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JULY 10. 1649

Entered, according to the Act of Congress, in the year 1847, by
ALEXANDER W. MITCHELL, M. D., in the office of the Clerk of
the District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania

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CHAPTER VII. An Exhortation to those that have got As-
surance of Heavenly Rest, to do all they
can to help others to it,
SECTION I. The Nature of this Duty,

II. Hinderances to this Duty,
III. Motives to this duty,

IV. Exhortations to this Duty,

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"THE Saints' Everlasting Rest" was written by the author during a season of protracted bodily illness, and in its original form was a quarto volume of considerable size. After it had gone through a number of editions in this form, it was abridged in 1759, by the Rev. Benjamin Fawcett, and since that period, the abridgment has entirely superseded the original work. A literal reprint of the work, as left by its distinguished author, would not, on many accounts, be desirable; and particularly for the reason that it would find few readers. It is verbose, repetitious and loosely written, faults of which the author himself became aware: and hence the abridgment by Fawcett, of which numerous editions have been published, was a real blessing to the world.

When the Presbyterian Board of Publication had resolved to place this work on their catalogue, it was determined to present an abridg

ment which should materially differ from that in common use. Fawcett often took too great liberties with his author in altering his language, in transposing his matter, and in expunging the arrangement which he had adopted. Besides, in some parts he retained, as it was thought, too much of the merely hortatory remarks of the author. An improvement, in this new abridgment, has been attempted; and it is thought that the strongest parts of the book have been retained, and the arrangement of the author so preserved, as to render it much more probable that the "Saints' Everlasting Rest" will be read with intelligence and profit.

Editor of the Pres. Board of Publication.

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