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Many of the speeches listed under this head were arranged for speaking by the editor and so far as is known have not been published heretofore as declamations. Some of them have already appeared in whole or in part, but have been so little used and possess so much merit that they are included in this list. Nearly all of them have won prizes in contests.

Other things being equal, a new declamation has an advantage over an old one, but a new declamation of mediocre quality will hardly win over an older one of sterling merit.

The great consideration in choosing a declamation is to get one that suits you. If

you are enthusiastic over it and feel that you would rather deliver it than any other speech you know of, you are most likely to be at your best.


Abraham Lincoln.... Address to Ex-Confederates. Bridging the Bloody Chasm. Brownsville Affair, The... Cause of Labor, The.. Character, or the Making of a Man. Citizen, The..... Courage of Woodrow Wilson, The.. Dead, He Was Immortal.. Education and Progress. Flag of Our Fathers.. Governor and the Mob, The. Greater Man, The... Heart the Source of Power, The. Immortality.. International League to Secure Peace, An.. Ireland's Holy Dead... Isham G. Harris, Eulogy on.. Jesus and Coziba... Land Where Hatred Expires, The. Loneliness of Genius, The.. Man, The.... Man They Cannot Forget, The. Middle Basin of Tennessee, The. On the Contest Over His Seat in Congress. Perils of Paternalism.... Sam Davis. Sinking of the Titanic.. Southern Spirit... Uncle Sam... Vive La Marine.. Weaver's Pattern, The.

. Martin B. Madden
. Robert L. Taylor
.John Sharpe Williams
.E. W. Carmack
.C. H. Tavenner
.E. W. Carmack
Jas. F. Dwyer
. Edward Keating
.John Esten Cooke
Benj. H. Hill
Benj. H. Hill
G. D. Patterson
T. E. Egbert
Robert L. Taylor
Meyer London
Seumas McManus
Robert L. Taylor
A. S. Crapsey
A. L. Guerard
E. A. Bancroft
Christopher Morley
Collier's Weekly
.John Trotwood Moore
E. W. Carmack
A. O. Stanley
M. R. Patterson
Elbert Hubbard
Grady and Taylor
.Memphis Com-

mercial Appeal Malcolm R. Patterson

Woodrow Wilson.

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