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In general, this prophecy seems to intimate the strong and universal expectation prevailing amongst the reformed, of the certainty and speedy approach of those divine judgments upon the kingdom of the BEAST, which as prophets and witnesses for Christ, they have fully and frequently denounced against THE MAN OF Sin, in the course of their long testimony: and also, that come when they will, or by whatever means they may be inflicted, they will prove themselves to be no merely casual occurrences, but to have come immediately out of “the temple of the TABERNACLE OF THE TESTIMONY of heaven," or from the throne of supreme justice and eternal truth.

“ And one of the four beasts gave unto the seven angels seven golden vials full of the wrath of God:"--that is to say, these events

could learn their NEJ SONG” of faith in Christ, the alone Sa. viour :-and in Rev. xv. 3, 4, the just comprehension they have of the object of the coming judgments is again expressed; which seems fully to confirm my interpretation of verse 8, as expressing once again the state of darkness over all the land of Egypt, or papal christianity,

which are to work the downfall of the antichristian church, will take place in the time of one of the four great monarchies, which were the subject of Daniel's prophecies, (Dan. ii. 36, and vii. 3, and viii. 2,) namely, in the latter period of the last of them, or the ROMAN EMPIRE, whose hieroglyphic is generally an eagle, in allusion to the roman standards. *

There is a time, says Solomon, for every thing; and amongst the rest, for divine justice to overtake sinners. For though it seems to human observation as if it slept sometimes long, and would never awake, yet awake it will, and in a manner the more terrible for the unavailing forbearance.

* In Dan, il. the fourth or ROMAN EMPIRE is represented by the strength of iron, and in Dan. vii. by a non-descript mon. ster of great strength, &c. But in other places its emblem is the eagle. (Matt. xxiv. 28; Rev. iv. 7.) The christian church (preserved from the fury of the persecution of the pagan emperors, by the conversion of the emperor CONSTANTINE) is helped by wings of an eagle, but only for a time, till she can Nee into the wilderness of papal persecution afterwards to arise. (Rev. xii, 14.) VOL. I.


Li gore iya móds oida suru ogivee sh xata Jojito,
"Εσεται ήμας, όταν πη' όλώλη "ΙλιΘ- έρη,
Και Πριαμο, και λαός έμμελίω Πριάμοιο.

Homer's II. d. 163.

When heaven's revenge is slow,
Jove but prepares to strike the fiercer blow.
The day shall come—that GREAT AVENGING DAY,
Which Rome's proud glories in the dust shall lay.
The popish powers, the pope himself shall fall,
And one immense voLCANO swallow all,

Pope's Homer, b. iv. 194,*

Thus God reproaches the man of sin, in the fiftieth Psalm, with his profligate conceptions of the divine Being, for his long silence :“ Thou thoughtest wickedly, that I was such an one as thyself:--but I will reprove thee, and set before thee the things that thou hast

The judgments which God has appointed to scourge his impieties, are of such a nature as might be expected to have stirred


• It has not been generally understood that Mr Pope was 80 warm in the PROTESTANT interest, but by the exhibition of a little pious fraud in a good cause, a man's mouth may be opened without his consent, or gagged without asking his leave,--for thus the HOLY SCRIPTures have been invited to advocate the cause of POPERY,

him up to a proper reflection



aposa tacy from Christ and truth, and led him to repentance; since they grow out of his

very sins which draw them down, and thus bold up to bis face " the things that be bas done," as if represented in a mirror.

In chapter sixteenth, the divine signal is. given, and the fatal revolution in the affairs of the hitherto rampant and imperious beast unexpectedly opens upon hiin. " The first angel went and poured out his vial earth ; and there tell a noisome and grievours sore upon the men which had the mark of the beast, and upon thein which worsbipped his image."

upon the

The striking analogy between these seven plagues upon the kingdom of the man of sin, and the ten plagues upon PHAROAH and EGYPT, has been hinted at already; and it is so frequently and obviously apparent, that the one may well be imagined typical of the other. In the literal Egypt the judg:nents fell only upon the subjects of the unbelieving and impious

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tyrant, while the servants of God “had light and bealth in all their dwellings." The very same is now the case in the mystical Egypt. The vial is poured upon the earth, but it is only the subjects of antichrist (distinguished by his mark,* and by a superstitious reverence for his person, amounting to idolatry) that are affected by its operation.

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A grievous ulcer is the effect of the first vial; and, no doubt, it is to be understood in

* The mark of the beast I have shewn in the preceding section, to be the sign of the cross, which is notoriously used in a manner that has a nearer affinity to magic and witchcraft,sins often charged by the ancient prophets upon “the wellfavored harlot,”. (Nahum iii, 4 ; Micah v. 12; Isa. xlvii. 9; Rev. ix, 21,) than the gospel of Christ. Their worship of the image of the beast is manifest from the medals of Pope Martin the fifth, where two cardinals are represented crowning the NEW DEITY, and two kneeling before him, with the inscription-"Quem creant adorant-Him whom they create they adore.". -Newton vol. iii. p. 240..

It is also prophetically intimated by our Saviour's forbidding a superstitious reverence to be paid to any human authority, under the magisterial name of FATHER, (Mat. xxiii. 9,) as the pope is called "

HOLY FATHER," and as the very name in latin (PAPA, or POPE) signifies. They are stiled papists from papa, as christians are są named from Christ, whom they worship

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