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in life have never a penny to bless no precedences, no hustling, as there themselves with, as so many poor is room for all; no unkind words people have to be helped that there spoken, as speaking is forbidden; no is never anything left for the poor strife, as it remains outside; the queen; she has to be content with place in which king and beggar take looking at other people's beautiful off their hats and pray; a place where creations.

your bitterest enemy is an enemy no Make a home for the homeless, a longer; a place where you would be place that belongs to everybody alone in a crowd, and surrounded by alike, where there are no rights and thousands if you were quite alone.




\HE highest point in the Dis- day is the mecca for travelers from trict of Columbia today is a all the states and from many parts

cross. Nearby is a great steel of the world. Here 38,000 persons crane whose arm obeys the will of the have assembled in a natural amphimaster mason laying the white lime- theatre formed by the sloping hills stone blocks in a great Gothic monu- and heavy foliage. The Close has ment which is arising above the sky- been common ground for Presidents line of the nation's capital. Higher and hod carriers, for men and women above the Potomac than the Wash- of wealth and others in distress. ington shaft or the Capitol dome; Workmen have volunteered their serabove the giant oaks on Mount vices. A stone mason, in reverence Saint Alban, workmen are engaged and with grave solemnity, has mixed in the construction of a new type of the ashes of his dead mate in the building in the old “Federal City” mortar as his sacrificial offering. which George Washington planned Is it curiosity or the realization of more than a century ago.

President Washington's dream of "a Two main highways from the busy

church for national purposes;” is it thoroughfares of the City lead to the 14th Century Gothic buttresses this hill overlooking government

and windows of the apse and choir, buildings, banks, apartment houses or the possibilities and the need of a and modern homes which have grown

great Christian church in the capilike mushrooms to meet the needs of tal of the nation, which attracts a population multiplied by the war

thousands of visitors each week to and its aftermath. Massachusetts Mount Saint Alban where WashingAvenue on the left and Woodley

ton Cathedral is under construction? Road on the right, where they When Major L'Enfant made his traverse Wisconsin Avenue in the plans for the Capital of the United northern sector of the District, en- States, under the personal direction Toge a sixty-five acre park which to- of our first president, he provided for “a church (to be erected) for History does not record what kind national purposes such as public of a church President Washington prayer, thanksgiving, funeral ora- had in mind. Pohick church, five tions, etc.”

miles from Mt. Vernon mansion, During the administration of the which was built in 1768 from plans twenty-two successors of President drawn by General Washington who Washington nothing was done by the was a member of the building comChristian peoples of America to pro- mittee and a vestryman for twenty mote the idea of such a church. In years, resembles a large colonial 1893, however, a group of citizens mansion more than the conventional resolved to erect a cathedral in the church because it lacks both tower City of Washington. Congress and spire. Christ Church, Alex

. granted a charter for the promotion andria, however, where Washington of religion, education and charity. was a vestryman previous to the In the intervening years progress Revolution, and where he was one of has been made in the erection of the first to buy a pew, is typical of Washington Cathedral. Today a early colonial church architecture. new skyline is in the making. The Washington's early plans for “a apse and choir of the Cathedral rise church for national purposes,” howabove the treetops overlooking the ever, so far as we know, did not reach City of Washington, the Potomac the architectural stage although the valley and the hills of Virginia and location was selected as the present Maryland.

site of the pension office. This span of thirty-one years That the United States of today covers considerable material progress is not the nation of Washington's in the erection of a “House of period is evident. Railroads, battlePrayer for all people,” but that ad- ships, dirigibles, the radio, the televance, steady and inspiring as it has graph and telephone, electric lights, been, is dwarfed by the vigorous super power, automobiles and daily growth of an idea of “a church for newspapers make the structural national purposes.”

character of the nation as a whole That such a church should appeal something quite different from that to the imagination of the American

of a century and a half ago. Then people is not an accident. That

the skylines of every community were there should be today as many irregularly laced by trees, house tops visitors to the Bethlehem Chapel as

and church spires. Since then the there are to Arlington or Mount material progress of this country Vernon is not due entirely to tourist has wrought skyline revolutions. In curiosity. The revival of a century every large city today cathedrals of old idea is, doubtless, the result of a

commerce, railroad stations and

banks dwarf the churches of early growing conviction among men and women that the architecture of pros- tional skyline is an evidence of our

America. Architecturally our naperity, exemplified in Washington tional skyline is an evidence of our by beautiful and serviceable public

material prosperity. buildings, should include as well a The cross, however, which marks monument to Christianity.

the summit of architectural development in Washington, D. C., pro- that will be done by and through this claims that “a church for national Cathedral, Bishop Satterlee,” said purposes" is building-not a parish Theodore Roosevelt, “because I know church but one of the largest cathe- that you and those with you, the drals in the world. When completed people of your Church, the people the central tower, rising on the of your kindred churches, to one of foundations already built, will stand which I belong, are growing more 107 feet higher above the Potomac and more to realize that they must than Washington Monument. The show by their lives how well they Cathedral itself will accommodate appreciate the truth of the text that within its massive walls 27,000 they shall be judged by their fruits. worshipers.

More and more we have grown to The construction of a cathedral

realize that the worth of the profesin the capital naturally raises the

sions of the men of any creed must question whether the United States

largely be determined by the conduct

of the men making those professions; can or will have a Westminster

that conduct is the touchstone by Abbey. When Bishop Lawrence said that the Church and State in Ameri

which we must test their character

and their service. ca will be eternally separated, he voiced a universal truth. Washing- “While there is much that is evil ton Cathedral will never be a State in the times, I want to call your atchurch. In this sense it will never be tention to the fact that it was a good a national church. President Wash

many centuries ago that the Latin ington, although a communicant of hymn was composed, which said that the Protestant Episcopal church, the world is very evil and that the which is building Washington Cathe- times were growing late. The times dral, had no intention of making his are evil; that is, there is much that "church for national purposes" a is evil in them. It would be to our state church; the project seeks shame and discredit if we failed to rather to realize Major L'Enfant's recognize that evil; if we wrapped plans for a church "equally open to ourselves in the mantle of foolish All."

optimism and failed to war with When Washington Cathedral was

heart and strength against the evil. founded it was consecrated as

It would be equally to our discredit "Ilouse of Prayer for all people.” if we sank in sullen pessimism and As such it has been performing a

declined to strive for good because national service in the City of Wash

we feared the strength of evil. There ington recognized by many public is much evil; there is much good, men, including Presidents McKinley, too; and one of the good things is Roosevell, Wilson, Harding and that more and more we must realize (oolidgr, all of whom were members that there is such a thing as a real, of different religious bodies.

Christian fellowship among men of

different creeds, and that the real Why has a cathedral in the capi. field for rivalry among and between talofile nation interested these pub- the creeds comes in the rivalry of the lie men?

endeavor to see which can render "I believe so implicitly in the good best service to mankind, which can do the work of the Lord best by do- which I believe, under your guidance, ing His work for the people best.” the most useful and beneficial work

President Roosevelt took an ac- can be done for the uplift of the comtive interest in the Cathedral and on munity and the stimulation of the several occasions preached at the nation. I hope with all my heart open air services at the Peace Cross that your efforts in this matter will which was erected after the Spanish- be crowned with the most complete American war. On one occasion success." he said:

Bishop Freeman once remarked “In the seventh hymn, which we that the greatest preachers America sung, in the last line, you all joined has produced have been her statesin singing "God save the State. Do men.

When President Roosevelt you intend merely to sing that, or spoke of the “good” which the Cato try to do it? If you intend merely thedral would do; when Woodrow to sing it, your part in doing it will Wilson emphasized the "stately be but small. The State will be saved beauty" of a cathedral which would if the Lord puts it into the heart of "stimulate the nation,” they emphathe average man so to shape his life sized the potential services of a that the State shall be worth saving,

cathedral. and only on those terms."

President Coolidge carried their The first President of the United thoughts a step further when, on

, States to preach at Washington September 18, 1923, he declared that Cathedral Close, before Bethlehem Washington Cathedral "has already Chapel was built and opened for pub- become both an adornment and an lic worship, was William McKinley, inspiration in the national capital. a war president whose theme was

“Your work is to be com“Peace.” The first President to rest mended,” he added, “because it repin the crypt of the Cathedral is resents the foundation of all progWoodrow Wilson, another war Presi- ress, all government and all civilizadent and advocate of peace. But,

tion. That foundation is religion. while President McKinley thought of Our country is not lacking in mathe Cathedral as an influence in the terial resources, and though we need peaceful relations between men and more education, it cannot be said to nations, President Wilson associated be lacking in intelligence. But, certhe work of the Cathedral with the tainly, it has need of a greater pracuplifting of the community and the tical application of the truths of re"stimulation of the nation." Six ligion. It is only in that direction months before Mr. Wilson's death that there is hope of solution of our he wrote the Right Reverend James economic and social problems. WhatE. Freeman, D.D., the present ever inspires and strengthens the reBishop of Washington: “I am glad ligious activity of the people, whatto second you in any way possible ever ministers to their spiritual life, in accomplishing the completion of is of supreme importance. Without the Cathedral here. Its completion it, all other efforts will fail. With will not only add greatly to the it, there lies the only hope of success. stately beauty of our national capi- The strength of a country is the tal but it will provide a center from strength of its religious convictions." "It is my hope and prayer," said the Tiber, as though to prove that General John J. Pershing, “that the man's spiritual aspirations are the mamificent structure planned to rise only lasting portion of his being. on this ground may soon be a reality, “Every cathedral appears to me & great monument to the glory of

to stand as representative of the cond and a visible evidence in the spiritual aspirations of Christendom Capital of the Republic of the faith and of all in Christendom who conof the people in their religious insti- fess Christ-nay, of all who seek tutions."

after His Truth. As towering in its All of these utterances were in- structure, springing up into God's "pired by Washington Cathedral. blue heavens, high above the heads of

men, so in its spiritual significance. Solomon's Temple was built by co

towering above their puny divisions operation. King David led, the Princas followed and the publie fies the devout worship of the one

and passions and contentions, it typijoined with them. Their offerings

true God, Father and Creator and were measured as talents of gold. Master of the Universal Church. Fach contributed according to his means and the measure of his faith. “These great cathedrals were built (Cathedrals have been the most demo- by the people—founded in their willcratic of all institutions, from their ing sacrifices, they express in their conception and construction to their greatness the greatness of their xmpvices. They have been the mother builders' devotion and piety. of hospitals, of art schools and “The unity of the Church is the other democratic institutions, and, dream of God's most devout chilin Europe where cathedrals are far dren on earth. This dream may more numerous than they may be for never be realized, so far, at least, as decades to come on the American the outward manifestation is concontinent, they, alone, have survived cerned; for, while men differ and feel the centuries of changes.

keenly, so will the effects of their Ten centuries is a long period in differences be manifested. But, so the life of a nation but not in the far as the substantial and essential life of a cathedral. As the late union of God's Church is concerned, , Thomas Nelson Page observed :

this, I believe, is steadily coming "The most enduring and spiritual of the Church must come to hold in

nearer. More and more all branches of the material monuments of men which have survived the passage of and more, however men may oppose

common the essential Truth; more time are the temples which men have it, the non-essentials will be differcreated from age to age to their

entiated from those things which are

of the substance; more and more the "Where the civilizations alike of Church must realize that its true Egypt, of Greece and of Rome have power lies not in things temporal but passed away, the sacred temples in things spiritual, that its true misFlock, sprang from them yet tower sion is not gain for itself, though it 're Nile, the Ionian Sea and gain the whole world, but to hasten

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