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In behalf of a medicinal preparation is the unstinted praise it receives and its continued use by the Medical

profession, these facts apply, unreservFORMULA Cascarin.

edly to Pil. Cascara Cathartic, highly Aloin, aa. 4 gr. Podophyllin 1-6 gr.

efficient in cases of Constipation and Ext Belladon. % gr. Strychnin. 1-60 gr.

for stimulating and toning the peristalGingerine, gr.

tic function. Dose, i to 2 Pills.

Originally brought to the attention of the Profession by Wm. R. Warner & Co., it has, not infrequently, been imitated; which properly construed is another flattering testimonial to its worth.

“IN MEDICINA QUALITAS PRIMA EST.” We ask our medical friends to specify “Warner & Co." when prescribing, thereby avoiding the disappointments likely to follow a substitution.

NOTE.—We also supply a Granule, same composition, one-fourth the medicinal strength, intended for children and older persons.

IMPORTANT.-Both products are supplied pink tinted, sugar-coated. We'll send a sample on request.




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A SOVEREIGN REMEDY IN ALL Stomach Troubles, valuable as an adjunct to Calomel


(1) Taking cold, at or near the menstrual epoch. (2) Severe mental pertubation, as fright, sorrow, or great elation of spirit. (3.) It may be symptomatic in several affections as tuberculosis, anaemia, chlorosis, syphilis, typhoid fever, nephritis, pelvic peritonitis and other morbid conditions. (4) Obesity. (5) Luxurious life, or overtaxing the nervos system. (6) Stenosis or atresia of the cervical canal, or imperfect de. veloyment of the tubes, ovaries or uterus. (7) Vicarious men

. struation may make the condition obscure, there being a dis. charge at the regular monthly periods from the nose, lungs, bladder, stomach, nipple or other part.

The treatment of amenorrhea must comprehend attention to general considerations, and special indications must be remembered in the various expressions of amenorrhea.

The treatment must in a word comprehend remedies and measures which are indicated by the etiological factors present in every case which comes up for treatment. When the amenorrhea is caused by having contracted cold, the patient should have a warm sitz bath and hot applications should be applied to the abdomen and thighs. Often a hot vaginal injection will serve a most useful purpose and a laxative, preferably a saline, will greatly aid in bringing on the flow.

I give in all these cases with regularity Ergoapiol (Smith). This is an elegant remedy and has the following formula: Apiol (Special M. H. S.) Ergotine, Oil Savin, Aloin.

The drugs which compose Ergoapiol (Smith) are prepared in the labratory of Martin H. Smith Company by process original with them and are of different therapeutic power and action to the drugs bearing the same name which are found in the drug stores. And we can expect a distinct and certain action from Ergoapiol (Smith) which we cannot obtain from mixtures pur. porting to be identical with this remedy, because they lack essential qualities which make tbem reliable.

In amenorrhea, delayed menstruation and dysmenorrhea, this remedy has acted in my hands in a most satisfactory manner. In scanty menstruation, I found it particularly valuable and I sball enter in detail about one of a series of cases of this charac. ter, later or in this article, where this agent brought on a full menstruation and the general health of the patient began to im. prove at once. When mental perturbation is a factor in these cases it is manifestly the duty of the physician to have the environments of the patient made as quiet as possible, and antispasmodic or nerve sedatives should be added to the treatment.

When amenorrhea is associated with syphilis, the uric acid diathesis or morbid condition must receive correct treatment. My experience with Ergoapiol (Smith) is such that I regard it as an indispensable remedy in all expressions of amenorrhea along with proper remedies for any diseased condition associated in the causation of the affection, Of course those cases where the amenorrhea is due to atresia of the cervical canal, and to any other condition which is remediable only by surgical means, drugs will prove of no avail. The same can be said of instances in the amenorrhea due to a rudimentary state of the female or gans of reproduction.

A lady some time ago brought her daughter to my office for treatment of amenorrhea. The girl was 18 years old and was visibly anaemic. She had an indifferent appetite and was more or less dispirited. She had enough menstrual flow each month to stain the napkin, but this was all that could be said. I had this patient to take Ergoapiol (Smith) one capsule after each meal and on going to bed regularly for a month. At the next menstrual period the discharge was without pain and free, and the quantity and coior was ss natural as she had even known her menstruation to be. She took Ergoapiol (Smith) in the same way another month, and then ceased to have any further trouble. Her color is good and her appetite is likewise exeellent; she is full of spirlt, and, in a word, well.

A lady aged thirty-three had scanty menstruation which had covered the period of a year. At no time in the year had her menstrual period been longer than eighteen hours, but generally twelve hours told the tale. Her menses were not only scanty, but the color of the menstrual blood was pale, and this was attended with a disagreeable odor. This woman had no associated disease that most searching examination could bring out. Still she had steadily increased in flesh for the last two years, and to this I attributed the amenorrhea.

I had this patient to take systematic exercise and a dietary that was rational, and to take Ergoapiol (Smith) with regularity, a capsule four times a day. After two months this woman ceased to take the remedy, her menstruation having become normal. Her weight was reduced most appreciably by the new regime.

A girl twenty years old was sent to me by the matron of a boarding school. She enjoyed good health prior to entering the school, but for the past three months she had not menstruated, and was suffering constantly with vertigo and had attacks of hys. teria. I attributed the amenorrhea to change of conditions of life—that of an open life on a farm to that of a shut-in inaetivo life. Ergoapiol (Smith) was given after each meal for two weeks prior to the day of her usual menstruation. This bronght her menses on fully, and she felt immensely better every way. She has since had no further trouble in this way.

A lady aged thirty-one had amenorrhea, due to anemia, which had followed in the train of malarial fever, which had come on her while on a visit to her brother who resides in Arkansas. She had not lost flesh to any great extent, but was greatly debilitated and very pale, and blood counts showed decided anaemia. Er. goapiol (Switb) was employed at the start in this case, but the flow did not appear full and free at the next period, as I had heard. I thought it necessary to pnt this patient on something additional, and had her to take iron with regularity, thirty drops of the tincture of the chloride after meals. After taking the iron for two weeks her appetite improved and her blood showed very marked improvement. She now (two weeks before the expected period) began again with Ergoapiol (Smith), and the next period she had a satisfactory menstruation. This woman is now in good health every way.

Mrs. S. W., aged twenty-nine, had been having scanty men. struation for the past year. She had dyspepsia to an annoying extent, and was losing flesh appreciably. She declared that her menses had become scanty and pale, and that she believed that if this function could be re-established she would feel well and strong. I strongly suspicioned phthisis in this case, but I could not make out this disease by physical signs. Ergoapiol (Smith) rendered me no service in this case. The woman felt as though her catemenia was about to come on freely, but it remained scant and pale despite the remedy. I saw this woman no more for six months, and then I accidentally met her on the train where she was going to California for her health. She was now wasted greatly, and had hemorrhages and night sweats. This confirmed my suspicions regarding tuberculosis being the cause of the amenorhea in this case. Of course, in cases of this character, satisfactory results can be attained by no pure emmenagogue remedy. I have not heard from this woman, but fear that her lot has been the common and the unhappy one of these tubercu. losis patients.

Mrs. A. P. L., aged thirty-five. This lady suffered with frequent attacks of headache, had backache nearly all the time, and suffered greatly with vertigo. She was the mother of three children, the youngest being six years old. For the past four years she bad constantly had scanty menstruation and the blood was very pale. She rarely had the menstrual flow to continue longer than fifteen hours. I was satisfied that the vertigo and all her distress was due to insufficient menstrual flow, and I ac. cordingly put her on Ergoapiol (Smith). She took it through the month, one capsule after each meal; but for a week before the expected period she took two capsules instead of one. She was greatly pleased this time to have a full and free menstruation. Acting on my advice, she took the capsules three times daily for two months, and this acted in a happy manner and she has now passed an entire year and has not failed to menstruate freely.

My diagnosis was fully confirmed by this woman's health being good in every way since the establishment of menses on a basis of health.




In a paper on the above subject, by Dr. Bransford Lewis, of St. Louis, read by invitation before the annual meeting of the Academy of Medicine, at Nashville, Tenn., April 1, 1902, the author said that, while claiming for prostatic surgery the merit of wonderful progress in the last fifteen years, he thought that the profession was not above criticism in certain respects, and

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