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hope it may prove sufficiently agreeable to examine its contents, in some of the cheerless hours of your Winter holydays.

But should this little Volume be deemed quite superfluous, I shall apologize for its intrusion in the borrowed and elegant little story which I select from the Preface of a Work I have already gleaned from, and to which I am indebted for the fragments entitled. "The Young Linnæus of Tornea."

It was related of an Eastern Sage, who had come from a distant province to offer himself as a candidate for a seat in a celebrated academy, that he arrived too late, and the learned body was obliged reluctantly to announce to him the preoccupation of the only vacant place. In order to make this declaration in as delicate and dignified a manner as possible, the president filled a goblet with water so completely as not to admit another drop, and with an air of courteous regret pointed to the emblematic cup. The philosopher

understood its meaning, but immediately stooped down, and taking a Rose leaf from the ground, laid it so gently on the surface of the water that none overflowed. The appeal was successful; the rules of the accademy were waved; and the Sage was admitted by acclamation." Professing myself to be a Candidate asking only for the acceptance of my "Basket of Fragments," disclaiming all acclamations of praise, I subscribe myself the friend of the Young.

E. A. M.

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