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which deceiveth the whole est in the kingdom of heaven. world ; he was cast out into And whoso shall receive one the earth, and his angels were such little child in my Name, cast out with him. And I receiveth me. But whoso shall heard a loud voice saying in offend one of these little ones heaven, Now is come salva- which believe in me, it were tion and strength, and the better for him that a milstone kingdom of our God, and the were hanged about his neck, power of his Christ: for the and that he were drowned in accuser of our brethren is cast the depth of the sea. Woc down, which accused them unto the world because of ofbefore our God day and night. fences : for it must needs be And they overcame him by that offences come : but woe the blood of the Lamb, and to that man by whom the ofby the word of their testimony; fence cometh. Wherefore, if and they loved not their lives thy hand or thy foot offend unto the death. Therefore thee, cut them off, and cast rejoice, ye heavens, and ye them from thee : it is better that dwell in them. Woe to for thee to enter into life balt the inhabitants of the earth or maimed, rather than hay. and of the sea : for the devil ing two hands or two feet, to is come down unto you, hav- be cast into everlasting fire. ing great wrath, because he And if thine eye offend thee, knoweth that he hath but a pluck it out, and cast it from short time.

thee; it is better for thee to

enter into life with one eye, The Gospel. St. Matth. xviii. 1. rather than having two eyes,

T the same time came to be cast into hell-fire. Take

the disciples unto Jesus, heed that ye despise not one saying, Who is the greatest of these little ones : for I say in the kingdom of heaven ? unto you, That in heaven And Jesus called a little child their angels do always behold unto him, and set him in the the face of my Father which midst of them, and said, Ve- is in heaven. rily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become

Saint Luke the Evangelift. as little children, ye shall not

The Collect. enter into the kingdom of LMIGHTY God, who


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shall humble himself as this fician, whose praise is in the little child, the fame is great- Gospel, to be an Evangelist



W ,

Go your

and Physician of the soul; may Alexander the coppersmith it please thee, that by the did me much evil: the Lord wholesome medicines of the reward him according to his doctrine delivered by him, all works. Of whom be thou he diseases of our souls may ware also, for he hath greatly ve healed, through the merits withstood our words. of thy Son Jesus Christ our

The Gospel. St. Luke x. 1. Lord. Amen. The Epifile.

HE Lord appointed 2 Tim. iv. 5.

other seventy allo, and in all

sent them two and two before things, endure afflic

his face into every city and tions, do the work of an Evan

place, whitherhehimtelfwould zelift, make full proof of thy

come. Therefore said he unto ministry. For I ain now ready to be offered, and the time of them, The harvest truly is

great, but the labourers are ny departure is at hand. I have fought a good fight, I Lord of the harvest, that he

few : pray ye therefore the have finished my course, I

would fend forth labourers have kept the faith. Hence

into his harvest. forth there is laid up for me a the Lord the righteous Judgę Carry neither purse, nor scrip, crown of righteousness, which ways ; behold, I send you

forth as lambs among wolves. hall give me at that day : and

nor shoes; and salute no man Dot to me only, but unto all them also that love his appear- foever house ye enter, first

by the way. And into whating. Do thy diligence to come shortly unto me: For say, Peace be to this house.

And if the son of peace be Demas hath forsaken me, haying loved this present world, there, your peace ihall rest and is departed unto Theffa- upon it: if not, it shall turn lonica ; Crescens to Galatia, fame house remain, eating

to you again. And in the Titus unto Dalmatia. Only and drinking such things as Luke is with me. Take Mark and bring him with thee: for they give : for the labourer is he is profitable to me for the worthy of his hire. ministry. And Tychicus have

Saint Simon and Saint Jude, I sent to Ephesus. The cloak

Apostles. that I left at Troas with Carpus, when thou comest, bring

The Colleet. with thee, and the books, but Almighty God, who hast especially the parchments.

built thy Church upon



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the foundation of the Apof- them that believed not. And tles and Prophets, Jesus Christ the angels which kept not himself being the head corner their first estate, but left their stone ; grant us so to be own habitation, he hath rejoined together in unity of served in everlasting chains spirit by their doctrine, that under darkness, unto the we may be made an holy judgment of the great day. temple acceptable unto thee, Even as Sodom and Gothrough Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ our morrha, and the cities about Lord. Amen.

them, in like manner giving

themselves over to fornicaThe Epifle. St. Jude i.

tion, and going after strange UDE, the servant of Jesus flesh, are set forth for an

Christ, and brother of example, suffering the venJames, to them that are fanc- geance of eternal fire. Liketified by God the Father, wise also these filthy dreamand preserved in Jesus Christ, ers defile the flesh, despise and called : Mercy unto dominion, and speak evil of you, and peace and love be dignities. multiplied. Beloved, when

Beloved, when The Gospel. St. John xv. 17. I gave all diligence to write

HESE I unto you of the common sal mand


that vation, it was needful for me one another. If the world to write unto you, and exhort hate you, ye know that it you, that ye should earnestly hated me before it hated

you. contend for the faith which If ye were of the world, the was once delivered unto the world would love his own : saints. For there are certain but because ye are not of the men crept in unawares, who world, but I have chosen you wese before of old ordained out of the world, therefore to this condemnation ; un- the world hateth you. Regodly men, turning the grace member the word 'that I said of our God into lasciviousness, unto you, The servant is not and denying the only Lord greater than his lord ; if they God, and our Lord Jesus have persecuted me, they will Christ. I will therefore put also persecute you ; if they you in remembrance, though have kept my saying, they will ye once knew this, how that keep your's also. But all these the Lord having saved the things will they do unto you people out of the land of for my Name's fake, because Egypt, afterward destroyed they know not him that sent

T mand you, that ye love



me. If I had not come and For the Epistle. Rev. vii. 2. spoken unto them, they had not had fin: but now they

ND I saw another angel have no cloak for their sin.

ascending from the east, He that hateth me, hateth having the feal of the living my Father also. If I had not

God ; and he cried with a done among them the works

loud voice to the four angels, which none other man did, to whom it was given to hurt they had not had fin : but the earth and the fea, saying, now have they both seen and Hurt not the earth, neither

the sea, nor the trees, till we hated both me and my Father. But this cometh to pass, that have sealed the servants of the word might be fulfilled our God in their foreheads. that is written in their law, them which were sealed ; and They hated me without a

there were sealed an hundred cause. But when the Comforter is come, whom I will

and forty and four thousand,

of all the tribes of the chil. send unto you from the Fa

dren of Israel. ther, even the Spirit of truth, which proceedeth from the

Of the tribe of Judah were Father, he shall testify of me. sealed twelve thousand. And ye also shall bear witness, Of the tribe of Reuben because

ye have been with me were sealed twelve thousand. from the beginning

Of the tribe of Gad were All Saints Day.

sealed twelve thousand.

Of the tribe of Afer were The Colle Et.

fealed twelve thousand. Almighty God, who hast Of the tribe of Nepthalim

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in one communion and fel Of the tribe of Manafles lowship, in the mystical body were sealed twelve thousand. of thy Son Christ our Lord; Of the tribe of Simeon grant us grace so to follow were sealed twelve thousand. thy blessed Saints in all vir Of the tribe of Levi were tuous and godly living, that sealed twelve thousand. we may coine to those un Of the tribe of Isachar were speakable joys, which thou sealed twelve thousand. haft prepared for those who Of the tribe of Zabulon unfeignedly love thee, through were sealed twelve thousand. Jesus Christ our Lord.

Of the tribe of Jofeph were Amen.

sealed twelve thousand.


Of the tribe of Benjamin set, his disciples came unto were sealed twelve thousand. him. And he opened his

mouth, and taught them, · After this I beheld, and lo, saying, Blessed are the poor a great multitude, which no in spirit: for theirs is the man could number, of all na- kingdom of heaven. Bleffed tions, and kindreds, and peo- are they that mourn : for they ple, and tongues, stood before shall be comforted. Blefled the throne, and before the are the meek : for they shall Lamb, cloathed with white inherit the earth. Bleffed robes, and palms in their are they which do hunger hands; and cried with a loud and thirst after righteousness : voice, saying, Salvation to for they shall be filled. Blessed our God, which sitteth upon are the merciful : for they the throne, and unto the shall obtain mercy. Blessed Lamb. And all the angels are the pure in heart : for stood round about the throne, they shall see God. Blessed and about the elders, and the are the peace-makers : for four beasts, and fell before they shall be called the chilthe throne on their faces, and dren of God. Blessed are worshipped God, saying, they which are persecuted for Amen : Blessing, and glory, righteousness fake : for theirs and wisdom, and thanksgiv- is the kingdom of heaven. ing, and honour, and power, Blessed are ye, when men and might, be unto our God shall revile you, and persecute for ever and ever. Amen. you, and shall say all manner

of evil against you falsely for The Gospel. St. Matth. v. 1. my fake. Rejoice and be

exceeding glad : for great is ESUS seeing the multi- your reward in heaven : for

tudes, went up into a so persecuted they the promountain; and when he was phets which were before you.

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