The Collected Works of Christian Fenger, M. D. 1840-1902, Volume 1

Front Cover
W. B. Saunders, 1912

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Page 5 - Lecturer on Military Surgery in the University of Chicago; Attending Surgeon to the Presbyterian Hospital; Surgeon-in-Chief to St.
Page 369 - ... of an abscess in the brain is as necessary as in any other part of the body, and we would add even more so. A correct diagnosis of abscess having been made, the further difficulty presents itself of locating it with sufficient accuracy so as to be able to find it. A number of cases are on record in which a correct diagnosis had been made, the trephine also put on more or less at the right place, but the knife or trocar being passed into the brain, nevertheless, missed the abscess.
Page 298 - You will next procure a straight board, to reach from the middle of the thigh to the middle of the calf, a roller and some lint or old muslin and a piece of stout cord, and you will have all that you will need.
Page 289 - This already yields definite practical results. The grain crops this year promise to be considerably better than they were last year. All this, of course, bears testimony to the fact that the organization which we have been putting into practice is effective.
Page 393 - ... modes of treatment. By far the greater number of cases of morbus coxarius are cases of tuberculosis. It is still an open question whether the tuberculosis originates as a local osteo-tuberculosis in the head or neck of the femur, or in the acetabulum, as Volkmann believes it to do in most cases, or whether it may not primarily be a tuberculous synovitis. But be this as it may, the knowledge of the fact that a primary osteo-tuberculosis often exists a long time without giving any symptoms (of...
Page 271 - ... a condition of collapse; a steady or intermittent rise in temperature continues; the infection of the healthy portions of the lung from the decomposed contents of the cavity has commenced, or is evidently about to take place; the breath and expectoration continue fetid; absence of appetite; increasing weakness, with or even without fever, etc. These indications will enable any medical man of some clinical experience to determine, in the majority of such cases, when the disease has reached a point...
Page 222 - Eight days later pain and swelling set in in the metacarpophalangeal joints of the first, second, third, and fourth fingers of the right hand and the first and second fingers of the left hand.
Page 283 - Applied u plaster-of-Paris cast and allowed the patient to be up on crutches. A month later the patient was discharged from the hospital. At this time he was able to walk with the aid of a cane and could bend the knee to a right angle. He had a feeling of weakness when walking, but felt no pain.
Page 433 - The thickest part of the sac is right behind the fundus uteri, one-fourth to one-half inch in thickness, and there the tissue, viz., fibers of the uterine tissue of upper surface of fundus, is continuous with the wall of the sac ; however, on the posterior surface of neck and fundus, the tissue of uterus is not continuous with the sac, but the latter is separated from the uterus by a short layer of connective tissue, that permits of dissection and leaves the posterior surface of uterus and wall of...
Page 402 - After patient had been in the hospital one year, he was dischaged, as he was able to walk about with the aid of crutches and a high sole under the foot of the sound leg. He still had large, granulating tuberculous sinuses. The large granulating sinuses still remain and will have to undergo further treatment of scraping and iodoform dressing. He can bear the weight of his body on the affected limb ; there is only slight active mobility in the new-formed joint. In this case the five or six years...

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