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ALBANY, February 28, 1901 To the Legislature

I have the honor to transmit herewith the Eighteenth Annual Report of the State Civil Service Commission, the same being for the year 1900.



ALBANY, N. Y., January 1, 1901 To the Governor

The undersigned respectfully submit the eighteenth annual report of the State Civil Service Commission, covering the year 1900.

Composition of the Commission At the beginning of the year 1900, the Commission was composed of Willard A. Cobb, president; Silas W. Burt and Wm. Miller Collier. President Cobb died on May 29, 1900, and Cuthbert W. Pound of Ithaca on June 12th was appointed by Gov. ernor Roosevelt to succeed him, and on the 13th of June first met with the other Commissioners at a meeting held in the city . of New York. Silas W. Burt was chosen president of the Commission to succeed the late President Cobb.

Changes in force of subordinates Clarence B. Angle, who had been secretary of the Commission since March 1, 1884, tendered his resignation in September, 1900, owing to the impaired condition of his health, and the position made vacant by the acceptance of his resignation was filled by the promotion of John C. Birdseye, who in the year 1884 entered the service of the Commission in a subordinate clerical position as the result of a competitive examination, and who had been gradually promoted until he had reached the position of assistant secretary, which for a number of years he had filled with fidelity.

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