who believe, according to the worko

GREATNESS of his power to us waid is none else.

ING of his MIGHTY POWER; 40 Thou shalt keep there

20 Which he wroughe in CHRIST

when he raised him from the Dead, fore his Statutes, and his and set him at his own Right Hand Commandments which Icom- in the heavenly Places, mand thee this Day, that it

21 Far above all PRINCIPALITY, and

POWER, and Might and DOMINION, may go well with thee, and and every Name that is named, not with thy Children after thee, only in this WORLD, but also in that and that thou mayest prolong

which is to COME:

22 And hath put all Things under ihy Days upon the Earth, his feet, and gave him to be the * which the LORD thy God Head over all Things to the Church: giveth thee for ever.

23 Which is his Body, the Fulnels

of him that filleth all in all. Epher. ii. 4 But God who is rich in Mercy, for his GLEAT Love wherewith he loved us,

s Even when we were dead in Sins, hath QUICKNED us together with CHRIST, (by Grace ye are SAVED)

6 And hath raised us up together, and made us fit iogether in HEAVENLY PLACES in CHRIST JESUS.

7 That in the Ages to come he might thew the EXCEEDING Riches of his GRACE, in his Kindness towards us. Though CHRIST JESUS.

8 For by Gkace are ye faved, through Faith ; and that not of yourSELVFS: it is the Gift of God:

9 Not of Works, lest any Man should BOAST :

ļo For we are his WORKMANSHIP, CREATED in CHRIST Jasus unto GOOD WORKS, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in clem.

Is Wherefore remember that ye being in time palled GENTILES in the FLESH, who are called Uncircumcision by that which is called the Circumçision in the Flesh made by Hands; 12 Tha at that Time ye were without Christ, being Altens from the


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