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having to attend some cas-8 of smal pox. al hough having been frequently. successfnlly and recently vaccinated, he c ntracted varioloid. His littlə son had been occupying the same room and bed with him when the disease developed; and being very much attached to his father obstinately insisted on still retaining his former sleeping quarters. This be was permitted to do, he remaining day and night in the room with his father, waiting on him solely during his confinement to the room, and did not contract the disease. This the Doctor attributes to tbe disinfecting power and germ destroying properties of the Formalin Lamp which he had been using and continued to keep burning in his room during his illness. He lauds very bighly its value, in addition to its cheapness and convenience.

Personally, we can very heartily commend it as one of the most satisfactory as well as reasonable disinfecting agents we have ever tried. We have had no occasion to use it in variola or varioloid, but in other infectious diseases it has proved itself to be all •hat has been claimed for it.

Dr. Edwin RICKETTS, who so charmed the members of the State Medical Society at its last meeting in Memphis by bis pleasing geniality, and his ability in discussing Gynecological matters, we are gratified to learn, has been elected to the Chair of Abdominal and Gynecological Surgery in the Cincinnati College of Medicine and Surgery. The right man in the right place.

CHEMICAL Food is a mixture of Phosphoric Acid and Phosphates, the value of which physiciaus seem to have lost sight of to some extent, in the past few years. The Robinson-Pettet Company, to whose advertisement we refer our readers, have placed upon the market a much im. proved form of this compound, "ROBINSON's PHOSPHORIC ELIXIR." Its superiority consists in its uniform composition and high degree of palatability.

Try IT.-Dr. Enrique Angles, Physician and Surgeon of the University of Havana, certifies :

That he has used Antiphlogistine in his practice and can affirm that it is excellent for all classes of diseases in which it is necessary to relieve blood tension. It produces no irritation, nor toxic condition, and is satisfactory and lasting in its effects.—Given in Havana, May 22, 1902.

NEURILLA has given entire satisfaction and I shall continue to use it in the future.

I. F. HUFF, M.D. Schnecksville, Pa.

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corrects this, It is the only digestant that represents the digestive secretions physiologically as found in naturo, on this account a perfect digestant. All other digestive forment products contain the active fermonts of either Pepsin alone, or Pepsin and Pancreatin, isolated with chemicals, which greatly injure the digestive secretions. It not only aids but stimulates the normal digestive secretions. It cures as well as gives relief.


BEED & OARNRIOK, 42-46 Germania Ave., Jersoy Oity, N. J.

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Should always be applied warm and thick and directly to the skin. It works through reflex action and through dialysis, the latter scientifically iocluding the processes of exand endosmosis. It fushes and depletes the capillaries, relieves congestion and pain when the muscular and nervous systems become relaxed and a peaceful sleep usually follows, which often marks the beginning of convalescence.

ANTIPHLOGISTINE is the most effective and deservedly the most popular treatment for Inflamed Glands Boils Periostitis Chronic Ulcers Pneumouia Sprains Bronchitis Synovitis Pleurisy

Bruises Erysipelas Felons And for all cases where inflammation or Congestion is present and a local medicine is indicated.

That physicians may know that the medicine has not been exposed and made less capable by absorbing moisture from the atmosphere, they are requested to prescribe in each instance a full box-Small (104 oz.) 50 cts.; Medium (174 oz.) 75 cts.; Large (354 oz.) $1.25, hospital size, $2.50, each of which is sealed yet easily opened. Send 25 cents to pay carriage on a free sample pound. THE DENVER CHEMICAL MFG. CO.,

(INCORPORATED 1893) (Home Office, DENVER.)


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A PHYSICIAN writing to Messrs. Armour & Company recently said: “I am bighly pleased with the action of your Red Bone Marrow. It is the best agent for rebulding after serious illness that I have, as yet, found.”

I Am thoroughly satisfied with the results I obtain from the use of Peacock's Bromides. I prescribe it with much confidence, and while I have seen others, said to be “Just as good,” I do not tolerate them, but consider this a splendid recommendation for the preparation. Braymer, Mo.


I HAVE used Neurilla in cases of nervousness arising from fevers, la grippe, etc., and find it the finest preparation I have ever used, and will contine to prescribe it where indicated.

W. E. MILLER, M.D. Columbs, Ill.

I REGARD Seng as one of the best, if not the best remedy that I have ever had experience with in all dyspeptic and gastric troubles. I have been practicing 35 years, and thus you will see this is saying much for a remedy. Its action is slow, but I deem this all the better. Troy, Mo.


Beviews and Book Notices.


Diphtheria. By Wm. P. NORTHRUP, M.D., of New York. Measles, Scarlet Fever and German Measles, by PROF. DR. TH. VON JURGENSEN, Professor of Medicine in the University of Tubingen. Edited with additions, by WILLIAM P. NORTHBUP, M.D., Professor of Pediatrics in the University and Bellevue Medical College, New York. Handsome octavo, 672 pages, illustrated, including 24 fullpage plates, 3 of them in colors. Philadelphia and London: W. B. SAUNDERS & Co., 1902. Cloth, $5.00 net; Half Morocco, $6.00 net.

This volume, the third in the series of English translations of the "Nothnagel System of Practical Medicine," needs no recommendation. Professor Jurgensen and Dr. Northrup are too well known for us to expect anything but the best. The article on Diphtheria, entirely original with the editor, is fully in keeping with the high s'andard set by the other German art. icles which comprise the work. Dr. Northrup, having been associated with Dr. O'Dwyer at every step in the perfection of intubation tubes, is particularly fitted to describe this aspect of the treatment of diphtheria.

Professor Jurgensen's monograph on Measles unquestionably is the most comprehensive contribution on that infection that has appeared, bringing out so fully the valuable Danish records of the Faroe Islands epidemic. His exposition of Scarlatina is unrivalled both for richness of clinical detail and exactness and clearness of statement. “Fourth Disease" and German Measles have been accorded space consistent with their importance. The editor has shown judicious decision in his extensive additions, making the work far and away the best and most up to date treatise of the subjects extant. The book is profusely illustrated, containing, besides a large number of text cuts, twenty-four full page plates, three of which are in colors.


KANDL, Privatdocent in the University of Vienna. From the Second Revised and Enlarged German Edition. Edited, with additions, by J. CHALMERS DACosta, M.D., Professor of the Principle of Surgery and of Clinical Surgery, Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, etc. Second Edition, Thoroughly Revised and Greatly Enlarged.. With 40 colored plates, 278 text illustrations, and 410 pages of text. Philadelphia and London. W. B. SAUNDERS & Co., 1902. Cloth, $3.50, net.

This excellent work, one of Saunders' well known Medical Hand Atlases, needs no further recommendation to English speaking readers than its author's name - Dr. Zuckerkapdl. The rules and methods of surgical procedure are stated with the clearness that springs from defiuite knowledge and the emphasis born of conviction. The operations of modern surgery are described lucidly and tersely. The verbal descriptions are most accurately reinforced and illuminated by a large number of original colored lithographic plates and text cuts.

In this new edition the work has been brought precisely down to date. The revision has not been casual, but thorough and exhaustive. A number of chapters have been practically rewritten, and of the newer operations, all those of special value have been described. The number of illustrations has also been

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