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wbo was ordained of God to lers delivered him to be conbe the judge of quick and demned to d:ath, and have dead. To bim give all the crucified him. But we trusted prophets witness, that through that it had been he, who should his name, whosoever believeth have redeemned Israel : and bein him, shall receive remission side all this, to day is the third of fins.

day since these things were

done. Yea, and certain woThe Gospel. St. Luke xxiv. 13. men also of our company made

EHOLD, two of his dir- us astonished, who were early

ciples went that same day at the fepulchre ; and when to a village called Emmaus, they found not his body, they which was from Jerusalem came, saying, that they had about threescore furlongs. also seen a vision of angels, And they talked together of all which said that he was alive. these things which had hap- And certain of them who pened. And it came to pais, were with us went to the sethat while they communed pulchre, and found it even so together, and reasoned, Jesus as the women had said ; but himself drew near, and went him they saw not. Then he with them. But their eyes were said unto them, O fools, and holden, that they should not flow of heart to believe all know himn. And he faid un- that the prophets have spoto them, What manner of ken! ought not Christ to have communications are these suffered these things, and to

that ye have one to another, enter into his glory? And be. as ye walk, and are sad ? ginning at Mofes and all the

And one of them, whose prophets, he expounded unto name was Cleopas, answer- them in all the Scriptures, the ing, said unto him, Art thou things concerning bimself. only a stranger in Jerusalem, And they drew nigh unto the and hast not known the things village whither they went : which are come to pass there and he made as though he in these days ? And he said would have gone further : unto them, What things ? But they constrained him, And they said unto him, Con- saying, Abide with us ; for Cerning Jesus of Nazareth, it is towards evening, and who was a prophet mighty in the day is far spent. And deed and word, before God he went in to tarry with and all the people : And how them. And it came to pass, the chief priests and our ru- as he sat af meat with them,


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he took bread, and blefled it, For the Epislle. Acts xiii. 26. and brake, and gave to them. And their eyes were opened, EN and brethren, chiland they knew him, and he

dren of the stock of vanished out of their right. Abraham, and whosoever And they said one to another, among you feareth God, to Did not our heart burn within you is the word of this falus, while he talked with us vation sent. For they that by the way, and while he dwell at Jerusalem, and their opened to us the Scriptures ? rulers, because they knew And they rose up the fame him not, nor yet the voices hour, and returned to Jeru- of the prophets which are salem, and found the eleven read every fabbath-day, they gathered together, and them have fulfilled them in conthat were with them, saying, demning him. And though The Lord is risen indeed, they found no cause of death and hath appeared unto Si- in him, yet desired they

And they told what Pilate that he should be Nain. things were done in the way, And when they had fulfilled and how he was known of all that was written of him, them in breaking of bread. they took him down from

the tree, and laid him in a Tuesday in Easter-Week.

sepulchre. But God raifed

him from the dead : And he The Collect.

was seen many days of them LMIGHTY God, who which came up with him from

through thine only be- Galilee to Jerusalem, who are gotten Son Jesus Christ haft his witnesses unto the people. overcome death, and opened And we declare unto you unto us the gate of everlast- glad tidings, how that the ing life ; we humbly beseech promise which was made unto thee, that as, by thy special the fathers, God hath fulgrace preventing us, thou filled the fame unto us their dost

put into our minds good children, in that he hath defires ; fo by thy continual raised up Jesus again ; as it help we may bring the same is also written in the second to good effect, through Jesus Psalm, Thou art my Son, Christ our Lord; who liveth this day have I begotten thee. and reigneth with thee and the And as concerning that he Holy Ghost, ever one God, raised him up from the dead, world without end. Amen, now no more to return to


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corruption, he faid on this them, Why are ye troubled, wise, I will give you the sure and why do thoughts arise in mercies of David. Where- your hearts ? Behold my fore he faith also in another hands and my feet, that it is Plalm, Thou shalt not suffer I myself: handle me, and see; thine holy One to see corrup- for a spirit hath not flesh and tion. For David, after he bones, as ye see me bave. had served his own genera- And when he had thus spotion, by the will of God, ken, he showed them his feil on seep, and was laid hands and his feet. And unto his fathers, and saw cor- while they yet believed not ruption : But he, whom God for joy, and wondered, he raised again, faw no corrup- said unto them, Have ye tion. Be it known unto you here any meat ? And they therefore, inen and brethren, gave him a piece of a broiled that through this man is fish, and of an honey-comb. preached unto you the for- And he took it, and did eat giveness of fins : And by before them. And he said him all that believe are jufti- unto them, Thele are the fied from all things, from words which I spake unto which ye could not be justi- you, while I was yet with fied by the law of Moses. you, that all things must be Beware, therefore, lest that fulfilled which were written come upon you which is in the law of Moses, and in spoken of in the prophets, the Prophets, and in the Behold, ye despilers, and won- Píalms, concerning me. Then der, and perilh : for I work opened he their understanda work in your days, a work ing, that they might unwhich you shall in no wise derstand the scriptures ; and believe, though a man declare said unto them, Thus it is

written, and thus it behoved

Christ to suffer, and to rise The Gospel. St. Luke xxiv. 36. from the dead the third day;

and that repentance and reESUS himself stood in the mission of sins should be

midst of them, and faith preached in his name among unto them, Peace be unto all nations, beginning at Jeyou. But they were terri- rusalem. And ye are wit. fied and affrighted, and sup- nefles of these things. posed that they had seen a Ipirit. And he said unto


it unto you.


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T being

The First Sunday after Easter. for this is the witness of God,

which he hath testified of his The Collect.

Son. He that believeth on Lmighty Father, who

the Son of God, hath the haft given thine only witness in himself : he that Son to die for our fins, and

believeth not God, hath made to rise again for our justifica- him a liar, because he betion ; grant us fo to put lieveth not the record that away the leaven of malice God gave of his Son. And and wickedness, that we may this is the record, that God alway serve thee in pureness hath given to us eternal life of living and truth, through and this life is in his Son. He the merits of the same thy that hath the Son hath life ; Son Jesus Christ our Lord. and he that hath not the Son Amen.

hath not life. The Epiftle. 1 St. John v. 4.

Hatsoever is born of The Gospel. St. John xx. 19.

God, overcometh the HE day at evening, world; and this is the victory

the first

day of that overcometh the world, the week, when the doors even our faith. Who is he were shut, where the disciples that overcometh the world, were assembled for fear of the but he that believeth that Jews, came Jesus and stood Jesus is the Son of God ? in the midst, and faith unto This is he that came by wa- them, Peace be unto you. ter and blood, even Jesus And when he had so faid, he Christ; not by water only, thowed unto thein his hands but by water and blood : and his side. Then were the And it is the Spirit that bear- disciples glad when they saw eth witness, because the Spirit the Lord. Then said Jesus is truth. For there are three to them again, Peace be unto that bear record in Heaven, you : As my Father hath sent the Father, the Word, and me, even so send I you. And the Holy Ghost : and these when he had said this, he three are one. And there are breathed on them, and faith three that bear witness in unto them, Receive ye the the earth, the spirit, and the Holy Ghost : Whose foever water, and the blood : and fins ye remit, they are remitthese three agree in one. If ted unto them : and whole we receive the witness of men, foever fins ye retain, they are the witness of God is greater : retained.



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The Second Sunday after Easter. Who his own self bare our

fins in his own body on the The Collect

tree, that we, being dead to

fin, Thould live unto rightLmighty God, who haft eousness : by whose stripes ye

given thine only Son to were healed. For ye were as be unto us both a facrifice Meep going astray; but are for sin, and also an example now returned unto the lhepof godly life; give us grace herd and bishop of your that we may always most souls. thankfully receive that his ineftimable benefit, and also The Gospel. St. John X. 11. daily endeavour ourselves to follow the blessed steps of his ESUS said, I am the good most holy life, through the Thepherd : the good shepsame Jesus Christ our Lord. herd giveth his life for the Amen.

sheep. But he that is an hire

ling, and not the shepherd, The Epiftle. St. Pet. ii. 19. whose own the sheep are not,

seeth the wolf coming, and HIS is thank-worthy, if leaveth the sheep, and feeth;

a man for conscience and the wolf catcheth them, toward God endure grief, fuf- and scattereth the sheep. The fering wrongfully. For what hireling fleeth because he is an glory is it, if when ye be buf- hireling, and careth not for feted for your faults, ye shall the sheep. I am the good take it patiently ? But if, shepherd, and know my sheep, when ye do well

, and suffer and am known of mine. As for it, ye take it patiently, this the Father knoweth me, even

acceptable with God. For so know I the Father : And even hereunto were ye called ; I lay down my life for the because Christ also suffered sheep. And other sheep. I for

us, leaving us an example, have, which are not of this that ye should follow his steps : fold; them also I must bring, Who did no fin, neither was and they shall hear my voice; guile found in his mouth : and there shall be one fold Who when he was reviled, re- and one shepherd. viled not again ; when he suffered, he threatened not ; but committed himself to him that judgeth righteously :


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