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popish darkness at the reformation, appears like a Revelation newly made. - WICKLIFF the first angel that appears in the ecclesiasti. cal heaven proclaiming it:-LUTHER and his followers, the second and third angels.-LUTHER dissolves the enchanted spell of a PURGATORY – The HARVEST and VINTAGE appointed to mystic Babylon.


The opening of the TABERNACLE of the TESTI

MONY in heaven,-or the reformation of religion and the church-preparatory to the seven divine judgments upon the kingdom of THE BEAST,-which are to effect its total overthrow – The impenitency and blindness of his worshippers (while a long respite is given them) still continuing. The judgment begins with the plague of a figurative ULCER.By the infliction of the second plague, its corroding malignancy spreads over the whole popish system, --and works deadly effects by the influence of the third.



The church of the witnesses gives glory to God

for the truth and justice of his dispensations, in the fulfilment of prophecy,-The apostate

church perseveres in her misapprehension of them. The fourth vial poured out, -represents the scorching heat of despotic power and cruel tyranny.-The fifth vial, a darkness both political and moral._ The remarkable wisdom of Providence in these judgments, which are adapted to set before the eyes of sinners the crimes that drew these miseries upon them.


SECTION XXIII. The sixth vial makes preparation for the RESTO

RATION of the Jews, by the fall of the TurkISH EMPIRE, and in its consequences becomes a plague of the PAPAL APOSTACY – The state of the world at this period a general subjection to an universal tyranny Che head of the apostacy (ejected from royal and independent sovereignty by the effect of the fifth plague) is stiled from henceforth THE FALSE PROPHET. -An hopeful scheme set on foot against the church of the witnesses ostensibly, but against christianity itself in design.

102 SECTION XXIV. Christian faith and patience put to the test with

unexampled severity - 1 he true time of the death of the witnesses. The restoration of the

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