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MAY 3, 1913 LYMAN ABBOTT, Editor-in-Chief


Contributing Editor

Last week Skutari fell. negrins now feel as if they were regain The Montenegrin Victory

Thus Turkey retreats fur ing some of their own territory. It is quite

ther and further - into impossible for the ordinary European or the corner," as is graphically depicted in American to estimate the strength of the the first of the two cartoons from “ Punch" anti-Turk and pro-Slav sentiment in Montereproduced on the next two pages. Cen negro. As with no other people, the persisturies ago the Turks built fortified works ence of revenge has burned deep in the bout Skutari upon high hills. These forti Montenegrin soul. The kapa, or cap, which cations have since been strengthened and distinguishes all Montenegrins is emblematic ius the force of ten thousand troops or of Balkan tragedies, the crimson center typifynore under the efficient Essad Pasha was ing the sea of blood in which the peninsula ible for six months and a half to resist has been washed by Turkey, the broad band the onslaught of the Montenegrin army. of black silk which encircles it being a sign of A week before Bulgaria, Servia, and Greece mourning for the repression of the Slavs; declared war against Turkey, Montenegro, while around the cipher of the Montenegrin acting entirely by herself, declared war. king are golden bands, one for each century It was certainly a striking event, that of of strife. It is thus a notable event in Mona State smaller than Connecticut and with tenegrin history to have captured Skutari, a population of less than three hundred and King Nicholas announced, on hearing of thousand attacking an enemy whose area the victory, "Skutari will remain Monteextended over a million and a half square negrin." miles and whose population exceeded thirtyfive millions. The war between Montenegro

But will it ? Not if the and Turkey opened on October 8. It took

The Montenegrin

Powers, following Ausa week for the Montenegrins to fight

tria's lead, have their way. through the strongly fortified frontier and Having lost prestige by the outcome of the reach Skutari. From that time on they Balkan war, Austria determined to secure hammered away in a heroic effort to cap some compensation. She apparently did so ture. the city ; indeed, though they lacked in obtaining the assent of the European many of the resources of contemporary war Powers to her desire to name the capital fare, their attacks resembled those of the of the independent State of Albania, recently Japanese before Port Arthur. According to erected by them. Austria's reason for this the Turkish commander, the final surrender was that her influence over the new State was due to the fact that his provisions had would be greater in proportion as the entirely given out. Aside from the garrison, capital of that State was nearer her own the town of Skutari is supposed to comprise boundaries. So determined was Austria, about thirty-five thousand people, eight thou- indeed, that she declared her willingness to sand of whom are Christians and twenty-seven obtain her wish by armed force, and was thousar.. Mohammedans. It is a picturesque only deterred by the more or less unwilling place on the lake of that name. Its capture consent of the Powers to ask Montenegro to realizes a long-cherished ambition. Although abandon the siege, the Powers having already Montenegro itself has never been conquered obtained, as some offset, Austria's consent to by Tur' ey, the Turks four centuries ago the transference to Servia and Montenegro did take this outlying town which once be of a large territory formerly regarded as longed Montenegro; hence the Monte Albanian. When the Powers announced this

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Dame Europa. "You've always been the most troublesome boy in the school.
Now go and consolidate yourself."

Turkey. “Please, ma'am, what does that mean?"

Dame Europa. “It means going into that corner-and stopping there." decision to the Government of Montenegro, lutely with their siege on the rocky heights that Government replied that it violated the above. The effect of this little nation's calm neutrality agreed upon at the beginning of disregard of the crowd of huge European the war, and calmly continued the siege. On Powers has nowhere been so vividly described this the Montenegrin forces before Skutari as it has been by “ Mr. Punch ” in the secwere deserted by their Servian allies and the ond cartoon that accompanies these paraRussian Government thenceforth withheld graphs. It is announced that the capture of any moral support which had been previously the Turkish fortress will not alter the decision assured. The Powers thereupon, Russia of the Powers to incorporate Skutari in the agreeing, sent an international feet to Anti State of Albania. But-and this materially vari, one of the two Montenegrin ports. may well be a big “but” to MontenegroThere was thus presented to the world the the Powers have now agreed, so it is reported, curious spectacle of the embattled fleets of also to grant to Montenegro, as a complete the great Powers aligned in the Adriatic, offset for Skutari, not only a very large terriblockading a tiny port, while the Montenegrin tory in northern Albania to the east, as well troops were only persisting the more reso as half of the Sanjak of Novibazar, but also

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