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acts of, 22, 23.
“Claims and their Settlement,” by Beaman, 29.

“ Cruise of,” by Semmes, 78.
“ ALERT,” THE, 53.

making first voyage, 86.

unnaturalized allowed to recover (except British subjects), 74.

language of section twelve, act 1874, 42.
meaning of, as used in act 1874, 69, 70.
true, must be averred, 71.
exact language of act must be followed, 71.
foreigner never in the United States, 80.

brief of counsel on this subject, 104.
of petition after time for filing expired, 5.

rule, 41.
generally allowed, 41.

offered in Congress to act 1882, 76.

no, from judgment of the court, 7.

to pay judgments, 119.

expenses of court, 121.
“ARIEL,” THE, 31.

several on a class of cases, 12.
on measure of damages, 43.

on value of cargo, 44.

men, or boats, instance of, not within act 1882, 99.

sales to, value not allowed, 46.

may sue as complainant, 25.

in bankruptcy, 105.

of claims against United States, 104, 115.
of Geneva Award claim, 104.
by partner of interest, 104.
of drafts on treasury, 115.
form of, to collect draft, 115. See APPENDIX VII.


cannot sue after assignment, 25.

admission of, 10.
may verify claim, 16.
in behalf of deceased claimant, 17.
affidavit of, where claimant absent, 18.
briefs of, in certain cases, 33, 34.
to collect money on draft, 115.
form of power of, to collect draft. See APPENDIX VII.
court may enter judgment in favor of, 122.
whether new motion under act 1882, quære, 123.

fees of, 122-124. AVERAGE, GENERAL,

adjustment of, expense for, not recoverable, case of bonded vessel, 31, 32 AWARD AT GENEVA

excluded gross freights, 48.
excluded prospective earnings, 53.
money, how paid by Great Britain to United States, 113. See APPENDIX



appointed judge, 2.
death of, 2.

opinion by, 31. BANKRUPTCY

assignee in, 105. “BARON DE CASTINE," THE, 56. BAY,

completely landlocked not the "high seas," 92. BEAMAN, CHARLES C., JR.,

• The National and Private Alabama Claims, and their Final and Amicable

Settlement,” 29. BOND,

ransom, 31. BONDED VESSELS, 55.

claim that owner was obliged to sell ship at loss, 105. BOOKS AND PAPERS,

production of, required, 13.
right of opposing party to call for, 117.


excluded at Geneva, 100.

captures by, 100. BRITISH

and American Claims Mixed Commission, 3.
counter case, extortionate claims complained of, 54.
subjects not entitled to recover, 74-76.

subjects, exclusion of, limited to native born, 80. BROKERS' commissions, loss of, on sale of cargo captured, disallowed, 105.

on charter of ship, disallowed, 105. "BRUNSWICK," THE, 35, 36.

Opinion of B. R. Curtis, 36, 37.

CALHOUN," THE, 102, 110.


decisions under, 69. CAPTURES,

how these differ from ordinary captures in time of war, 48.
list of, 100-102.

within four miles of shore, 103. CARGO,

value, rule for determining, 44.
free, 47.
not on board, 50.
owned by foreigners, 79.

“ vessels and,” under act 1882, 102. CARRIER,

failure to perform, nature of damage against, 45. CARTEL

ship, captured vessel used as, 55, 56, CASES

in groups or classes, 12.

how many in all, 20. CATCH,

loss of, 11.
sum in lieu of, 38.
average well known, 59.
share of, or “lay,” 59.

judgment for, how entered, 59. CHARGES

on goods till put on board, allowed, 46.


party, kinds of, 47.
decisions in cases of, 50, 51.
permitting an intermediate voyage, 51.
something must be done under, to entitle owner to net freight, 52

bonded vessels under, 56. CHARTS,

list of, where found, 107.

expert testimony as to value of, 107. "CHESAPEAKE,” THE, 99. “CHICKAMAUGA," THE,

captures by, 100. CHINA,

money paid by, to Great Britain for claims of merchants, does not belong

as of right to private individuals, 28. CIRCUIT COURT OF THE UNITED STATES,

practice of, to regulate this court, 4, 10, 40.
commissioners of, taking testimony, 11.

power to punish for contempt, 13. CIRCULAR,

Department of State, to claimants, 23. CITIZEN,

how protected, 68.

of United States, term not used in act 1874, 69. CLAIMANTS,

rival, court does not determine between, 6.
file written petition, 10.
testifying at trial, 11.
deceased at date when petition is filed, 17.
one of several may verify, 19.
two, how claim verified, 19.
can testify, 25.
cannot testify in Court of Claims, 25.
"parties, and witnesses,” 25.
penalty for false swearing, 25.
domicile of, not necessary to prove, 81.
classes of, before Congress, 87, 88.
asking two per cent additional interest, 88.

index to, 105. CLAIMS,

court to decide on amount and validity of, 7, 39.
nature of, 11.
meaning of word, 13.
time for filing, 15.

CLAIMS - continued,

verified by attorney, 16.
filed by telegraph, affidavit by attorney, 18.
one claimant may verify in behalf of others, 19.
aggregate amount of, filed, 20.

adjudicated, 20.
duty of court to receive and examine, 20, 21.
new class in act 1882, effect of on powers of court, 21.
Department of State does not determine as to character of, 21.
revised list of, from Department of State, 23.
filing in Department of State not necessary to recovery, 26.
validity of, not recognized by United States simply because presented at

Geneva, 27.
not necessary for validity of claim that it should have been presented at

Geneva, 27.
for losses by "Shenandoah” before leaving Melbourne, admissible, 39.
none received and docketed, unless filed according to provisions of act

1874, 41.
for personal effects, 47.
fraudulent and fictitious, 47.
exorbitant nature alleged in British counter-case, 54
alleged for loss of office as consul, 54.
for compensation to ship-owner for advance and risk of money, disallowed, 55.
extra, for loss on account of position of ship, disallowed, 55.
bonded vessels, 55, 56.
insurers, under act 1874, for loss on business, 61.
what admissible under act 1882, 86.
“ which have been proved,” 86.
two classes in act 1882, 87.
outstanding, under act 1874, 88.
not presented in 1874, whether admissible, 89, 90.
list of vessels under act 1882, 100-102.
not a claim against the United States within act 1853 relating to assign-

ments, 104.

formerly no appeal to Supreme Court of United States, 7.
claimant cannot testify, 25.
rule as to amendment not followed, 41.

true allegiance, rules as to alleging, 69.

cases in, or groups, 12.
two, of claims under act 1882, 87.

of claimants before Congress, 87, 88.

provided for in act 1882, 8.
Davis, John, appointed, 14.

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